Saturday, August 26, 2000

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 5

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Text Content of Page 5 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Saturday, August 26, 2000

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - August 26, 2000, New Braunfels, Texas Saturday August HKRALDZBITUNO PageSA DAILY Dow JONES Aug 25 2000 CLOSE NET CHANGE CHANGE HIGH LOW RECORD HIGH Jan DOW JONES MAY JUNE JULY AUGUST STOCK MARKET INDEXES 52Week High Low Name Last Chg YTD Chg Chg 12mo Chg 52960 Dow Industrials Dow Transportation Dow Utilities NYSE Composite Amex Market Value Nasdaq Composite 500 MidCap Russell 2000 Wilshire 5000 STOCK EXCHANGE HIGHLIGHTS NYSE AMEX NASDAQ GAINERS S2 on MOBE NameLast Chg Chg Hyprcm LoraISp AuroraF Craig Cp Prisonfi Pilowtex Lodgian MLCBR01 Silverlne n RioAIgm g 50 LOSERS Name Last OR Chg Chg GCCos MorrKn wt LamSes Azurix BrillChA s GaleyL Stilel Pameco s Fremont AsiaPIp 1825 MOST ACTIVE S1 on MORE Name Vol 00 Last Chg jLucent 141464 AmOnlnes 15733 113246 LoraISp 87947 82790 IBM LibtyMAs 81815 GenElec s 80583 Texlnst s Boeing Motorola s 75300 77440 76134 DIARY Advanced Declined Unchanged Total issues New Highs New Lows Volume I vuiume 531 73 32 Name aBarg CashTech AdvPhot n UmqMbl HeartldT SrSimec IntlgSys Intrmagn VSI Hold Name GAINERS OR MORE Last Chg Chg LOSERS S2 OR MORE Last Chg Chg BioAqua n ATechCs Hmisph wt Atlantis VermontP EMedSIt n DigPwr PlyRB HltCrlnt s LazKap MOST ACTIVE S1 OR MORE Name Vol 00 Last Chg NasdlOOTs 17642 SPDR DevonE IvaxCp s GreyWolf Nabors BiotechT n IntntHTr n Xcelera s EmerR 10678 10587 8079 8010 7143 6089 5985 DIARY Advanced Declined Unchanged Total issues New Highs New Lows Volume 315 270 207 792 24 9 GAINERS OR MORE j meLast Chg Chg Calypte I VirtlCun ndvlnv Optlcm ExpTelln MedPlexn Synbio g HytekM GenaisPhn LOSERS S2 OH MORE Name Last Chg Chg AvadoB pf BTShp Provalis MatnxO n StemCells Draxis g Optika IncaraPh Crssrds n LgOnAm MOST ACTIVE S1 OR MORE Name Vol 00 Last Chg Microsft 247847 Calypte 217915 Cisco s 203806 Intel s 200342 WrldComs191444 Qlogics DellCptr 161664 Rzrfishs 152630 GlblCrss 132606 Oracle 130370 DIARY Advanced Declined Unchanged Total issues New Highs New Lows Volume 83 91 STOCKS OF LOCAL Chg ADC Tel 225 AXA Fn AmOnlne Amgen AppleC 70 ApldMal Atmel 56 BroadVis 1 Calypte ChaseM 1 32 8 Cisco s CocaCI ColgPal ComOne s Compaq CnE pA DSL net n DellCptr NY NY Nasd NY NY Nasd Nasd 63 10 86 33 3 49 I 5388 3863 19 38 ProclG Qlogic s Qualcom s Rzrfish s ReadRt ReliantEn SBC NY Nasd Nasd Nasd Nasd NY 150 26 67 5 10388 5888 759 25 Emulcx LncTel Finisar GenElec 299 13 InloSpce Intel 320 JDS Uni 19 380 Week PnmeRate Discount Federal Funds 3mgnlh 6rnonlh 10year 5769 Day British pound expressed others show dollar in foreign Name MUTUAL FUNDS Vanguard Idx Fds 500 Fidelity Invest Magelln American Funds A ICAA p Janus Fund American Funds A WshA p ideltly Invest Contra Fidelity Invest Grolnc Janus WrldW Amer Century Inv Ultra American Funds A GwtriA p American Funds A EupacA p American Funds A N PerA p Fidelity Invest GroCo Vanguard Insll Fds Instldx Fidelity Invest BluCh DIMCO Funds Instl TotRI Putnam Funds A VoyA p Vanguard Fds Prmcp Vanguard Fds Wndsll Vanguard Fds Welltn Fidelity Invest Puntn Fidelity Invest Eq Inc Putnam hunds A NwOpAp Vanguard Fds USGro Fidelity Invest AggrGr r Fidelity Spartan Eqldx Vanguard Idx Fds TolStk HL Balanced GL Val Total Assets Obj NAV SP LC IV LG LV XG LV GL LG XG IL GL LG XG SP LC IB XG XC LV BL BL El XG LG XG SP XC 14063 3359 4767 7864 4638 3073 1012 3238 2665 4822 5349 Total Pet Min Init 4wk 12mo 5year Load Invt 11 1 QIC NL 575 NL NL NL NL 575 575 NL NL NL NL NL 575 NL NL NL NL NL NL NL NL NL 250 250 250 250 250 500 500 Balanced GL Global Stock IL International Stock LC LargeCap Core LG LargeCap Growth LV LargeCap Val M F Mortgage SB ShortTerrn Bond SP 500 SS SingleSlate Muni XC MultiCap Core XG MultiCap Growth XV MultiCap Val Total Return Cliny m NAV with dividends reinvested Rank How lund performed vs oth with same objective A is in lop E in bottom Mm lint Invt Minimum needed lo invest in und NA Not avail NE Data in question NS Fund not in existence Source Lipper Stock g Qiv or earns In Cdn stock In n In past 52 weeks Preferred Split or stock div ol 20 pet or mote in past 63 weeks cc PE over 99 dd toss in last 12 months rt Rights u Units v Trading halted on primary market vj In bankruptcy or receivership wd When distributedwi When Issued wt Warrants ww With warrants Mutual Fund x Ex cash dividend NL No updont sales charge p Fund assets used to pay distribution costs r Redemption fee or contingent deterred setos load may apply 19 Both p and r Gainers and must be worth at least to be listed In tables at left Most ActlvM must be worth 41 least S Volume in hundreds of shares Source The Associated Press Sales figures are unofficial LOOKING BACK 125 years ago 1875 Translators Carl and Ethel Saur On Sunday Aug 22 a group formed a working mens soci Behringer was named presi dent and Wilhelm Geue treasur er Another meeting is to be held on Saturday evening Aug 27 at 8 to elect other officials read the statutes and form a workmens sick 100 years ago 1900 Translator Betty Pfeuffer Triesch Ed Rohde sold his first bale of cotton to Wilhelm Kohlenberg for 10 cents a pound on Friday at I This is the first bale of cotton sold in the county from this harvest Clear Springs School marked the end of the school year with examinations and celebrations under the direction of teacher Carl Saur 75 years ago 1925 Translator Arlene Krueger Seales The Comal County Fair will be held Officers of the Fair Association are Edwin A Staats president Edwin Simon first vice president Wagenfuehr second vice presi dent Coreth third vice president Adams secretary treasurer Directors are Edwin A Staats Edwin Simon Wagenfuehr Coreth Adams Bob Hering Walter Zipp Bell Wm Kuehler Louis H Scholl Hugo Stratemann August Triesch Homer Frieze County fairs in Southwest Texas are anticipating a big sea son in spite of the unusual condi tions prevailing as a result of the protracted drought Fair time in San Antonio trade territory starts with the Gillespie County Fair at Fredericksberg Aug 21 and continues ufttil the middle of November George J Kempen of Seguin chairman of the racing board and secretary of the Guadalupe County Fair said that while his fair will be postponed for the first time in 57 years it is planned to hold a race meet about Armistice Day The Board met Sunday at the Travelers Hotel in New Braunfels Members of the board said that indications are there will be more horses than ever entered for the cash purses aggregating approximately for the entire The South Texas Fair Circuit is one of the strongest fair organi zations in the country The mem bership is composed of Fredericksburg Boerne San Marcos Seguin New Braunfels Austin Victoria La Grange Gonzales Lockhart Kennedy Beeville and Floresville The Sippel Buick Co announce sale of a Buick Sedan to Herm Locke and a Buick Coupe to Karbach the day the new models were placed on display 50 years ago 1950 Translator Rosa Linda De La Cerda The Landa Park Golf Course records showed a net profit for the year just ended of according to pro John Fox Fox also reports that the past year was the best in the history of the course as approximately visitors toured the greenswards during the course of the year and that the final month of the fiscal year July was the most success ful month for green fees Eleven delegates were elected to attend the State Democratic Convention Saturday afternoon at the Comal County Democratic Convention held in the Courthouse Delegates to the state convention which will be held in Mineral Wells in September were Mr and Mrs Alton Luckett Mrs Gladys Hopson Walter Dillard Playing with fire can be deadly for children DEAR ABBY Its almost the end of the summer school break and students who havent returned to classes may be bored or curious and do some thing as ignorant and foolish as 1 did long ago One afternoon when I was about 12 1 was bored to tears I was in a small study room in a private academy and somebody had left a book of matches near by 1 had been doodling on some paper and didnt like what I had done so I tore up the paper A large ashtray caught my eye and 1 thought Ill just pile the scraps in the ashtray set them on fire and watch them crum ple into ashes like in the movies when someone burns a picture or letter from someone hes angry The little pieces of burning paper quickly scattered redhot fiery ashes propelled by some unseen air currents in the room not Madly stomping 1 finally had the presence of mind to throw a nearby tin pen cil box cover on the burning papers in the ashtray The flames subsided and nothing else was set on fire Please parents talk to your children Teach them fire safety and how a fire behaves Fire is NOT a toy EXTREMELY REPENTANT IN BOSTON DEAR EXTREMELY REPENTANT This is the worst forest fire season in half a century in some parts of the country so thank you for the timely reminder Children are curious and they can also be mischievous surprise and any parents who havent dis cussed fire safety with their families should waste no time in doing so DEAR ABBY arket plao Times Good Frl July 7th Thur July 13th 651 Business Loop 1H 35 N Matinee Daily 830 6254400 Where the Heart Is I Gladiator Dinosaur I Road Trip m Mission Impossible 21 ONfflO SCREENS i Boys and Girls Fantasia 2000 ft Chicken Run c Me Myself Irene Shaf SFATING ROSEMARIE LEISSNER GREGORY Schumann Ed Badouh Fred Oheim Fuchs Walter Jonas and Mrs George Brauckmuller Alternates elected were Herbert Dietel Ted Eggeling and Harry Wehe 25 years ago 1975 Translators Myra Lee Adams Goff After 20 years and five months and five days Warren Elbel is moving his service sta tion operation from the corner of S Seguin and Garden Streets Sometime this week that location will be closed down and he will reopen in the Exxon station at the corner of Highway 81 and Walnut Street across the street from Comal Bowl and Walnut Square Hell be leasing the property from Harlan Wetz It was formerly known as Walt Wleding and Bens He should be open by this week end Back when Eibel Service Station first opened in 1955 both Warren and brother Jerome Red Elbel were involved Since 1970 now a car salesman has been out of the firm Youve surely noticed that there are two flags flying above City Hall nowadays Both on the same pole On top is the regular Old Glory underneath is the American Revolution Bicen tennial Flag The threebyfive foot banner is white and silver with a red white and blue center symbol of the Bicentennial was presented to the city by the Downtown Merchants Association Carrying the dates 17761976 itll be around for awhile Officers of The Chaparrals are James Goodbread president Bill Holden vice president and John Svoboda treasurer Mrs Noel Tiedt is historian Mrs Phil Finke parliamentarian and Mrs Bill Holden secretary Members of the club numbering 30 meet for social events four times a year Submitted by the Comal County Historical Commission and the Sophienburg Museum and M Space CwtaysfGiy PM20 Digital Space GofcJaWPGII Coyote Ugly Wai lies tali Bless The ChM MLLSTADKMSUTM AUDITORIUMS ffl MO HO HMD IMS m 12 I 3 ritrdii Itf 510 Shanghai Noon PG13 Big Mommas House PG13 Gladiator Me Mysell lime Tickets Available on Line Saturday Aug 26 2000 TODAYS CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS 1 Rustic retreat 6 Type of dance 9 Delight 14 Atmospheres 15 Kimonos need 16 Freshen 17 Pedestrian path 19 Writer Zola 20 Psychic power abbr 21 Concept 22 Stringed instruments 23 Sprinkles 25 Water softener 26 Disgust 29 Leg part 31 Decorously 32 Embracing 36 Transparent mineral 37 Traffic problem 38 Thoroughfare 40 Essential 43 Lawrence of Arabia star 45 Football great Campbell 46 Cause resentment 47 Use a crowbar 50 Noblewoman 51 Provide funds in advance 52 Mine entrance 54 Ms West 57 Clean off 58 Largest island in the world 61 Actors needs 62 Cleaning cloth 63 Surveying 64 Secret meeting 65 Wonder 66 Postpone DOWN 1 Fasten a shoe 2 Not theirs 3 Hard candy 4 Vapor 5 Mountain curve 6 Pond dwellers 7 Skillful 8 Rocky Mountain denizen 9 Soon 10 Largeeyed monkey 11 Actress Ekberg 12 Fax ancestor 13 Woolly ones 18 Clever 23 John Lennon hit 24 House wing 25 Massive 26 Record speed 27 Guitarist Clapton 28 Bad habit 29 We Dance PREVIOUS PUZZLE SOLVED 82600 2000 United Feature Syndicate 30 Drone 33 Jane Austens forte 34 Cozy corner 35 Impudence 37 Container 39 Gidget actress 41 Storm 42 Sunbeam 43 Make speeches 44 Small amount 47 One of 12 48 Venice locale 49 Reflects 50 Feudal subject 51 Jaunty 52 Pearl Mosque site 53 Quick on the 54 Send 55 Tolstoy heroine 56 Tense 59 Beatty of films 60 Caustic ingredient STUMPED Call for Answers tone or Hotary Phones 95 per minute 19003709800 6Xt COJ6 500