Saturday, August 5, 2000

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 8

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Text Content of Page 8 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Saturday, August 5, 2000

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - August 5, 2000, New Braunfels, Texas Page 8A HERALDZEITUNG Saturday August RELIGION The parable of the salsa TIM JUDKINS There once was a couple vaca tioning in the Ozarks As they wandered the streets of the small vacation town of Eureka Springs they voluntarily entered a store that specialized in salsa hot sauce and the like Perhaps they were intrigued because they didnt expect to fund such a store in a town where it was doubtful that anyone could even spell The couple was not forced to enter the store There was no greeter at the door shoving them in They were quite simply curious Their hunger for authen tic salsa in an unexpected place drew them in Upon entry they found them sejves perusing the shelves inves tigating the product that was so prominently displayed Being in a tourist town they ftilly expected to be accosted by the proprietor of the shop since his livelihood if not his selfesteem depended on sades of salsa The shop owner the sole representative of salsa to Eureka Springs remained behind the counter confidently prepared to assist seekers of salsa in the satisfaction of their quest The couple had no intention of buying anything They were sim ply shopping It was the common practice among countless people who were milling around the streets of the vacation community Thek interest increased as they examined the variety of products that lined the shelves The presen tation was certainly attractive enough to hold their interest They approached the counter where a table was set that allowed for a taste test of a few samples of salsa Sampling anything always delighted the couple especially the man so without any intention of commitment to a purchase the couple sampled some salsa that the proprietor had made available Surprisingly the salesman did not harangue pressure or manipu late the couple into either tasting the salsa or ultimately purchasing the salsa He didnt preach the glories of salsa its nutritional benefits if there are any or that his shop is the only legitimate place to purchase satisfying salsa He simply offered a taste and the couple who are connoisseurs of hot sauce willingly ingested and evaluated on their own The pro prietor did offer some helpful insight into the flavor the couple was experiencing which made it all the more desirable The salsa sold itself The couple tasted and determined that the sauce was good and before leav ing the store they had purchased jar of salsa in Eureka Springs Arkansas The meaning of the parable is this spiritually hungry people are searching for spiritual authentici ty There are many shops out there trying to get people to buy their product Preachers use meth ods that often rum people away rather than toward the product What these salesmen often for get is that the product sells itself Churches and their ministers should confidently present Jesus in His fullness to those searching for truth Let the shoppers investi gate and evaluate Jesus on his terms Some may still walk out without making the purchase If the product has been respon sibly presented in attractive and npnpressured ways however it will inevitably sell itself Tim Judkina leads the contem porary worship service each Sunday at First Following Gods Multiplication Table 2 Kings John TWO TIMES TWO EQUALS FOUR TWO TIMES THREE EQUALS SIX TWO TIMES FOUR EQUALS EIGHT Sound familiar How many of you drilled these numbers into your brain through torturous rounds with flash cards I wonder how many of us would admit that we still have to pause and think on some of these like seven times nine or eight times seven That awkward uneasiness brings old memories doesnt it If only all the multiplication tables were easy like the tworimes or the fivetimes Sometimes the math is just plain baffling and so is life Our scripture readings confront us with instances where God used his own divine multiplication tables rare instances when God stepped outside of the nor mal rules to bring results that could only be ascribed to a heav enly calculator In the Old Testament lesson the prophet needed to feed a hundred men with only a few loaves of bread And more important God wanted to show them all that he would provide for their needs if they would only trust him In the gospel lesson Jesus faced an even more daunting situation More than people were seated before him as he taught and again only a few loaves of bread were available for the meal Once again God showed that it is just as easy for him to feed as it is 100 with just a few loaves of bread Once you break into the realm of the supernatural provi sion of God the numbers do not mean that much anyway do they What is the lesson for us in these miracle stories from the scrip ture God provides for our needs because he loves us In both stories God answers the grumbling of hunger with an awesome display of provision Certainly the incredible multipli cation of the bread caught the attention of the people present But to a hungry person nothing matters until the hunger is satis fied God knows and cares about the needs of his creation He is the one who wires us this way in the first place St Augustine said in the 5th century that miracles have more to do with time than anything else God is always multiplying bread and fish Augustine wrote but usually God does the multi plying over a longer amount of time A single grain of wheat multiplies into a plant with enough grain to make a loaf of bread A pairing fish can produce a hundred offspring at a time providing for an entire school of fish to feed an army But these multiplication efforts usually take several months to complete God simply sped up the time sequence But whatever the speed of multiplication God has created a world that is capable of fantas tic rates of multiplication Why Because God loves us Ask a group of children if their MIKE PEINEMANN parents love them When they say ask them how they know their parents love them What will you hear My mommy always ticks me into bed tells me a story and brings me some Daddy and my mommy work hard to give us a house and some They cook my favorite My dad throws the ball with What are they say ing They feel loved because their parents provide for their needs It is one of the strongest love lan guages God is fluent in this love language He provides for our needs The miracle of the multi plication in todays scripture sto ries should not obscure the basic truth that holds every day for us all God provides for our needs every day Trust him Thank him There is a second lesson in the multiplication stories God wants to feed more than our stomachs God wants to feed our souls Why did God use an unusual multipli cation table in these stories Perhaps because he wanted to write in bold print on those occa sions that he wanted to satisfy their hearts longing as well as their stomachs longing Yes God wanted to feed the hungry How can we listen to anything or receive any insight when our basic needs are unmet But after satisfying the physical hunger God may have provided this unusual multiplication in order to fill the hearts of those present He certainly had their attention did nt he Wouldnt you have lis tened after that And what is the heart lesson in these stories That God is not limited by our limitations That God wanted to show his endorse ment of the ministries of the prophet and of Jesus this mira cle made their audiences listen more carefully to the words of their teaching And it is these words that will ultimately satisfy the deepest hunger of the human heart So listen to the words and actions of Jesus He bids you an invitation to the table of mystery and grace a table where you will find your deepest hunger to know God can be satisfied In order to show that we are lis tening to the words and actions of Jesus we could show that we care about others feed the hungry give shelter to the needy console those in need show understand ing to prisoners concentrate on uniting people not dividing them and remembering those oppressed by injustice all who are deprived of a place at the Lords table Come to the table of the Lord and be satisfied There is only a little bread and wine here but you will be amazed that it is enough to satisfy your deepest need This table the Lords table is Gods greatest multiplication table Church dedicated BY REV MSQR EDWARD f Biu Special to the HeraldZeitung The dedication ceremony of the Sts Peter Paul enlarged and renovated church on Sunday July 23 was conducted by Bishop Thomas Flanagan the Auxiliary Bishop to the Archbishop Patrick Flores of the This having been the first oppor tunity for about people to witness a dedication of such a magnitude proved to be very edu cational inspiration and spiritual ly enlightening Undoubtedly this occasion will be remembered by all attendants as a historic event for the community of Sts Peter Paul parish as well as for the entire community of New Braunfels RwMsgr Edward E Bily is Parochial Vicar at Sts Peter Paul Photo Submitted Patrick Dempsey and Leonor Varela star as the illfated couple Jeremiah and Judith in PAX TVs premiere presentation of Jeremiah airing Sunday Aug 27 9 to 11 on PAX TV In an effort to save his people Jeremiah must sacrifice his own happiness and the woman he loves so that he may heed Gods call and ultimately help save the Kingdom of Judah Jeremiah airs on PAX TV PAX TV the family entertain ment broadcast network will present the premiere of Jeremiah from 9 to 11 Sunday Aug 27 The movie brings to life the powerful story of the biblical prophet Jeremiah who made a dramatic call for faith and repentance amidst the Babylonian invasion of the Kingdom of Judah Jeremiah is the second pro duction to air on PAX from the production team responsible for the miniseries and the Emmy Awardwinning mini series Like those pre vious productions was filmed on location in Morocco and is precise in his torical detail A multidenomi national group of biblical schol ars were consulted for the screenplay and the film remains true to the historical message of the Bibles story of Jeremiah The film reconstructs the set tings of Jeremiahs time in the sixth century a volatile era that witnessed Jerusalems descent from opulence to misery while under siege by the Babylonians For more information visit the PAX TV Web site at IVIini Storage 452 FM 3O6 Security Gate Fence On Site Resident JVIanager Now Leasing FREE LOCK WITH EACH RENTAL 12 Covered RV Storages 132 IVliiii Storage Units All Sizes Call or Come By 83O62S2872 Good Morning Ron Maloney I hope you enjoy your Saturday paper Welcome to the weekend Todays edition features information for tourists blended with weekend entertainment news church news and plenty of local news Saturday coffee and the HeraldZeitung HERALDZEITUNG