Tuesday, May 30, 2000

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 7

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Text Content of Page 7 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Tuesday, May 30, 2000

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - May 30, 2000, New Braunfels, Texas Tbesday May HERALDZEITUNG Page 7A AROUND TOWN Support welcomed by mom of Down syndrome girl DEAR ABBY DEAR ABBY My letter is in response to Hurt in who wanted her daughter judged on her merits rather than on her Down syn drome I too am a mother of a daughter with Down syndrome and I felt bad for Hurt not because her daughter has Down syndrome but because she failed to recognize those who were obviously attempting to empathize with her and she is reacting with disdain I felt bad that your response to her was that her letter said it very because I dont share your view It is not easy to accept a disability in any child Down syndrome children ARE similar in many respects however that doesnt take away from their individual ism They ARE all so Most people are afraid of the unknown and when people try to ease someones pain or griev ing as she put they shouldnt be alluded to as insensitive Our tolerance for others should not be conditional on our own inability to cope Perhaps it helps others deal with their obvi ous discomfort to share their experiences with individuals who have Down I for one am grateful for all the many people who come forward and offer their love and support since our daughters birth even when the attempts are lessthan1 My daughter is now 19 has graduated from high school and holds a job There are still diffi cult things to deal with but she has affected more peoples lives for good than I would have ever dreamed MOM DIANN STEWART LAS VEGAS DEAR DIANN Im pleased that your daughter Anna has achieved her many successes However the message that Hurt was trying to deliver is that its rude to discuss some ones disability during a casual encounter I printed her letter because I hoped it would cause people to think about how such comments might be received Read on DEAR ABBY Hurt in Pennsylvania should be grateful her daughter wasnt bora in the 40s as was my brother who is 52 this year and doing just fine thank you She is fortunate she has not had people ostracize her for having a ruined child as my parents did A Christian minister to whom they had gone for counseling actually told them they had given birth to this Mongoloid boy because they had sinned Other mothers wouldnt let their children play with my brother and me for fear they would catch We were an Air Force family and in the 50s we were accosted on the street in Wiesbaden Germany by a man who told us he didnt want to see this abomination on the public streets and we should immediately have ray brother put away Well at least he didnt say put In high school and college I was told by young men that they would date me but not to expect anything further like love and because they didnt want retards for children People like me and my family to educate the public and if I am approached by wellmeaning folb when Im out with my brother they are received politely and are liable to get a brief lee ture on Down syndrome along 13s awidwt and NOT hered FORT WORTH TEXAS CLUB NOTES Photo submitted VFW Ladies Auxiliary 11050 special project chairwoman Michelle Estrada and auxiliary president Tina Medina present Cookie Barboza with the cystic fibrosis blanket Annually the VFW Ladies Auxiliary State President selects a cause she feels deserves our attention as an organization and community This years president Betty Odom has selected the disease cystic fibro sis to concentrate our efforts toward VF W Auxiliaries around Texas will give away monies and time to various organizations and facilities that fund or support research or patient care of chil dren with cystic fibrosis The local George A Garcia Veterans of Foreign Wars VFW Post Ladies Auxiliary 11050 spon sored a raffle to raise funds for the state presidents special pro ject One item was raffled a throw blanket with 65 roses Auxiliary individuals purchased this item from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation the 65 Roses story is as fol lows 65 Roses is what some chil dren with cystic fibrosis CF call their disease because the words are much easier for them to pro nounce Mary G Weiss became a volunteer for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in 1965 after learning that her three little boys had cystic fibrosis Her duty was to call every civic club social and service organization seeking financial support for research Marys 4yearold son Richard listened closely to his mother as she made each call After several calls Richard came into the room and told his mom I know what you are working Mary was dumbstruck because Richard did not know what she was doing nor did he know that he had cys tic fibrosis With some trepida tion Mary posed the question What am I working for Richard You are working for 65 he answered sweetly Mary was speechless She went over to him and tenderly pressed his body to hers He could not see the tears running down Marys cheeks as she stammered Yes Richard Im working for 65 For 34 years 65 roses have been used by children of all ages to describe their dis The Fraternal Order of Eagles Auxiliary met for a busi ness meeting May 1 with 29 members present AWurstfest booth chairman is still needed for this years fundraiser Contact Marcia or Faye if interested Initiation of five new members took place at the social meeting on May 15 Officers for next year are president Faye Gallion vice president Adelene Row madam conductor Ruth Hardaway madatti chaplain Chatlbtte Kennedy madam secretary Carol Dietel outside guard Sue Wittenborn inside guard Bea Soechting treasurer Bernice Ebensberger trustee Doe Garrelts Pat Shirley Barbara Montanez Mother of the Year Sue Heinemeyer Woman of the Year state Barbara Alves Special Person Award Carolyn Matykiewicz Plain Ol Member Marsha Kiesling Barbara Alves reported on the Auxiliary receiving a grant of to be applied to large print books or audio tapes for a library in the community This years recipient will be Kirkwood Manor Sick and Visiting report ed on Marge and Guy Garrott Marcia Hudson Helen Busch Gene Schertz husband of Wanda and Velma Mitchell Maxine Perry sent a thank you to the Auxiliary for the many cards she has received Sunshine Committee chairman Florie Busch read a thank you from Priscilla Kastner for her mother Bingo Kitchen reports were given by Carolyn Matykiewicz for Community Service and Adelene Row for Jimmy Durante Bernice Ebensberger reported on the end of the year results for the Bingo Kitchen fund raising Fourteen local and out of state charities were recipients of more than generated by the Bingo Chairman and volunteers Clearly A Great Deal Sprint PCS The Clear Alternative To Cellular And A Office DEPOT Money Card Office Depot Money Card With ANY Sprint Phone Purchase Sprint PCS Dual mode phone Web ready memo activated dialing 14 ring tones Stores 179 names and numbers Volcemall Caller ID Available In tore only at Mtoct locations wupofl af Imi uiniiVDrnnm coupon Minted bMtwk tttnu irixplrMawWIOwwnridwiabtolnslorsonly ease But making it easier to say does not make cystic fibrosis any easier to live with Congratulations to Kookie Barboza the winner of the CF throw raffled on March 21 The Auxiliary thanks all who bought tickets and those in the communi ty who donate to and support the efforts of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation The Auxiliary raised to be donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Shanghai Gossip Em Frequency Sewed OPEN ALL DAY SUMMER IS HERE Digtel AIL STARK SA1K AUDITORIUMS 1210 IMS Vtae The Heart Is 1200 220 wo wo Dinosaur ON2SCREBIS 1215 115 ON2SCREENS Shanghai Noon PG13 1235 10DO 1225 325 Cenkr Stage Krtitl 180 520 1020 CINEMAS 920 EmBroctattplI 430 701 Romeo Must Die R 92 Cider House Rite 720 Tickets Available on Line arket plac Business Loop IH 35 N Matinee Daily 830 6254400 Battlefield Earth Rules Of Engagement ere the Heart Is Tuesday May TODAYS CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS 1 Trail behind 4 Tusked animals 9 Dangerous snake 14 Past 15 Consolidate 16 Willow 17 Farm areas 19 Immature predator 20 Fencing swords 21 Kind of pool 23 Singer Home 24 Divided country 27 Cozy place 30 Maureen Dowds works 32 To the degree 33 Nursery item 37 Sesame Street regular 39 Rectangles 40 Makes fate 42 Ruckus 43 Seepage 44 Flop 45 Brief stay 48 Flower part 50 Sonnets 51 Fountain treat 55 Oarsman 57 Shopping 58 Author Ingalls 60 For a song 64 Detective Pinkerton 65 Goodbye Henri 66 Gorilla 67 Traffic sign 68 Appointed 69 Fr holy woman DOWN 1 Tag 2 Dumbfounded 3 Bridge expert 4 Purchases 5 6 Melody 7 Country addr 8 Solar 9 Disposition 10 Nile dam 11 Thousands of years 12 Quilting social 13 Talent 18 Teachersorg 22 Singer Janis 24 Hong 25 Bullfight cries 26 Groove 28 Confidence game 29 Not those 30 Theaters 31 Like some sleeves 33 Glues PREVIOUS PUZZLE SOLVED 53000 2000 United Feature Syndicate 34 Roughly 35 Engineers gadget 36 Coast Guard alert 38 Hurried 40 Marching band instrument 41 Hearing organs 43 Bambis mom 46 Ajar to a poet 47 Cager Michael 49 Virtuous 51 Speed letters 52 Districts 53 Bounded 54 Conical dwelling 56 Magicians stick 57 Type of missile 58 Now I me down to sleep 59 Boxing great 61 Actressluplno 62 Border 63 Golfers gizmo SI UMPtUY fj