Sunday, December 7, 1997

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 4

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Text Content of Page 4 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Sunday, December 7, 1997

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - December 7, 1997, New Braunfels, Texas 4A g HeraldZeitung O Sun3ay December Opinion To talk with Managing Editor Margaret Edmonson about the Opinion page call 625 9144 Ext 220 i t u n g QUOTABLE The job of the press is to encourage debate not to supply the public with Christopher Lasch historian D I T O R I A L Pearl Harbor Day Remember those who served Most of us alive today likely were not around on Dec 7 1941 but almost every American knows what hap pened that day When the Japanese attacked Pearl Har bor they not only dragged us into World War II they made us realize that this country is as vulnerable as the next But the veterans who fought in that war and the wars that followed sent a strong message to the rest of the world that the was not a sleeping giant Our men and women served bravely to protect our way of life They also gave their time their energy their deter mination and sometimes their own lives to serve their country They paid the ultimate price for freedom which we know does not come cheaply For those who made it back home many were doomed to carry scars both physical and mental because of what they saw and what they had to do Even today as our young men and women serve our country in stations around the world they are protecting us and keeping the peace They also are sending a strong message that our nation will not stand for aggressidff against our citizens and they serve as a deterrent against those who would plot against the We move about in our daily lives free to make choic es about how we live In some countries residents have to live their lives around the threat of aggression and the promise of war Fortunately we do not have to live in fear and because of that we all owe gratitude to the men and women who have protected us and our way of life throughout the years Today is Pearl Harbor Day a day that will live in infamy Remember what happened and be thankful for all those who have served to keep it from happening again Todays editorial was written by HeraldZeitung Managing Editor Margaret Write us The New Bmunfels HeraldZeitung welcomes letters on any public issue The editor reserves the right to correct spelling style punctua tion and known factual errors Letters should be kept to 250 words We publish only original mail addressed to the New Braunfels Her aldZeitung bearing the writers signature Also an address and a telephone number which are not for publication must be included Please cite the page number and date of any article that is mentioned Preference is given to writers who have not been published in the pre vious 30 clays Mail letters to Letters to the Editor the New Bmunfels HeraldZeitung Drawer 311328 New Braunfels Texas 781311328 New Braunfels HeraldZeitung Editor and Publisher Ext Toney Managing Editor Ext Edmonson Marketing Director Ext Borchardt Classified Advertising Manager Ext Reininger Business Manager Ext Lee Hall Circulation Director Ext Ann Avery Published on Sunday mornings and weekday mornings Tuesday through Friday by the Ntnv Brawijils HeruUtZeitiuig USPS 377880 707 Landa or Drawer 311328 New Braunfels Comal County TX 78131 1328 Periodical postage paid by the New Braunfels HeralaZeiiung in New Brauntels Texas Carrier delivered in Comal and Guadalupe counties three months six months one year Senior Citizen Discounts by carrier delivery only six months one year Mail delivery outside Comal County in Texas three months six months one year Mail outside Texas six months one year Subscribers who have not received a newspaper by Tuesday through Friday or by on Sunday may call 830 6259144 or by 7 weekdays or by 11 on Sunday POSTMAS rtR Send address changes to the New Braunfels HeraldZeitung Draw er 311328 New Braunfels Tx 781311328 Opinion Online contact To submit letters and guest columns electronically by way of online services or Internet or to simply contact staff members the newspapers address is Taxpayers deserve better treatment than criminals The Internal Revenue Service has spent more than billion on a failed effort to modernize its 30 yearold computer system There is a 20 percent error rate when IRS processes paper tax returns And almost 42 percent of challenged IRS penalties last year were wiped off the books There is no question that the IRS is an agency sorely in need of an audit Fellow Texan Bill Archer chair man of the House Ways and Means Committee and author of this years tax relief legislation put it best regarding the IRS Dont treat the taxpayer worse than a The House recently passed Chair man Archers IRS reform act that will take important steps toward get ting the tax collection agency off the backs of honest American tax payers Our criminal justice system is based on the pre sumption that someone accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty But crim inals get better treatment than dp people who pay their taxes The IRS often places the burden of proof on indi vidual taxpayers in disputes with the agency For example you could donate a used car valued at to a well known charity and get a tax deduc Lamar Smith tion But if after you fully cooperate by providing the necessary paper work documenting the value of the car the IRS believes that its value is only you could be forced to prove in court that the IRS is wrong Under the Housepassed bill the burden will be placed on the IRS when the taxpayer has presented the necessary documentation Chairman Archers legislation also includes 28 new taxpayer rights that will penalize the IRS for filing false charges against honest taxpayers Individuals will be allowed to sue the IRS for up to for negli gence and will find its easier to recover legal fees and other costs from successfully defending them selves in disputes with the agency Taxpayers will also have easier access to the tax courts equivalent of small claims court so that Ameri cans will be able to take their prob lems with the IRSto a judge without paying huge legal fees Finally the IRS is long overdue to have a group of citizens looking over its shoulder So the reform legisla tion creates an independent board of nongovernment experts to oversee IRS actions This legislation addresses many abuses the IRS has inflicted on tax payers Thats why it has received bipartisan support But some of the problems at the nations taxcollec tion agency have as much to do with our complicated incometax system as they do with the IRS and await broader tax reforms by Congress Lamar Smith represents the 21st District in House of Repre Letters to the Editor VFW remembers those who fought for Dear Editor In remembrance of that day 56 years ago George A Garcia Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 11050 and auxiliary will honor the dead We will be solic iting donations for disabled and hos pitalized veterans of that war and wars and conflicts before and since Have Americans grown so callous that they turn their backs on these men who have given so much The Veter ans of Foreign Wars of the United States doesnt think so The VFW is pledged to serve the disabled and needy veteran and to aid and comfort his family Combat veterans themselves the members of the VFW and their wives mothers sisters and daughters who make up its Ladies Auxiliary have met the challenge by lending a helping hand in the battle against doubt bore dom bitterness and despair In veter ans hospitals at the seats of govern ment and in the community you will find VFW volunteers and trained staff members at work in behalf of all vet erans Thousands of men are bedridden for life and others are destined to spend the rest of their days in wheelchairs or on crutches as the result of a war they havent fully understood Many more have found themselves handicapped Today in History By The Associated Press Today is Sunday Dec 7 the 341st day of 1997 There are 24 days left in the year Todays Highlight in History On Dec 7 1941 Japanese war planes attacked the home base of the Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor an act that led to Americas entry into World War 11 On this date In 1787 Delaware became the first state to ratify the Constitution In 1796 electors chose John Adams to be the second president of the United States in adjusting to the challenges of a civil ian life which they feel has passed them by A grateful government has provided hospitalization where needed and dis ability compensation to those with impaired earning power but no gov ernmental action regardless of how well meaning can provide the per sonal touch and the individual under standing that alleviates fears and elim inates despair The VFW and its Ladies Auxiliary have such a program but funds are needed to carry on a program of this nature While the VFW raises most of its money from its own members the public is afforded the opportunity to help through the purchase of a Buddy This year the Buddy Poppy Sale was conducted Saturday Your help will go a long way toward soothing the pain of a deserving vet eran Charles Burgess ViceCommander George A Garcia Post 11050 Veterans of Foreign Wars Texans will lose homes to home equity lending Dear Editor Well it is very unfortunate that we have so very many people here in Texas who are unable to handle money In 1836 Martin Van Buren was elected the eighth president of the United States In 1842 the New York Philhar monic gave its first concert In 1946 Americas worst hotel fire broke out at the Winecoff Hotel in Atlanta killing 119 people includ ing hotel founder W Frank WinecofT In 1972 Americas last moon mis sion to date was launched as Apollo 17 blasted off from Cape Canaveral In 1972 Imelda Marcos wife of Philippine President Ferdinand E Marcos was stabbed and seriously wounded by an assailant who was then shot dead by her bodyguards unable to see what they did when vot ing yes to the Proposition 8 Now we can borrow on our house and within a year over 50 percent of the homeown ers will be without a home What Nations Bank offers looks good but please dont fall for that offer The they want to lend you above what you are allowed to use is an unsecured loan That means when you cant pay you now can lose your home After this new law anybody you owe money to can now demand that you borrow on your house and because of that you might one day loose it Before this vote nobody could touch your home when it was paid for Remember our exgovemor Connely lost everything but not his home Peo ple were angry because he could stay in his house Our law protected him from moving out and living on the street You can borrow 80 percent of what you have paid into the house and that isnt much when you have had your house less than 20 years on a 30year contract About 50 percent belongs that to you The other 50 percent you pay during the last 10 years I called up some lenders who adver tise on the television the other day and asked about a loan They wanted to know how long I had had my house I said four years I guess that isnt enough to get a loan Oh yes as long as you have some equity we will lend you In 1985 retired Supreme Court Jus tice Potter Stewart died in Hanover In 1988 a major earthquake in the Soviet Union devastated northern Armenia an estimated peo ple died In 1995 a 746pound probe from the Galileo spacecraft hurtled into Jupiters atmosphere sending back data to the motnership before it was presumably destroyed Ten years ago Soviet leader Mikhail S Gorbachev set foot on American soil for the first time arriv ing for a Washington summit with President Reagan Fortyrthree people money We might even give you some on the side I was shocked I do not understand why they didnt make the law in such a way that only the people who own their house clear and free can borrow as all the other houses actually still belong to the lender the company you borrowed the money from for your house Unfortunately we are having mil lions of people here in Texas who cant handle their money Most of our schools have math teachers especially in the elementary schools who dont like to teach it or are unable to teach our children properly Why do we have cash registers that do all the work and even tell how much change the cus tomer is getting Honestly I am aghast that Proposi tion 8 was allowed to be put on the ballot Our government here in Texas must hate us very much Up until now we had a government that protected our people but now they have thrown us to the wolves Please I beg you dont listen to the advertisements they are nothing but propaganda All they want is your mon ey and they dont care it it ruins you One thing is sure Hitler would nev er have done that to his people Lieselotte Mourn New Braunfels were killed in the crash of a Pacific Southwest Airlines jetliner in Cali fornia after a gunman apparently opened fire on a fellow passenger and the two pilots Five years ago The Supreme Court rejected a challenge to a Mis sissippi abortion law that required women to get counseling and then wait 24 hours before terminating their pregnancies One year ago The space shuttle Columbia landed at the Kennedy Space Center ending a nearly 18day mission marred by a jammed hatch that prevented two planned space walks