Wednesday, November 19, 1997

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 19

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Text Content of Page 19 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Wednesday, November 19, 1997

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - November 19, 1997, New Braunfels, Texas 8B o HeraldZeituog Q Wednesday November HoraldZoitung m Comics i Garfield Peanuts ID SAY THREE BUT AFTER THIS HANP I TMINK YOU SHOULP ALL 60 TO OH ITS NUTRITIOUS BUT EVER A PECOPER CEREAL IS NOT HEALTHV Tumbleweeds 5 mom DRESSED UP LIKE INDIUM 010 fl ONEWOrYlflM SHOW ON HflR VEST RlTUflLS FOR THE THREE I COULDNT EVEN FIND fl CLEflN BLOUSE TO WEflR TO OLIVIAS VOLUNTEERED TO mflKE PUMPKIN PIE FOR 37 FROM HER OROflNIC PUmPKlN CflW BflfiEUV HEflT UP fl FRO ZEN mEfll FOR FOUR 5 fflOm fflflOE ft PflPIER rtflCHE PILGRIM TO TEflCH CLflSS flSOUT DIDNT EVEN HAVE TO 6UV PflPER TOWELS LflST WEDDING ANYONE1 FLUNKING PR6SCHOOL For Better or Worse The Wizard of Id SOMEBODY AU HtaH ON HER HEAP YOU BE noHTVOLi TKMow He HAS xoAifx r uive ON WHEN YOURE HQW i i1 CAtfTGC WITHOUT PUBLISHER OF PIRATE PETS7 SHOULP KNOW PARS BOOK DEALERS GOOP OP YOU TO TH TROUBLE OM GRAVITY DO You HAVE YOU ALL JUST AMNP YOUR OWN IN THOSe OLD BOOK6 YOUR UNCLE OUT OKAY Shermans Lagoon Marmaduke Rubes PlRATiT MAVE FOR BRGIXKfASr 6reAK GOOD LORPI For the Sunday Comlts weekly TV schedules entertainme news and more see Montage each Sunday in the HeraldZeitung TV and Entertainment Magazine O 1097 Untied Feature Syndicate Inc Theres my doll my teddy bear my monkey my snuggle slippers No wonder my room looks so People who take the whole grain thing too far Television Log Horoscope By Stella Wilder II These Walls Could Talk MOV Blood and Wine 1996 The Evening Star 1 1 CJ IV Censored RockSun Working Order Tonight Show Late Night tO Eye Hope Cheers Late Show Martin CC 11 Suparcop 1992 MOV Family Business 1 Fortress Voyager About Trek The Next Ivory Aiina Mo Tiuno Vez Tendremos de jdub With Jim Lehrer American Frontiers Show Hawklngs Universe Q Order Hills 90210 of Five TV Hwood Uffl City CC Carey Ellen Live Nlghtline Jenny Jones ill Alice Doesnt Uva Here Anymore Bugsy Malone MOV Pocket Money 1972 Missing ij The Tie That Binds Mans Gun Fast Track MOV Its My Party 1996 Jeffrey v The Nutty Professor 19631 Passenger 57 1992 The Craft 1996 ReLDwo 111 Favorite a Basketball Orlando Magic at Cleveland Cavaliers Live the Internal Affairs MOV Warlock J Blue Living Living Blue Vice Parti of 2 i Love Lucy Moore Dick Van Hockey Edmonton Oilers at Dallas Stars Sports 12 WTA Texas Ranger MOV Sub Down 1997 Stalkings The Series Easy JS MOV Portrait in Cahlll United States Marshal MOV The Colossus ol New York Portrait In Black 1960 n MOV The Parent MOV Dead Men Dont Wear Plaid 1982 MOV King of the Wind HI Basketball Preseason NIT Second Basketball Preseason NIT Second Round Teams TBA Sportscenter College Preseason NIT 1st Round E Michigan at 31 Dastry Again 1939 CC MOV A Man Alone MOV Domino Motive JIJ Murder Five0 Program ID ol King Live Today stiowbiz of Proof Sports El Dorado MOV Principal MOV Diwwter In Today Part 2 ol Ole Opry 65th Anniversary Celebration The New of Ola Opry 65th With Brian Williams Ki Angelica Live Calal Clothed With the Lady of the Angels Daily of the Lily Part 2 of O Hills 902 10 of Five Keenen es City CC Dharma Live Perry QJ Star IV Censored Order Tonight Show Late Night Later CC ffl CC Hope Late Show Lais Late Show Roseanne THURSDAY NOV 20 Born Foday you are a coura geous individual known for your i willingness to take risks of all kinds You entertain a wide spec trum of interests and you insist on indulging those interests when and howyou choose For this reason it would be best to select a career that allows you the personal and professional latitude you require You are not the kind to restrict yourself to a routine and you con stantly urge others to follow their instincts and do only those things that bring them the same sense of contentment and wellbeing that you invariably enjoy i SCORPIO Oct 23Nov 21 You may receive an important or message today that can bring about some profound changes in your life if you take the right steps SAGITTARIUS Nov 22Dec 21 You are looking for some thing that may not be available to you just yet As is so often the case youre ahead of your time CAPRICORN Dec 22Jan 19 You can be of great assis tance to someone in need without even knowing it today All you have to do is be a positive example to others AQUARIUS Jan 20Feb 18 That which seems most promis ing today is worth pursuing Build your momentum and see where this wave of activity can lead you PISCES Feb 19March 20 Someone close to you may not understand a recent decision but after some discussion he or she will back you all the way ARIES March 21April 19 A collaborative effort can pay off handsomely today Take care that you dont try to run things in a sin glehanded manner share the jobs TAURUS April 20May 20 Today lend your time and ener gies to a project that someone else may have started but in which yoq believe wholeheartedly GEMINI May 21June 20 You are waiting on several others who are taking their time in get ting back to you You may have to move ahead without having all the information CANCER June 21July 22 Concentrate on raising the quality of the work others are doing today Show them what can be done and how and profits can in crease LEO July 23Aug 22 i Someone who doesnt Know yen well may try to impose on you tfr day If you nave the time to see whats what otherwise say nO V VIRGO Aug 23Sept You may he waiting for someone to contact you about a promotion a change in duties or a financial arrangement Be patient LIBRA Sept 23Oct 22 X Be sure to give yourself the time you need to recuperate from un usual efforts at this time Do not make the mistake of thinking youre invincible