Friday, August 22, 1997

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 9

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Text Content of Page 9 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, August 22, 1997

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - August 22, 1997, New Braunfels, Texas Top Videos By fht AMoetaMd Prtst Weekly charts for the nations most popular videos as they appear In next weeks issue of Billboard magazine Reprinted with permission VIDEO SALES Copyright 1997 Billboard Publications Inc VJerry Columbia TriStar and Fancy Disney 2 Disney 4 Das Boot The Directors Columbia TriStar New Line Great Disney HBO Power Rangers Fox of the PolyGram VCIColumbia Tristar VIDEO RENTALS Copyright 1997 Billboard Publications Inc 1 Dimension Warner Columbia TriStar Miramax Paramount Touchstone Paramount New Line Warner 2 Disney MUSIC VIDEO SALES Copyright 1997 Billboard Publications Inc Bout Master P Priority to the Freak dc Talk Forefront Miserables 10th Anniv Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Columbia TriStar Little Pill Alanis Morissette Warner Reprise Then Now Korn Epic Aloha From LightYear EntertainmoptW 311 PolyGram Gold Selena EMI Latin On Film Vol Michael Jackson Epic The Alternate Aloha Elvis Presley LightYear Entertainment Billboard Charts By The Associated Press Weekly charts for the nations best selling recorded music as they appear in next weeks issue of Billboard magazine Reprinted with permission Platinum signifies more than 1 million copies sold Gold signifies more than copies TOP SINGLES Copyright 1997 Billboard Soundscan Data Systems Money Mo The Notorious featuring Puff Daddy Mace Bad Boy Be Missing Puff Daddy Faith Evans Bad Boy Platinum Playing Games With My Backstreet Boys Jive Gold Third Eye Blind Elektra Become Spice Girls Virgin Do I Leann Rimes Curb Lil1 Kim featuring Da Brat Left Eye Missy Elliott and Angle Martinez UndeasAtlantic Gold Make a Dru Hill Island You Know What It Robyn RCA Came Shawn Colvin Columbia TOP ALBUMS Copyright 1997 Billboard Soundscan Inc Way Puff Daddy the Family Bad Boy in Album Columbia Art of Bone ThugsN Harmony Ruthless Spice Girls Virgin Platinum of Hanson Mercury Ratinum Or Someone Like Matchbox 20 LavaAtlantic Platinum of Jewel Atlantic Platinum Sarah McLachlan Arista Jams How To Be A Player Del Jam WThe Fat of the Prodigy MuteMaverick COUNTRY SINGLES Copyright 1997 Billboard HeraldZertung p Friday August O 9A Worried about the Beaver Universal film at least remains faithful to original By TED ANTHONY AP National Writer Ward Im worried about the a concerned June Cleaver says But sadly theres a lot more than the Beavfer to worry about in the bigscreen incarnation of Americas prototypical fictional suburban family In Universals Leave It to June Janine Turner is a blond and buxom soccer mom who vacuilms in a dress Wallys girlfriend jilts him for a grunge teen with a hoop earring Larry Mondello is on Ritalin Eddie Haskell is threatened with a restraining order And the Beav In a world of Game Boys and skateboards all he wants is a shiny new bike If all this seems an incongruous jumble of eras and icons it is The bigscreen resurrection of the TV show that handed us a perfectly packaged 1950s family simply doesnt work Though goodhearted it cant decide what it wants to be ironic or sincere so it ends up being nothing at all Not that you can entirely blame the filmmakers After Beavis Butthead and Married With its impossible to depict an idyllic 1950s suburb much less one updated to fit the 1990s Even The Brady Bunch Movie which injected a healthy dose of sarcasm into the story of the pathetically clueless clan and did to the 1970s what this movie is trying to do to the 1950s missed the target What is it with these bigscreen nostalgia cruises anyway Apparently this is how oral tradition is passed down in the hypercommercial 1990s remakes of old TV shows and movies are At the movies Leave It to Beaver is playing at the Walnut 6 Interstate 35 and Walnut Avenue Show times are 5 and supposed to bridge the generation gap Boomers and Xers can re energize those old badTV synapses and share the mediocrity with their kids As a film Beaver is far too derivative of its TV parent Dull cinematography bad pacing and overlong scenes render it boring and unimaginative The script by Brian Levant All the reads well like a 1950s sitcom Turner a talented spirited actress is horribly miscast in a blond wig that makes her resemble Laura Templeton the character she played on General Hospital in the early 1980s She looks more like a bouffant Barbara Stanwyck in pink dress and abundant lipstick Erik von Detten as Wally is competent but forgettable again mostly because the script gives him little to work with He deserves credit for perfectly nailing Tony Dows tics and peccadilloes right down to the obsessive early teen hair rearranging in the mirror Christopher McDonald who fits the 1950s paradigm he played gameshow host Jack Barry in Quiz plays Ward Cleaver as a frustrated middle manager who extorts the Beaver into playing Mighty Mites football Adam Zolotin makes an appropriately slimy and selfaggrandizing Eddie Haskell And give this to 8yearold Cameron Finley He perfectly captures the Beavers essence whether thats something for a budding actor to strive for is something else This much must be said on the actors behalf Its hard to resurrect archetypes No matter how good McDonald is in the role of Ward he simply cannot be Hugh Beaumont Thats a difficult predicament and McDonald Turner and the resUarry it off as best they can Barbara Billingsley June appears briefly as Aunt Martha And the only truly fun performance in the entire movie is a cameo by Ken Osmond the original Eddie Haskell as Eddies father Osmond typified the oily conniving teenager long before Bud Bundy and Beavis came along and his brief appearance stands as a reminder of what the show was and the movie isnt What really was the show Even n its rime it hardly was an accurate depiction of family life only a Family Circusstyle rendering of what postwar America wanted its family and its community to be loving crimefree bland and white So in a way the update is faithful to the original a rather dull depiction of a sunny suburbia that never was and never will be You know I used to want to stay a kid my whole the Beaver says But lately I just want to get it over Producers of Boomer and GenX nostalgia take heed Leave It to Beaver is directed by Andy Cadiff from a screenplay by Brian Levant and Lon Diamond It is produced by Robert Simonds and rated PG Di Tiger Barbra at Clinton vacation spot Nah EDGARTOWN Mass AP President Clintons vacation on Marthas Vineyard has led to a dizzying swirl The word is that Princess Diana might jjrop in on Clinton who might sneak pff tos attend Barbra Streisands wedding anNzrhe tees off with Tiger Woods Maybe not Beset by the buzz the White House was forced Wednesday to confront the matter Rumors that Barbra Streisand is going to marry Princess Di on Marthas Vineyard this weekend have not been presidential spokesman Barry Toiv cracked to reporters Who can blame him for getting the gossip a bit mixed Its funny how rumors get started about celebrities said Bliss Broyard who lives nextto Mary Steenburgen and Ted Danson married actors who hosted a 51st birthday party for Clinton Tuesday night at their 19th century farmhouse Theyre hard to Her mother Sandy added Were used to Only about two dozen people gathered outside the SteenburgenDanson place to watch the birthday party arrivals which included entertainment mogul Merv Griffin singerlocal resident Carly Simon singer Jimmy Buffett Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg and author William Styron and his wife Rose Broadcast Data Systems Got It Kenny Chesney BNA Do I Trisha Yearwood MCA Swear Steal Michael Peterson Reprise A Cowgirl Says Tracy Lawrence Atlantic Were In Toby Keith Mercury Your Love With George Strait MCA Cryin To Lonestar BNA Shaggin1 On The Alabama RCA Was I To John Michael Montgomery Atlantic Alan Jackson Arista ADULT CONTEMPORARY SINGLES Copyright 1997 Billboard Came Shawn Colvin Columbia the Michael Bolton Columbia You I Monica Rowdy Warner Sunset Do I Leann Rimes Curb More Time With James Taylor Columbia Once In Our Paul Carrack ArkAlbum Cut You Love Me That Peter Cetera River North In My Chicago Reprise Make You Feel My Billy Joel Columbia Smile Like Natalie Cole Elektra SINGLES Copyright 1997 Billboard Make a Dru Hill Island Make Me Usher LaFace Money Mo The Notorious featuring Puff Daddy Mace Bad Boy Lil Kim DaBrat Missy Elliott and Angle Martinez Big Beat Records Gold Jumps Da Magoo and Timbaland Blackground Be Missing Puff Daddy Faith Evans Bad Boy Platinum Changing Faces Big BeatAtlantic Platinum Can Love You Love Is All We Mary J Blige MCA SWV featuring Puff Daddy RCA Bad Foxy Brown featuring Dru Hill ViolatorDef Jam MODERN ROCK TRACKS Copyright 1997 Billboard While the other charts are based on retail sales this list is compiled from radio station airplay 1 Sugar Ray LavaAtlantic on the Smash Mouth Interscope Matchbox 20 Lava Atlantic My Live Radioactive You Know What I Oasis Epic Sublime Gasoline Alley a Sarah McLachlan Arista Sneaker Pimps Clean UpVirgin Foo Fighters RoswellCapitol Third Eye Blind ElektraEEG LATIN TRACKS Copyright 1997 Billboard While the other charts are based on retail sales this list is compiled from radio station airplay Enrique Iglesias Fonovisa Debajo De La Luis Miguel WEA Latina Jordi Fonovisa de Los Tigres Del Norte Fonovisa Sin Intocable EMI Latin 6 Amor A La Thalia EMI Latin Ultimo Marco Antonio Solis Fonavisa Mi Los Temerarios Fonovisa Sigo Juan Gabriel AriolaBMG Victoria Fonovisa DANCE MAXISINGLES Copyright 1997 Billboard 1 Be Missing Puff Daddy Faith Evans Bad Boy Money Mo The Notorious featuring Puff Daddy Mace Bad Boy Bad Foxy Brown featuring Dru Hill ViolatorDef Jam Lil Kim DaBrat Missy Elliott and Anne Martinez Big Beat Ultra Nate Strictly Rhythm R Kelly Jive It to the Rampage featuring Billy Lawrence ViolatorElektra Say a Little Diana King WorkEpic Make a Dru Hill Island SWV featuring Puff Daddy RCA Sigourney Weaver is Snow Whites adversary in fable ByLYNNELBER AP Television Writer LOS ANGELES AP Sigoumey Weaver knows a certain person who wont be watching when Spow White A Tale of Terror makes its debut Sunday on Showtime the actress 7yearold daughter Charlotte Shes not old enough to see it I thinkoyou have to be at least says Weaver who plays the very wicked very disturbed stepmother in this adaptation of the fairy tale Parents heed her words Snow White is not for youngsters or even nightmareprone adults Emotionally harrowing and violent it forgoes merry Disneystyle dwarves or songs to lighten the mood We certainly never wanted it to be perceived as a childrens movie but as a psychological Weaver says I know that Michael Conn the director wanted to make it that way so people would find relevance to their own lives from this very famous In this 15thcentury dysfunctional family Weaver plays Claudia whose marriage to widower Frederick Hoffman Sam Neill makes her an instant parent to Lilli Monica Recently Moved Getting Married New Baby Give us a call Instead of welcoming her new mother Lilli behaves with childish obstinacy and then teenage spite eventually pushing Claudia into a murderous rage tinged by black magic The stepmother doesnt deserve all the blame as Weaver sees it Claudia arrives with the best intentions of making it work and as a very confident she says To me its a very modern story in that sense They both want the fathers love so they never accept each The movie includes a version of the stepmothers looking glass that inspired the Mirror mirror on the wall whos the fairest of them all refrain in the 1937 Disney animated film IAGONI McQUEENEY MARINA CLUB But Jhit Slto of tot Pteei OH SO COODI Witt Dak HiiiUm AMgiwt 22 1997 0 0 AMD S Augiut 7 6PMMidnight PECOS ft Wtfc Lloyd Bofthim 6 1997 X PM J BEER ALL NITE 0 FREEPARKJNG 0 NO COVER 1819 Termini Loop Rd Late McQneeoey 2105579900 Centex four best value everyday Wifs 7 FREE POSTAGE STAMP with Every Greeting Card 900 South Seguin Ave by the underpass 6293979 GRAND OPENING Buy 1 get 1 equal or less value Rip 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