Thursday, May 22, 1997

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 9

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Text Content of Page 9 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Thursday, May 22, 1997

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - May 22, 1997, New Braunfels, Texas HeraldZeitung Q Thursday May 26 1997 FILMS IN FOriTS Recent Releases Put To the Test Copley News Service NEW RELEASES AUSTIN POWERS INTERNATIONAL MAN OF Austin Powers a groovy hipster of mod London who is also a twit version of James Bond Mike Myers has got every swingin nuance nailed When not spoiling the world conquest schemes of bald demented and somewhat Ed Sullivansounding Dr Evil Myers Austin is a fashion photographer He snaps secret documents with a tiny spy camera while speak ing with the sexual swagger of David Hemmings in Blow With his frilly collars gear suits cute boots and awful hair including what looks like bear fur glued to his and his bad predatory British teeth Austin is a fright vision for any woman Of course he doesnt know that his face is winky and kinky with comeons Via cryogenic defrosting the utterly 1967 Austin a nerd who fears only nuclear war and circus folk follows Dr Evil to our own less grooved era He remains compulsively mod yet flum moxed by changes As an Evil underling Robert Wagner seems to be stiffly aware that he is spoofing the type of movies he used to appear in youthfully Michael York whose smile seems cemented to hisjaw is certainly aware Cast Mike Myers Elizabeth Hurley Michael York Robert Wagner Mimi Rogers Elliott Rated PG13 COMMANDMENTS Aidan Quinn plays Seth Warner On an idyllic day at the beach with his adoring adored and newly pregnant wife Seth blisses into sleep He wakes up to thunder clouds big waves and no wife Soon he is on his New York roof braying at God for reasons why Reply His house is singled out for an arbitrary act of Seth becomes a fallen angel and a new Job He subversively decides to break each of the Ten Commandments as a challenge Seth covets not his neighbors wife but his late wifes sister the beautiful and then responsive Rachel Courteney who is con veniently married to a jerk Harry Anthony LaPaglia plays Harry as a contrast fig ure to Seth A tabloid reporter he sins cynically habitually his religion is being a New Yorker High on hairshirted quirkiness the plot yanks around its fated souls in such a fashion that you might think back to film fantasies long before Woody Allen to the more extravagantly moral izing fabulations of Frank Capra Cast Aidan Quinn Anthony LaPaglia Courteney Cox Pamela Gray Elliott TMiNTS UNLIMITED Exotic Dancers 15 yrs experience Have been on major talk shows Call Sean oka Stormin Norman 6203211 Night Clubs Special Events Mira Sorvino left and Lisa Kudrow try to gain acceptance from their now classmates from center left Kristin Bauer Julia Campbell and Mia Cottet Micheles High School victims Stupid humans hang around almost eager to be snake snacks though Eric Stoltz should not be blamed hes in bed sick on the barge Jennifer Lopez has no chance to sing Tejano music but Jon Voight does a weird mumbly merger of Brando and Robert DeNiro as a veteran snake chaser and lunatic Its too silly for adults and probably too scary for kids Elliott Rated R Rated R TRAVELLER The Traveller toughs are like a roving Mafia of coyotes and their sleazy adventuring is not seen as endearing scampiness The hustled victims are often bare survivors gulled by their need for quick fixes and sure In his finest role Bill Paxton plays Bokky the most jauntily ruthless and reckless of an Irish Traveller enclave in North Carolina He savors his low deeds which require leaving the trailerpark encampment in the woods for rascal expeditions that often involve roofing and asphalt ing hustles or selling faulty trailer homes to rubes In the tradition of The FlimFlam Man and The Color of the story centers on Bokky s mentoring a younger sharpster a cousin who has come back into the clan and must prove he is not an out sider or dogooder Cast Bill Paxton Julianna Margulies Mark Wahlberg James Gammon Luke Askew Nikki Deloach Elliott Rated R GROSSE POINTE BLANK It takes awhile to i find its comic ease but George Armitages film about a hit man twinklycool John Cusack who tries to match again with his old highschool flame sparky Minnie Driver at their 10th class reunion does get going very well The reunion is even better than the one in Something and the payoffs spoofing action pictures are crisp Dan Aykroyd Allan Arkin and Mitchell Ryan help it along smartly Elliott Rated R pregnant but still snobby former in Touchtone Pictures Romy and but its all Carrey and if you enjoy his very special set of skills you will have an amus ing time Elliott Rated PG 13 ROMY AND MICHELES HIGH SCHOOL REUNION A Disney huggie blankie with a few knots of abrasive attitude Lisa Kudrow and Mira Sorvino star as gal pals from high school still living together 10 years later and desperate to impress at the posh reunion the same snobs creeps and twits they had hoped to win approval before So much for matura tion And since they have no male relationships except a mooning nostalgic yen tor a dull hunk in their why not just show some real guts writer Robin Schiff and make them gay You know the answer Most of the jokes and truth talks are plastic bub bles but the two stars get into diverting rhythms and there is quite a funny dance scene Elliott Rated R irk THE up to the old George Sanders stan dard of the 40s though it cost vastly more than all those B movies this freaked action carnival stars the eager fairly amusing Val Kilmer as The Saint a thief and killer with an always available kit of madeup identities Kilmer seems overjoyed to be out of a Batman suit and into flirtier But the mayhem directed with dutiful banality and slabs of Moscow atmos phere by Phillip Noyce is very standard And there is a dotty performance by Elisabeth Shue as a smiling genius a physicist she seems to have made a private break through in coldfusion theory so that she can win a Miss Science After her we want to keep on going to Demi Moore as Marie Curie Some snappy moments dont save this loud junky downer frantic to launch a new fran Elliott Rated R irtr RATINGS 4 STARS Excellent 3 STARS Worthy 2 STARS Mixed 1 STAR Poor 0Forget It NR Not Rated Capsules compiled from movie reviews written by David Elliott film critic for The San Diego Union Tribune and other staff writers Movie CloseUp Contd from pg 7 Garland is a jazz club singer who falls in love with Hollywood star Mason is an alco holic whose career is waning When Garlands star rises a jealous Mason tries to wreck her career Ronald Haver searched high and low to recover scenes that had been cut or stolen from the vaults of Warner Bros Gone With the Wind starring Clark Gable Vivien Leigh Leslie Howard and Olivia de Havilland Directed by Victor Fleming 1939 Home Video 222 The biggest Hollywood film of all time has been rereleased many times in its lifetime In the 60s it was trimmed down to look like a widescreen Cinemascope film By the late 80s the film looked very tat tered and faded so Ted Turner owner of the MGM library funded a Technicolor restoration and todays video fans can enjoy the stunning colors once more When Atlanta burns the sky is filled with a million differ ent shades of red This one alone makes all the restora tions worthwhile RECENT RELEASES ANACONDA Set in the most hellish upriver cor ner of the Amazon where slithering is an evolutionary advance this snake show fea tures a giant jumping canny anaconda that loves to chase torment eat and then regurgi tate for double the yums its LIAR LIAR The million opening is impressive but maybe less than the fact that Jim Carrey as a success ful creep lawyer who must be honest for one day rises cart wheels about the very mechanical script to create a lot of fun Maura Tierney is charming as his wife Justin Cooper is the adorable son Childrens Three Day Workshops 9 AM 3 PM or 8 AM 5 PM sessions for 4 to 7 year olds and 8 to 11 year olds PRESENTED BY THROUGHOUT AT Montessori Educators June July Ferguson Farms for information and reservations 2109642191 7200 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