Thursday, May 15, 1997

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 6

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Text Content of Page 6 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Thursday, May 15, 1997

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - May 15, 1997, New Braunfels, Texas 6 O HeraldZeitung O Thursday May mmmmammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmsmmm Attractions POP TALK Ringo Starr By George Varga Copley News Service At 56 Ringo Starr is nearly as singleminded about music as he was 43 years ago in his native Liverpool when ne was known as Richard Starkey When I was 13 I only wanted to be a drummer a musician recalled the bearded Englishman who achieved enduring fame as one of the four Beatles I did not want to be a banjo player or a guitar player or play anything else And that dream is still alive thats what I do thats what I want to do And as the record shows I do it more now I had that break from 1970 to 1989 where my whole career went downhill and so did I Now I make records Im on tour Im doing this Im doing that So I have a new lease on life and I feel blessed for that Many of the people in our game didn t quite make Including it nearly transpired Starr himself Following The Beatles breakup in 1969 he launched a solo career that briefly sparked then sputtered Starr soon descended into a boozeanddrugs haze that saw him nearly lose nis career and his life Clean and cleareyed since 1988 when he entered an Arizona rehabilitation center with his second wife actress Barbara Bach he is happily drugand alcoholfree He also quit smoking and now adheres to a strict vegetarian diet I know God has a plan for me but I dont know what it said Starr speaking from his home in Beverly Hills Thats Beverly Hills he added alluding to the TV show Then his tone grew more serious Whatever you he said is all right by In that case hov7s his golf game I gave replied Starr who now confines his swinging to his drumming It took a whole day to play a and it was just too long I tried it for a couple of years and then it just faded out I work out physically but I also did that when I played golf Nothings really replaced it I dont play football or But he does play music And since 1989 when he embarked on a tour with his first postBeatles band Starr has distinguished himself as the exMop Top who most enjoys performing live and on record He has been working on a new studio album with a small little combo that Im not going to he said Then theres a heavily penciledin possibility of making an album with an adhoc band which would team Starr with Don Was Leon Russell and country music legends Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard Starr is also featured on two songs on Paul McCartneys new album Flaming due out May 27 One of those songs Really Love marks the first time he and McCartney have ever shared writing credits Paul asked me would I play on Beautiful And then we had so much fun we just started jamming really It just happened We started jamming and he started singing and it turned into this song It just sort of you know things for me are organic like the food 1 And theres more Starr will also record a live alburn during his justlaunched American tour with the latest edition of his aptly named All Starr Band The six man groups concert trek began in late April It LEADER OF THE BAND This marks Starrs fourth tour in the past eight years three more tours than exBeatles Paul McCartney or George Harrison have undertaken during the same period Does this mean Starr finds and drummersinger Simon Kirke who played in Free before co founding the stillactive Bad Company Former Traffic guitaristsinger Dave Mason who was featured in ads for the tour is no longer in the All Starr The only thing thats constant Well QO the oceans depths for you at We do a lot of fishing to get the best in tasty seafood shrimp fish selected seafoods Creoles paellas and pastas all served with fresh seasonal vegatables variety of delicious salads fresh breads and scrumptious desserts Only per person children under 12 eat price SmOP SOME FRIDAY NIfiflT SEAFOOD BUFFET 1051IH 35 EAST NEW BRAUNFEUS TX 6256017 Ringo Starr on tour with the All Starr Band period Does this mean Starr finds performing more meaningful than do his former band mates I dont know if it has more meaning to me as opposed to he replied Its just that I really enjoy it I started as a musician to be up there entertaining people And I forgot that for a while and now Im back doing it Its what I He laughed Also for me as a drummer its pretty difficult to go out on tour he noted Doing Yellow Submarine with just me and the drums is not that musical So I have to put a band together to go out And I think the main thing is I really enjoy it But I dont enjoy it enough to do it 300 days a year and I dont enjoy it enough to do it every year So I do it every other This year Stan1 is doing it with a band that except for All Stan alum Mark Rivera on saxophone is allBritish The lineup includes exCream singerbassist Jack Bruce former Procol Harum singerpianist Gary Brooker The only thing thats constant is Starr saia And Mark is constant from the last band But this band is allBritish because 1 put bands together and 1 try and think of some sort of hook for it We started with Jack Bruce and the theme Well lets make a British It wasnt like I sat there day and night wondering What can I do They sort of happen organically the bands I put You know we try and start with a bass player who has numbers Thats the most difficult And of course with Jack Bruce we got many numbers So thats how it happened Theres no great magic to Keyboardistsinger Brooker performed on Starrs 1984 album Old Apart from Rivera he is the only member of the famed drummers band who had worked with Starr Kirke replaces Starrs son Zak who is touring Europe this summer as the drummer in The Who This is a new dimension weve got a singing said Starr of Kirke who will handle vocal duties on Frees 1970 hit All Right New dimension But isnt Starr a singing drummer Well thats he said chuckling But Im looking at the surroundings not at myself And also you see I found out from the first All Starr Band tour that I really enjoy being down at the front of the So I get the added bonus of playing the drums with all these great musicians and then going down and being like this Starrs third All Starr band which toured in 1995 included Mark Farner the singer and guitarist in the now reunited Grand Funk Railroad Commenting on his tenure in Starrs band during a recent interview Farner commented Everybody respects Ringo so much that anything he said we did with no problem There was never a clash where anybody doubted him If he said Do we did and it Asked to respond Starr said Well in bands we have to remember support each other 100 percent and were there to entertain the audience And I wont have any prima donnas in my In previous interviews Starr has made a point of noting that he never practices his drumming except when hes performing on stage Is this still the case jffiteikr Authentic German Continental Food Now Open Under New Management Patio Garden Dining Live Piano Music Friday Saturday Evenings Hours to 10 Sat 510 E San Antonio New Braunfels 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stuff theres no busy drums Procol Harums A Whiter Shade of Pale is just straightahead rock Theres a definite sort of 1960s feel drum parts in a lot of the All Starr Bands but thats just some sort of rolypoly fills so its nothing difficult I thought doing that Ginger Baker stuff on the Cream songs Jack Bruce is singing might be difficult but its quite simple After having anchored the worlds most famous rock band for most of the 1960s does the former Beatles drummer find it easy or difficult to make the transition from being a band member to being a band leader Well I find it very easy he replied You know suddenly in 1989 I got this bright idea of putting a band together and calling it the All Starr Band And I was specific in calling it the All Starr Band because bands are what Im in It came very naturally to GIFT BOOKS AVAllAtiLE TUESDAY JAM NIGHT SONGWRITERS NIGHT Al Barlow Z FRIDAY Chuck OConnor SATURDAY LIVE EOT 2000 Minds Delicious Margaritas ONlYATs Station 381LANDAST NEW BRAUNFELS 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