Friday, March 14, 1997

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, March 14, 1997

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - March 14, 1997, New Braunfels, Texas Rangcrettes to hlaze playoff trail See Page 10 Braunfels Herald i I IV 18 pages In two i Friday March Sewing Cental Ceurtfy and surrounding areas Mome of Mmtty OnimrfcM vol MS HO iff Inside Market Offer tlM ftw AVfc flrauitfets Zeltttng birthday wishes Chrfetf Vtm fitoimfu Aduww tmrnfa fteMfflg ttfarty fldwtt 8trt Monty Cnwtiri Htrmtrtltoo 72 J ofarwon JIM EVWM Amy II Twite AtNWfWMt J uwi tftfufrd 19 yMM oM flfflwf 7 jwl Jtaitot Lynn 14 ywi tftdyn Mfctowl N f mffe ftMb fmf ft Happy anniversary wishes go To haw a birthday or nary limed hew dull 6234144 imMMit AJt ujtmfAffg ij WMflffffQ frf pffflf pw wnO ffiSWr Off i ptvnWv uj Uft r fflMK aw flilito wd fwr efs 91 133 feet above Of wstef Thwsday IMMl Art fair today I The Comal County Youih HpffwmaWnfland Aft Fair will at noon today at the Cemal County ffllrgrotjnds eullure Building Sale of judged entries except tor grand and reserve ehamplon winners will take pto from 3 to 6 p w the grand efiamplort arid reierve eharnptofj audlon will begin at 6 pm n the food mall Dont forgot to voto Saturday marks the election to fill the U J Congressional trtot 28 seat which was held by the late ftep Frank Tejedsi Polls will be open from 7 am to 7 pm and there are 16 dldulofl on the ballot the gpeclal election preelnots 8 13 and 27 will vote at lone 8tar School precincts 14 and 2fl will at First Unit ed Methodist Church precincts and 30 at daflles Hall and predlnots 10 and 17 at Frt Elerrtenlary School he Dlsabte d Mierlcan erane Chapter 103 of New Bra uf i els is asking for Jorui llons of clothes to help the DAV Ihrllt shop In San Antonio which burned down two weeks ago The shop distributes clothes to homeless throughout he Clothes donations can be dropped off at the home of Manny si 1 304 Amy Cove Saturday and Sunday Jrom 0 am to a pm For morn inlorrriallon call 6292963 Authorities seniors discuss support alliance ByDfWMDZlUK Staff Writer Hefng effective law cfirorecitmni ofWeer knawlny ffie of courtly rcsldeolfl oml preventing ble ftfoblems Thflt exaetly local law enforeemaftl said idcy to pin with n new clad SljerlfiriM f folder wild he vww join ing lite jfolfeo chiefs from New fels ttrti Oftfttefi Ridge represent lives ftoff the senior cwiltfM in a triad lo dlsaws forming Seniors And Law Enforcement Council goal to make sure wo ill underxtartd what wts em do tut mJi If older An orpnlwrtlonal meeting WHS field today ami f folder fie wim o determine he basic steps for forming the council f fe said the council could have 10 or 40 on it and would serve as a resource for and the enfrrcement ageticies We need a ITI of involvement s what it amounts This will not be headed up by he law enforcement ft will IKJ headed up by he senior We will be here as a Holder said he focus of he council be o educate mtnlor cltlxens on various Issues affecting hem such as keeping records avoiding scams and letting hem know were here for t will also bo educational for Ifw law enforcement departments said They have some special needs hat I need o IKS aware Holder said We have a large senior community in he county and we want o serve heir Gladys Harding director of ho On with the show MWtuei Tracy OWaMnty cHuaii dawn htr pte during twlnn competition it tho Carruil Courrty Junior ThMrwIiiy Mundrildii of from aoroiit oourrty unlrrtila In eompitltlon which through Historic home owners could see tax relief By ABB LEW Staff Writer After tabling too mofrth the citys Historic Landmark Com mission approved draft ordinance 1hurwtey that would provide lax relief lo property wlio make meitls buildings with historical dcfr ignatiorts The phm would allow owners lo subtract flic value of he improvements from next years appraised value as long as he result is not below the cur rent The discount would be offered for five years and renewable for mum of 10 years and lie would have lo be at least 10 percent of he current properly value If approved the proposal will be to he Planning and Zoning Com mission and hen be City Council for consideration Historic Landmark Commission member Luke said Ida posal was In the works for ho past year and would improve the aesthetics In the community The whole purpose of lie thing is to gel people o be willing to renovate their Mpeckman said City Ilaufiing Director Harry Hen riclt said there were a number oflioiw on Coll Mill and streets flint were in need of repair and could qual ify under this proposal for lux relief Just driving around homes hat have teen here ho said We want to maitidiin the qimlily of life in New Hrminfols Its a pliice lo He said llit1 city would not bo losing itiy revenue by offering ho proposed discount because properly would at the very least be es on limf years appraisal Hunt owns a building on the 600 block of West Mill City Council Is In the process of ing a historical designation The ordinance would not bo relnmclivc bin Hunt said tho mcit Hiiro nliould crciilo IHI incentive I think itll IK she said Ive seen it work In other because It cronies louilnni An awful lot of tourism is not just swimming but peo ple driving up and down the streets looking til nil the Controversial Hunter tavern slated for reopening Staff Writer HUNTUR tavern in MunUrr Ihflt raised concerns among neighbors last September will reopen under new miuiiigemtfiit a new name and new concept Don Anderson said he WAS in nego tiations wild Mick Wilson to lease he tavern and reopen it m a with Iwrnburgfirfl btntimw arid a blergarten be Hunter Cnfo but everybody il us Klleys Im not sure about biking thjtt name Anderson said dialled for u license from the Texas Alcoholic Uevorage Commissloiw and public hearing was lield tt month uwl n half ago County Judge Curter Custeol Cm saM sfie deniwl tlw lleenjw buwd on with the tavern Mho said a district judge ordered her lo sign the license Wednesday Tho dis trict judge said Casteel could not reltiso u license bused on what might imp pen Iorme ll was Custeel said I had seen what had happened f have now signed it as Anderson said he understood lie about noise park Ing and improper behavior I he intended to target it different murket that would produce a steady slreurn of customers all week He stild his busi ness would be operated dlllercntly Hum the tavern and ll would luive u slower paw My Intention is not lo go in there and disrupt the Andei said 1 understand their problem find Id rather work with them thun against them I think theyll be with TurntoTlrVirn TayeiA Mil I V fAVf MN TIMf I Nl opfjnnd Wleys Tavern In Huntor 1091 Hlloys closed During its iAi yutttQ ol bufelnosfi ho offi woloomod rnnriy fipeolwl guests Including nor hoeldont Lyndon 13 Johnson and country singer Qeorgo Strait Ootohef 1995 Hlloyfi under II10 ownership ol Hick and Donna Wilson kept 10 1990 Hesldonlfi attended a county commissioners meeting where Iliey voiced cxii erriB about farking noise and decency problems he commis sioners considered making cer tain areas In Hunter noparking but tabled the issue lor one more week of consideration Bepl 25 1090 the day before the MM I WHS lo lake action on parking concerns county Judge Car for Caslool received a letter Irorri an attorney represent ing II le Wilsons I ho leller staled Iho Wilsons Intentions to discon tinue operations and voluntarily surrender their Ikjuor license Bopt Mt Wilsons Iflfil March Mff A district judge overrules an earlier decision by II10 judge and orders hor k sign a liquor lor Don Anderson who plan lo lease the tavern and reopen it as a I lunler Gate Iho license request vas Ini lially refused Ihe judge based on past concerns about parking noise and decency March VI The county judge signs Ihe liquor license Comal County Senior for said Ihe program was needed and would be a greal asset o Ihe senlw in he Hmtte counties are already doing this and Comal Counfy needs o get Harding said Sharing Infwmwllori can prevent evenis or victims and thats what Ihe goal Market dip not cause for alarm Brokers say dont panic about 160 pciintdnopinDaw by DENOe fJZlUK fjlall Writer T he stock market dipped Thursday in what local stock brokers are calling a reaction to Ihe good year its been experiencing The market has reached such incredible highs the last month hat everybody saying iis golwg Id have to turn around and go down and hoy got said local ker Will Mayo Mayo said I lie labor figures and the gross domestic products figures both carno back higher than expected it looked like inflation was around the bend I lo said people started selling stock and Ihe Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 1 points If looked like interest rates were going to skyrocket so all of a sudden everybody started Mayo said In the next lew days youll probably hear Alan Oreeuspan sny Its not that and it will turn Mroker lames Dunks said the dip means virtually He said the market still closed at 6H78 which means il lost 2 percent He said even if he market dropped another 500 or 600 points it would still be above what il was in January I think what were seeing is a lit tle bit of a correction for Ihe Dunks said The market lias boon high lor fto long Deems like a big Dunks said the dip would mean nothing for I how people not inventing in Ihe Hlock market but added that it will create more buying opportuni ties Mayo said Ihe low price of slocks would create opportunities for vidualN already Investing and might oven entice more people lo invest for example he said Tacu Cabana shares were idling at which meant cuHlomern can buy a meal or buy the company Hvery lime ihii thing happens il te new buying opportunities and lime this thing pcab up il cre new selling Mayo said Its going lo be volatile proba bly llaough the linlon ol uncertainty and Mayo added thai individuals no inventing in tin k market slill feel Ihe He said money in oil passbook Btivinp or certificates of deposit would net more interest Mayo also wild individuals purchasing a new home would probably hiivo o pay a higher interest rale Livestock how offers positive outlet tor youngsters Page 44