Sunday, February 23, 1997

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 3

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Text Content of Page 3 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Sunday, February 23, 1997

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - February 23, 1997, New Braunfels, Texas Holmes Hanson electei to serve on CLWSC board HeraldZeltung g Sunday February g 3A By DAVID DEKUNDER Staff Writer Contents of His Character Made This Grandpa Great by Abigail Van Buren 01097 Unlvarul frnn Ryndealo DEAR ABBY Ive never licon one to cry but my grandfather Jcsne Mim Tpney died in October 1996 and I miss him He was u hero A real hero Not just because he wan Gen George S Pattens chauffeur and valet during World War II but because of who he was His life taught me something I need to share us something we are losing as individuals as families and even as a country Its some thing that is there like faith oven when everything else falls apart You need it I need it The whole world needs it You cant build enough of it It wont leave you when times get tough It will carry you Its what makes real men and women honorable Its being under appreciated Its what grew the fastest the weaker he got It was his character Yes character Like respect il is not something you ask for its something you earn Like strength its not something granted its de veloped It may only count to those who have it but character counts He Was not impressed by what someone accomplished hut by what they had overcome Thats character Ho didnt take the easy way He took the right way Thats character He accepted responsibility for his actions faced the consequences without complaint and lived his life the best he could Thats character His road map was the Scrip tures his compass was his heart his passion was family his char actor was his art Thats what he taught me and I think the message is worth repeat ing JEFF POWELL DUBLIN OHIO gamble Hes a good provider and al lows his wife to stay home and not work My question is why nrent moth ers these days preparing thoir daughters for marriage Dont you think men should consider this a re quisite when courting It could save marringes OLDFASHIONED AND GLAD OF IT DEAR OLDFASHIONED You and I nre n generation apart from your son and his wife BO it would be for me to agree with you However these days it taken more than talent in the kitchen to make a marriage work I find it telling that your son id not the family member who com plaining AN long as he has you Im betting neither he nor wife will learn to cook CANYON LAKE Amid controversy about voting procedures two new members were elected to the Cnnyon Lake Water Supply Corp Board of Directors on Saturday William K Holmes and Thomas Hanson were elected to the two open scats vacated by President Col Lee Roper and Secretary James Alexander Holmes and Hanson were the top votegetters which included proxy votes Holmes received votes Hanson 827 and Bruce Hurley 667 The scats arc for threeyear terms The voting process was not without controversy Much was made about the proxies which were mailed out in late January and due by Feb 14 Approximately were returned It was later revealed that water supply corporation employees had helped collect or give out proxies during company lime The mailed proxies had mailing labels on them while the ones given out by the employees did not Roper said this was done because some ratepayers did not receive ballots through the mail or misplaced them The fact is a lot of people didnt get Roper said after the meeting Two weeks ago we we didnt have a quorum We realized we had to get more voters to have a Roper said 20 percent about 800 members have to be present to elect the board members The corporation has about ratepayers Roper said an extra 500 proxies were printed for those ratepayers who did not receive them through the mail or lost hem John Loughlin wonted to know what safeguards were in place to make sure the proxies in question were legitimate Was there any accountability for the proxies which were delivered Loughlin said Alexander said the proxies were put in alphabetical order and put in a cabinet He said the signatures on the ballots were verified with names on a computer list CLWSCs attorney John Houchins said what the employees did was legal Roper said the employees started to collect the proxies themselves and he was not aware of the situation when Jack Wallace a member who helped count the proxies brought the incidents to his attention He said after he consulted Houchins he decided to let the employees collect the proxies M Willard president of the Waterfront Park Property Owners Association said she felt the corporations bylaws should be changed to allow for more direct voting for the board of directors They have used the proxies to maintain she said We have to get to members to vote We have to have people come out of there living rooms and vote them Wallace said the way the proxies in question were collected was wrong It may or may not have been he said But it was unethical of the principles governed by a non profit Hurley thanked his supporters for what they did in trying to get him elected TRAEGER Congress A DISTINGUISHED PROFESSIONAL LEADER Texas Lutheran University Real Hxlalc BrokerFarm Ranch Commercial Residential 14 years Small FamilyOwned Busincss21 yrs Major Army Reserve Married for 24 yrs with two children Member of St James Catholic Church Former Gunclnlupc County District Clerk United Stales Military Academy at West Point former Admissions Officer RURAL TEXAS VALUES Conservative Democrat Supports Balanced Budget Amendment Supports Repeal of Estate Tax for Families Farms and Small Businesses Supports the Reduction of Capital Gains Tax ProFamily Increase tax credit to cover actual expenses of raising children ProLife ban on Partial Birth Abortions Advocate of Slates Rights Supporter of Private Property Rights and Common Sense Approach to Endangered Species Maintain Retirement Benefits for Military Member of Farm Bureau National Rifle Association Scguin Area Chamber of Commerce and Rolary Club Member and Director of Texas Association of Realtors follllt ul AlvnrllBimiem Ialil liy John lor U H Canarum Kevin M Ktilh Irnaiuroi 616 fan Court Oliml Oouuln 210 3031000 DEAR JEFF Please accept my on the painful lows of your beloved grandfather Obvioiwly your letter wftw writ tenfrom the heart It would have made a beautiful eulogy Thank you for itharing the im portant life your grand father taught you DEAR ABBY I was raised in an oldfashioned homo I WUH taught to new and cook and bo a worthy wife and mother I cooked and fed my fa mily wholesome mealg Unfortunately one of my eons not his real name mar ried a woman who never cooks She waits until Tom comes home after a hard days work at the office then she sends him out to some fastfood place to pick up meal This is not just occasionally this is every night of the week except when they go out to eat 1 invite them to my homo for dinner as often as I can Tom is a good husband and fa ther He doesnt drink smoke or Ferguson Hermes Insurance Arlon Hermes CIC 6 399 W San Antonio 6254500 LOOK FOR OUR I SPECIAL INTERNET COUPON AT f Super Selection Super 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