Thursday, January 16, 1997

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 4

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Text Content of Page 4 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Thursday, January 16, 1997

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - January 16, 1997, New Braunfels, Texas 4A O HeraldZeitung O Friday January Opinion To talk with Managing Editor Micah Royd about the Opinion page call 6259144 Ext 220 Opinion OnlnM contflct submit letters and guest columns electronically by way of online services or Internet or to simply contact staff members the managing editors address Is Q U O T A B L I hardly think putting some sort of limits on cxessivc violence in film is a threat to the the First Admendment Michael Keaton actor 1994 EDITORIAL Deer overpopulation may be hard to solve Game management is not just a local issue When the New Braunfels City Council ruled out hunting for deer within the city limits they saved us from an unpleas ant solution to a nagging problem Bow hunting would create problems such as wounded deer wandering onto properties other than those being hunted The image of a wounded deer dying in the back yard while the kids watch through the in horror lacks appeal to even the most avid hunter But the committee being formed to deal with the problem has their work cut out for them What solution can they find to remove the deer that would be lasting with the Hill Country to the west bulging with an overpopulation of deer Is a local remedy even feasible When deer were brought into Mason County in the 1920s to stock a deerless Edwards Plateau they came as a cash crop to create a hunting industry But somehow it was decided not to treat them like other resources The deer populations were managed by such oldfashion notions such as killing bucks only and keeping harvest numbers at or below four deer a year per hunter overpopulation only driypn town but has left the entire herd vulnerable to drought dis ease and overgrazing of the range Whatever solution the committee comes up with it should be coupled with an effort to lobby state agencies to manage our herds better Alabama has instituted a onedeeraday limit to control its herds growth and has also reaped the financial benefit of bringing in hunters from all over the country Perhaps hunter harvest alone would be inadequate to thin the herd but Texas has a great resource in its deer and should manage the resource before communities like ours have to consider hunting within our city limits Todays editorial was written by Herald Zeitimg News Edi tor Steve Krigman Write us The New Braunfels HeraldZeitung welcomes letters on any public issue The editor reserves the right to correct spelling style punctua tion nnd known factual errors Letters should be kept to 260 worcta We publish only original mail addressed to the New Braunfela Herald Zeitung bearing the winters signature Also an address and a telephone number which are not for publication must be included Please cite the page number and date of any article that is mentioned Preference is given to writers who have not been published in the previous 30 clays Mall letters to Letters to the Editor the New Braunfela HeraldZeitung Drawer 311328 New Brnunfels Texas 781311328 New Braunfels HeraldZeitung Editor and Publisher Ext Toney Managing Editor Ext Boyd Director of Advertising Ext BantaScott Retail Advertising Manager Ext Osteen Classified Advertising Manager Ext Reininger Business Manager Ext Lee Hall Circulation Director Ext Ann Avery Pressroom Foreman Ext Parnell Published on Sunday mornings and weekday mornings Tuesday through Friday by the New BniwMi UStS 377880 707 Uanda or Drawer 311328 New Unwnfcls Conuil County Tx 78131 1328 Periodical postage paid by the New Brawrfvk in New Uruunlels Texas Currier delivered in Conuil und Guadalupc counties thro months six months one year Senior Citizen Discounts by carrier delivery only six months one year Mail delivery outside Cotnal County in Texas three months months one year Mail outside Texas six months one year Subscribers who have not received a newspaper by Tuesday through Friday or by 730 on Sunday may call 210 6259144 or by 7 weekdays or by I i am on Sunday POSTMASTER Sand address changes to he New Srauttfeh HtiriklMtwit Facing death adds to quality of life My grandmother died when a honey bee stung her Years later she toltl the story of feeling her spirit float from her body She saw from a great distance her motherinlaw trying to revive her Her five young children gathered around her body screaming and weeping Her spir it hurled through a dark tunnel Swiftly vertiginously she spiralled sucked upward at a tremendous rate of speed On and on she traveled She had no fear only expectancy and wonder Suddenly a brilliant peacegiving radiance engulfed her This brilliant being of light filled her with peace and joy as her life flashed before her She felt no condemnation only a warm humor emanating from the vision of light who emphasized a life of loving and learning She longed to stay with this loving light while at the same time she felt compelled to return to her husband and children Instantly she found herself immersed in chilling tub of springfed well water her family gath ered around splashing and slapping her Throughout her life she remained a calming and loving person whose three score and 10 years were filled with joy and peace Decades later Dr Ralph Moody a University of Virginia psychia trist wrote his book Life After that docu mented 150 cases similar to my grandmothers Dr Moody gave a composite of these life after life expe riences A dying man hears himself pro nounced dead by his doctor At the same time he feels himself being drawn through a dark tunnel He sees his body from a distance as if hes looking down on himself He watches as doctors and nurses try to save his life and he is emo tionally very distressed and disturbed Soon his spirit calms as he becomes interested in his new condition He notices that his socalled ghost John Ingram Walker like and floating Rapidly sucked through a dark tunnel he encounters a warm loving spirit best described as a being of light This being of light guides him to evaluate his life instantaneously review ing with him a panoramic playback of the events of his life He then discovers him self approaching a barrier of some sort that seems to represent the limit between the worldly life and the next life but hes not allowed to go on although theres a strong wish to do so He reluctantly returns to the worldly life The encounter with the being of light overwhelms him with an intense almost indescribable feeling of love joy and peace The being of light that Christians call Christ and Jews call an angel emphasizes preparation and accom plishment The being of light asks the individual Are you prepared to die And then What have you done with your life to show me Is it worth it The questions are void of condemna tion Individuals feel total love and acceptance as they are compelled to reconsider and reflect on their purpose for living Love and wisdom are empha sized In a nonaccusatory way indi viduals are challenged to serve others and do their best in all they attempt People who experience the lifeafter life process return with a sense of peace They feel that they are still trying still searching but they are convinced of the importance of living a life guided by moral principals They live with an opti mistic serene determination to lead a life of significance by doing their best to serve others Life consists of a series of moments each of which is to be enjoyed Those with purpose work on being kind help ful and reliable and joy sneaks into their lives To love and be loved to enjoy the ordinary to savor each moment to find pleasurable work to continue to learn and grow and evolve thats purposeful living Purpose means discovering who we were meurt to be and serenely striving with Gods help to be that person all of the time John Ingram Walker lives in the New Braunfels area and writes a weekly column for the A right to die could threaten your right to live How appropriate that in the 24th ficult or incon manizing the Vulnerable When Word its mrmtli rw a To ISA I trm How appropriate that in the 24th anniversary month of Roe vs Wade which denied the right to life to an unborn baby the Supreme Court has heard arguments on whether indi viduals have a constitutional right to As with abortion hard cases are trotted out by the dcathwithdignity crowd as leverage against whatever resis tance to euthanasia remains On 60 Minutes recently and in newspapers we see pictures of people we are told are terminally ill and suf fering greatly They are portrayed us innocent victims of outmoded laws and prisoners of medical technology that keeps them alive There is often a subtle suggestion that they have become less Persuaded by doctors or rela tives of the hopelessness of their con dition many say they want to kill them selves and think doctors should help them Abortion proponents argued in Roc vs Wade that a change in the law was need ed because 12yearolds were getting pregnant by their drunken stepfathers Now we wont stop the killing of a child as it emerges from the birth canal It will be the same with euthanasia and any other category of life deemed dif Today in History By The Associated Press Today is Thursday Jan 16 the 16th day of 1997 There are 349 days left in the year Todays Highlight In History On Jan Prohibition began as the 18th Amendment to the Constitution took effect It was later repealed by the 2 i st On his dale In 1547 Ivan the Terrible crowned Czar of Russia In 1883 the Civil Service Commission was established In 1919 Nebraska Wyoming and Missouri became the 36th 37th and 38th states to ratify Prohibition which went into effect i year later In 1942 actress Carole Lombard her mother and about 20 other people Cal Thomas ficult or incon venient or a Once it is established that some lives are less valuable and less meaningful than other lives as hap pened in the rest is merely whos next and how quickly we can move forward with the disposal process In the past the assault has been directed at Jewish lives and at those whose skin pigmentation was darker than the Now the threat is directed toward the terminally If doctors are allowed to become killing agents at the end of life as they are at the beginning of life the next assault will come against the oth erwise healthy elderly the disabled and depending on the spirit of the age who knows who else Prof William Brcnnan of the School of Social Service at the University of St Louis has written a book the title of which ought to warn us where we are headed Its called Dehu were killed when their plane crashed near Las Vegas while returning from a warbond promotion tour In 1944 Gen Dwight D Eisen hower took command of the Allied Invasion Force in London In three U52s took off from Castle Air Force Base in California on the first nonstop roundtheworld flight by jet planes The trip lasted hours and 19 minutes In the musical Hello starring Carol Channing opened on Broadway beginning a run of performances In 1967 AJsn S Boyd was sworn in as the first secretary of transportation n 1991 the White House ojwiounced the start of Operation Desert storm u forew of Kuwait Because of the time differ manizing the Vulnerable When Word Games Take Brennan says that the lies associated with the rightto die movement were sown in medical and intellectual publications even before Roe vs Wade Brennan cites an editor ial in the September 1970 issue of Cali fornia Medicine which advocates lying in the service of killing Brennan says The editorial proposes a linguistic strat egy of semantic gymnastics avoid ance of the scientific fact which every one really knows that human life begins at conception1 and separation of the Idea of abortion from the idea of as essential for obtaining widespread accep tance of not only abortion but also euthanasia Further the article dubs semantic gymnastics a schizophrenic sort of subterfuge Regarding euthanasia The Hastings Center Report carried an article in Octo ber 1983 by ethicist Daniel Callanan who wrote that a denial of nutrition may in the long run become the only effective way to make certain that a large number of biologically tenacious patients actually Brennan says This expression conveys the image of the patient as a relentlessly grasping species that clings as tenaciously to life and life support technology as would a parasite to Are there people who are terminally ill and who should be granted their wish to let nature take its course or God take Of course There are methods includ ing drugs that can minimize their pain But this is a far cry from a doctor assist ing a patient in dying And it is a farther cry from doctors actually performing the coup de grace Former Surgeon General C Everett Koop has written The whole thing about euthanasia comes down to one word motive If your motive is to alle viate suffering while a patient is going through the throes of dying and you are using medication that alleviates suffering even though it might shorten his life by a few hours that is not eutlianasia But if you are giving him a drug intended to shorten his life then your motivation is for The Supreme Court can begin to reverse the culture of death it helped foster 24 years ago if it can still read the Constitution Or the Justices can consider the Ten Commandments on the wall of the Court ence it was early January 17th in the Persian Gulf when the attack Ten years ago Hu Yaobang resigned as head of Chinas Commu nist Party declaring hed mis takes in dealing with student turmoil and intellectual challenges to the sys tem Broadway columnist Earl son died in Yonkers N at age 79 Fivft yean ago Officials of the gov ernment of El Salvador and rebel lead ers signed a pact in Mexico City ending 12 years of civil war that had left at least people dead Four days of Middle peace talks recessed in Washington Out year ago Gunmen in Trab zon Turkey a Black Sea fer ry with more than 200 people on board and demanded that Russian troops stop fighting Chechen rebels in Pervo mayskaya The hostages were released three days Birthdays Author William Kennedy is 69 Authoreditor Norman Podhoretz is 67 Opera singer lyn Home is 63 Auto racer AJ Foyt is 62 Country singer Ronnie Milsap is 53 Country singer Jim Stafford is 53 Movie director John Carpenter is 49 Actressdancerchoreographcr Debbie Singer Sade is 38 andblues singer Maxine Jones En Model Kate Moss is 23 Singer Aaliyah is 18 Thought for Today There is only one success to be able to spend your yfe in youjr own pher Morley American journalist