Wednesday, December 11, 1996

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 5

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Text Content of Page 5 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Wednesday, December 11, 1996

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - December 11, 1996, New Braunfels, Texas HeraldZeituna n Wednesday December 11 1996 n 5A Lend an ear and you could see big dividends in return Have you been late for a meeting because you didnt listen carefully to directions Have you gotten the wrong impression about a business deal so time was wasted putting together a project that no one wanted Have you spent hours trying to restore harmony a misunderstanding offended your wife Has a misinterpretation of what you thought was said caused a loss of time with your children friends or associates Listening A lost and an art that can be learned Mastered and used appropriately proper listening can allow you to save valuable hours per week Listening will help you make timesaving decisions Youll become a brilliant conversationalist Youll be proper Respected Why does a good listener acquire more affection than a good talker John I Walker Guest Column Because a good listener always allows people to hear their favorite speakers themselves People are a thousand times more likely to be interested in themselves than in you Here are the cardinal techniques for listening Make the other person feel important by using you words Observe the person who is talking Lean toward the speaker and listen intently Dont interrupt with long I statements Ask questions Reflect back using the speakers words Simple rules Yes But riot commonly practiced Think about you last communicated with your family were you looking at them or at the television When listening to a report were you focused on the speaker Listening begins and ends with making the other person feel important Listen more talk less To listen replace I me my mine with you The more the you word is used the more important people feel The more important they feel the better and quicker they respond Eye contact looking at the speaker is crucial Because the eyes are the gateway to the soul communication at the deepest level comes from eye contact Concentrating on the speaker builds trust Improves rapport Enhances hearing You pick up nuances in facial expression and body posture when you watch the speaker Leaning toward the speaker reflects interest An Open interested posture encourages the speaker and builds confidence in the relationship Leaning away indicates indifference Interrupting with 1 statements wastes time Avoid comments such as I lived in Georgetown once Do you know or I felt like that before I Interrupting with clarifying or empathetic queries encourages the person to get to the point The following interruptions help speed the person along I understand What happened next or I know how you After that what happened or Would you please clarify that Did that happen before or Asking questions develops rapport When people enjoy being with you they share important matters Talking to people about themselves works with human nature and builds relationships Improved rapport improves our hearing With rapport and improved hearing comes understanding When you are in rapport with someone you get the feelings behind the facts Knowing the motives behind the facts helps you help others Helping others get what they want helps you get what you want This winwin outcome builds relationships prevents misunderstanding and saves time John Ingram Walker lives in the New Braunfels area and writes a column for the Things are hopping at Canyon High School Seasons greetings New Braunfels You may have noticed a new face next to the Canyon High School column this week Im Katie Bader a reporter for the CHS Student Council and Ill be working with Clint Flume during the coming months to keep everyone informed fabout high school life It seems that jClint has been busy setting the basketball courts ablaze as our ileading varsity basketball scorer so Ill be writing until he slows down a jbit and Ill have to start working on jdance team competition routines Speaking of busy as the Christmas jseason progresses Canyon High i Four from city named to state committees Four members of the New iBraunfels city staff have been appointed to leadership roles on statewide committees organized to enhance the services provided by municipal government in Texas I The fact that so many top city employees have been asked to serve pn statewide committees is evidence of the quality of individuals serving he citizens of New City Manager Mike Shands said New Braunfels Police Chief Ray Douglas has been selected toserve as regional director for the Texas Police Chiefs Association With this appointment Douglas will serve as a voting member of the Texas Police Chiefs Executive Board and the representative for Region Airport Manager Darrell Phillips has been elected secretarytreasurer of the Texas Association of Airport Executives The TAAE works to encourage good airport and aviation planning and development in the state City Attorney Jacqueline Cullom was recently appointed by Texas Attorney General Dan Morales to serve as municipal law representative on the Attorney Generals Advisory Committee The 35member committee of elected and appointed city officials is charged with assisting Morales in identifying issues important to municipalities in Texas Finance Director Sharon Day also has been appointed to serve as Region 7 director for the Government Finance Officers Association of Texas The mission of the GFOAT is to the quality of local government finance assist and support local government finance professionals in Texas and promote die public service profession In addition Day serves as a board member in the Government treasurers Organization of Texas Submitted by the City of New braunfels Subscribe to HeraldZeitung r Computers for Christmas 1 New 14 SVGA monitors Only 1 Complete systems f starting at Trinity Data Systems metro 6091984 We cuitombuild computers for home and biwineM Katie Bader Guest Column School and its student body find themselves with little free time December has proven itself full of holiday activities that involve us concerts meetings and final exams seem to be ending the semester with a bang Recently CHS Student Council members kicked off the festivities by decorating the schools 10foot Christmas tree which is displayed in the commons area The tree is beautiful and put the students and staff in a wonderful Christmas spirit Our annual Christmas party is set for this evening at Forest Waters Country Club in Garden Ridge The evening promises to include food fellowship and a fun gift exchange for attending members Upcoming dates of interest include some special performances The CHS Band is in concert at today in the CHS Commons Our cheerleaders will represent us at a state competition Saturday at Strahan Coliseum at Southwest Texas State University Additional important occasions are the Student Council District 18 Executive Board meeting scheduled for Thursday at CHS and our upcoming finals week Tests are planned for Dec 18 to 20 Christmas vacation lasts from Dec 21 to Jan 7 We of CHS StuCo would like to wish everyone a safe funfilled and joyous holiday season Katie Bader is a Canyon High School Student Council 50 Off LARGE SELECTION 6253477 i N T E R i o R s 943 Walnut New Braunfels 5uper Specials tfiry Wednesday STRAIGHTS BLENDS Old Forester Old Charter Syr Ezra Brooks Walkers Deluxe Ancient Age Early Times Canadian Hunter Old Crow VODKA 6IN TEQUILA McCormick Vodka 750 ml Tanq Sterling Vod 750 ml Fris Vodka Wolfschmidt Vodka 750 ml Skyy Vodka Bombay Sapphire Sauza Gold 750ml Sza Conmemorativo UOTCH RUM BRANDY Scotch Cutty Sark Passport Scoresby Old Smuggler 375ml Glenmorangie Myers Dark Rum 750ml Pussers Navy Rum Ron Rio 750ml Bacardi Limon 750ml Capt Morgan 750ml Ron Rico Slv 750ml Courvoisier VS Brandy 750ml Korbel Brandy 750ml Chris Bros Brandy DURING All Gift Sets 750s are Specially Priced with Holiday Gift Giving in Mind STOCKING ITUFFERS GIFT IDEAS For that Last Minute Little Something 750ml Jack Daniels Bicent 750ml Turkey Rare Breed 750ml Godiva Choc 34 750ml Chivas Regal 80 750ml Crown Royal 80 750ml Vandermint 52 750ml Molinari Sambuca 750ml Jameson Irish 80 750ml Wild Turkey 101 750ml Kahlua 53 375ml Baileys Ir 750ml Harveys Bristol Cr 375ml Sambuca Romana 84 As Alwdys Quantity cind iise Discounts die Avdildblte 375ml Cuervo Mistico 80 375ml Dr McGillicuddys Shady Eye Saloon 375ml Cuervo Gold 80 375ml Jack Daniels Blk 86 750ml Evan Wms Egg Nog 375ml St Brendans Cr 34 375ml Jim Beam 80 200ml Kahlua Royale 50ml Mini Dry Sack 750ml Freixenet Carta Nevada Semi Seco or Qts Mr T 330 Landa St 6258041 1662 Loop 337 River Rd 6297450 Have you given to the United Way Attention CD Buyers Callable Certificates of Deposit Stan Cunningham Interest paid FDIC insured to Noncallable for 1 Year Callable thereafter 100 Final This CD is noncallable for the first 12 months and then can be called at par monthly thereafter by the issuing bank Early withdrawal may not be permitted Minimum Subject to availability as of cannot remain on deposit 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