Friday, December 6, 1996

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 9

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Text Content of Page 9 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, December 6, 1996

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - December 6, 1996, New Braunfels, Texas HeraldZeitung O Friday December o 9A Inexpensive steps can cut into heating bills If the thought of your approaching winter utility bill gives you the chills take heart There are several simple and inexpensive ways to improve your homes energy efficiency and lower your heating costs Michael Lamb an energy consultant with the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse says one of the simplest and most cost effective methods is to install a programmable thermostat According to Lamb the Department of Energy estimates that the average American household can save 3 percent on its heating bill for every one degree lower the thermostat is set With a programmable thermostat you can easily reduce the average temperature inside your house by several degrees with no loss of comfort Think of a programmable thermostat like a housesitter While youre away it automatically decreases the indoor temperature to a setting you select You waste less energy heating your home when no one is there Just before you arrive home in the evening the programmable thermostat adjusts the temperature to make your home cozy and warm The same is true each night while youre sleeping The programmable thermostat lowers the temperature while you are asleep then raises the heat just before you get up each morning In the meantime you saved a bundle Programmable thermostats make programming for energy savings quick and easy There are many brands on the market and prices and options vary Another important step when winterizing your home says Lamb is to seal and heavily insulate the attic floor The attic floor in most houses is full of Lamb said These holes are created during the construction process and then covered up with wall board and insulation The homeowner has no way of knowing that the problem exists The holes act like hundreds of little chimneys all winter Jong serving as escape routes for your homes warmer more buoyant air Therefore as the warm air rises so do your utility bills To airseal the attic floor the existing1 insulation and floor boards must be moved and searrtS bracks filled Wiiti a specially designed sealant Once the attic floor is sealed adequate insulation should follow ensuring that the eaves get top priority Lamb maintains that attics were not designed for storage The insulation cannot do its job if the Christmas decorations are piled on top of he explains I recommend hanging a catwalk from Save up to 33 by Installing a programmable thermostat Investing now In time simple and inexpensive energy saven will result In big dividends for this winter and for many mm cold seasons to come A Save up to 15 by sealing and heavily Insulating the attic floor Save up to 10 by insulating your hot water heater and the pipes that lead to and from it Save up lo 8 by making sure your heating system is operating at top efficiency Save up lo 5 by caulking and weatherstripping around windows and doors O Save up lo 3 by making sure the damper to the fireplace is light fitting and closed when not in use Graphic courtesy ot Hunter Fan Cortipany Percentage of energy savings provided by Memphis Light Gas and Water and the Energy Elliciency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse Results may vary due lo dillcrenl conditions the attics rafters and realizing the attics storage potential that Cold air entering your home from outside is another winter utility bill booster The air may turn over several times an hour in an unprotected home forcing the homes entire volume of air to be reheated that often A tight home one that is sealed properly will complete an air exchange only once every two to three hours thus greatly reducing energy use Lamb advises caulking and weather stripping around windows and doors and pinpointing and closing up other leaky offenders such as fireplaces and attic entrances A word of caution for allergy sufferers a tightly closed house can aggravate allergy symptoms To relieve allergy sniffles get a portable room air purifier It will clean the air in tightly sealed homes and provide relief from the dust fireplace ash and other allergens floating in the air To make sure you get a highquality air filter look for the Clean Air Delivery Rating listed on the box Its the only rating system recognized by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers and the EPA Insulating your hot water heater and the pipes that lead to and from it is yet another simple and cost effective way to save on energy costs A water heater jacket can be purchased for as little as and its simple to install Lamb suggests covering both the hot and cold water pipes with foil insulating tape to maximize savings This measure alone can result in a 4 to 9 percent savings per month for the typical he said Another method of cutting down on home energy costs is to make sure your heating system is operating at top efficiency Have a professional check your heat pumps steam boilers and forced air furnaces During heating season replace the filters once a month and keep vents registers and radiators clear of dust furniture and drapes Finally close the vents or shut off radiators in rooms that arc not being used A final simple step is to make sure the damper on your fireplace is tight fitting and closed when not in use Most of the heat created by a fireplace goes right out the chimney and when not in use an open damper can suck the warm air right out of your home Investing now in these simple and inexpensive energy savers will result in big dividends for this winter and for many cold seasons to come Not only will you see a dramatic decrease in your utility bills but you will be doing your part to conserve energy as well Submitted by Chandler Ehrlich Co Ready for camp Photo submitted by Reva Weatherly The Canyon High School cheerleaders are brushing up on their coloring skills in preparation for their Christmas camp on Saturday at the school The cheerleaders will care for children ages 2 through 12 between and to give mothers a chance to take care of their Christmas needs Subscribe to the HeraldZeitung by calling 6259144 Attention CD Buyers I Open the day after Thanksgiving Everyday from 10 til dark New For This Year Fresh cut coldstorage shipped Noble and Fraser Firs from award Movies Days Dollars 549 LANDA ST NEW BRAUNFELS Farm in Morton Washington We also have Texas grown Virginia pines Jim Dorothy Mercer Resident Caretakers 6294518 or 6291854 4413 Hunter Rd J Callable Certificates of Deposit Stan Cunningham interest Rate Interest paid FDIC insured to Noncallable for 1 Year Callable thereafter 100 Final This CD is noncallable for the first 12 months and then can be called at par monthly thereafter by the Issuing bank Early withdrawal may not be permitted Minimum Subject to availability as of cannot remain oh deposit Periodic payout of interest required Call or stop by today Stan Cunningham 650 Landa New Braunfels Edwardjones Serving Individual 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