Thursday, November 14, 1996

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 7

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Text Content of Page 7 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Thursday, November 14, 1996

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - November 14, 1996, New Braunfels, Texas Attractions HeraldZeltung a Thursday November O 7 Films In Focus By DavM Elliott and Arthur Sahn Copley News Service NEW RELEASES DEAR GOD Greg Kinnear plays Tom a consciencefree con man sentenced by a judge to hold a real job for a year Through family connections he nabs a position in the post offices Dead Letter Department staffed by a menagerie of losers lifers and weirdos Laurie Metcalf Tim Conway Roscoe Lee Browne and Jon Seda When Tom accidentally mails a weeks pay to a woman who addressed a letter to God his coworkers get the idea that this is how they should spend their otherwise unproductive time helping people out anonymously a wave of nice ness going someone remarks Insert finger down throat Tom gets involved Sort of Its unclear whether hes out to pull a scam Later he seems serious about postal philanthropy Again its unclear and unfunny The gags arent mistimed theyre inert Cast Greg Kinnear Laurie Metcalf Tim Conway Roscoe Lee Browne Jon Seda Anna Maria Horsford Hector Elizondo Salm Rated PG LOOKING FOR RICHARD This burstingly vital treatment of Richard III is full of plummy enjoyments Its one of Shakespeares most produced works and one of his most piercingly eloquent but difficult for many Americans because of its hectic dynastic politics Shrewdly Al Pacino directed coproduced and filmed a film about making a film in scraps and spurts We see him his mental battery cooking scooting around New York with produc er and buddy Frederic Kimball a man of volcanic opinions They scout locations and shape their cast Pacino of course as Richard and try to figure how Shakespeare can really workfor modr This brings some rather indulgent morriefitsjbutafso some good comments from F Murray Abraham Kevin Kline James Earl Jones plus Lettermanesque bits of people ambushed by Pacino on the street mostly thrilled by him yet ignorant of the play A savvy almost toothless old gent has thoughts of real passion we felt what we said wed say less mean Cast Al Pacino Alec Baldwin Winona Ryder Estelle Parsons Aidan Quinn Kevin Conway Penelope Allen Frederic Kimball Elliott Rated PG13 WILLIAM SHAKESPEARES ROMEO JULIET Franco Zeffirelli had a hit with his getthekids version in 1968 starring the briefly immortal Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting Before that came the fabled New York update on stage West Side Baz Luhnnann gangs up on the Bard too setting his show in a sort of Mexican coastal megasprawl with a satellite town Verona Beach where the feud can spill out on the sand in parties and rumbles as rock music pounds The approach is grab and golly sort of a Natural Born The sets and costumes with smog hovering and a stone Jesus towering over the Mexican locales Catholic imagery gets major are remarkable Luhnnann has kept his dancing zeal If nothing like the Jerome Robbins moves that powered West Side this film has a hor monal tumbling zestiness Cast Leonardo DiCaprio Claire Danes Diane Venora Brian Dennehy Pete San Antonio Public Theatre EST Sam Shepard at pm Sun at pm Thru November JumpStart Theatre Blue Star Art Complex 108 Blue Star In the historic King Williams District ferTkkitRtstrvdiions Mi tin Miami of Whoopi Goldberg right with Tim Daly in The Associate Postlethwaite John Leguizamo Miriam Margolyes Paul Sorvino Elliott Rated PG13 THE ASSOCIATE A fake homage to feminism that bows to bigtime yuppie greed RECENT RELEASES THE ASSOCIATE A fake homage to feminism that bows to bigtime yup pie greed Whoopi Goldberg is the bright lawyer who must fake it as a male to get but even then as moola pours she never does much work or comes up with good ideas And in the Goldberg film tradition shes asexual too black too Whoopi What is the problem The Donald Trump cameo is a big moment in Donald Petries contrived comedy also starring Tim Daly Eli Wallach Dianne Wiest and hot underwear exhibit Bebe Neuwirth Salm Rated PG13 FIRST WIVES CLUB Theyre stars Bette Midler Goldie Hawn Diane Keaton and theyre rich and theyre mad and theyre dopes Dumped by lousy husbands Dan Hedaya Victor Garber Stephen Collins whose only value was in being upscale meal tickets the Manhattan furies try to keep the tick ets minus the husbands Why did it take them so long And why isnt this despite some nifties pegged to the proven strengths of each star more than a shabbily written scored and directed film Its nothing but a hit which of course is what counts as director Hugh Police Academy Wilson can attest In her one scene near the start Stockard Channing jumps from a penthouse and takes subtlety with her After that its down to star riffs gay jokes nasty revenge and a rousing finish Elliott Rated PG GET ON THE BUS There may or may not have been 1 million black men attending the Million Man March but however many there were this high energy Spike Lee film suggests there were that many reasons for attending that many lessons learned A disparate group of black men boards a bus in Los Angeles for the nonstop trip to Washington The volatile mix produces a torrent of poses and ideas attitudes and philosophies Some of the conflicts are shown to great effect others are told awkwardly as the intermittently daz zling script lapses into speechifying Shot for Hollywood chump change The terrific cast includes Andre Braugher Ossie Davis Charles S Dutton and Richard Belzer Salm Rated R THE GHOST AND THE DARK NESS Michael Douglas wildly hairy and trailing vapors of his Jack Colton in Romancing the is great white hunter Remington who like the rifle is a killer full of oomph Val Kilmer is snugly macho in the bigger role of the British engineer Patterson whose bridgebuilding in darkest Africa in 1896 is spoiled by two rogue lions who slaughter the workers but how many eyepopping natives must we see The ghost in this darkness could be Stepin Its like Jaws with manes plenty of carnage and terrific South LAHDA STATIOH African sites Based on facts though it plays like an oldtime African fantasy Tom Puri leader of the workers you may recall as Om Puri so fine as the struggling father in City of Elliott Rated R THE GRASS HARP In a chain of honeybaked ham bones Walter Matthau plays Judge Charlie Cool retired from judging to become a life affirming sage a sort of Taoist Col Sanders Piper Laurie plays Dolly Talbo his new dearie who only eats sweet lives to bake and looks as if she rolls herself in flour so as to feel closer to her cakes and cookies Its the early 40s the deep South in Charles son of Walter Matthaus film of Truman Capotes memory novel Dolly is the older yet sweeter sister of Vcrcna the towns rich mean lady the slatboned Sissy Spacek The story offers wistful memories of the Capote figure the orphaned writer to be Collin Edward Elliott Rated PG HIGH SCHOOL HIGH Like Austin Pendleton Meg Ryan and Sinbad Jon Lovitz is can be one of those instantly likable performers He bobbles along blithely as a nice history teach nerd at an urban hell school win ning over the cynical attitudinal kids with his squishy smile on top of his Bisquick body and his dogged zeal to help them against hopeless odds Since its a comedy there is some hope Dirctor Hart Bochner flattens some good jokes with dumb reaction shots but the zingy script has Mad magazine moments and Lovitz is engagingly helped by Tia Carrere Louis Fletcher Mekhi Phifer Elliott Rated PG13 JUDE Hey Jude get a life Actually the poor man has too much of one in this beautiful but themeplanked film of Thomas Hardys dark Jude the Christopher Eccleston with his gaunt dignity is a touching Jude who wants to be a scholar but being workingclass must get along as a stone cutter Its the deep Victorian era and his Catfish or Shrimp Boat Slaw I fit KMt mtoi 6 from UMINI Weekday Specials Ji Price Chicken Fried Steak 54pm Wed Nile 14 Ib Burger Nite 58 pm Happy Hour All Day Mon Full Bar 381 New DriveThru Tamale Warlords FEATURING CARASSCO TEEN DANCEH sponsored by KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS Council 111 Landa Street pm Doors open Lock in Dance Admission Grades 58 only DANCE DATE Friday Nov 15 Cross Country DJ BRAUNTEX 6254411 290 W San Antonio Ghost Fri Sol Sun Darkness Ul Larger fri Than Life Monlhur IHri Only High School High effort to win the lovely freeminded Sue Kate Winslct is rewarded with some bliss and much misery including one of the most tragic family scenes ever filmed Winslct is bold at times very frank and matched in a smaller role by Rachel Griffiths as the tough erotic yet damned Arabella The movie directed in vivid British locales by Michael Wintcrbotlom is moving yet labored a classic illustrated at length Elliott Rated R THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT Another love letter from screenwriter Shane Black who specializes in scenes that exist solely to generate carnage An amnesiac Gecna Davis begins to remember she was a crack hitgal for the CIA which has since aligned itself with former enemies they all want you knowwho dead With a comicrelief pri vate detective Samuel L Jackson in tow Davis reconfigures herself into a sleek superhuman killing machine Periodically she gets captured and tor tured only to break free and slaughter a passcl of villains Director Renny Harlins elaborately staged action scenes are preposterous but top of the line as such things go Consider the obscenity laced semiwit a bonus Salm Rated R NR Not Rated American Legion Hall Guests Are Welcome Saturday Nov 16 8 to 12 Swingin Country For More Information Call 3791079 Ransom Monmw Romeo lulict PG131 I 1 Associate Monfhur I Monfhur f IG J FL MonThur Meepus American Legion Post 179 410 W Coll New Braunfels Across from the TODAYS ROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS 1 Tree part 5 Turkeys and ducks 10 Nursemaid 14 mater 15 Soul singer Hayes 16 Ram or rooster 17 Apron parts 18 Revolver in Westerns 20 Ushers target 21 Chop 22 Deposed 23 Dry as wine 2 Harshness 27 Type of tooth 30 Calgary Flames grp Holic 31 Roliday drinks 35 Palindromic name 36 Jargon 38 Safe 39 Young frog 41 Break 43 Church singers 44 Urgent 46 Genetic material 47 Trumpet or bugle 48 Stimpys pal 49 Formal prayer 51 Brief 53 Made a hole 54 Argentine plains 58 Scottish hat 60 Get acquainted 63 Improve 65 Wild pig 66 Columbus ship 67 Old Norse inscriptions 68 Entice 69 Swirl 70 Aquarium fish 71 Catch sight of DOWN 1 Scientists workplaces 2 Writer Wiesel 3 Diplomat 4 Abstained from eating 5 Cast a fly 6 Willow 7 Crested bird 8 9 Academy 10 Famous cookie maker 11 Dillon or Biondi 12 Sheltered from the wind 13 Bunch of cows 19 Flint 24 Hue 26 Phantom 27 Timepiece PREVIOUS PUZZLE SOLVED 91896 1996 Uniled Foaluro Syndicate 28 Potato state 29 Wire measure 31 King Cole 32 Unrestrained 33 Actress Close 34 Digress 37 At no time 38 True 40 Bulletinboard accessory 42 Computer in 2001 45 Moment 48 Tourist spot 50 Perform a gymnastic feat 51 Mai cocktail 52 Consumer 54 Window glass 55 Surrounded by 56 Patch 57 Frolic 59 Plateau 61 Wyatt 62 Three in cards 64 Street in Paris STUMPED Call for Answers Touchlone or Rotary Phones 19004543535 ext 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