Thursday, November 14, 1996

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 6

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Text Content of Page 6 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Thursday, November 14, 1996

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - November 14, 1996, New Braunfels, Texas 6 O HeraldZeltung O Thursday November Comics For Better or For Worse IVE BEEN UP HERE A LONGTIME I WONPER IP IM SETTING RECOUPS Ive Soi ME CAT IN WHOLE WORLPf 2 Tumbleweeds LATE WAIVED THE APPLICATION FEE AND THE DEEPENYOURTANS PROVISO GUESS WHAT YOUR TROOP IS NOW ELIGIBLE TO BECOME A BRANCH OF OUR TRIBE IDLOAIETO 1 GIVE WU A RfllSE CflTrN PROFITS IM THE TIMES WERE CUTTING TIED IT KILLS me TO KNOIO THE PITMNce SOU LIVE ON WHEN WRE NORTH SO MUCH MORE BUT WHAT CM I 00 THWES NO NO UNF0RTU MtEW NO CHANGE INCOME PERKS OFFICE OR ACTUAL Peanuts I THINK SHE WANTS TO KNOW WHY YOURE HEREINKIND6R6ARTEN NOT MV I LOOKEPATMY SAW I MAP A FREE HE JUST FOLLOWED ME TO Wizard of Id OH YOU ELSE WOUUP THEY Marmaduke THAT COULPNT HAVE MUTT PIPHt 1OU PRICES RAY Shermans Lagoon A MfiLPKACWF SUit mioofHSHmp OUT WITH OM6MP PULL Your woofer sounds just fine Don t feel you have to finetune After a relaxing vacation Tarzan found it difficult to get back Into the swing of things Television Log Horoscope By Stella Wilder D Sporls The Conspiracy ol Fear the NFL Guy Tonight Show Late Night DO Hours Late Show Gm W MOV Never Cry Wolf Road to Utopia Behavior 1 Sparks Trek The Next About About Trek Deep Space Nine de con DO With Jim Lehrer Railway Journeys CC Jliving York Undercover TV Hwood IJDffi Gotta See One Point Jenny Jones Q Tap 1989 Hollywood Shuffle Shes Gotta Have It Bob l Carol Ted ft Alice IB Man of the House 1995 CC the Party Girl Directed MOV About Last Q The Immortals Object of Obitsilon MOV Stand by Me 1986 A Reason to Believe it Victim of Love The Shannon Mohr Story 21 Football Georgia Tech at Maryland Live Racing Australian Sr PGA Si Basketball Indiana Pacers at Houston Rockets Sports Sports Living Living Living Living Color Red Dawn The Man Who Captured Eichmann Hunters Stalking NoRelrtZ D After 8S King Live Today Sports Rocky IV MOV Rocky V MOV Over the Top 01 MOV The Flame and the Arrow MOV My Darling Clementine The Flame and the Arrow My Darling ol the Bible Order Part 2 ol 2 M to Heaven Part 2 ol 911 Step Assassination the Heat of the Night Love Lucy Van Newhart She Wrote Escape From Alcatraz ol the Paul In Christ Lady of the Angels Daily of Mother Angelica Babe MOV tordy WSJ Slacker My O York Undercover Jerry Program 9 Incident One Point With Copy Pal Buliard Guy Tonight Snow Late Night Later CC Hours Late Show Trek The Next Late Show Born today you are a tremen dous supporter of your own inde pendence and ideas and you will do anything to preserve the spiri tual and intellectual liberty that has become a part of who you are You will not put up with any kind of oppression at home or at work and you insist on being taken seri ously You do have a sense of hu mor and you are willing to laugh loudly but only when you are con fident that youre getting the re spect you feel you deserve You do nut take things lightly when youre feeling down and out FRIDAY NOV 15 SCORPIO Oct 23Nov 21 It will be essential to keep things moving at the workplace today You have much to think about m the days to come and you must get the job done today SAGITTARIUS Nov 22Dec 21 A deadline has betn sneak ing up on you but you may not know which one If you still dont know you may be in for trouble CAPRICORN Dec 22Jan 19 Today you can make a few choices that healthier for you than any youve made in the recent past Perhaps youve turned over a new leaf AQUARIUS Jan 20Feb 18 Your mind and body must work together today if you want to over come obstacles and make progress Try to get the whole ma chine working as one unit PISCES TFeb 20 Romance will be in the air but you may have to look closely Per haps its right where you thought it would be all along ARIES March 21April 19 Time spent at home today can bring you greater rewards than usual and its all because you sim ply have a better attitude about ev erything in your life TAURUS April 20May 20 Do you feel the energy that is pressing you to move in a certain direction Resist now but in the future you will give in to the temp tation to take part GEMINI May 21June 20 You may feel overwhelmed today but all you have to do is start at the beginning and work your way slowly and methodically through to the end CANCER June 21July 22 If you take one thing at a time to day you can keep everything in or der Organization will be more ira portant than ever before LEO July 23Aug 22 You can rely on your stubbornness to help you to succeed today You will not give up on something you think is a sure thing Keep trying VIRGO Aug 23Sepl 22 Something others might consider to be a weakness might actually become a strength before the day is over Your critics will be sur prised by your progress LIBRA Sept 23Oct 22 Try to see things from a more lighthearted easygoing perspec tive today You wlUget better re sults if yougive others what they wantwUhasraile