Thursday, October 24, 1996

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 6

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Text Content of Page 6 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Thursday, October 24, 1996

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 24, 1996, New Braunfels, Texas 6 O HeraldZeitung g Thursday October Comics For Better or For Worse OW 7AVf HAVE A NICE WALK CANARV SHORTAGE HITS i IN IBIS House Tumbleweeds BY DA BY ra I IN OUR I DID YOUSE HAVE A BUSY DAYi BABY Gi rWHEN VOU LOOK THIS GOOD THE WORLD WIU TO YOU ITS THE VEflR OF MULTIPLE SKIRT UNDER fl fflflKI SWEAT ER UNDER UEST UNDER fl ffWXI COAT f ADD A CHUNKV BOOT ON A CHUNKV TOP Of A PILE Of CHUMW PHOME AND Tfl DAT LOUElV A5 I STAND IN ONE SPOT 6UE55 WHAT I LEARNED IN SCHOOL LEARNED MOU TO WRITE MY NAME 7 Wizard ot Id FIFTY TO SOPPY COACH 0EAT4 LOT THAr Marmaduke YOU COULDNT ALMOST THC SCULPTURE YOU PIP I PROP THIS OFF AT PR HEAIYS RACKING AROUNP Shermans Lagoon Mir Gimme that Arent you supposed to be mans best friend Captain Hooky Television Log Horoscope By Stella Wilder CD The Dentist 1996 the NFL Fetishes Mistresses and Hour About Tonight Show Late Night ooe Murder Hours Late Show Gm OD Shingalana Chronicles Shingalana Chronicles Fraihman 1990 Dwlghl Dfll Trek The Next About About Trek Deep Space Nine de con DO With Jim Series Game 5 Baltimore Orioles or New York Yankees al Atlanta Braves or St Louis Incident One Point Jenny Jones My Empire of trw Sun 1987 Trw Return of the Musketeers Power1 OH Twmlrntor 2 dudjmtnl Day 1991 When Man Loves Woman 1994 0 Pint Knight 1995 Detpendo 1995 MOV Prelude to Love Whisper 9 Her True Story SD Greatest Aerobatics Sr PGA Preseason Basketball Houston Rockets at San Antonio Spurs Soccer 3 Living Living Principal MOV Double Impact MOV The Principal After fil King Live Politics MOV Midnight Run MOV Running Scared MOV Nuns on the and Times o Marty Time of Time 9 0MU Flying Disc Man From Beau Geste of the Order to Heaven 91 1 Program Magic Step Step the Heat of the Night Love Lucy Van Newhart She Wrote Scductd by Evil 1994 Stagings Dad CC MOV W Pulp Fiction 1994 The Blob 1988 Series Game S Baltimore Orioles or New York Yankees at Atlanta Braves or Si Louis Jerry Program One Point Copy About Late Night Later CC 1 Murder Hours Late Show trek The Next Late Show Born today you seem to be qui et and reserved but in the right situation and whenever you are called on to use your talents you can be outgoing energetic and vi brant Even though it is true that you are far more interested in the inner truth than in the superficial you will of course let it all hang out when necessary and you have what it takes to outdo almost any one with a show of emotional fire works You prefer to be quiet but you can also be loud when you want to be Your life will proceed according to a schedule of alternating good and bad luck but you willknow how to make the best of the good and minimize the bad at almost every turn It seems therefore that you are one of those lucky in dividuals for whom everything turns out SCORPIO Oct 23Nov 21 Someone youve known well for a long time will bring a surprise to your doorstep before the day is over You must prepare yourself SAGITTARIUS Nqv 22Dec 21 This can be a good day for you and a partner but you both may have to work closely together to overcome an unexpected obsta cle during the morning CAPRICORN Pec 22Jan 19 Keep talk to a minimum to day and focus instead on activities which can bring you the results you seek Today you should be a doer not a talker AQUARIUS Jan 20Feb 18 Your patience may begin to wear thin today because someone youve taken under your wing will refuse to get the message and to mend his or her ways PISCES Feb 19March 20 This will be a good time to cling to someone who knows what you need Do not turn away from this person ARIES March 21April 19 You can avoid sinking into one of your deeper darker moods today simply by looking forward and con centrating on your current duties TAURUS April 20May 20 You may be turning into a perfec tionist Today listen to people who suggest alternate methods GEMINI May 21June 20 You will come face to face with that jealous streak today but you should try to control your emo tions rather than give them free rein at this time CANCER June 21July 22 Try to think about what you want to say before you say it Remem ber it will be important to remain consistent LEO July 23Aug 22 If you believe that variety is the spice of life then why are you go ing over the same old ground again and again VIRGO Aug 23Sept 22 This will be a good day to concen trate on your image Are you really what you seem to be and if not what can you do to change that perception LIBRA Sept 23Oct 22 You may be too demanding for own good today Settle down and grant someone else a wish or two before catering to yourself