Friday, June 14, 1996

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 8

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Text Content of Page 8 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, June 14, 1996

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - June 14, 1996, New Braunfels, Texas otSSBJat p lose wed Tf a i p i lAiV n abusiv When I WM young too I gdt engaged to a man I hadnt long My parenta were paying for the wedding and the attendantg were paying for their own gowtm and tuxedo Daring the month before the wedding fiance began to show hit true colon He drank heavily and became physically and verbally abusive I knew I should have called the wedding off but I was worried the money my parents were bending on the wedding so I foolishly kept quiet and went through with it Big mistake Two years later when I finally got the couragfe to leave him my friends and family told they would not have minded losing the money if it saved me from the hell I endured while being married to this abusive man Real friends forgive each other MlNNEAlPOLIS DEAR MINNEAPOLIS Huuik yon tor m letter that save many women from mrfrfrtf the mfatafce you nude This also to men If either the bride or groom hmt second about their feelings it would be far better to call the wedding oA While it may cause the other party to be upeet in the kmg run it would be far bet tor for 1J DEAR ABBY I saw the letter from Worried in whose 14yearold daughter was driven home from baby sitting by a drunk parent I grew up in New Orleans and was told at an early age that if I ever needed a ride home for any reason but especially alcohol at any time of day or night to call home and one of my parents would come and get me with no questions asked Mom gave me a quarter which I carried with me whenever I went out As I was leaving I would hear Have a good time Do you have your quarter Only once did I have to call home not because of alcohol but when a date turned abusive He took my purse and refused to give it Tback but I still had my quarter in my shoe Abby please continue to advise parents to tell their children never to get into a car with a driver who nas been drinking Our children are DEAR CXrf Be assured I wiD continue to harpoon that untO my typtrtonuu falls Thanks for an excellent letter DEAR ABBY Frustrated With Papa whose father refus es to throw away anything should get him to a mental health profes sional who is skilled in diagnosing and treating obsessivecompulsive disorder Her fathers failure to handle his affairs is probably not due to incom petence but to the overwhelming fear of throwing away something important therefore he keeps everything His senseless saving of stacks of printed matter and refusal to accept help in discarding them could be symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder a problem that affects 5 million Americans and is quite treatable To obtain referral for treatment and information on OCD Trustrat ed With Papa Hoarder can contact the OCD Foundation Box 70 Milford Conn 064600070 PAUL R MUNFORD CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST SACRAMENTO CALIF Abby iharei more of her favorite To order tend a biuineMaize elfaddreMed envelope plus check or money order for JSO in Canada UK Dear Abby afore Favorite Box 447 Mount Morris UL 610640447 PtMtafe if Friday June 14 Michael Ballew ByMICNELLEOATMAN JOHN MOLER photographer Our June weddings were half named We still need the identifica tion on our large group picture AA96 Not one person called in to tell who these people are We have many views of this beautiful wedding and we have no idea who the people are Someone must recognize at least one person in this photo so we could con tact them and get the name of the bride and groom Now AA9fr047 is a different sto ry We have had great responses to this picture The bride and groom are Beatrice and Antonio Camarcno The other couple with them is EHda and Gilbert Aguirre The happy day occurred in December 1968 We give a big thank you to Jeanie Martinez Rosa Cruz Zavala and Robbie Fear ka for helping us Okay first we must apologize if this picture embarrasses the young man in this photo We really would like to know his name If you know AA96 049 please let us know We want this young man to go down in history with the correct name and explanation AA96050 is a wonderful picture of a group of 1944 nursing students We love this group picture but cant seem to get all of their names Please call in if any of these nursing students ever rendered medical services to you or if you just know the Such a wonderful group deserves to be known With summer upon us we are short handed at the Archives If you have some spare time even if it is just for the summer we would love to have the help We have many exciting projects coming projects ready to be entered in with no one to enter them research projects sitting on the shelves photograph projects from iden tifying to filing and we are in need of a receptionist for different hours of the week If you want to help out drop by and take a tour and see if it looks like something you might enjoy doing for your community As always KEEP READING KEEP REMEMBERING KEEP CALLING The Old City Hall 200 Local Local ttows Local News The HeraldZettung Light up your home with a and odd a little sunshine to yoiir lifel Illuminates better than a 2x4 skylight No framing required Light the vhole room Get the Ugly not the Heat For demo unit locations call Suit Systems Inc Civewood Sin Antonio JUNE 15 MR OUTLAW JUNE 16 CONNEMARA COWBOY FM 306 FM 2673 9643992 The Yellow Rock Scfa tf Thuraday Jum 13 Friday 14 TuusEdge 3413 Hunter Ri San Marcos TX 115 f i f TODAYS ACROSS 1 Cherish 6 Glided 10 Wooden pin 13 Large antelope 14 Battery part 15 Loggers tool 16 Pencil ends 17 Ticket booth 19 Uproar 20 Gist of the matter 21 Stripes 22 Come may 24 Astonish 26 Beat an incumbent 29 Ways of warning 30 Temperamental 31 Skillful 35 Tablet 36 Disorder 37 Swing around as a ship 36 Imaginary 1 paradise 41 Chinas neighbor 43 Some exams 44 Freeforalls 45 Fabric edge 48 Actress Lamarr 49 Wielded mo 51 Environmental problem 55 Wealth 98 Practice 59 Morw Code signal 60 Friendship 61 Aquarium fish 62 Naval rank abbr 63 Oil job 64 Chemical compound DOWN 1 Part of a three 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