Sunday, April 28, 1996

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 4

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Text Content of Page 4 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Sunday, April 28, 1996

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - April 28, 1996, New Braunfels, Texas Onllftyft OOfltMrt i submit columns etectrohlcally by way of ofittfti 9WVIC48 6t lflnrA6t Of tor simply contact staff members the managlnQ edltw8 addrass voter wints to know the of underwear the preskknt Is wear but people often get mad at reporters Bill Phillips university administrator 1994 Restart war on drugs Operation to stem flow of narcotics needs to be combined with efforts on soil Dafatte Secretary William Perry announced that military hardware iiU sane personnel will be enlisted in a new antidrug initiative to be Iwncbed soon with the governments of six South American nations KTaktng part with the are Colombia Venezuela Peru Bolivia and Brazil The operation has been named Laser Strike and will on thwarting drug production and the movement of the drugs through biittlus hemisphere and beyond Its about time r IVhBe several Central and American nations have dragged their feet die war on drugs in recent years the US and the Clinton Administration ifa iliii tilt Ihr Hnmr fnr n Inrlf m and even real fcl the fight against drug smuggling and drug use on American soil H J iMtiilklkin in the drug fields of Columbia and Peru is vital to reducing the liritint of narcotics available on the world market Like any other product Might and sold a limited supply will increase prices and make is more dif ftcutt for American tods to get their hands on But apart from those highprofile operations the government should Mdaim the leadership role it had in the 1980s in the fight against sub Maine abuse in this country Aa trite or silly as the lust Say No campaign seems to many these days ifee number of young people who followed the advice of that slogan and off of drugs increased dramatically then service announcements kept the issue in front of young and old in PJB and drug use among teenagers became uncool and something to MVOXL i t j Cml qo VVje can only guess atthe number of teenagers who stayed away frdtridrugs remained clean as they entered their centers and Monpioyinenf lines iwere avoided by many But using drugs is cool again for many youngsters Unfortunately toy cant see into the future five or 10 years If drug use doesnt destroy them Mliy in life a pattern of abuse over the years will surely catch up with them bring mem down r Thai and other messages about the dangers of drug use are just not befog heard like they used to Piesident Clinton has received some heat for his Administrations approach tit the drug problem here so in this election year it is likely hell announce anna new initiative to help in the war on drugs Mi may be an election ploy but we should demand any such action and applaud it We dont have a choice lA new generation of young people could easily be lost editorial was written by Managing Editor Doug Loveday Ntu Braunfels HeraldZeitung welcomes letters on any public Ifceeditor reserves the right to correct spelling style punctua ted known factual errors Letters should be kept to 250 words i publish only original mail addressed to the New Braunfels Herald the writers signature Also an address and a telephone which are not publication must be included cite the page number and date of any article that is mentioned ee is given to writers who have not been published in the 80 days Jetton to to the Editor the New Braunfels HeraldZeitung Drawer 311328 New Braunfela Tewa 781311328 fkK 210 6261224 Zeitung j Loveday I Advertising j Lee Hall i Ann Avery i Parnell Croteau J OB SuMtoy raominp vA wedotoy mominfi s months six months MiU fcttvwy ounkfe Carnal County in Tww three months six jw wtataw way 210 0259144 or by weekdays or by 11 liim BiKPfeh ft 7813Mm Internet a real uzzle for S What is the World Wide Web What kind of things can I do on the Internet How do I make my mm web page How do I transfer files What can Ida with e mail These are some of the questions I hear over and over again Answers to these questions and more can be found right on your computer screen This week I discovered a web site that is cute fun color ful and very informative It is a free tutorial that covers the basic aspects of the Internet This web site features a cartoon caricature of noted computer columnist Larry Magid Larry urges you to point and click your way through his main topics that include basic Internet information how to get con nected Internet etiquette issues regarding kids online email newsgroups conferencing Internet address information searching for information exchanging files and creating a web site My favorite section in Larrys tutorial covers futur istic technologies that are already in place These technologies include RealAudio CUSeeMe and virtual reality The RealAudio system was developed by Pro gressive Networks This product allows providers of entertainment information and news to make x their sound broadcast available to anyone who has an Internet connection and a RealAudio player This is a great breakthrough because the sound file does not have to be downloaded before it is played To get a copy of the RealAudio player go to After you have installed and configured it you can listen to broadcasts from National Public Radio ABC News or many other sites including WOAI1200 in San Antonio CUSeeMe was developed at Cornell University to be the first fiee vkfcoonferencing program for the Mac and Windows This program gives users a way to see and talk to other users or groups by using cameras micro phones and speakers attached to their computers It works in a very primitive fashion because of bandwidth limitations but it is definitely a view of things to come For more information on CUSeeMe browse on over to Using virtual reality the user can enter threedimen sional worlds to learn about an actual area or just to play a game Virtual reality uses a new language for the web called Virtual Reality Modeling Language If you would like to know more about VRML look at the VRML Frequently Asked Questions FAQ at Now that I have held you in suspense about the location of the free Internet tutorial I guess its time to let the cat but of the bag Check out Reed Helmly i if i to experience for yourself the Information and whit of Liny Magids page that he tides The Essential Inter net Online Home Page Now to change the subject I would lite to get some more feedback from the New Braunfels com munity concerning the Internet Special Interest Group meeting we would like to start This would be a group of people with a common interest of learning more about the Internet who would meet to team interact and ask questions about the Internet Initial ly these meetings would be free of charge and open to anyone who would like to attend We are consid ering the third Thursday of the month at 7pm PLEASE give me some feedback A message on the answering machine 6080808 or an email would be great Let me know if you are interested in attending if the pro posed date and time are good or suggest an alternate and some suggested tdpics you would like to see covered A great big thanks to all my loyal readers for your support Well see you on the Internet Reed Helmfy is a South Texas Computer Consul tant for CompuVision and the Webmdsferfor com Reed lives in New Braunfels and spe cializes in computer networks and Internet service Comments and suggestions for future articles can be mailed in care of this newspaper emailed to or by calling 2106Q8Q8Q8 do you think The Ku Klux Klan is coming to New Braunfels June 1 for a rally on the Plaza Reaction among citizens politicians and church leaders has been swift to that announcement Community leaders are dis cussing what actions if any should be taken in protest of the Klan gathering We want to know what you think events should bid in response to the Klan rally p out the coupon drop it by our office at 707 LBnda St How should residents off Now Braunfels respond to the proposed KKK rally here Juno 1 Yes No Comments Name Address Age Sex j I hplfriprto VI I HI I II Deadline for this survey is Saturday May 5 1996 Write em GOVERNMENT OFFICES President of the Bill Clinton 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington 20500 2024561414 Vice President of the AlGore Old Executive Office Bldg 17th St and Pennsylvania NW Washington 20501 2024562326 Senators PhilGramm 402 E Ramsey Rd San Antonio TX 78216 2103669494 Kay Bailey Hutchison 961 Federal Bldg 8th St Austin TX 78703 5124825834 Congressmen Lamar Smith 1100 Loop 410 Ste 640 San Antonio TX 78209 2108215024 Frank Tejeda 1313 Military Ste 115 San Antonio TX 78214 2109247383 FAX 2109276222 TEXAS GOVERNMENT OFFICES Governor George W Bush Box 12428 Austin TX 78711 5124632000 Attorney General Dan Morales Box 12548 Austin TX 78711 5124632100 State Senator Jeff Wentworth 1250 Loop 410 San Antonio TX 78209 2108267800 FAX 2108260571 or Box 12068 Austin TX 787112068 5124630326 State Senator Judith Zaffirini Box 627 Laredo TX 78042 2107222293 or Box 12068 Austin TX 787112068 The Survey Three readers responded to last weeks survey question Should the minimum wage for workers be increased Their responses follow Absolutely not Every time it is increased more juveniles and handicapped people are put out of work by the cost of doing business under the new Crime is increased because of the loss of paying jobs Inflation is fueled and prices go up making it even more difficult fa those on fixed income to make ends meet The government has no constitutional right to tell an employ er how much to pay his employees Three very good reasons to say no I assert that raising the current minimum wage will hurt all of us in three ways 1 The current proposal is to raise the wage 20 percent or roughly per hour While at first this doesnt sound like much it is a tremendous increase for the average busi ness which employs minimumwage workers 2 As this same phenomenon occurs in thousands of businesses across the land prices on just about every thing will have to drift up Guess what This is called inflation 3 The third problem lies with all the other workers who over time and with hard work have achieved salaries which are greater than minimum wage Consider an employee at an hour He now makes 50 percent above minimum wage At the new rate he will make just 25 percent over minimum So society now values him less than before Yes A family cannot be supported on minimum wages More people would work if welfare didnt pay them better Many things need to be fixed but raising the minimum wage is a good start Today In History By the Associated Press Today is Sunday April 28 the 119th day of 1996 There are 247 days left in the year Todays Highlight in History On April Italian dictator Benito Mussolini and his mistress Clara Petacei were executed by Italian partisans as they attempted to flee the country On this date In 1758 the fifth president of the United States James Monroe was bom in Westmoreland County Va In 1789 Maryland became the seventh state to ity the Constitution In 1789 there was a mutiny on the Bounty as the crew of the British ship set Captain William BJgh and 18 sajjors adrift in a launch in the South Pasifjc In 1940 Glenn Miller and his Orchestra recorded Pennsylvania 65QQQ for RCA Victor In 1947 a expedition sailed ftpm Peru aboard a balsawood raft named the KonTiki on 101day journey that took them across the Pacific Ocean to Polynesia In 1952 war with Japan officially ended as a treaty that had been signed by the United States and 47 other nations took effect In 1958 Vice President Nixon and his wife Pat began a goodwill tour of Latin America In 1967 heavyweight boxing champion Muham mad Ali refused to be inducted into the Army the same day Gen William C Westmoreland told Con gress the would prevail in In 1969 French President Charles de Gaulle resigned his office In 1980 President Carter accepted the resigna tion of Secretary pf State Cyrus Vance who had opposed the failed rescue mission aimed at freeing American hostages in Iran In 1990 the musical A Chorus Line closed after performances on Broadway In 1990 antiabortion demonstrators marched in Washington authorities put the number of pro testers at but organizers claimed a turnout of about d o q G jvr ui lite I irri nT 0 Ten years ago The Soviet Union informed the world of the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl saying the accident damaged a reactor and that aid was being rendered to those affected Five years ago The space shuttle Discovery blast ed off with seven astronauts on a Star Wars research mission One year ago In Taegu South Korea a gas line exploded in the middle pf an intersectioncrowded with morning traffic killing 101 people and injuring about 125 others Todays Birthdays Syndicated columnist Row land Evans is 75 Former Secretory of State James A Baker HI is 66 The president of Iraq Saddam Hus sein is 59 Actresssinger AnnMargret is 55 Actress Marcia Strassman is 48 Actor Bruno Kirby is 47 Tonight Show host Jay Leno is 46 Rapper Too Short is 30 Actress Melissa Joan Hart is 20 Thought for Today Without heroes we are all plain people and dont know how far we can Bernard Malamud American author