Wednesday, April 3, 1996

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 5

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Text Content of Page 5 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Wednesday, April 3, 1996

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - April 3, 1996, New Braunfels, Texas HeraldZellutMO Wednesday April fl 5 negative words reap negative responses Never verbalize a negative Avoid saying anything negative about your youif friends your career about anything Why BecIustMydur words are like seeds VyhKyxfti sow you teap Talk nega tive reap negative in molecular biology shows thaf our mind is like a com puter witly a keyboard and a storage Ouif senses represent our key board Chemical pathways in the represent the brains storage disks Anything that is typed into our keyboard will be stored for life Our lips are part of our key board Our Jips program us Speak negaflye and we program negative into storage disk called the sub conscious mind Vyarning Anything you say will be stored in your subconscious mind Anythingjthat anyone hears you say will hectored in their subconscious mind f n Heres another warning The stor age disk the subconscious mind is unable Jojdistinguish the truth from a lie The subconscious believes every thing that is put into it As they say in the coipputer world garbage in garbage out Negative program neg ative life Behavioral research indicates that at least 75 percent of our programs are Shad Helmstetter Ph D estimates that the first 18 years of life we hear negatives times Most of us can overcome our childhood negative programs Our worst enemy is our own mouth We talk negatively and our unconscious believes what we say often have you heard yourself say these words Im not as smart as everyone Im just I cant lose Im not getting any Im not as sharp as I used to Ill never be a I never have enough Im Im Mon days depress Check yourself Listen uncon sciously to everything you say out loud Does most of your selftalk build yoU up or put you down Would you type the words youjsay about yourself computer John L Walker as lifelong directives Any negative word can result in disaster Think of it this way Imagine getting on an airplane that contains the wrong program Would you fly on that plane Of cburse not The program determines the planes alti course and destination An airplane with the wrong program will crash When you hear yourself speak negatively stop Get on the right course Why then do we program our brain with disas trous informa tion Because we dont know any better We dont realize the power of our words to shape the destiny of our lives We dont understand that the words we speak deter mine our beliefs fears choices actions and success Another reason we program our brains negatively is habit As chil dren we hear negative When we watch television we see and hear neg ative The auditory and visual aspects of television make it a pow erful Our friends talk negatively So we get in the habit We begin to talk negatively The more we hear ourselves talk the more negatives we speak We verbalize the negative and our lives become negative The more negative our lives become the more we speak nega tive Heres the good news We can reprogram the brain The chemical pathways in our brains subconscious can be broken down in about 21 days Replace negative words with posi tive words and the negative chemical pathways the negative programs will be destroyed in 21 days Once the negative programs are destroyed more positive things will begin to happen You will be on the flight path of success Walker MSRv is an to CltD bond lawautt Editor Its time for a judge to make a final ruling on the lawsuit contesting the 1995 CISD bond election Thereve been two judge rulings including a state ruling plus a vote recount all in the probond voters favor There are no grounds for a retrial or rehearing Doesnt any judge have enough gumption to make a final decision and cut out all this legal system red tape and get CISD back on track There is just too much legal footdragging and pussy footing around This is a good example of a nonftinctioning legal system No wonder crime is out of control At first I admired Greene and Duggan for standing up and confronting the board but now that they have lost they only want to the CISD board presi dent at our childrens expense The CISD board should sue for the they have caused CISD to lose Where is the CISD lawyer in all this Doesnt he get paid to handle such CISD legal battles We voted our board into office They are doing a dam good job Our superintendent is striving to unite CISD into a familystyle safe learning environment People are flocking into the district Subdivisions are cropping up everywhere Our kids are being packed into schools like sardines All that is needed is for some judge to stay out of the country club long enough to make a decision Jerry E Datigherty Spring Branch off tlM tost softball around played by Now Bratinffolt airtt Softball AMoelailon loams Editor Saturday March 30 the New Braunfels Girls Softball Association held their Pun Ceremonies for the girls softball season of 1996 A great big thanks to the Board of Directors who worked so hard to put together a fantastic day of ceremonies games and plain fun foilthe hundreds of young ladies wh6 will take to the field for the next two months and more for a lot of fun Thirtythree managers with one two or three assistants and a most important Team Mom each will be responsible for over 400 young girls ages seven to 14 and three TBall teams If the practice sessions so far this season are any indication the girls will end the season with the knowledge of the principles of play ing softball will learn rules of softball playing but most important will learn that we can be competitive arid still have fun without resorting to negativism against other players We as managers coaches Team Moms and the entire board of the are committed to providing all these young ladies with the best possible opportunity for them to team now to play softball with first pribrity being not winning games but enjoying themselves and having fun To this end we ask all parents to join us in congratulat ing ahy girl from any team when they make a good play and not criticize any player of any team tot any reason Remember ITS THEIR SELFESTEEM AT RISK When the game is over we forget the score shake haiidsiiifld lelveiwiHi Our friends fhjrti the other team talithe businesses and individ uals who sponsor our teams With all the other youth activities in New Braunfels it has always been a chore to get sponsors for the girls softball teams espeuiily when the league keeps growing every We are deeply in debt to those who help us provide a reaticnal sport the girls will be able to use when they reach high school If you would like to see some FANTASTIC girls softball playing come out to any of the games being played on any of the girls softball fields any day of the week Even if you dont know the players you cant help but get a lump in your throat when you experience with us some of the greatest plays in softball See you at the field Ernie Mendez Manager Xtreme Duggan claims propaganda aimed at her Trustee says shes trying to diffuse negative attention surrounding suit By DENISE DZIUK Staff Writer A Canyon Lake resident who believes the Cpmal Independent School Districts October bond elec tion is invalid spoke to the board of trustees and presented them with a packet of information at their meet ing Thursday Included in that information were three actions she said would end the lawsuit and any appeal Lois Duggan spoke to the board Thursday during the audience partici pation portion of the meeting In her presentation she stated the purpose of the packet and her pre sentation was to inform each mem Duggan pointed out several statements of facts to the board She said told the board both the Texas Open Meeting Act and the Texas Open Records Act are being violated She said propaganda being dis tributed using tax money is intended to inflame and impute harm on the her and the other individual filing the suit She said the release also mentions a Findings of Fact She said she asked the district for a copy of the ruling but the attorney for the district said he was unaware of such a ruling Duggan also stated she has filed a complaint against her opponent for the school board Scott Watson and Friends for Education with the Texas Ethics Commission The commission has not decided whether to dismiss the complaint or proceed with it Duggan made an additional allega tion against the board regarding the purchase of land This is being submitted in the pub lics said Duggan I am not This is being sub mitted in the pub lics interest I am not your Lois Duggan Regarding proposals she gave board to end lawsuit your Duggan then told the board there were three things that could be done First she said the district could seek a declaratory judgment and let the court decide if the bond election was valid Second board president Jim Mid dleton could have a motion filed declaring the Tax Bond Election void Finally she said the school board could issue time warrants cer tificates of obligation without putting it on a ballot Following her statements Duggan left the meeting Watson said he believes the pre sentation to the board was an attempt to diffuse the negative attention she is receiving He said the district is pointing out how much her suit is costing taxpayers and she is trying to turn the attention away from her I think its purely Lois trying to diffuse the negative attention and divert it away from her and back onto the said Watson NJORTHCLIFFF L COUNTRY CLUB Holes Weekday Off A This great deal is especially for our home folks We appreciate youe business over the years and we want you to bring in this ad for a special discount Valid up to 4 persons on all entrees daily specials MonFri only Not valid with any other offers New Fraunfels Smokehouse IH3SotHwy4S Factory Store us Easter Dinner Turkey Chicken Hams Brisket Sausage Dine In or Take Out 309 Hwy 81 West New Braunfels Letter Fellow Citizens of Comal County I decided to seek the office of Sheriff of Comal County because we had a persistent crime problem that was not going away A problem that tore at the very fabric of the way we live our lives All you have to do is pick up the local paper any day and see this problem A problem I believe I can by going back to law enforcement basics solve Tourism is the number one industry in this county and we must be careful in our responses to problems that relate to it It is a difficult balance trying to control the crime problems that affect our tourism while also trying to control the problems it creates I believe that we currently have perfectly good laws on the books to deal with both sides of this problem we need only to administer them You cannot regulate or legislate a problem out of existence only hard work solves problems Honesty and integrity are the two most important qualities a law enforcement officer can possess I have focused my campaign on one issue our crime problem I have shown the extent of this problem with statistics provided by the Comal County Sheriffs office and published aspublic information by by the State of Texas I have given you my qualifications without embellishment or misrepresentation I trust the citizens of this county to examine the documented facts and vote accordingly Please vote for me Bob Holder for Comal County Sheriff during the April Republican runoff BOB HOLDER J REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE FOR SHERIFF can still vote early tomorrow and Friday at the Comal County Courthouse Paid political announcement Bob Holder 923 Hollyhock New Braunfels Tx 78130 The Deals are Better A Becker USED CARS Becker Motor Company 547 S Seguin New Braunfels Tx 6063463 18008792621 1994 Buick Century 4 Door Tilt Cruise Cassette Seat Blue Miles 1991 Ford F250 XL Super Cab V8 Tilt Cruise Black Miles 992 Plymouth Vovaeer LET 1989 Olds 98 Regency 6 Tilt Cruise Seat Quad Seating Wdberry Miles Brougham 4 Door 6 Tilt Cruise Cassette Silver Miles 1990 Ford F1SO Cassette Dual Tanks Long Bed Brown Miles 1991 Plymouth Grand Voyager LEI V6 Dual Sunscreen Cassette rown Miles 1993 Dodge Grand Caravan LE V6 Dual Tilt Cruise Leather Infinity Cassette Quad Seating Cast Aluminum Wheels Sunscreen Glass Green Miles 1992 Plymouth Grand Vovaeer SE 6 Tilt Cruise Stereo Miles ti 1992 Dodge Mark III Conversion Van V6 Cassette Tilt Cruise White Miles 1993 Dodge Ram D250LE Club Cab Cummjngs Diesel Tilt Cruise Cassette Fog Lights Miles 1991 Chevrolet Euro 6 4 Door Tilt Cassette Cruise I White Miles