Sunday, February 4, 1996

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 5

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Text Content of Page 5 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Sunday, February 4, 1996

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - February 4, 1996, New Braunfels, Texas TB cases rising testing urged HeraldZeitung g Sunday February O 5 By DEMISE DZIUK Staff Writer Althbugh January which is Tuber culosis TB awareness month is past people need to be aware of the signs and dangers of TB daily regardless of the month said the American Lung Association of Texas According to the American Lung Association of Texas TB case rates have risen almost every year since 1987 The Texas Department of Health TB Elimination Division esti mates approximately new TB cases are expected to be reported when 1995 results are computed Ramon Luna TB Nurse Coordinator for Region XIII with the Texas Depart ment of Health said TB is a micro bacteria that commonly attacks the lungs However he said it can attack other parts of the body including the bones It usually attacks your lungs But the other times it can attack anywhere for that said Luna Luna said the bacteria that causes TB of the lungs is airborne and can live in the air for five or six hours He said anyone in close physical proxim ity to an infected person can become infected He said this is why it is often more common among low socioeco nomic families that have extended family members living together in close living quarters In other words if youre in a crowded room with someone who is positive with the infection and they breath sneeze or cough you can con tract he said But its usually repeated and prolonged exposure Its usually not a onetime Luna said people need to be aware of the symptoms of TB They include coughing loss of appetite unexplained weight loss night sweats chills diffi culty breathing fatigue fever weak ness and coughing up blood A person experiencing these should contact a physician and get a skin test done Luna said children are usually test ed through the school in the first and seventh grade However he said adults should be tested every couple of years just to be on the safe side People who deal with the public and can be exposed to TB frequently should be tested more often There are what you can consider higher risk employment areas such as in a doctors office These people need to be checked more he said Luna said individuals under the age of 35 who test positive but do not have symptoms yet can take preven tive medicine He also added that most doctors will refer patients with a positive test result to his office where followups medicines and xrays are free of charge Everythings free just to make sure they get the treatment needed to keep it under control and prevent it from said Luna Thats your tax dollars at w s from D i t t I i n g i Currently on display in the librarys lobby case are books by local authors The public is invited to stop by and view the display honoring our New Braunfels authors Some familiar names may even surprise you Readers Advisory May we sug gest For the many readers who love the legal thrillers of John Grisham try these authors Jay Brandon a San Philip Friedman John Steve Martini Richard Patterson and Nancy Taylor Rosen berg Reference Service Were glad you asked that question Some of the many interesting refer ence questions received in January What should I feed my hedgehog How do you hypnotize someone Who was Miss Texas in 1925 What is the history of the Olympic torch How do you train a mouse to run through a maze What is the definition of The library now has nine titles by the very popular health guru Deepak Chopra Chopra is the author of such books as Ageless Body Timeless Mind and The Way of the Wizard Twenty Spiritual Lessons in Creating the Life You Want The Answer is Yes This is the response to the many requests we have had to purchase Primary Colors by Anonymous This title an insiders novel based on a certain Washington resident and his family is cur rently on order ASTHMA SUFFERERS Do you take medicine for your asthma If so you may be eligible for an asthma research study Procedures at no charge Lab Testing Physican Monitoring Lung Function Testing Paid up to CENTRAL TEXAS HEALTH RESEARCH 6294036 Front Porch Antiques Gifts Interior Design 25 Off PreValentines Special Historic Schmitz Hotel 471A Main Plaza Braunfels 2106290660 December AARI mailed notification of a premium increase of up to 40 on their Medicare Supplements SEE WHAT WE HAVE TIJ OFFER YOU IIM JORDAN INSURANCE AGENCY Jim Jordan18006373039 AUTOMATIC CLAIMSFlUNG LONGTERM I CARE COVERAGE AVAILABLE Mooneys efforts paying off Dear Editor An acknowledgment of appreciation is in order Jim and Muriel Mooney have con tributed their skills and labor plus a con siderable amount of their personal finances to instruct train and qualify 60some of our local senior citizens for the concealed handgun carry license As is so often the case when the man steps up there is a woman at his side to make the sacrifices and render the civic service THANK YOU JIM AND MURIEL From those of us who so passion ately cherish all of the rights granted by our Constitution Facts of case must be considered Dear Editor I would like to talk about the boy on Schuetz Lane the child molester that we keep hearing about or reading about When 1 think of a child I think of someone pretty horrible someone very sick in the head Isnt that the first thing that comes to mind to most people Not a young couple the boy 18 and the girl 14 in a relationship having sex I think we need to look at a situation very closely before we start judging If this is the case how many sex molesters do we have in our town Im sure a lot more than one How many of us can say we havent dated someone four or five years younger than us Ive been married thirty years and my hus band is six years older than 1 am I think we need to quit judging people before we know the whole story Im a neigh bor and Im very sorry I prejudged before I heard the whole story We always hear the bad about our kids How often do we hear the good Proud and not afraid to be your neighbor Jeanette Albrecht Dittos for guest columnist Dear Editor My letter is in reference to the recent ly published Opinion item by Dottie Duke entitled City looking for federal She was on target when she wrote You cant have less federal govern ment and less taxes and also have all these federal grants being sought and received by the city as well as some local organizations Sincerely Doris M Brown School breaks interfere with scheduling Dear Editor Here it is the fourth week of school after a twoweek Christmas break and we are about to come upon the first of two second semester breaks Again I ask why do we need two oneweek long breaks during the second semester In the fall there are a few holidays and the Thanksgiving break It is time to take a serious look at the number of breaks that our children are taking in the spring and what the surrounding com munities have to offer our children for things to do during this time off Right close to our district are two amusement attractions that are NOT open during the two breaks that CISD has chosen in the past to take Both of these attractions are open during March for the use of families who have children off from school Why can not the CISD go to a onespringbreak format calen dar and allow our children this oppor tunity to enjoy these theme parks The other aspect of this is that there are many families with both the mother and father working These two breaks cause an added financial burden to these fam ilies in that for the smaller children there is an additional week of day care that must be paid for 1 am asking that during the time that the CISD is looking at next years cal endar that the school board consider these facts and seriously look at a school calendar with only one spring break for the 199697 school year If extra days must be given off give them in the form of national holidays Please con sider the financial burden placed on families where both parents must work in order to provide a good environment for our children to live in The other aspect to consider is that you could look at allowing the children to get out of school a week earlier This would be a time when many families could take advantage of noncrowded areas of the country and take their sum mer vacations earlier This would also allow our own touristrelated industries to begin their season earlier As it is this year we have a graduation and I VISA MASTERCARD MV APPROVAL Become a credit card holder of two of the most widely used credit cards in the world regardless of your credit history CALL FOR FREE DETAILS 18009412707 MORTGAGES ALSO Since 1978 1522 Hwy 46 New Braunfels ViZZA COMflO Little 01WI link Cunt IntiipHMt UK CirryOut Plui I UROirrUFFIDCRUtTWZIAWrrHONITOP PMOI cwra srumo CUZY MHAO 4 Mcni Offer volid only ot porticipoWng locofiom lot o limited nma No coupon rucenory C1995 Uirla Ccwwr Ennxfxim V 1 VALUABLE COUPON H mm mm mm I LARGE PIZZA FAMILY CHOICE Topplno I NEW BRAUNFELS W San Antonio Walnut 6207171 WtMN you maktpiiiothh 9004 out SEGUIN Comer of Court Moss 3790191 Affordable Communications Power SAMSUNGS PROSTAR BUSINESS TELEPHONE SYSTEMS Get a complete feature list at an affordable price With a flexible expansion path Prostar gives you the options you need Samsung the right choice for CALL TODAY your business Your Authorized Samsung Dealer TECHNOLOGY THAT WORKS FOR LIFE 109 3725555 Samsung Telecommuntcalians America Inc A subsidiary ol Samsung Electronics wedding to attend in Maryland during the week of May 20 Because of the two secondsemester breaks our child will miss the final week of school Sincerely Leonard O LeBlanc Jr Garden Ridge Headline correction too little too late Dear Editor As you may imagine our city con tinues to suffer the aftershocks of the inaccurate headline article in your news paper of Jan 19 Sex offender moves into Garden Upon reading the article on its date of publication and noting that the street referred to was not in the city of Garden Ridge nor did the article itself mention our city I called Mr Loveday to advise him of the error and requested a A small correction item was in fact published in your following Sunday edition but as you undoubtedly already know corrections in small print never receive the attention that errors in head lines receive I cease to understand why Garden Ridge was the subject of the article when the text of the article did not mention our city nor did the erroneous companion sex offender notification on page 2 of the Jan 19 edition identi fy our city granted it inaccurately iden tified the city of New Recognizing that we are all capable of mistakes I would suggest however that an article of such significance to any community about sex offend would necessitate added accuracy by the newspaper staff Worse yet your headline article received top billing on the evening television news for KSAT TV at 10 on Wednesday Jan 24 and again on Friday Jan 26 I was asked by the KSATTV news director if our chief of police or I would like to appear on camera to correct the mis take I advised Mr Boyle that we most assuredly would not want to do so since the city did not participate in the inac curacy The news media are an absolutely vital source of information for our peo ple the accuracy of that information i equally as vital Sincerely Jay P Millikin mayo Garden Ridg Englishonly column misses mark Dear Editor In your Opinion section of the Jan 3 edition you produced an article enti tied Englishonly policy not Ameri The article completely missed th principle reason for an Englishonl policy There is nothing wrong with thi ability to speak another language othe than English Most educators and bust nessmen encourage the learning o another language An Englishonly policy encompasse not just the English language but als the cultural heritage of America Amer ica is more than its language It is it freedom based upon the Declaration o Independence and the Constitution o the Philosophers have concluded that democracy is not possible withou widespread acceptance of individua dignity Immigrants from Asia and Latin America have no experience witfl democracy and have only a limite respect for individual dignity By adopt ing English the new immigrants hav taken only the first step in accepting the American culture It is however the most importan step In Texas we formerly recognizec Texas Independence Day and San Jac into Day Now we recognize only Cin co de Mayo and Mexican Independence Day This latter policy will not encourag or enhance a Mexican immigrant acceptance of the American cultura heritage Sincerely yours John L Proct New Braunft Edward M Wuensch invites you to visit his new location at 651 South Walnut Suite B HEB Shopping Center New Braunfels Texas 6299000 Tired of hearing a11 the time Then ancj get your a FREE Okay fflfc this NEC P110 with a FREE Accessory from Kraft Mobiletel Enjoy up to 3 months of unlimited talk time1 torn Wireless No Activation Fee Feb 114 No more UH no more L just OH VkaD tfKf from the one who thinks 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