Thursday, November 16, 1995

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 6

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Text Content of Page 6 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Thursday, November 16, 1995

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - November 16, 1995, New Braunfels, Texas 6 O November November 111 t Films in Focus Photo by Copley News Service Sigourhey Weaver is a criminal psychologist and Holly Hunter is a police detective in Copy Cat Harry Connick Jr is the serial killer they track Brosnan By Richard Ashton Copley News Service Pierce Brosnan nonchalantly en ters the room and takes a seat at a table His presence dominates the room and his unfaltering gaze makes it clear who is in command Thats only fitting for a man pro moting his debut as James Bond Agent 007 in the first Bond film in six years There is a lot riding on the suc cess of For the pro ducers the longrunning franchise needs to get back on track The newly reborn studio United Art ists needs a hit to survive And Brosnans career is at stake This was a big he acknowledges I was very aware of it from the very begin ning that I had one stab to do it and to get it right And hopefully we have got it right So far I think we With a budget of million GoldenEye marks a return to form for the Bond films All the elements that made the films a phenomenon in the 1960s have been renewed mostly due to Brosnans committed performance The piece has tipped its hat to the Sean Connery days Its gone back to the basics Pierce Brosnan Brosnan 43 a selfconfessed Bond fan who remembers seeing Goldfinger as a 10yearold back in Ireland explains the shift in the films mood The piece has tipped its hat to the Sean Connery days Its gone back to the basics WARPED ENCOUNTERS 1 But stepping into the shoes of Connery is no small task George Lazenbys career stalled after his one shot back in 1969s On Her Majestys Secret and Timothy Daltons two outings were lackluster films that fizzled at the box office So the pressure to get it right has severe conse quences for wouldbe 007s But Brosnans concerns were more practical I was concerned that there was a good story I just hoped that thered be a good story And I think that we have got a good one I think there is a good human content in there And for Bond too There was for me as an actor to play a starting point which I could carry through the film and that is of betrayal an emotional content that gave me some substance to KYJOE GROSS Pages GET SHORTY A swift kick of wits though Barry Sonnenfelds direction is at times too clunky for the Elmore Leonard domedy adapted by Scott Frank John Tra volta is in purring macho heaven as Chili Palmer the mob loan shark who has a deep love of mov ies his fave Touch of and figures he has all the slickness opportunism and predatory lack of scruples to make it fast as a movie producer Why not when the lead ing example is a burntout Bhack played fvith Bob Altman beard by Gene Hackman Travolta lifts it up with his feline moves and neo Bogart facial nifties some sharp lines and good support from Hack man Rene Russo Dennis farina Danny Vito though the movies style is visually slobby Elliott FAIlil GAME Cindy Craw ford more than merely statu esque models model as well as host of MTVs House of acts quite well within the imposed limits qf her first starring film Fair Small praise Not very Yes la ultima wow Cindy has a couphf of shower scenes and one sideways breastsbaring and a notverysedate sex grope in a moving freight car with William Baldwin as delighted male freight Crawford plays Kate McQuean Miami lawyer Some crummy cli ent has a boat that has to be used for a vast bankbilking scheme by the brutal exKGB station chief in Cuba KJasak Steven This Slavic of electronic sur veillance brings his goon team and astonishing gadgetry to focus on poor Kcite who gets blasted out of her apartment by an incredible fireball Baldwin is the endlessly alert and adrenalized police detec tive Max Kirkpatrick He saves Kate repeatedly even after she belts him a couple of times hard They are chased fiendishly Fight back valiantly Look great when bruised and sweaty sexily Cast Cindy Crawford William Baldwin Steven Berkoff Christopher Mc Dan Hedaya Salma Hay ek Ellijott Rated R COPYCAT After seeing Morgan Freeman wasted on Sev David Caruso on Ralph demies and Juliette Lewis on Stiange and now Sig ourney Weaver and Holly Hunter on we have firm reason to wonier Is Hollywood commit ting aesthetic serial killings of its best talents Weaver at least rises nearly unmucked from the sludge Hunter is not disgraced ei ther Her intensity is beamon right a Monahan a San Francisco detective who allies with a wired parancid agoraphobic psycholo gist Weaver who has serial killers on the some the mvie sinks beneath her The movie is slick speedy compulsive and ai daciously fake Rated R NOW AND THEN Up and down The novice director Lesli Linka Glatter shoves along the busy plot traffic about four ma tured chums looking back on their galpal adolescence and we get the expected stuff nicely tomboy ish mischief the first kiss with a boy parent troubles shared dreams The kid actors are fine especially Gaby Hoffman and the talented beauty Christina Riccj But the adult versions Melanie Griffith Rosie ODonnell Rita Wil son and Demi Moore who pro duced are just star decals and shills to lure in an audience most ly women Sorta sweet sorta stupid Elliott Rated PG13 Excellent Worthy Mixed Poor 121 E Zlpp Hew Braunfels Weekly Lunch Dinner Specials Specials to go at no extra charge1 Food Beer Sodas Ice Tool Darts Cards Dominos Box Lighted Horseshoe Pit Tournament Every Sign up for dart tournament Saturday Nov 25th 1st 2nd prizes guranteed in case of fire The Swiss Chalet Dragon Place Natural Bridge CavernsRd 983 N Loop 337 at Common St Wolfgangs Keller at The Prince Solms Inn 295 E San Antonio Street 210 6259169 for reservations Highly Recommended Landa Station 381 Landa New Braunfels 6293311 for reservations pick up window Best Chicken Fried Steak Margaritas in town Gourmet Fine German and Continental Cuisine Full Bar with Extensive bur9ers Iar9e Portions Wine List Bar Open Tuesday through Sunday from F 11 1 o Dinner from sat 1110 Sun 119 Visa Mastercard Bar open daily until 12am 2109804396 Swiss Cuisine Rabbit cooked in Red Wine Sauce Veal Strips in white wine sauce Fondues Visa Mastercard Amex Discover Tuesday thru Sunday 11 am1 Opm Closed Mondays TJs Burgers And More 636 S Seguin 6205331 Homestyle Hamburgers and Submarine Sandwiches Visa Mastercard Discover Sunday thru Thursday 11am9pm Friday Saturday 11 am1 Opm brain Dr Helen Hudson is olt job for Weaver though 6089111 Chinese Cuisene Amex Mastercard Visa Discover MondayFriday Saturday Sunday Cancun Cafe 195 IH 35 West 2106294444 Mexican Food Mastercard Visa Amex Diners Club Discover Carte Blanc Walkers Depot 512 E San Antonio Street 6297373 Big Burgers Great Chicken Catfish Plates New Oriental Plates Sun thru Thur Fri Sat A QUIDS TO GREAT FOOD play GoldenEye does have the best Bond script in a long time which is good news for Brosnan Back in 1986 Brosnan was hired to wear O07s Walther PPK for the film The Living When Brosnan became the new James Bond NBC revived the thencan celed show Remington Steele to cash in on his good fortune The result was that everybody lost Brosnan missed his opportunity to play 007 and the handful of new Remington Steele episodes soon disappeared Brosnans indignation at the time was understandable A fa mous People magazine cover fea tured an angry Brosnan with the headline Take this job and shove Nine years later his perspec tive has changed I think the way the cards have fallen has been absolutely perfect in many he says reflect ing on the whole debacle I dont think that I was equipped to do it in 86 I remember the script sat be side my bed for those 60 days when the negotiations were going on and I was trying to get myself out of Remington Steele to do the Bond But I never read the script I felt intimidated by it if the truth be known And there was a certain sense of relief a secret sense of relief that it didnt When Brosnans replacement Dalton bowed out of the series James Bond walked into his life for the second time What had changed in Brosnans life to change his mind This time says Bros nan felt very right something happens for a i second time in your life it carries a certain Yes of course we have AIDS But Bond is Bond Hes sexist complete Pierce Brosnan significance I couldnt say no to this role It was like unfinished business in my life and the timing felt But what of criticisms that James Bond is passe and with the onslaught of AIDS James Bonds sexual promiscuity is politically incorrect Yes of course we have answers Brosnan But Bond is Bond He is a sexist completely If you dont make him that you dont have a Bond movie And people want a Bond movie Thats what turned people on in 1963 and 64 with Sean Connery Because the guy was just so arrogant and he just went through women like there was no tomorrow Thats what turns guys on and thats what turns the women on Whether they like it not And if the women dont like it then dont go and see the movie dont be in the Brosnan appears to be relishing being James Bond and his stock as a star has gone up thanks to role His next film will be Barbara Streisands The Mirror Has Two After that its back to filming the 18th Bond next sum mer Im contracted to two more Bonds with an option for a he explains In the meantime he isnt at all concerned about being typecast as the suave secret agent Brosnan considers the notion then opines Its going to be the pictures I do between Bonds that will color my career That will give me longevi ty when this franchise is over whether it be three films four films or six He shudders mockingly at the thought of how much physical bard work six Bond films would be But Im very aware of it and some days I get very apprehensive about this I will be stamped with this character for life I will be the James Bond No 5 But I will have a PIERCE BROSNAN Born In County Meath Ireland on May 16 1953 Plays James Bond in After that hes slated for at least two more Bond I As A Teen Ran away with the circus as a fireeater Became Famous On tele visions Has Three children Next Film Barbra Streisands The Mirror Has Two The Hundred Secret Senses by Amy Tan Putnam 358 pages Once again Amy Tan has trolled the waters of Chinese folklore and cultural barriers that separate loved ones to come up with a novel that is every bit as readable as The Joy Luck Club and The Kitchen Gods The firstperson narrator is Oli via Laguni and her unrelenting nemesis from childhood on is her halfsister Kwan Li Although Kwan adores Olivia she embar rasses the child in front of her friends and plagues her with end less questions What What ching gum Who this Popeye Sailor Man Why one eye gone He ban dit Most of the book takes place af ter the girls are grown and Olivia is separated from her husband Si mon a situation that distresses Kwan who constantly attempts schemes that she believes will re suit in their reconciliation The plot is varied and exciting enough to stand alone but as in her other novels Tan addresses some greater questions along way She deals with an exotic and offbeat strain of sibling rivalry and she also tackles each girls feelings about her parents and in particular her mother But it is Kwans haunting predic tions her implementation of the secret senses and her linking of the present with the past that cause this novel to shimmer with mean ing and to leave it in the readers Copley News Service catch the Local Entertainment Scene Wednesdays on the Arts Entertainment Page Amy Tan Photo by Copley News Service mind when the book has long been finished Kwan is an unforgettable character and her story as told by Tan is truly magical Glenda Winders TODAYS CROSSWORD PUZZLE Live Music Full Bar Tues Painted Pony Tliur Al Barlow FrLTBA Sat Hat Trick i Call 6293311 For Pickuo Window Advance Tickets On Sale T WCD Way Street Country western at Eagles Hall Get Your Tickets TodoyHI NewYears Wfig faVG CALI6251116 or 6257243 Bingo Every Thursday Night 7 int 8MB OWn KSTAIMIF foturity 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