Friday, October 20, 1995

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 4

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Text Content of Page 4 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, October 20, 1995

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 20, 1995, New Braunfels, Texas 4OH6reldZ6itung 0 Friday October Opinion To talk with Managing Editor Doug Loveday about the Opinion page call 6259144 ext 21 Opini Online contact To submit letters and guest columns electronically by way of onlineservices or Internet or to simply contact staff members the HeraldZeitungs address is The press like fire is an excellent ser vant but a terrible James Fenimore Cooper author 1838 EDITORIAL Back to square one Federal appeals court ruling blocks judges attempts to impose aquifer pumping limits While all sides in the confusing and insufferably drawn out Edwards Aquifer debate are applauding a federal appeals court decision made Thursday blocking a district judges takeover of the aquifer the issue remains at a stalemate District Judge Lucius D Bunton IE had threatened to grab control of the aquifer and impose from a federal level pumping limits on the underground water source That set the squabbling parties in motion and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals was asked to rule on the proposed action byBunton But in rebuking any attempts by Bunton to impose limits him self on aquifer pumping the threejudge panel also stated that the parties involved needed to settle this issue quickly Unfortunately thats what Judge Bunton was trying to do While many saw Bunions action as a blatant federal power grab his court has been the only source of momentum in trying to bring this issue to a conclusion He has also been New Braunfels champion Bunton declared unrestricted pumping of the aquifer a dan ger to springs in New Braunfels and San Marcos And the lowering of spring flow in those two communities was also declared a real threat to endangered species now liv ing in Comal Springs and San Marcos Springs Local Edwards Aquifer Authority member Doug Miller said he hoped Bunton would remain involved in the aquifer debate despite the ruling by the court of appeals Although federal control of the aquifer would not ultimately be good for Texans the state has failed miserably to help resolve the issue of pumping limits for the aquifer And in the meantime the pumping continues Pray for rain Todays editorial was written by Managing Editor Doug Write us The New Braunfels HemldZeitung welcomes letters on any public issue The editor reserves the right to correct spelling style punctua tion and known factual errors Letters should be kept to 250 words We publish only original mail addressed to the New Braunfels Herald Zeitung bearing the writers signature Also an address and a telephone number which are not for publication must be included Please cite the page number and date of any article that is mentioned Preference is given to writers who have not been published in the previous 30 days Mail letters to Letters to the Editor the New Braunfels HeraldZeitung Drawer 311328 New Braunfels Texas 781311328 Fax 210 6251224 New Braunfels HeraldZeitung Editor and Sullens General DuVall Managing Loveday Accounting Lee Hall Circulation Ann Avery Pressroom Brandt City Croteau Published on Sunday mornings and weekday mornings Tuesday through Friday by the New Braunfels HeraldZeitung USPS 377880 707 Landa or Drawer 311328 New Braunfels Comal County Tx 78131 1328 Second class postage paid by the New Braun fels HeraldZeitung in New Braunfels Texas Carrier delivered in Comal and Guadalupe counties three months six months one year Senior Citizen Discounts by carrier delivery only six months one year Mail delivery outside Comal County in Texas three months six months one year Mail outside Texas six months one year Subscribers who have not received a newspaper by Tuesday through Friday or by on Sunday may call 210 6259144 or by 7 weekdays or by 11 on Sunday POSTMASTER Send address changes to the New Braunfels HeraldZeitung Draw er 311328 New Braunfels Tx 781311328 Gorby offers nothing compelling While on the East Coast Pope John Paul H offered hope in and beyond this life a group of people who still believe in the power of man to fix whats wrong with humanity and the planet gathered in San Fran cisco Led by Mikhail Gorbachev who finds more favor among the intelligentsia in this country than he does in Russia the San Francisco group included scientist Carl Sagan who believes nothing exists outside of the cosmos and this physical life is all there is actress Shirley MacLaine who thinks she has lived previous lives and singer John Denver The occasion for this gathering which also includl ed Mayan leader Rigoberta Menchu and the spiritu al heads of Indias Sikhs and Mongolias Buddhists was a State of the World forum It sounded depressing Ted Turner who should be optimistic after his cable company announces plans to merge with Time Warner said of the worlds condition We now have a chance to starve to death in a Former National Security Adviser Zbig niew Brzezinski was even more pessimistic We have to face the fact that global philosophical empti ness will become Did people pay to hear this They would have done better to try to angle for free tickets to listen to the Pope While John Paul judged Americans for our mate rialistic attitudes and have pro moted divorce abortion and personal and corporate preached a message of love and hope He urged Americans to return to God and the virtues to be found only in a relationship with Him One of the attractive qualities about this Pope is his unchanging certainty He doesnt consult focus groups or opinion polls He doesnt shy away from saying difficult things It helps that hes not running for reelection His is the ultimate lifetime appoint ment He enjoys widespread approval even from those who might not agree with all of his beliefs and teachings precisely because he never wavers the church or of the about telling peo ple what you believe to be true and urging them to explore the wisdom of what you are saying Remain consistent and some people will discover that truth for themselves With more than 40 percent of marriages end ing in divorce and 28 percent of all families with chil dren headed by single parents who has a better solu tion to what ails America Gorbachev and his pes simistic friends in San Francisco or the Pope and what he represents While John Denver was singing a song this joy all this sorrow all this promise all this is life such is being such is spirit such is the Cal Thomas Pope spoke to the United Nations about freedom and moral truth Freedom is not simply the absence of tyranny and he said Nor is freedom a license to do whatever we like Freedom has an inner logic which distinguishes it and ennobles it freedom is ordered to the truth and is fulfilled in mans quest for truth and in mans living in the In Baltimore he elaborated saying freedom is not doing what one wants but what one ought Implying that America had separated itself from certain truths about the human person the Pope added that when detached freedom deteriorates into license in the lives of individuals and in politi cal life it becomes the caprice of the most powerful and the arrogance of He added that the moral law written on the hearts of all guar antor of freedoms Didnt our Founders share a similar vision How did we become so blind to it The Pope could not have picked a better time to visit In the aftermath of the cynicism unleashed by the Simpson trial John Paul II brings an eternal message that has always worked for those who seri ously try it It takes less faith to believe what the Pope said than to subscribe to the worldly view of the San Francisco crowd led by Gorbachev Do he and the rest of them have anything to offer that is as compelling and transforming as the visitor from Rome Cal Thomas is a syndicated 1 1 Write em GOVERNMENT OFFICES President of the Bill Clinton 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington CrC 20500 2024561414 Vice President of the Al Gore Old Executive Office Bldg 17th St and Pennsylvania NW Washington 20501 2024562326 Senators for the state of Texas Phil Gramm 402 E Ramsey Rd San Antonio TX 78216 5123669494 Kay Bailey Hutchison 961 Federal Bldg 300 E 8th St Austin TX 78703 5124825834 Congressmen Lamar Smith Loop 410 Ste 640 San Antonio TX 78209 2108215024 Frank Tejeda 1313 Military Ste 115 San Antonio TX 78214 2109247383 FAX 2109276222 TEXAS GOVERNMENT OFFICER Governor George W Bush Box 12428 Austin TX 78711 5124632000 Attorney General Dan Morales Box12548 Austin TX 78711 5124632100 State Senator Jeff Wentworth 1250 Loop 410 San Antonio TX 78209 2108267800 FAX 2108260571 or Box 12068 Austin TX 787112068 5124630326 State Senator Judith Zaffirini Box 627 Laredo TX 78042 2107222293 or Box12068 Austin TX 787112068 5124630125 FAX 5f24630326 State Representative Edmund Kuempel Box 911 781550911 2103798732 FAX 5124630904 or Box 2910 Austin TX 787682910 5124630602 FAX 5124635896 COMAL COUNTY GOVERNMENT OFFICES Comal County Courthouse 100 Main Plaza New Braunfels TX 78130 2106205501 FAX 2106205592 County Judge Carter Casteel 2106205501 District Attorney 22nd Bill Reimer New Braunfels 2106205533 County Attorney Nathan Rheinlander 2106205591 District Clerk Margaret Herbrich 2106205574 County Clerk Joy Streater 2106205513 County Treasurer Bart Bartholomew 2106205507 AssessorCollector Mrs Gloria K Clen nan 2106205521 Sheriff Jack Bremer 2106203400 or 2106203450 County Auditor H Bate Bond 2106205557 Chief Appraiser Lynn Rodgers 2106258597 County Commissioners Pet 1 Evans 2106255254 Pet 2 Danny Scheel 2106095562 Pet 3 Christina Zamora 2106259213 Justices of the Peace and Constables Pet 1 Diana G Campos 210620 5547 Pet 2 Ramiro Ray Martinez 210 6082025 Pet 3 Fred Stewart 210438 2266 Pet 4 Howard Curty Smith Canyon 2109354558 Constables Pet 1 Joe Gomez 2106250745 Pet 2 Lester Leissner 2106293344 Pet 3 Jim Hanley Spring 210 4387442 Pet 4 Edward C Mullins Canyon 2108992204