Thursday, September 7, 1995

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 7

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Text Content of Page 7 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Thursday, September 7, 1995

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - September 7, 1995, New Braunfels, Texas 8 0 HeraldZertung d Thursday September 7 1995 For Better or For Worse LAST UPPER PECK AT THE FIRST ROU IN THE CLASSROOM I WAS WONDERIN6 IF 1 MI6MT HAVE A DESK IN THE BACK SIFT WRAPPED IHesflNOKfiuy Tumbleweeds CLOAKED IN MY COWGUY GO FOURTH TO THE ENEMY THE CHIEFS OUT OF PREPARATION BOTTOM TO FULFILL MY CRITICAL MISSION WELCOMING WE THE MORNING1 SHOULP BE ME VWITH SWEET SONGr I AWOKE TO 80NGBIRPS OUTSIDE MM WINPOW OARFIELP SLEEP ffN 6055 WILL KILL ftlE BUT TO THROW IN THE OPTIONflL flLLOV WHEELS ILL KICK BflCK HflLF OF SURROUNDED BV CflRS SHE HflTEb flNO SALESPEOPLE SHE CfltfT STflND fl WflmflN REflCHES HER PlfWCLE Of DESIRABILITY WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO 6LE 6UT I THINK I COULD KNOCK OFF THE PRICE IF MOU TODRV J NOT INTERESTED Wizard of d IW MOT INTERESTED IM NOT INTERESTED TELL WHflT MOU WflMT TELL ME WHflT you NEEDf WHffl WILL WflKE you U4ST I MOTION SiCKMESS A PISOPPER 0POU6HTOf4 PAPLIAMENTARY KNOW TO CONTACT THE HIS TH CENTER WAS IM HIS AH WHCN SHE TELLS WHO SHE WITH WHEN SHE ifSTO THINGS SOURCE Of THOSE A1ISS LOOKS LIKE ITS 60IH1 f CENTER PROF eon Horoscope By Stella Wilder Calvin and Hobbes so WKTS THE I GET TO PlAX ff IM GOOD XCWCAM DECIDE FANCfcVTE 15 TUIS A TWC CAH WE PLM MX SURE T GET OUT THE TiWEFRACUJRE Television Log THURSDAY CD HBO D0KUOL KENS CD DISN CDffiKRRT DfflKWEX CBOKLRN SUBKSAT ENCORE SHOW 19 MAX UfE ESPN HSE X TNT CNBC CNN T9S TNN AHC AiE FliM CSC WON 9 STAR BBC KVUE WAN KBVO 7 PM MOV Addama Family Values Friends CC Hope Gloria Murder She Wrote CC 8 PM 9 PM MOV Virtual Combat 1995 CC Seinfeld CC About You CBS Reports Faith Politics MOV Breaking Free 1995 CC Comedy Half 48 Hours CC JFK His Life and Times MOV The Blues Brothers 1980 UDuena Newshour CC Living Single Mattock CC MOV 1976 Alondra Clive James Postcards CC New York Undercover CC Commish CC Bienvenidos Bienvenidos MOV Charlie Bubbles 1968 Day One CC 10 Inside Ire NFL CC News News JFK Hi Lite and Times 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Hontoy Tfoubk 1994 Friends CC Gloria tooer She Wrote CC New York Undercover CC Seinleid CC Mad About You CBS Reports Faith i Politics MOV Watch MyslerUniv Kolter Wings Star Trek Deep Space Nine CC 48 Hours News News News News THURSDAY Sept By Stella Wilder Born today you are sometimes slow to focus on a particular goal or endeavor but you ares never casual or detached from what goes on around you Rather you study closely the people places and events that comprise your world and you always maintain the high est sense of belonging to your envi ronment This can be in fact of far greater value to you than any kind of recognizable accomplishment For you the most overwhelming need in life is to belong What you do day by day month by month and year by year is actually less im portant to you than how you feel Still there are realistic needs and concerns that anyone has to address on a regular basis and though it may seem at times as though you live in a dream world the fact is that you are 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