Thursday, August 31, 1995

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 10

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Text Content of Page 10 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Thursday, August 31, 1995

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - August 31, 1995, New Braunfels, Texas HeraldZeitung Comics For Better or For Worse Peanuts I WISH THAT JOE 8LACKJACK THE UIORIP FAMOUS RIVER BOAT GAMBLER WOULP LEARN BORDER ooftRDs DONT p WE NEED ft UPRIPV THAT TO SOMEONE ELSE VERIFY THAT Triey ARE Tumbleweeds GOLLIES PAJAMAS 1 YOURE LYING AROUND EVEN MORE THAN USUAL THE PROVERBIAL NAP AFTER THE HEAVY MEAL LET6 PLAV WITH THE BEACH BALL ITLL BE AHM TOO MUCH PIGGIN OUT HE4 THAT VVA6 Wizard of Id SHflLL I TOW HOUR CflR TO THE CROOK WHO SOLO VOU VOUR Lfl5T BflTTERV OR THE SWINDLER WHO PUT IM VOUR NEW RIPOFF flRTIST WHO WSTflLLED THE CORRODED FUEL PUmP OR THE THIEF WHO mONKEVED WITH VOUR SHflLL I JUST HflUL IT TO THE USED CflR LOT SO VOU CflM SELL T fl5 15 THE USED CflR LOT DONT RIDICULOUS I BE TflKEM OF J LOCATION ISNT OF A THOUSANP BUCKS ON A BASIS WAS ITTAZvfi i HOW ABOUT YOU GET THIS GREAT A eep OR ILL PUT VOU IN A PONT KNOW PR JE0 AOST CARDS ONLY HAVE A AINT SAYIN NOTHIN ALL OF PROFESSOR EONS CHARGES TO CRHPIT TO RIGHT GOODS Marmaduke Calvin and Hobbes ARENT HEKES THESE DAMS WHO OJT THERE TO US WITH PERSoNAi EXAMPLE OF VIKWE WO IK THE NMAE OF A HttO CAM WE LOOK U TO BOSWE3S LENDERS FIGURES POLITICIANS CELEBRITIES HECJ WERE IF THBi Dow END OP IN PRISON IF Wt CKW GET WELL ACCEPT AS THE HERO BUSINESS IS UP TO ME Uh oh Hes getting ready to take Television Log Horoscope By Stella Wilder Clear and Present Danger 1994 About Tonight Show Late Night SO She Wrote to Eye Hours Late Show Gordon d World ol Animals Brewsters Millions 1985 CC MOV 9 to 5 Stagecoach Trek Deep Space Nine Trek The Next of Night de DO James Postcards Part 1 of 6 Part 2 of 6 York Undercover Ricki News CC and Girls Are Jenny Extra CC MOV Young Into the Night 1984 The Seduction of Joe Tynan 1979 Local Hero The Program Cops and Robbersons 1994 Double Impact 1991 Rain Man 1988 15 MOV The Force MOV Beverly Hills Cop III 1994 Club and Child Football Nebraska at Oklahoma Slate Live Racing Week in CGA Mobil Bullriders to Living Living Living Living Color Shampoo MOV Annie Hall Everything You Always Wanted to King Live Lalenighl Major League Baseball Houston Astros at Atlanta Braves Live MOV The Hunter MOV Murderous Vision Jennings City Jennings Cily Elia Kazan A Directors East of Eden Gentlemans Agreement Baby Doll Go to of 911 Roots The Gift Program 91 Major League Baseball Chicago Cubs at Florida Marlins Be Part 2 ol Van Second Round Live Leap The Snapper Corrina Corrina Naked in New York Snapper O York Undercover Trek Deep Space Nine 9 and Girls Are Perry O About Tonight Show Late Might CC Later 9 She Wrote to Eye Hours Late Show Open Trek The Next THURSDAY Aug Born today you have a vivid imagination but your view of the worlds harsh realities may some times stifle or at the very least cast a darker hue on your creative doings When you sense trouble just beneath the surface it gives others the feeling that you are dangerous When you are occa sionally dangerous who you tend toward selfdestruction and you resist any kind of tempta tion to lash out at others When you have it all together you can be remarkably successful in any en deavor that requires you to be in touch You have a way with words and you can persuade even the most skeptical that your ideas have something going for them FRIDAY SEPT 1 VIRGO Aug 23Sept 22 The way you speak to others today will make all the difference One false move on your part could set you back a great deal LIBRA Sept 23Oct 22 It will be your turn soon enough but you must still employ patience to day and be willing to let someone else bask in the spotlight SCORPIO Oct 23Nov 21 Try not to be lazy today especially when asked a favor by an Aries or Taurus native These individuals may mean more to you today than others SAGITTARIUS Nov 22Dec 21 You should enjoy an in spired invigorating day but take care to keep something left over for that special someone CAPRICORN Dec 22Jan 19 You may be in need of a gentle little nudge in the right di rection today Someone you love is looking out for you at this time AQUARIUS Jan 20Feb 18 A combination of time and phys ical resources must be right today if you want to take full advantage of a door that has just been opened for you PISCES Feb 19March 20 You may feel unfulfilled today until you finally open up and tell a loved one just what you want and why ARIES March 21April 19 Physical coordination and stamina will both be required today and you must be willing to focus en tirely on the completion of a single task TAURUS April 20May 20 Give advice only when asked today or youll find that few will listen no matter how valid your views may be GEMINI May 21June 20 If you provide a shoulder for some one to lean on today you can be confident that the favor will be re turned when necessary CANCER June 21July 22 You may find it difficult to overlook even the slightest offense today but any kind of overreaction will surely backfire LEO July 23Aug 22 It isnt a game today If you dont start taking things more seriously someone you care about may take things elsewhere