Sunday, July 2, 1995

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 4

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Text Content of Page 4 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Sunday, July 2, 1995

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - July 2, 1995, New Braunfels, Texas Good Samaritans saved the day for tourists Dear Editor I would appreciate it if you would print this letter in your newspaper As background my husbands family 14 brothers and sisters and their families from as far away as Kansas California and Oregon met in San Marcos for a family reunion from June Dear Unknown Samaritans Thd afternoon of June 16 several members of our family decided to canoe and tube down the Guadalupe What started out to be a funfilled after noon turned into a nightmare that will not soon be forgotten Words can never express our sincere appreciation gratitude and love for those unknown persons that pulled my husband our daughter who was preg our nephew and his 7yearold son out of the river Thanks to these good Samaritans I prefer to call them the worst thing we lost was an old orange canoe and an inner tube May God bless each of you and keep you always sheltered in His arms and we shall never ever forget what you did for our family Dennis and Inez Bilson Shelley Ingram Gwen Bilson and Charlie Bilson Lubbock Some good neighborhoods could do with a cleaning Dear Editor I understand our city encourages Habitat for Humanity to build new homes for the needy in some of our rundown and poor neighborhoods Very good will help to improve the appearance of the area Now the poor neighborhoods have some well caredfor homes and yards with beautiful flowers I did not say the most expensive but these owners are taking care of what they have Thank the Lord It is a pleasure to dri ve by and see them Now the poor neighborhoods are not the only ones violating the city rules drive around town and look If the city is really interested in improving the looks of our town I ask this question Why doesnt the city use the power it has to enforce the rules already on the books about junk trash junk cars you name it This would really help to improve the whole city and we would not have to file a com plaint to get results What do your readers say Frank Chatham i New Braunfels Give Clintons health care reform a chance Dear Editor Many of us middle class and below have swallowed this Republican BS that has stalled Bill Clintons much needed health reform bill Its now on the back burner in Washington as our doctor and hospital bills keep piling up along with harassing hounding law suit threats from doctors and hospitals collection agencies as we continue struggling to survive off our low and minimum wage paychecks I know some who make per month with coming out for medical insur ance Draft dodger or not Clintons health bill is a dam good one Does the medical profession feel sorry for you The rich Republicans big business AMA and insurance com like circling buzzards not only are blocking this health bill they are going after Medicare and Medicaid They dont care if we poor must hock our farms to pay our medical bills Plus they want to stamp out malpractice suits so we cant fight back They are Hefald2eitiJHfl fl Sunday Julv 2 1995 aSA taking us for a ride as we grin like wimps Malpractice causes malprac tice suits A lawyer didnt cut off the wrong leg of that man in Florida last month Anyway we patients pay for malpractice suits in our blood and mon ey since doctors and hospitals pass the cost of their mistakes on to us Doctors make us well We appreciate that but thats their job We pay them just like we pay an auto mechanic for fixing our cars No further allegiance is owed The medical professionals are business people not our buddies Fail to pay your bill and youll dont care if youre poor or not Those papers and contracts we sign prior to entering hospitals for treatment cover their tails not ours One doctor implied I should sec a mental doctor for my anger HZ April for speaking out Yet it took him 1000 words estimate trying to rebuff my 200word opinion They dont like common folk to speak out it insults their dignity So fire a letter to our Washington leaders We need Clin tons health bill Dont be a chicken Jerry E Dougherty Spring Branch Deterrents available for matic gate opener theft Dear Editor Lately there seems to be a new type of crimewave that centers around auto matic gate openers The focus is solar operated offtheshelf brands that are easy for the customer to install The idea behind these targets is if theyre that easy to install theyre just as easy to the dark at night with just a few simple tools and with very little effort These stolen units are then delivered to a processing center where they are prepared for delivery to a not tooselective prepaid customer These recycled units are generally sold before theyre stolen this cuts down on the inventory The key to stopping this particular type of free trade is to make removal more difficult obviously Through the market where legitimately purchased operators are obtained there are sever al antitheft and antitamper devices which are not expensive and dealers and professional installers can show you many techniques that are extreme ly effective deterrents One local company Dannys Weld ing of Canyon Lake has installed many gate openers as an additional conve nience to customers for whom he built attractive gates and fences Even though these units were of an offtheshelf brand the main deterrent here is that die hardware is welded into place In order to remove or steal componentSjjthe thief would need a cutting torch or a hand grinder neither of which coincides with stealth Recently due to his workload of welding jobs and occasional event of warranty Danny chose to refer gate operator sales and service to Texas Hills Electrotech a company whose primary business is gate operators This company is a direct factory outlet for a variety of gate operators and has an authorized factorycertified service tech nician for 6 major brands of operators The plan is if you make something inconvenient to fool with most fools wont even try As sad as it is that these measures have become necessary to protect our property the means are available If anyone is interested in find ing out how to get any of these pre vention devices or would like to discuss techniques that can be applied to help secure their equipment from harm please feel free to call 1800TEX GATE MikeDenton Canyon Lake debt stag gers the Imagination Dear Editor We hear so much about our national debt but do we hear what the true debt is The obvious one politi cians trillion The real debt the one Washington does not want the American people to know about is really trillion I trillion borrowed from the Fed eral Employees and Veterans Pen sion fund trillion from the Social Securi ty Trust Fund and Medicare Payroll Tax Fund trillion the obvious debt easy to find in the Congressional Record Is trillion the real debt we have to shoulder or is it more We the taxpayers have to deal in dollars and cents Politicians have dealt in millions and billions for so long I dont think they realize how much a trillion dollars is I cannot imagine such a huge amount Our nation is in deep trouble According to Bill Montague in USA Today over 20 percent of this debt is owned by foreign nations The Bank of Japan has purchased over billion in Treasury notes this year alone Yet Congressman Newt Gingrich and Sen Bob Dole advised President Clin ton to bail out the peso in Mexico billion is earmarked for the bailout For years the has protected and defended the entire world Not once did Washington encourage or ask these nations to cover part of the cost Today now that the Cold War is over the American taxpayers are pay ing 65 percent of the dayto day operations According to Boutros BoutrosGali the secretary general of the there are 183 nations in the The is interfering in 1718 wars The world hates the Thus the peoples of the world hate the because they think America is sup porting the Rwanda has asked the to leave their nation Do any of the leaders in Congress represent the taxpayers of the Yes the world remains dangerous and some foreign aid is necessary Our country is becoming a dangerous place to live in some parts also Why instead of bailing out Mexico did we not bail out the people of Orange County Cal ifornia Agnes H Hicks Wimberley Adoptjon best choice for unwanted children Dear Hurray finally someone with clout can encourage have enough love to not only save a child but also save it for ones who will truly love and care for these children NOW OPENI River City Storage Low Bates 7 Day Access All Sizes Well Lighted and Fenced Call today to reserve your Space 219 Trade Center 7080852 If work school family or friends are getting to be more than you can emotionally handle Call us wed like to Hill Country Counseling Center b Comprehensive Mental Health Services Most insurance accepted sliding scale Tecs available BUT there must be a faw that will protect the children AND the adopters What a terrible thing for a child to have loving parents and after a few years that child is taken away from these lov ing adoptive parents because the per sons that had no will or love to take care of it wants them or it back Once adopt ed unless both persons agree to open adoption they should NEVER be tak en away other than because of mis treatment With my love to both couples Lasca Jeffrey School taxes skyrocketing out off sight Dear Editor Were writing in response to your June 27 1995 article NBISD resi dents face higher property tax and the vote by the board of trustees that precipitated the article In the 3 years weve been tax payers here weve seen the school tax es on our property increase per cent If this trend continues our school taxes will double every 9 years The last paragraph in your article mentioned that four audience members addressed the board with their concerns over rising tax rates That statement was not entirely accurate The concerns of those four people were about rising tax dollars They were answered with a lot of bureaucratese about tax rates property appraisals exemptions man dates etc Unlike politicians those four concerned citizens could care less about these see a tax bill that is almost 25 percent higher in 1995 than in 1992 and they want to know why They didnt find any answers at this meeting There is we think a limit to how much taxation people are willing to accept without representation on the board of trustees It is obvious that the trustees consider the property owners a small minority of their constituency even though that group is their sole source of money We would recom mend to the trustees that they consider the source of the golden eggs before they slay the goose on whom they have a legal stranglehold The endangered geese here are the property owners not just residents of NBISD While the property owners are a relatively quiet constituency now we believe they will become increasingly vocal as taxes con tinue the upward spiral Unlike gov ernment these taxpayers have to live within their means Shortly theyll be demanding that NBISD do likewise Remember the 1994 congressional elec tions Think about it trustees and do something about it Sincerely Daniel R Kelly and Alice R Kelly Nightmare on rivers edge a lesson to all Dear Editor Monday May my family and I felt there could be no danger in camping at the rented Guadalupe Riv er campsite We knew the city and county officials wouldnt allow camp ing at that site if it Was dangerous We had seen no warnings and felt it must At 53Q Tuesday morning my family woke to a nightmare My youngest daughter woke up and screamed as her tent floated swiftly away when the flash flood wave hit The powerful water plastered the bot tom of the tent against her face and body and she struggled to breathe and unzip the tent My husband woke to the sound of one of our kids scream ing He then felt a wall of water push ing on the side of our tent He woke me and voiced his fear that We were in the river When I stepped out of our tent into the darkness my 200pOund husband started floating away I rushed to my older daughters tent to see if she and her 4monthold baby were still alive The tent was filled with water and plastered against the picnic table by the force of the river My two sons who slept in the car opened the car door to have the pow erful flash flood wave rush in on them We all got out alive but we did lose 2 cars 3 tents and about worth of possessions Two weeks later the same camp ground flooded again in the middle of the night with no warning Warnings are needed If our camp ground owner had mentioned to us there was a flash flood watch BEFORE renting the campsite to us OR if we had seen ONE sign warning of camping by a river when it rains We have gone through the above mare And believe me we wont has done its damage and we have nightmares when we sleep Please let the city of New Braunfelssjl and Comal County know that you would like automated sensor gauges j that alarm at every campsite and ing signs installed so that tourists dont j have to go through what my family did j to learn of the dangers Most tourists do j not know the dangers of sleeping by a i river nor do they have river common Sense unless they were raised near a river Educate us and we will come back year after year Im afraid our family Wont be coming Contact Judge Carter Casteel 150 N Seguin Ste 301 NB TX 78130 i County Emergency Coordinator ton Willmann 1400 Sattler Canyon Lake TX 78133 City Emergency Coordinator Phil Baker 424 S Castell NB TX 78130 Guadalupe Blanco River Authority Director of Project Development David Welsch Box 271 Seguin TX 78156 0271 Sen Jeff Wentworth Box 12068 Austin TX 78711 512463 0125 Asst Andrew Wise Rep Edmund Kuempel Box 2910 Austin TX 787682910 512463 0602 Asst Ray Spivey Algoa Texas Successful Learning Education Center Improve Your Grades for 1995 Now enrolling for individualized tutoring programs Certified Teachers Certified Bilingual Teachers Reading Writing Study Skills Basic Math Algebra Geometry New Fun Preparation for TAAS Summerwood Office Park Free Consultation 775 Loop 337 New Braunfels 210 6207406 0 ON INTREPID INVICTA GS EAGLE AQUATRED AND WRANGLER SALE ENDS TEXAS POSTAL SERVICES Your One Stop Mailing Mail Service Stamps Box Rentals Wrapping Services Boxes Business Cards Copier Notary Western Union Open Monday Saturday Hours MonFri 9 Sat 9 12 noon 205DIH35W Courtyard Shopping Center PH 2106205846 New Braunfels TX FAX 2106205242 OLD STRINGS HURT YOURSOUND7 WWi guitar and we will resting it it up with a new set of ings Vbull also fiKftmine 2pm 7pm July 11 Limit 2 instruments per customer SOURCE 371 Landa New Braunfels GOODFYEAH OUR LOWEST PRICED LOW PRICED IMPORT RADIAL PASSENGER RADIAL TMelrlc Decathlon 199 M55RI2 155R13 165R13 Bladwall 90 AMI AS CASH Available on purchases of 00 or more on Goodyear Credit Card only No inter it for 90 days for qualified buyers Purchases not paid in ull during the 90 day period are subject to finance charges that will accrue al AM 21 in CO in PR PIW60RI3 MM CHECK in IA and 18 in 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