Friday, June 30, 1995

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 7

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Text Content of Page 7 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, June 30, 1995

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - June 30, 1995, New Braunfels, Texas HeraldZeitung Comics HeraldZeitung O Friday June O 7 A For Better or For Worse Peanuts MAYBE FIVE OR SIX MORE YOU CAN RAKEITAROUNP A Ljo vtfHR I Tumbleweeds ENOUGH TO BUY A BROKEN DOWN BROOD MARE THERES AN UNTAPPED CARNIVAL SIDESHOW MARKET OUT THERE WHY PO 1 PO 6TUPIP THIN66 TREE AGAIN NEED COFFEE WMEOIATELV I OMLV HflLfHOUR OF IM YOU I NEED COFFEE NOW f WELL HAOE u UP WELL HAVE THflT UP FOR VOU IM5 MINUTES COFFEE 8RIM6ME KWCOffEE ME ArW COFfEEf WELL HAVE THAT UP FOR SOU MOTHER ALLPOWERFUL BUSINESS TRAVELER LEVELED 8V THE ROOMSERVICE Wizard of id WAFFLE ORDER JUST CMC IN VOUR COFFEE WILL BE UP IN AN HOUR AND K HALF I WARMED VtU WOlJWD IF teu IF IT 16 START TH LCSS0N THEWS T1 YOUNG MPYXSKS TO EXCUSED ARC JOIN TAWKC IAI AwtAV TH AAPfTHl6v PlACt l CN STOP AH1 Marmaduke Calvin and Hoboes BUT IM OUT OF FREE SAMPLES Lookl Marmaduke bit the end off my ice cream cone Television Log Horoscope By Stella Wilder The Getaway 1994 Judgment Night 1993 Backstreet Justice Mysteries CC Life on the Street Tonight Show Late Night L0 Murder South Part 2 of 2 Fences Late Show Gordon D Living Free Special Evening With Elton John MOV Enemy Mine 1985 CC Backtrack Trek The Next of Night Newshour St of Life Cup Playoffs Finals Game 7 New Jersey Devils at Detroit Red Wings Live CC fljlffi Mis by CC Jenny Extra CC ijj MOV Mask Monty Pythons the Meaning of Life Midnight Express MOV Bird i5 The Air Up There 1994 Limits MOV Trouble Bound U Temptation Blue Chips 1994 MOV Desert Passion Relentless Os Wallers The Rape of Richard Beck Night Out Myst Garry 2ij Games Games Late Si League Baseball Pittsburgh P rates at Houston Astros NHRA Racing to Living Color in Living Branded A Distant Trumpet The Family W King Live Latenighl Major League Baseball Atlanta Braves at Philadelphia Phillies Live Strike Force From the House of Beat of the Beat li City Dance Country City Si MOV Unconquered MOV People Will Talk K 91 91 The Lost Program of of of of IE League Baseball Chicago While Sox at Kansas City Royals la Love al Troop Born on the Fourth of July Summer Job Eden Scant of a Woman The Girl In Watermelon Blink Q Murder South Part 2 of 2 Fences Late Show To Be Mts by Perry Mysteries Life on the Street Tonight Show Late Night Night Cup Playoffs Finals Game 7 New Jersey Devils at Detroit Red Wings Live Dennis Night Court Night Strangers FRIDAY June Born today you possess physi cal and mental strength which will hold you in good stead personally and professionally You prefer ac tivities and relationships that al low you to let yourself go and abandon your inhibitions You en joy anything that grants you free dom of expression and makes you feel as though you are actually fly ing be it love or unexpected success at the workplace These keep you going even when you seem to be working against the tide Although you enjoy being ad mired especially by young people in the end you want people to re member you for your energy and enthusiasm not for any kind of selfimportance SATURDAY JULY 1 CANCER June 21July 22 You will probibly look at things from an extreme point of view to day Your love of the dramatic will canyyou through today LEO July 23Aug 22 Feel free to accentuate that part of yourself that you think is outstand ing at this time Others will flock to you if you appear solid and confi dent VIRGO Aug 23Sept 22 If you try something out of the ordi nary today that special someone will probably come calling Take care not to seem overzealous LIBRA Sept 23Oct 22 What you will do for another will probably be done for you in return This will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship SCORPIO Oct 23Nov 21 Balance and harmony may prove difficult to enjoy today but if you adjust your attitude and temper your expectations they can be yours SAGITTARIUS Nov 22Dec 21 You will need to ride the whirlwind all day long but in the end what youll really need is a lit tle rest and relaxation A friend will help out CAPRICORN Dec 22Jan 19 You will be happiest today if others run here and tnere serving you in every way possible An idle dream Perhaps not AQUARIUS Jan 20Feb 18 Take care not to concentrate too closely on a single aspect of your life at this time Strive to see the big picture PISCES Feb 19Marcb 20 Someone who wont pay you the attention you desire today might ignite your interest A game of cat and mouse will result ARIES March 21April 19 You will refuse to have your sense of fair play assaulted in any way today You may need to take an important stand before its all over TAURUS April 20May 20 You can hang on through even the most difficult times today by trust ing your abilities and your keen in stincts GEMINI May 21June 20 You will be able to do first one thing then another and then an other today None is likely to re late to any of the others too close ly