Wednesday, June 28, 1995

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 8

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Text Content of Page 8 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Wednesday, June 28, 1995

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - June 28, 1995, New Braunfels, Texas Wednesday June 28 1995 HeraldZeitung 8 HeraldZeitung Comics For Better or For Worse THEN A VOICE COMES TO ME THAT SAYS WE CANT TAKE YOUR QUESTION ALL OUT ROLLER6LAPIN6 WHO IN lite WORLD yoo WOULD BE AT OUf HEAR WRY ITS DOOR BT THIS HOUR MIKE FORGOT HIS Keys Tumbleweeds IMPOSSIBLE I AINT EVEN ON THE SCHOOL BOARD SOPPY CUTTING GEMINI TOPAH3 VOU WILL REACH NEW WINPV TOPVW rBE QUIET ITS PflST BEDTlfrU f WHV DO VOU flL WflHS STflRT 3Urr1PING frN BRflIN AT WHEN I HflVE THE TO DEflL WITH VOU 00 TO SLEEP f SETTLE f HS QUIET WHflT If I OVERSLEEP AND miS6 THE THE GRflND FLflW IN THE HUfflflfO BM THE TIME I rtlimV LITTLE PflRA NOIflS TO SLEEP ILL BE UNCONSCIOUS Mt WONT BE ABLE TO ENJOM THE OUlEr WHflT IF HfllR DRIER DOESNT WORK IN THE WHflT IF fflV TIONS MOT 6000 ENOUGH WHflT IF I THE Wizard of d If I fflflKE FOOL OF YOU To WHflT If I GET FIRED BflSBLINfr M THE HOW FAT WpSH WOULD HAD HIS FOR RE6CUIN A POG OUT I5N LIK6UY T1 THAT VONT WORK EveKy iw A OH TMLKT WITHOUT Marmaduke Calvin and Hobbes MEWS XOVJ JOIU WR SOME CUEA BtlR CPWR V KUU THMS HOT X WERE MEMS TO TUE OL COLLEGE 1R1 This shirt was in the washer Is it yours Television Log Horoscope By Stella Wilder Mrs Doubtfire On Beverly Hills Cop III 1994 MOV The Sietra Search and Order Tonight Show Late Night Suspicion Late Show Gordon it Running Brave Continental Divide Fox 5 Fu The Legend Trek The Next of Night de de Q Newshour Best Friend of Life Matters 11 Q Hills 902 10 of Five Ricki News CC U ffi and the Sense Coach Jenny Extra CC Effect of Gamma Report to the Commissioner Halloween III Season ol the Witch MOV The Innocents 17 China Moon MOV Needful Things 1993 MOV Backbeat Fathers 11 Witchboard 2 The Devils Doorway MOV Sliver 1993 WideSea Hi JFK Reckless Youth 5i Stanley Cup Playotts Finals Game 6 Detroit Red Wings at New Jersey League Baseball Teams to Be Announced Live League Baseball California Angels at Texas Rangeis Senior Open GoH Owns Si to Livina Living NBA Dralt American Kickboxer II Slams 24 2i King Live Lalenighl Si MOV Raiders of the Lost Ark 198 Jaws Close3rd ii Music City Music City Ball of Fire A Farewell to Arms MOV Ball of Fire 31 9 11 Dowling Mysleries The Lost Program H Water Liquid Waler Liquid U i at Troop t She Wrote Dancing With Danger 1994 Leap A Man in Uniform Hard Target MOV Heaven Is a Playground HailCaesr O Childrens Suspicion Late Show To Be CD and the Sense Perry IB Siena Search and 4 Order Tonight Show Late Nigh Later CC ffi Hills ol Five Trek The Next Umbaugh Dennis Nighl Court iNighl Strangers WEDNESDAY June 28 1995 Born today you have a distinct knack for doing as little as possible at any chosen time while still en joying maximum gains for your ef forts More often Than not by only spending a fraction of your time and energy you score higher than those who give their best effort What is your secret To begin with you have many natural tal ents You also tend to do things well the first time out so of course this cuts down on your preparation time What you must realize howev er isthat not everything will come naturally to you More difficult pro jects will demand greater effort greater dedication and a greater commitment of time than you are used to giving THURSDAY JUNE 29 CANCER June 21July 22 You will have to speak up if you want others to pay attention to you today Competition for the spot light will probably remain fierce all day long LEO July 23Aug 22 What you see and subsequently what you will most want may seem out of reach during the greater portion of this complicated day Make progress by taking small steps VIRGO Aug 23Sept 22 You may feel as though youre get ting only a fraction of the attention and support you deserve at this time This phase will pass LIBRA Sept 23Oct 22 Do not go to all this trouble just for the money If your hearts not in it youre not likely to do a good job SCORPIO Oct 23Nov 21 Open up and let someone close to you see a side of yourself that you dont usually share with others The rewards will surprise you SAGITTARIUS Nov 22Dec 21 A difference of opinion at the workplace may make it diffi cult for you to give it your all at i this time Still dont let down com pletely CAPRICORN Dec 22Jan 19 Do everything you can at this time to maximize your profits while keeping your enjoyment at a peak Use your imagination AQUARIUS Jan 20Feb 18 Someone you havent met yet will play a pivotal role in your af fairs today In the end youll ea gerly accept his or her assistance PISCES Feb 19March 20 The more you accomplish early in the day the more likely youll be to feel truly satisfied with your ef forts all day long ARIES March 21ApriI 19 You can do much with little today and give others an important les son in the efficient use of re sources During evening hours ro mance will beckon TAURUS April 20May 20 Your love of hearth and home may prevent you from engaging in a dangerous competition with some one who would have you forsake your true nature GEMINI May 21June 20 Someone is bound to want you to prove yourself today and youll do just that Make sure youve got the attention of the authorities Copyright United Feature lac