Sunday, April 9, 1995

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 6

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Text Content of Page 6 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Sunday, April 9, 1995

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - April 9, 1995, New Braunfels, Texas 6 A Sunday April The horses are coming enter the horses Exit the remnants of my resources By ALEENE BLAKER Staff Writer A horse is a horse1 of course of course Unless its your horse and hes put in front and youve bet the next three months mortgage on your horse on the outcome of this race Or hes your horse and hes still prancing around at the startinggate while the competition is 4 furlongs down the track The new Retama horseracing facil ity opened Friday just a few miles south of New Braunfels How will that affect you More importantly how will it affect your finances The famous poet Ogden Nash antic ipating a bad day at the races moaned The horses are coming to town tomorrow And some must beg and some must borrow The horses are coming and how I dread it Here come the horses there goes my credit The horses are coming enter the horses Exit the remnant of my resources This is the end of me never a doubt ofit And the horses dont even get any thing out of Obviously he was afraid of a lapse in his selfcontrol at the betting win dow Too often a bettor will increase the size of his wager on a race that fol lows one that didnt pan out And if faced with another loss the bet is again raised on the next one This is a sure path to ruin This is someone who will be hitchhiking to the races the next week saving what little money remains to bet on a sure And when that money is gone spends borrowed money This person may as well be a member of Congress if not already But theres another side The same Ogden Nash after a GREAT day at the races wrote Oh what a noble piece of work is a horse How like an angel how like sun light or water power or some other beneficial force How nobly they prance like a cap tain who has been promoted to be a major How beautiful they look when they are all behind except the one that has been intrusted with your wager Horses are also tactful because they make you think you are very clever Because they make the money for you and you feel that you earned it yourself through your own shrewd ness and How often have you heard from a friend relative or neighbor about the tremendous luck they had that day at the They won the exacta the trifecta the daily could do no wrong And they had a sys They only chose jockeys that wore blue Or they went by the horses name as if someone in their ancestry might be a relation They chose lucky numbers or they just bet whatever the person at the window in front of them bet because they seemed so sure of Dont you feel that these people may be related to the horses too but to the wrong end Do you study the racing form Do you know what all those columns and rows signify Do you really care what a certain horse did in the mud 3 weeks ago in 78degree weather when he was coming off two losses and was nursing a foreleg strain Even if he has been in Cozumel for two weeks sunning him self on the beach and running in the sand for fun If so youre a profes sional gambler There is a tollfree number waiting for you on the back of any scratchoff lottery ticket Or go ahead and stick to your racing forms To the rest of us they look like the IRS booklets that we just got rid of or are still trying to Or do you share George Washing tons opinion that gambling is the child of avarice the brother of iniqui ty and the father of and refrain from participating in the sport Nothing ventured nothing gained does not apply in your opinion to the risk of seeing your hardearned money thrown out or into the betting win dow And you dont play Bingo either Betting on the horses is no mori than what you make of it Moderation is the key If you have that you can stand to see lost without hurting your budget and if you feel lucky or are just looking for something to do on the weekend and have already done your volunteer work for the why not give it a shot Set your limit and dont go over it Remember its a game And if it no longer feels like a game its time to stop Donate some of your winnings to a good Leam from your losses And if you ever find yourself holding your head and shouting A horse a horse my kingdom for a horse like Shakespeares King Richard in youve probably gone too far Allene Blaker is the editorial assis tant at the New Braunfels Herald Petition on Golf Pro is just a way to express an opinion Dear Editor Tuesday night March 28 1995 I delivered to the City Manager and members of the Golf Committee a peti tion signed by over 400 citizens and winter visitors in support of Chris Ack er an assistant Golf Pro at Landa Park Golf Course for the past 14 years It is our desire for Chris to replace Bill Hal bert who has resigned effective June 1 1995 I informed the City Manager as well as the Golf Committee that I would deliver additional petitions which are still outstanding at this time prior to the election in May I was at that point accused of making the selection of Bills replacement a political The petition provides a way citizens can express their opinions and choices and in no way was it my intention to politicize our choice of candidates We anticipate prior to May 1 we will have an additional 200 names on outstand ing petitions which were not collected I apologize to the City Manager if the petition offended him It is the only solution I can see for several hundred citizens to express their opinion to the individuals involved in the selection process Ken Weber New Braunfels Book banning is un American so why is the Texas Legislature doing it Dear Editor On the morning of March 28 1995 the San Antonio ExpressNews had a front page headline that read Texas Senate approves education reform bill I Amendment would ban some classics from classroom After reading the entire article 1 r Could hardly contain my anger 1 can rnot believe that such a travesty of jus tice has occurred right under our noses without warning or say in the deci sion There is extreme danger in Texas Senators to even consider book ban ning much less support and pass with out the publics common knowledge such an aberrant bill Book banning affects all of us In the article Senator West was quoted as stating that concern is Huck where little kids cant understand how the words are children just understand the words and they are As an educator of literature I must state very firmly that all teachers who are of any moral and ethical fiber and character have a duty to explain the context in which words are offensive or not Mark Twains Huck leberry Finn goes way beyond the use of the word The book is a tale of agape love between a young white boy Huck and the older black male unlikely peo ple to form a bond of friendship during the era the story represents It contains a moral for all people to learn Most of the classics were produced by those who were insightful enough to depict the societal ills as they were REAL The classics are read to learn lessons from past injustices mistakes and errors they teach moral and ethical lessons They are invaluable to us To ban books from the curriculum for ANY reason is to deny the truth Just because words or phrases are offensive is no logical or legitimate reason for banning books that contain them I find prejudice and racial slurs very offensive as well as 4letter exple tives pornography slander and vicious gossip But they are the in the world a reality Government control over which books can or cannot be taught is SERI OUS We as citizens must not allow government officials to dictate what can or cannot be read Citizens must realize the grave ramifications of Sen ii Were Meeting NBHS Junior Parents are meeting in May i 1o a 1995 Prom Meeting Monday April at 7 in D1 at NBHS Call 625 for information i The Captain James Jack Chap ter Daughters of the American Rev rolution will hold its monthly meeting April 10 at at the Education Building 430 W Mill St The program will be In Defense of a i presented by Mary Warren Hostesses Nancy Waite and Ethel Canion The April meeting of Kings Lynn Chapter of the DBE in Texas will be April 10 at 11 at 207 Crown Ride in Oak Run New Braunfels Ladies of British or British Commonwealth birth or ancestry will be most welcome to attend Comal County Militia meets Sun jday April 9 from 1 to 4 at Group Shelter in Canyon Park on Canyon Lake at Hancock on Hwy 306 Bring picnic lunch and drinks No admission Museum Chapter of the Ml Hum mel Club meets at 7 Tuesday April 11 at the museum Call Pat Bryant at 9072118 for information Members of Guada Coma Garden Cliib will meet on April at The Oaks Shopping Center parking lot and carpool for a trip to the San Anto nio Botanical Center followed by luneh at Scrivners Reservations are neces sary for lunch Call 6298045 or 625 6654 by Friday April 7 The Coalition of Former Military Wives support group will meet April 9 at 2 at Shoneys Airport Restau rant in San Antonio Loop 410 and Jones Maltsberger The speaker i will be Revlon Cosmetics representa live Alrna Ceras who will present a program on makeovers New mem bers are welcome For more informa tion call 6538668 There will be no The New Braunfels Lioness Club will meet at Ryans on Monday April 10 at 11 Gifts and donations for the Womens Shelter will be collected The Past Presidents of the Eagles Auxiliary will meet April 10 6 at the Peking Restaurant Hostess for the evening is Adelene Row A public hearing will be held at the Canyon Lake Action Center 1941 Hwy 2673 in Canyon Lake at 9 on April 11 regarding water safety rules and regulations affecting Canyon Lake Copies of Rules and Regula tions will be available for review at the Bulverde Library the Tye Preston Memorial Library the Canyon Lake Action Center and the WORD office Caregiver Support Group meets April 12 at 3 at the Comal County Senior Center 655 Landa or call Jan Harrison at 6298181 for informa tion Bereavement Support Group meets April 13 at 3 at the Comal County Senior Center 655 Landa St Call Jan Harrison at 6298181 for infor mation The monthly dinner meeting of the New Braunfels Class of 1942 will not be held next Friday April 14 All class mates are encouraged to attend as many activities and functions of the Sesquicentennial Celebration as pos sible The next regular dinner meeting will be May 12 at Krauses Cafe For information call Jim Rheinlaender at 6255445 April 15 the Hill Country Chapter of National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance will hold its meeting at Victoria Bank and Trust in the Schnei der room 1000 N Walnut from 3 to 5 Call Johnny at 6254782 for information ators passing this reform bill Power is in the governments hands as jt stands now instead of in the citizens You must realize how many classics would be list is endless In addition to the great writings being banned we then are faced with the problem of who would decide on which books to ban Again we as cit izens would be allowing a few people to control This must be stopped We as citizens cannot in good conscience sit back and allow this major reform bill to be passed by the House I strongly urge you to protest very loudly against this reform bill now Please dont delay Our freedoms could very easily start being taken away from us little by little Write Lt Gov Bob Bullock and the following senators who are on the Educational Committee addresses can be obtained at the local Armbrister Barrientos Bivins Harris Luna Nelson Montford Ratliff Sibley West and Zaffirini Gwen Wilkinson English professor UTSA New Braunfels Play Bunny Bonanza Receive A Discount Up To 50 off Cute Toys Clothes Ruffles and Childrens Clothing Resale Shop Walnut Square Shopping Center 6259509 Double your family fun Enjoy twice the fun and excitement Catch these 2 special events at the Cental County Fairgrounds 1O I T 410pm NoonlOpm UNLIMITED RIDESI With wristbandonly when purchased in advance at Wuest Supermarkets SacnPac Stores and Sts Peter and Paul School Save money by buying in FOOD CONCESSIONS MIDWAY GAMES OF CHANCE The cleanest and safest carnival in the United States Sponsored by Sti Peter and Paul Catholic School April 2123 SWAP MEET CAR CORRAL Friday Saturday and Sunday Car Parts and Related Items CAR TRUCK SHOW Sunday only FOOD CONCESSIONS If you love cars this is the place to be Hosted By The New Braunlels Rotary Club And The New Braunfels Area Car Club CELEBRATE THE SESQUICENTEHNIAUCOME TO BOTH THESE EVENTS AT THE COMAL CO FAIRGROUNDS FREE ADMISSION