Friday, March 3, 1995

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 2

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Text Content of Page 2 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, March 3, 1995

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - March 3, 1995, New Braunfels, Texas HwaldZeitung Friday March State and National News Base employee charged with soldiers murder SAN ANGELO Texas AP Authorities who found the body of a missing soldier were awaiting autopsy results to learn how she died Louts Jones a civilian employee at Goodfellow Air Force Base remained jailed on charges he kid napped Army Pvt Tracie McBride two days after sexually assaulting another female soldier Jones 44 was in custody at the Tom Green County Jail on bonds totalling Goodfellow officials said Jones led them to Miss McBrides body early Thursday about 27 miles north of San Angelo in Coke Coun ty Miss McBride disappeared Feb 18 from the base laundromat where she was on guard duty Wit nesses said the 19yearold soldier was abducted as she talked on the telephone Officials said Jones told investi gators he abducted Miss McBride took her to his residence in San Angelo where he put her in a clos et for several hours then took her underneath a bridge on a farmto market road just south of Bronte in eastern Coke County where he killed her Officers declined to discuss how Miss McBride was killed I can tell you she was not shot but I cant tell you how she was killed said Tom Green County Jus tice of the Peace Eddie Howard Its too sensitive right Jones was in jail Thursday charged with kidnapping Howard set bond at Further charges were expected Kay Sparfcs office administra tor for the Tom Green County dis trict attorneys office said tests were under vny to determine whether Miss NfcBridc was sexu ally asssftilKvi Howard was arrest ed about S TSscsdiy on an arrest wanact BXSSK Wednesday on the 16 race of another Gcoifeffowr Air Base female sofcfier WMf iscowfK ing Jetsss simSirisks between tfee tw casas aretssd tbsr Two witnesses who saw Miss McBrides abduction described the kidnapper as a man who resem bled JonesThey also said he left the scene in a dark red sports car GOP vows cuts despite loss on amendment Candidate visits Austin AUSTIN Texas AP Texas Sen Phil Gramm is doing such a good job in the Senate he ought to stay there says rival Republican presidential can didate Lamar Alexander Campaigning in Gramms backyard Thursday the former Tennessee gov ernor said the GOP should nominate a Washington outsider such as himself Your senior senator is on the 1996 ballot 1 wanted to come here and show my respect for him and endorse him for reelection to the United States Alexander said The same goes for Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole of Kansas he added Phil Gramm and Bob Dole both do a pretty good job in the United States Senate And Ill be doing my best to persuade the people of Texas and the people of this whole country that their greatest contribution to this countrys future is stay right where they are What we ought to do is look out side Washington for someone with a little bit of a chief executives background to be the Republican nom he said Alexander spent time in the nations capital as a Senate and White House aide and education secretary He said the difference is that he also served eight years as Tennessee gov ernor was president of the University of Tennessee and helped start a busi ness that now employs Ive been to he said But unlike the others I came Sporting a walking stick that once belonged to Texas hero Sam Houston Alexander noted that his wife Hon ey grew up in Victoria Texas He said he wont concede the nations second largest state to favorite son Gramm None of us has any assurances about who will be doing well in the race in March of 1996 when the Texas primary will be I want to give Texans a choice whether Phil Gramms in the race or whether hes not in the race WASHINGTON AP Deflated House Republicans say Senate defeat of their treasured balanced budget amendment may make it tougher but they still will produce plans for elimi nating the federal deficit Were to do our Senate Budget Committee Chairman Pete Ocwtetwci said after the Sen ate the amendment by the nar rewiek margin Thursday We always thought we get it done without a baknced budget amendment and its fafl pressure But were going to It makes it said his House counterpart Rep John Kasich ROhio You have to spend some energy mak ing sure you dont have people relax But its a crusade The crusade goes Thats just fine with President Clin ton and his fellow Democrats who know that the massive unprecedented spending cuts necessary to balance the budget would enrage millions of voters They quickly invited the GOP to pro ceed with its budgetcutting work as House Republicans promised in their Contract With America campaign manifesto They have still not presented their Clinton told reporters at the White House He added later that it was time for Republicans to show how they are going to keep the promises of their contract on balancing the budget and paying for their tax Now is the time for the Republicans to roll up their sleeves and actually reduce the House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt said The amendment which was to be the flagship of the GOP effort to cut spending zoomed through the House in January in just two days But it was shot down by the Senate after nearly five weeks of debate The vote was 6535 in favor just shy of the two thirds majority constitutional amend ments need That margin was deceptive because Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole R an amendment supporter voted no in a parliamentary maneuver that will enable him to force a second vote on the measure probably during the 1996 campaign season But even without the amendment Domenici and Kasich say they will produce deficitreduction measures this spring Dole who is planning a run for the White House said Republicans would cut spending raise no taxes and test Democratic dedication to deficit reduction with tough votes Theyll be hiding under the couch he said The amendment called for a bal anced budget by the year 2002 unless waived by threefifths majorities of Congress But it left unspoken what spending cuts or tax increases should be imposed precisely the problem that has mired lawmakers as the nation al debt has surged to trillion Nonetheless opinion polls indicate the measure is backed by three of every four voters though that margin plum mets when people are asked about spe cific cuts that would be required to eliminate the red ink Opposition Democrats tried to turn Thursdays vote into a struggle to pro tect Social Security arguing that the amendment would leave its huge sur pluses hostage to budget battles Democrats said the trust funds sur plus should be excluded from deficit calculations which would mean Republicans would have to come up with more than billion in addi tional cuts to balance the budget over seven years Republicans pledged they would never cut the program which is fierce ly guarded by tens of millions of elder at Friday Blues Trippers no cover Charge Canyon Lake Hwy 306 FM 2673 9643992 Saturday Big Tree Great New S A Band ROCKNROLL Does your parenting need a checkup Mccl OocUir Carlos Campos Kamily Physician unil former CliiclOl SialT at McKenna Memorial Hospital He is the kind of a man who people commit the health ami welfare of their families to He is a man that people trust So why not lake his advice lei a parenting checkup Thais right Dont wail until youre ready for the emergency room of parenting Dont wail until you have a critical care kid in your home Whal Dr Campos and his wife did was go to the hireniinx with Iniiiiiticy Cmifneiice last year The same conference thai churches ami community leaders are bringing lo Braunfels on Saturday March II Ils jusl whal ihe Doctor ordered Parenting with Intimacy Conference Saturday March 11 Call 18008818008 to register WINTER REVIVAL 95 cmet Mark Brazee is a gifted teacher of Gods Word focusing on principles of faith and healing Janet is an anointed minister in song with two music albums released Sunday March 5 Monday Friday March 610 Nursery for ages 03 provided at all services It makes it harder the crusade goes John Kasich ROhio ly voters who receive its benefits To the last Dole rummaged fruit lessly for a 67th vote Six uncertain Democrats were wooed but ended up saying they feared mistreatment of Social Securitys trust funds The lone Republican opponent Sen Mark Hat field of Oregon was pressured by col leagues homestate lawmakers and Republican Party Chairman Haley Bar hour but he stuck to his conviction that the measure would trivialize the Constitution When senators names were called in the packed breathlessly quiet Senate chamber 51 Republicans and 14 Democrats answered Thirty three Democrats and Hatfield and Dole voted against it Five senators including two Republicans who voted against a similar measure last year voted yes this time Six others Democrats all switched from support in 1994 to no votes and heard it from Republi cans who accused them of thwarting the popular will Speaking of GOP hopes of boosting their Senate majority to a 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