Friday, January 27, 1995

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 9

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Text Content of Page 9 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, January 27, 1995

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - January 27, 1995, New Braunfels, Texas Friday Jan 27 Ribbon cutting Comal County Judge Carter Casteel does the honors of cutting the ribbon at the grand opening of Liberty Street BBQ recently Assisting the judge are Helgard Suhr New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce Paula Wolf Mary Ann Thompson Hank Thompson Julie Wolf Missy Wolf Glbby Wolf and John Wolf Other members of the Chamber of Commerce and friends were on had to wish Liberty Street Barbecue well Pesticides are used for good reasons By RACHEL WILLIAMS County Extension Agent Because of misguided media reports and certain antipesticide groups con sumers are worried about the safety of pesticides used on our foods A Food Marketing Institute Survey indicates that 75 of American consumers con sider pesticides a serious health hazard This bulletin is designed to help con sumers better understand why pesti cides are used how they are tested monitored and their role in reducing residues Why Are Pesticides Used Pesticides improve food quality safety and availability by reducing damage caused buy insects diseases and weeds Products damaged by insects are more prone to bacterial or fungal infection Certain molds pro duce toxins that may be toxic carcinogenic in small quantities There are an estimated types of insects 1800 types of weeds 250 species of viruses and 8000 species of fungi that destroy crops Even with the use of pesticides about onethird of the worlds crops are destroyed by pests each year This is at a cost of bil lion in the alone How Are Pesticides Tested for Safe ty The registration process for pesti cides typically takes 810 years and costs range from million Some of the major tests include residues on food environmental fate acute studies of human hazards subchronic studies chronic studies carcinogcnicity ter atogenicity reproduction and muta gcnicity studies The Environmental Protection Agency EPA is responsible for setting tolerances for any approved pesticide The NOEL No Observable Effect Level test is commonly used NOEL is the highest dose level of a pesticide at which no adverse effect was observed in test rodents To further guarantee safety the NOELis divided by 100 to determine the acceptable dai ly intake Nothing is 100 safe but after all of this testing there is usu ally less than 1 in 1 million chance that an adverse effect will occur using an approved pesticide as instructed How Arc Pesticide Residues Moni tored Testing for pesticide residues in our food products is the responsibility of the Food and Drug Administration FDA and certain state health and agriculture departments Data from FDA and the 42 state programs show the following 1 7080 No detectable residues 2 2030 Residues under recom mended tolerance 3 23 Contain residues of a pesti cide which is not cleared for that crop 4 Less than 1 Over recommended tolerance What Can You Do To Ensure Safe Produce Besides eating a wide variety of healthful foods in moderation there are several things individual consumers can do to ensure food safety 1 Wash all fruits and vegetables in water no soap before eating using a scrub brush on produce that can stand it example 2 Pull off the outer leaves of veg etables such as lettuce and cabbage For the same reason trim the leaves and tops of celery and peel fruits 3 Store fruits and vegetables at cor rect temperatures and eat them while they arc fresh 4 When using pesticides on home grown produce be sure to follow all manufacturers instructions carefully Pesticides arc a useful tool that grow ers need to help insure quality produce at an economical price Reprintedfrom Vegetable Produc tion Marketing NEWS December 1994 written by Dr At Wagner Exten sion Food Technologist and Dr Charles Hall Extension Economist Horticultural Marketing Texas Agri cultural Extension Service The Texas University System College Sta tion TX Test soil before fertilizing By JOE G TAYLOR County Extension Agent Stop Dont buy fertilizer for your lawn until you get a soil says Texas Turfgrass Specialist Dr Bill Knoop Homeowners apply hun dreds of tons of fertilizer on Texas lawns every year without knowing if its said Knoop The Texas Agricultural Extension Service has launched a soil test pro gram that helps homeowners deter mine the best fertilizer and the correct amount for their lawns based on indi vidual soil tests rather than general recommendations for geographic areas Just as too much water creates prob lems for a lawn too much fertilizer also can be said Knoop If a lawn receives more nutrients fertil izer than it can use the excess may run off and contaminate groundwater Were more and more concerned about the environmental effects of using too much Soil test now so youll be ready for growing said Soil Chemist Dr Michael Hickey who directs the Plains Soil Testing Laboratory in Lub bock Your lawn may still be brown right now but its not too early to ensure a healthy lawn this spring by having your soil he said Odds are that it will need some fertilizer but probably less than you think Find out for sure with a soil The Extension Service is encourag ing homeowners to pick up a soil test kit at retail stores where fertilizers are sold or from county Extension offices The kit contains simple directions a plastic bag for the soil sample an infor mation card and prepaid mailer The cost covers the soil analysis preparation of the report and postage For about the cost of one bag of fer tilizer you can get information that could reduce what you spend on fer said Knoop Allow ten working days to receive your personal soil test lab The report tells you what nutrients arc already in your soil and which for mula of fertilizer if any to use and how much you need to put on your said Knoop The report rec ommends both how much fertilizer to apply at first as well as the rest of the year It takes all the guesswork out of fertilizing your he said No more confusion about the numbers on the bag Instead use your soil test report when you buy fertilizer Its one more way you can protect the envi ronment while giving your lawn the best YEAR ROUND ALLERGY SYMPTOMS We are looking for people age 65 and up with yearround allergy symptoms to participate in a research study of an investigational nasal spray Skin testing lab testing and physician monitoring provided by a Board Certified Allergist at no cost Qualified participants will be compensated CALL NOW TO FIND OUT IF YOU ARE ELIGIBLE Central Texas Health Research 705A Landa New Braunfels 6299036 v Hot Shots Frazars Lakeview Camp McQueeney Is Now Open Under OLD Ownership Eileen Silvia Michael Kerry Frazar are back Boat Launching Picnic Grounds Fishing Restaurant Open WedThur 59 pm Friday Fish Chicken Fry 510 pm Sat noon to 10 Sun noon to 9 pm Take 725 South to 78 Left at light First left after bridge at Hot Shot Lane 2 country blocks 5579918 The HeraldZeitung pro vides more local news than any other source The Friday Jan HeraldZeitung con tained 52 local stories and 259 local residents had their name in the paper that day Twenty six of your neighbors bad their picture in the paper that one day 1465IH 35 E New Braunfels nursery provided Join us Sunday andEnjoy Bruce Cripe gospet singer Bruce has delighted audiences all over the world with his rich vocal range and musical style He has had the pleasure of working with many artists including Bob Hope and Pat Boone Sunday January 29th am HeraldZeitung photo by Michael Darnall Is it Nicole Cecil Lauren Svoboda and Shley Michael took advantage of some unseasonably warm January weath er recently by setting ro a lemonade stand on the 400 block of Walnut Street HERALDZEITUNG SPRING FASHION GUIDE This is a very special broadsheet which will be published in the HeraldZeitung Advisor and Canyon Lake TimesGuardian This is a guide to upcoming fashion trends as perceived by local fashion merchandisers By advertising in the special section you will reach over readers which means traffic in your business to show off the latest fashions you1 offer Your sales representative will contact you soon Let Your Fashion Show Deadline February 20th Published HeraldZeitung February 26th Canyon Lake TimesGuardian The Advisor February 28th