Tuesday, July 26, 1994

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 4

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Text Content of Page 4 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Tuesday, July 26, 1994

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - July 26, 1994, New Braunfels, Texas Timdty Y The burning of an authors books impris onment for opinions sake has always been the tribute that an ignorant age pays to the genius of its mjthor 1920 F 0 I T 0 R I A L Helping to heal People of the world must unite to help end the suffering in Rwanda The exodus of millions of refugees from Rwanda into Zaire is a tragedy of epic proportions It is impossible to see the pictures coming back from Africa and read the accounts of epidemic and death without being moved A wide range of charitable organizations are rushing jrelief to help Rwandan refugees All are in desperate heed of donations They include American Red Cross Box 37243 Washington 20013 CARE 151 Ellis Atlanta GA 30303 Catholic Relief Services Box 17090 Baltimore MD Church World Service Box 968 Elkhart Indiana 46515 Doctors Without Borders USA 30 Rockefeller jPlaza Suite 5425 New York NY 10112 The Episcopal Church Presiding Bishops Fund 815 Second Avenue New York NY 10017 Save The Children Box 975 Dept RW Westport Conn 06881 Committee for UNICEF 333 East 38th 6th Floor New York NY 10016 Interaction a coalition of aid agencies offers a list of private aid agencies involved with Rwanda Call 6678227 to get that list The scope of suffering going on in that beleaguered region of the globe is almost beyond description Money Is desperately needed to help relieve the suffering there Please give as much as you can afford Todays editorial was written by City Editor Roger i The New Braunfels HeraldZeitung welcomes letters on any public i issue The editor reserves the right to correct speDing style punctua tion and known factual errors Letters should be kept to 250 We publish only original mail addressed to The New Braunfels Herald Zeitung bearing the writers signature Also an address and a telephone number which are not for publication must be included J Please cite the page number and date of any article that is mentioned Preference is given to writers who have not been published in the t previous 30 days J Mail to to the Editor The New Braunfela HeraldZeitung Drawer 311328 New Braunfels Texas 781311328 J Pax 210 6261224 New Braunfels HeraldZeitung V f Editor and Publisher David Sultens J General Manager Cheryl DuVaii j Managing Editor Mark Lyon I Advertising Director Paul Davis t Circulation Director Carol Ann Avery J Pressroom Foreman Douglas Brandt J Classified Manager Karen Reininger J City Editor Roger Croteau on SuncUynroningJ aid weekday ftb in New Bnunfelf Texu i three moolhi BX months OOP yem Senior Otoo DucounU by ouner delivery only ax mouths one year delivery ouakfe Coni Counly in tace nurtht BX rmuha cue yew Ja Mail outside TCXM sU mooibi one year Subiaiben who have not received by 530 Tueiday ihrougb Riday or 730 un on Sunday call 210 6259144 or 210 6064846 tollfoe for Seguta Marion Canyon tike Bulvejde and Sw Antonio by 7 pju or by 11 ij am on Sunday PanMAtmuSeadMidRM to the 311328 New 781311328 i Gods rules save us from ourselves My mother had tears in her eyes when she told me I am punishing you because I love I was only seven But I understood what she was Idling me Her messages were unmis takable Both of them She was saying that certain forms of misbehavior were unacceptable and would not be tolerated She was also telling me that she loved me anyway I never doubted either mes sage Why are these ideas considered mutually exclusive today When somebody takes a stand against immorality why do we instantly label that person as unloving Why are so many people quick to be offended when a gentle soul like Dan Quay le speak forth rightly about the ruinous epidemic of illegitimate births in our country Why is a national TV anchorman excoriated as an insensitive slob when he dares to suggest that a pro fessional athlete like Darrcll Strawberry has nobody but himself to blame for his liferuining illegal activ ities Does a person become an uncompassionate ogre simply because he believes the nations laws were made to be obeyed and Gods rules were made to fol low My mother told the truth She rebuffed my way ward actions not because she was a hateful sadistic woman but because in her love she wanted me to be happy Without her correction I would have grown up unemployable Everybody around me would have been miserable if she had not tamed my temper and sweetened my tongue God is like my mother He outlaws certain forms of behavior and requires others because He loves us Because He wants us to be happy Because He wants us to enjoy the good life in all its abundance To save us from ourselves He builds a moral fence around sins that are certain to hurt us To keep us from pickling our livers to protect us from the ravages of syphilis and similar prevent the retardation bom Of incest to keep us from dying young with AIDS God sets clear moral rules to guide our behavior He makes such rules not to restrict our fun but because He loves us Christians endorse and echo those rules for the same reason Gene Shelburne may be addressed at 2310 Anna Street Amarillo Texas Toughest health decisions still loom By DAVID ESPO Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON AP After months of debate Democratic leaders in Congress say many of the most important decisions remain to be made as they draft health reform legislation for a vole in August A target date for universal cover age provisions to control government costs most important ly the issue of requiring employers to finance health insurance all remain undecided according to lawmakers and their aides President Clinton stressed anew his commitment to health reform in his weekly radio address today saying my clear and unchanged goal is uni versal coverage that will protect hard working He said Americans should brace for being bombarded with a lastditch specialinterest media blizzard aimed at derailing reform and frightening Clinton argued against half mea sures and likened his struggle to that waged by President Johnson to get Medicare enacted 29 years ago He said Johnson heard objections similar to the ones being leveled against healthcare reform until the very end Analysis of the he was able to sign legisla tion creating a system that has helped hundreds of millions of older Ameri cans and their the president said Supporters of universal health cov erage staged madeformedia events of their own First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton was in Portland on Friday to kick off a bus caravan designed to pro mote her husbands legislation If we do not guarantee health insur ance to all Americans then we have failed all she said If we give our energy our hearts our souls to the next few weeks and make it clear that the American people want what the members of Congress have health poM for with an employeremployee shared responsibility system we will get it for every single Back in Washington Democratic leaders struggled over the details as they worked to write legislation that can extend coverage to all and win a majority in both houses of Congress We havent decided the exact amount of time Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell DMaine told reporters when asked what the target date would be for providing coverage to everyone House Speaker Thomas Foley said there would be some slight possible delay in phasing in universal coverage beyond Clintons original goal of 1998 Not forever and he stressed and one aide suggested it might be one or two years At the same lime Foley said House Democratic leaders were committed to guaranteed insurance for Americans with employer man meaning businesses would be required to bear some of the cost But he also said the final decisions remain to be made about the details Foley and Mitchell spoke one day after Clinton embraced their plan to revamp the administrations own hill to malrp it mow nnlitirallv palatable to Congress We listened to the American people all of us the president said House Majority Leader Richard Gephardt and other Democrats are studying ways to sweeten subsi dies for small businesses that are con tained in legislation cleared by the House Ways and Means Committee in If we do not guar antee health insur ance to all Americans then we have failed all Hillary Rodham Clinton hopes they can make the requirements for coverage easier for lawmakers to swallow Sources in the Senate said Mitchell had essentially concluded he couldnt find enough support to pass a straight forward requirement for businesses to pay a portion of workers insurance costs even at less than 80 percent Instead they said he is looking at variations One type would have these require ments take effect automatically unless coverage reached a fixed level of the population by a specified date in the future Another would make the require ments dependent on action by an inde pendent commission whose recom mendations would be considered by Congress Today in history By Associated Press Today is Tuesday July 26 the 207th day of 1994 There are 158 days left in the year Todays highlight in history One hundred years ago on July Eng lish novelist Aldous Huxley author of Brave New was bom in Godalming England On this date In 1775 Benjamin Franklin became postmaster general In 1788 New York became the eleventh state to ratify the Constitution In 1856 playwright George Bernard Shaw was bom in Dublin Ireland In 1908 Attorney General Charles J Bona parte issued an order creating an investigative agency that was a forerunner of the FBI In 1945 Winston Churchill resigned as Britains prime minister after his Conservatives were sound ly defeated in elections by the Labor Party Clement Attlee became the new prime minister In 1947 President Truman signed the National Security Act creating the Department of Defense the National Security Council the Central Intelligence Agency and the Joint Chiefs of Staff In 1952 Argentinas first lady Eva Peron died in Buenos Aires at age 33 In 1952 King Farouk 1 of Egypt abdicated in the wake of a coup led by Gamal Abdel Nasser In 1953 Fidel Castro began his revolt against the regime of Fulgencio Batista with an unsuccessful attack on an army barracks in eastern Cuba Castro ousted Batista in 19S9 In 1956 Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser seized control of the Suez Canal tram the French and the British In 1964 Teamsters president Jimmy Hoffa and six others were convicted of fraud and conspiracy in the handling of a union pension fund In 1971 Apollo 15 was launched from Cape Kennedy In 1986 kidnappers in Lebanon released the Rev Lawrence Martin Jenco an American hostage held for nearly 19 months Ten years ago The government forged a record billion bailout of Continental Illinois National Bank and Trust Company which was plagued by bad loans and loss of depositor confidence Five years ago Mark Wellman a 29yearold paraplegic reached the summit of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park after hauling himself up the granite cliff six inches at a time over nine days One year ago President Clinton launched a new harder sell for his budget at a conference in Chicago accusing Republicans of gridlock Retired Gen Matthew B Ridgway died in Fox at age 98 Todays birthdays Actor Jason Robards Jr is 72 Movie director Blake Edwards is 72 Movie director Stanley Kubrick is 66 Rock star Mick Jagger is 51 Actress Susan George is 44 Tennis player Vitas Gerulaitis is 40 Thought for Today Parodies and caricatures are the most penetrating of Aidous Huxley