Thursday, May 5, 1994

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 7

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Text Content of Page 7 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Thursday, May 5, 1994

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - May 5, 1994, New Braunfels, Texas Looking Back Ocwrrty HMcwtoM Brcttihm Ictois Kama larais i fettoanh Mm liciraey Qatnqg H ilnflscm sad SssnKfl Mater stats fflf Pacffiw snfl Ihar ffiarsS Btnzna Kceaat Msrtfe Scihwifo and Flate SteM fern Vfaedssa of fflB DcpsianBift of iNw High Sdbocsl wii nesrih Ibajamcss sobjetft classes Kf a snoasih Asnctag Ms Jeff S Or Kesste 5ihe FifeaSfor iUiKifeMfller TBtfSfc fnr She BonSteattiircBi ibarik ItniMng iwffl Ihe aociqpitofl T 1 fl dtadk iit tfte annming cm May 34 at FSrst UflfltMrntil Barik Jfew Ms Hhc fftanK anfl Banstmtifem toe ard F Bade BBEH SEE Aattoriro IThe reserve She sight to any a0 lie foestt ibsves at for sate Mm TThe Mny Pate gt Tftea y May win ibcpj ef da iifi Ooiumuiy ICK aras so jaorih tSie ihBite arc JtapcstisMe for Jfie uacjEalty SE to ffce igar dSfeffi s AsscKJiHtron ctf Texas m iihcir sans sto toe Sfejfl0wes3 a 3Haae wen TTtesz JUBftc tasnBJSjijCR 132 fe BEgtafl sFfcaaie ana BeQghon anfl 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for hs Alternative Choices program Volunteers will assist in groups as well as tutoring sessions field trips and other chemical free activ ities Call Daniel Perez at 6207520 Scholarships available The New Braunfels American Asso ciation of University Women is accept ing applications for scholarships from local women who are currently enrolled as nontraditional students in a college or university program If interested please call 6094884 by May 6 to request an application Choir reunion There will be a reunion this sum mer for anyone who participated in Smithson Valley High School Choirs from 1977 to 1987 For more infor mation call Gloria Moreno at 609 5359 or Bill Kretzmeier at 6255404 Blood drives The following blood drives are set Wednesday May 4 Comal Elementary Canyom music boosters Muse Bccssar Gob bsa cpa be Wajreaisy Miy 1 3 at 6 p JE ia iie iew Braiisfds Cavic Cea Live theater Ifs Later Than You Think is playing at Krausa Housa on BuKftrda Road through May 7 Cal 4SS2339 for information Fteturftd Cathtoan Brannen and Skip Summers In a rehearsal l servics The New BraraSsls Frarernd Order of EfcjjJcs AMJC volll hold aeavwe Ssr fill Efcgk rscsn pisssd OR TO greater glocy the jwst jcar The isvia fil3 fina irxi KMaiS of decsfisai TO this scr The sssNJctf will he head lues Xisy 30 a with ooors inj st 6 For iassrracsocx all ft257243 or sad Cacrer Oaks vt Boors from S tza K 3 jva t Dance Tfee antaaa Btneine DfcDK NV J be Sstarday May 1 i to 3 at Biicroe Fire Sa ooa Main St Music wifi be XsshxTik A S5 Axis tioci vnfil be Tsqjasrad tc JOT rhrfonri rihe Suhcrdc Arcs xxs js Etaphin Sii wii br Sarurcuy v roo a the SaNcsvie Cflt TST on SvVui TUT cross 0 team ssadass IQQ their Tidess EC S5 TSdkss be saw a CHS or CMS as Mcy 6 9 or May 10 or call Gkssa Knfi s 609 2635 Ranger Band Toe Bahwdc boss s daace the REEKS rlng live May So re r for tci3S Rummage sale Ljjshaan Sr High Ynuih oioup aoSd a numosge sale Sa urday May 7 from 8 aja to 2 pm HI the dBircfa located across the street fromHEB The sak raise naoisy to seed students to the upcoming Youth Gathering in Adanca Barbecue plates The Ktarion Lions Club wiil sene barbecue beef and chicken at Schulz Nurser in Marion from 1 1 to 5 pjn Saturday May 7 Car wash Cross Lutheran Jr Youth will hold a car wash at the church parking lot at 169 S Hickory Saturday May 7 from 9 ajn to noon Donations goto schol arships to send children to Camp Lone Star this summer Garage sale Community garage sale homemade crafts and bake sale at the Geronimo Volunteer Fire Department Saturday May 7 from 8 to 3 Barbecue fundraiser The Bracken Volunteer Fire Depart ment two miles north of 1604 on FM 2252 will hold a chicken or beef bar becue May 7 from 4 pjn until 8 pjn Adults child There will also be a raffle silent auction games and more It all benefits the Bracken VFD in purchase of equipment and gear BYOB Outreach training Family Outreach his tTiiiars schedukd 50 reeir May 7 rbf those o worse for the prevention of child ibuse ard neglea in the New Lake area Volunteers are neeoee is the fol lowing areas oaetoane with lies office support speikers bureaj facilitating parenting classes rwrc of directors ftind raising and Call 6201299 Everybody polka The Jubilee Polka Band will dua at open air concert Mothers Day Sunday May 8 from 1 to 5 La the gazebo at Schulz Nursery in on Admission is free Thanks Mom Diy is May x and it hf i csy sa Bsdvcnk fti NieihoJis Church Noc ody will nvci5r bt barictttd bis Dr 2 ftiscadoc sreiisr share a message Airing the Sunday school hour is a and J1 a seven of Loop 1 wS on 2S1 Nonh A rtirsej is pcovkkxi ibf infaias four wars od Pops concert The MidTexas will cJuiie its iMh season with its annual Pops Coocert Sunday May S at 4 pjn ir the New Braunfels Civic Center The civic center will be arranged with obie and wire soft drinks and popcorn will be Tictets are S4 for adults S8 for atizierts college students and S3 for ocher students They be at the door Call 6290336 tor information Sports The New Booster Chjh At Stwns Spring Bincpw be X4ay io a s SK New BrsurflHs QHkCantej Ksnar tcacess arc S5 and are zvfclibJe a the High School Fnsnt office or a Unicwm Food Man We invite ill parents family and rnends for a fur There be a siten auction more Oil Sinunons at or Shawn Phar a 6253246 Hcisss nxst be punAaaed by noon May 9 Golf tournament Because of incienwnt weather the Habitat For Humanity Classic benefit has been resdieAifd for May 12 at the Nonhdifte CouncrjClub There is still time tv register Call George Smith at 6090 1 3 f Rummage Sato The women of the Church in UK Wildwood will hold a rummage and bake sale Saturday May 14 on the grounds of the church located at the entrance to the Oaks subdivision oor vkhiJf ctohirr TO Road PanJs raiscc bu c stairs for Rabies Clink The cit xi3 be hfM May U so 4 at the Fairgrounds Cos wl br So lv vaccination asvS S5 tor the cats he brought a all tdogs shouid be The tion Jiwloc Auxiliary Program iliat is sponsoring a new vt Auxitiat KT 18 It pwvkvs learn about ami AMUC wlcns and skills in the health care field wtuic giving service to the orientation will be Satuaiay May U at 1 p m UK Catetcria are able at the Hospital Social MX Office Room I Oct IMww CM 355 slxxild Iv miiv betore the orietttatioii program 1 ROOFING REPAIRS FREE ESTIMATES ALL WORK GUARANTEED All work done in a professional manner References Available 5234 Old Hwy 81 New Braunfels 2106063419 18006790944 Texas Insurance Repair Service OJtaparraC Count Bring nk Rdwxd Price Coupon tod Cow ui i PU Ibe FINEST GREENS IN TEXAS GREEN CART 18007071313 Weekdays Reg Price plus tax w Weekends Holidays Reg Price plus Coupon Not Valid For touniamcitt Proper Attire Must Be Worn MUSI CAU f OH 1U IWt jMnntemAti aoo Uii n OHei Eupwes 5 3194 Soguin 1 x I il I I I I I I I