Tuesday, February 22, 1994

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 6

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Text Content of Page 6 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Tuesday, February 22, 1994

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - February 22, 1994, New Braunfels, Texas i HeraidZeitung Tuesday Feb d Z e i t u n g wornics CALVIN rw LATE FOR WORK Hew IAUCW ft WT HOT WHW THE ONE WO DOES NOTVUN6 RW SLEEP Vltll SPREAD WM OUT FLM IN TO ROOM AND HWE A NEW RUG IF HIS iWWitWSonOst bv LNvtfMl 2if 1994 WatigisQfipisl by Umvysai PTKS Syndyala Gasoline Alley For Better or For Worse 60 in th fust place Ruf ue In the fust place anubodu what aint Rufus at all He were merely hnow whats goin1 on Magnus pretendin1 to be V in the second place Brother Tee really confused X I IM BE 45 youRETcoyounsFDR Peanuts Pie MENOFWUSE HAPPENS ft j i uwi i c uf i i understandn1 I lost my him anhitty brighten J tell Rufus Ineeds a I fl I musgo repologize to I 5peahin o spirits ariPiitty Sri brighten Jtell Rufus their SDirits fresh jug1 s Cathy HOU CAM WE KMOU IF OUR BROTHER IS 6ETTIN6 BETTER IF NO ONE TELLS US ANYTHING MOM7PAP76UE55 WHATSNOOPY 5 HES EATIN6 221 I TMINK ILL 60 HAN6 AROUNP THE FRONT PESK MAVBE ILL HEAR YESi HES REALLY ENJOYING HIS LUNCH FACT THEY ALL ARE Wizard of Id THE NORSE IS HAVING TROUBLE WITH HER BOYFRIENRAMPTHE POCTOR IS 60ING TO SWITCH TO A METAL SEVENWOOPf me CROW COUNTRV SKIIM6 VeSTEROflV 1 WE PLflVED y SOfflEOWE NEW IS COmiMfr HERE TONI6HT ELECTRfl WONT THflT BE FUN r WE WENT ROllER A OflfJOE WENTOMfl FIVE MILE ITS SO D1FFER EMT BElMfr WITH HIM HE HAS SO MUCH HES 3UST SO MUCH FUN JUST GUJE 40U NICE fl UTTIE Annie CLUNK 6LOWDRH VOUR FLUFF UP PUT ON fl CLIP SPRITZ VOUR THflT FEEL BE11ER THE CHILD WITHW HflS BEEN flWflKENEO BUT THE OLD LflOV ON THE OUTSIDE JUST COLLflPSEO w WHEN ONE OF US HAS DflTE THE WHOLE POODLES Tumbleweeds A 0000 THAT WAS ALMOST PUT ON MY MOCCASINS THERES A TARANTULA IN ONE OF THEM THE DISPICABUBBLE BEAST FEAR NOT MY BLUVED I SHELL DEAL WITH THIS HE CANT STAY THERE MOTHER HAS A PAIR YOU CAN YOUR FEET AINT TOO BIG WHY THE 5 60NPRA5 INVITE ITS SOHPAA ISNT IT YOU PROKf WITH Cartield ON YOUR THATS NONS Of YOUR wsmess 60UUX YOU WOWPNT RIGHT IP IT HASNT LCTTINS OUT THIS LAK t THOUGHT IT 54Npy OLYMPICS OLYMPIAD 0tfN WC Marmaduke Farside BOr AFTER SEVERAL GRUELING IM HAPPV TO REPORT I HAVE MV WEIGHT TO A A VICTORV HAVE A NEVERTHELESS When I said the tulips should be popping up soon I didnt mean within the next few What MacDougal is being promoted over Well thai does it I wont take no orders from no stinkin sodbuster

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