Thursday, October 28, 1993

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Thursday, October 28, 1993

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 28, 1993, New Braunfels, Texas THURSDAY Raul Vela is force to be reckoned with P 7 50 CENTS COUNTDOWN 416 DAYS New Braunfels Sesqulcentennial Marchrff 1845 Marcrf21 1995 New Braunfels Her 12 Pages in one section Oct 28 1993 serving Comal County m Home of JOSHUA Vol 141 No 24 INSIDE Sports STAMMTISCH Birthday wishes The New Braunfels llerald Zeitung extends the following birthday wishes William Bryan III Phyllis Foerster Dorothy Rowe Jesse Medina Simon Medina Edmond Vordenbaum Stephanie Ortiz Cross Lutheran group hosting Hallelujah Festival The League of Cross Lutheran School and Day Care will be sponsoring their annual Hallelujah Festival on Saturday Oct 30 The event is geared for family enjoyment There will be booths to win prizes and goodies as well as a hayride for children The Place will be open with many craft items for early holiday shoppers Frito pies nachos hot dogs popcorn and sodas will be served The public is invited from 5 to 8 at the Activity Center located at 169 S Hicko ry Costumes are welcome Please leave the witches ghosts and goblins at home For more information call Kristen Lams fuss at 625 3666 MidTexas Sy mphO ny meet ng slated Monday The MidTexas Symphony Guild New Braunfels chapter will meet Monday Nov 8 from 1 to 1 at the Victo ria Bank meeting room 1000 N Walnut St The Guild has a num ber of activities which support the MidTexas Symphony and new members are welcome Members can bring brown bag lunches to thjj meeting For more informatien call Arlene Buhl at 6256411 Newcomers Club to meet Nov 2 The monthly meeting of the New Braunfels Newcomers Club will be held Tuesday Nov 2 at 10 at the Senior Citizens Center Guest speaker will be Diane Schulz a pharmacist at McKenna Memorial Hospital Schulz will speak on the differ ences between generic and name brand drugs Members are encouraged to buy tickets for the Dec 7 Christ mas dinner dance held at the American Legion Hall from to with music from the Seven Dutchmen Cost is per HeraldZeltuno taeks weather drawings The New Brautfils Herald Zeltung Is seeking weather draw ings from local youth Were asking uny Interested youth In New Braunfels and Comal County to draw their best pictures of sunny rainy overcast sold Managing Editor Murk lyon Well use them In our weather foreasui each Children should include their name age and parents namei on Die back of their drawings lend drawings to 70 Landa New Braunfeis Texas 78130 invites tin matitfs te tuMt item id Afettivmi ami membm of ilie ifftmiH immunity SiaiHNUisek up menu a tilting plaeefttf ike with We invite you la Kelley notgui By JENNIFER ROMPEL Staff Writer After more than four hours of deliberation a 12member jury found Laurel Anderson Kcllcy 40 of Houston not guilty on charges of murder Kelley stood trial this week on charges that she had shot her estranged husband Dean Terrell Kelley at his home at the Pegs Place Mobile Home Park in Saltier The incident occurred in April Kcllcy told jurors the shooting was an accident that resulted from a struggle with her husband over the gun The gun was a 25 caliber pistol Testimony during the trial showed that Laurel Kelley threw the gun into the Guadalupe River after the inci dent Kelleys attorney Paul Finley of New Braun fels said he and his client arc glad the case is over She is ready to get on with something he said Finley said he did not know what the verdict Murder trial comes to an end after four hours of deliberation by 12member jury would be We never know for sure 1 spoke to Four jurors I think they had a hard time with the charge of intentionally and knowingly causing his said Finley She Kcllcy is glad it came out the way it did They her family arc ho said Comal County District Attorney Bill Rcimcr said he was disappointed with the not guilty ver dict There was a lot of work put into preparing this case This is what happens with juries They sometimes want the ease to be presented the way they see them on TV They said they felt the investigation didnt go far enough They thought the officers could have gotten more said Rcimcr Rcimcr said jurors told him after the trial that there was enough of a question to find the not guilty verdict If we tried the case with a different panel we might get a different he said The majority of the jurors had a vote for guilt two were for innocence and several were unde cided There were a couple of people who were extremely verbal and demanding as to the issues of the he said They felt the investigation didnt go far enough We take the evidence as it is given to us We cant manufacture it The Grand Jury decides the charge of murder or manslaughter 1 dont know if a different charge would have resulted in a different he said The investigation into the case was conducted by Sgt David Ott of the Comal County Sheriffs Office Ott said he believes the investigation was com plctc We covered it as far as we could he said We talked to people in Houston and people at the he said i Ott also said he believes the not guilty verdict is wrong Rcimcr said the family of Dean Terrell Kcllcy was extremely disappointed with the The have been very supportive of our he said Kelly had plead guilty to charges of voluntary manslaughter earlier this year She was sen tenced to 20 years However she was granted a new trial because of a misunderstanding between her and her former attorney about the plea Her case was taken back to the grand jury and she was charged with mur der The case was heard by District Court Judue Robert Pfcuffcr Gas wars Some local gasoline retailers setting some of the areas most competitive prices By ROSE MARIE HASH Staff Writer New Braunfels gasoline prices are somewhat lower than those in surrounding towns leaving the appearance of a gas war taking place in the western section of the city Unleaded gasoline is selling for cents a most area selfservice stations How ever atthe Stop N Go on Walnut at Kerlick Lane the price is cents and at the Circle K on Walnut at Landa the price is cents Were chasing our said Dick Sparks Circle K Zone Manager in Austin We gear our prices off certain competitors and try to stay one cent under them Stop N Go is who we Our strategy is to offer quality gas at the best possible said Ginger Renfroe Man ager of Marketing Service for StopNGo in Houston We price by location and the com petitive environment in that Major petroleum the Cono co on the east side of 135 and Highway 46 is selling for cents a gallon The Texaco Phillips 66 Mobil Diamond Shamrock Chevron Exxon and Fina stations in town arc all selling their least expensive unleaded for cents a gallon Prices for the least expensive unleaded gas in the northeast portion of San Antonio are report edly and in San Marcos prices are Gas prices may soon increase however due to the Oct 1 addition of cents in taxes on gasoline and diesel to reduce the deficit under the provisions of the Revenue Reconciliation Act passed by Congress in August Federal excise tax on motor gasoline is now cents a Of that cents of each gallon taxed is des ignated for deficit reduction With the A 3 cents a gallon increase combined federal state and local taxes represent about 35 of the price of a gallon of gasoline Adding to the expense of gas arc the Clean Air Act requirement for lowsulfur diesel fuel for highway use which also went into cltca Oct 1 Under the new regulation diesel fuel for onroad use is limited to no more than percent sulfur by weight the average has been percent by weight The Environmental Protection Agency and refiners have estimated that the cost of supplying lowsulfur diesel fuel will be a few cents a gallon more than the cost of the previous highsulfur fuel The effect of the cents a gallon tax increase on the price of gasoline will depend on a number of factors including crude oil prices current petroleum products prices regional con 33rd Wurstfest set to begin tomorrow night From staff reports clitions competition in the marketplace and the individual decisions of the thousands of independent businessmen who ultimately set the price of the fuels they sell Ilx federal gasoline tax is imposed when the product is withdrawn from terminals and the monies arc then sent to the Treasury More than 60 entertainment groups including a 44 picce band from Winkels Germany and a special accordion entourage will appear at the upcoming 33rd annual Wurstfest a 10day showcase of German food music dance heritage and fun which begins tomorrow With more than 30 years of experience under their belt members of the Wurstfest Assopiation are prepaik ing for the best ever festival which wilrincludeactiv itics for each member of the said Wurstfest PresideTirGfaryTffrcf Slated for Oct 29 to Nov 7 Wurstfest is a Ger festival that attracts more than people from around the world to New Braunfels The festival features oompah and polka music sausage and strudel and focuses on New Braunfcls rich Gcrl man heritage Wurstfest consistently is rated as one the top events in North America Among the many entertainers appearing this year arc H Accordion great Myron Florcn best known for his days onthe Lawrence Welk Show making his 26th consecutive Wurstfest appearance B Friewilligc Fcucwehr Winkels a 44piccc brass band will perform for the first time in Texas Accordion Kings a music program produced by Texas Folklife Resources which will feature a variety of ethnic music traditions of Texas including Czech Creole Cajun and MexicanAmerican Jimmy Sturr a sixtime Grammy winner in polka music making his fourth Wurstfest appearance with his orchestra In addition to music and food special events are being planned for all ages including an exhibit that will feature handson activities for children designed to demonstrate Germanys history and its impact on many current traditions Wurstfest was organized in 1961 as a salute to the art of local sausage making T A L E S THE DEVILS BACKBONE PREDATOR EDITORS NOTKThe following Is the thtnl Installment of a continuing series of local ghost By BERT WALL Special to tho HtraldZollung It was an extremely hot August afternoon In 1Q83 and we were finishing up the last mile of fencing one of the Devils Backbone ranches It had been one rough project and all of us were glad to see the Job coming to an end One of the older gentlemen in the group had worked along these canyons and hills of Central Texas for many years On that hot afternoon I noticed him m he gashed across one of those deep canyons along the Backbone and when he took his hat off to wipe the sweat from his brow he began to chuckle 1 asked what was so funny Oh not much he said I Just couldnt help remembering something that happened right here several decades ago Guess Ive been around this old eourtry too After a little coaxing he told the following story It was 1W8 and most things in Central were getting back to normal with one It seems there wits a pralmor on tho lixisc ilmi had the locul ranchers up In amis us the continued hiiviiiB n IkId This animal killer stalked an uivu irom the Kmich Kmul mid Highway n junction on PIIM tinDev ils Dlamo leaving nspivyoi CHttle sheep mid joiits iptiMd iirmvi tryslde Flint hinehm bolted mips in o Catching the nirdiiUtr but hud no lurk with tlmt technique Nuxt they took their hunting doyn mul combed tho hills In an attempt tu inul dwvn the animal but no one even eaught glimpse ui the elusive killer After having tiled cveiyihiny thry knew lo do the pi hi rod mid daidfd it wan lime ID hire a piiileNuiuiml himtui The Wind went out mul within time SUCh a Clumiihi mi oldii man svhu hat spent most of lite time in tin kmditliipe Muiiiitmh ui WcM mrl Wild tin uliithru lit old Forresters Drug Slow now the ricck Cafejn Wimtjcrky He Hilii the miiikiK he witntid IUM onim i with them rtlier he up hit tump whit h lo in H Small Vdlley hCM h ftl K hmk bcluW olio o the ItarMuii Midi them within ID days he ucuM U back with their preda tor collect his pay und head back West Hume 35 ditys later rVinvsteiV Ho oiiNly tiied and haggard and quite unxlous to leave us he relayed the following report to the Not long niter setting up camp he found the utorV trail and wasted no time in setting his He ithti had no luck with that technique he would tind the traps sprung but the bait iehed TltU gave him the impression that pictUuii wri playing some suit uf game svlth him tnd in Mtised that he had become the prey it Miilkd Uitti iitv and night After many days of wlVMUliii lie iimillygot lucky h wifc late uue uHornoon M he on a Uack lid nvidiHiking he wiieh he lit h Vefi an Lliutmous white Weigh Ut 200 This beast hud huge red eyes and appeared to exhale fire from its nostrils The hunter finally spotted the predators resting place und within minutes ho reached the entrance to the cave As he peered Inside and suw the glow of the beasts red eyes intently staring back at him a cold chill surrounded him He then that this animal WQB truly not afraid of anything He mined his rifle aimed between the goats eyes and fired Then a sound roared between his ears but it was not that of hJs rifle being fired This parties iar sound he knew only too well was that of rattlesnakes The rattlesnakes llterully hundreds were everywhere and way towards the back of the cave he caught a glimpse of several and what appeared to be some gold coins lying on the floor finishing this report the hunter wasted no time in collecting pay and as he opened the cafe door to leave die Backbone forever he turned to the ranchers and said The Devil yep i was hunting the Devil and he is will out there After hiN departure the massive predatory slaughter of siotk did ceatiefur several decades but what about the killings out on the Backbone just three short years ago Todays Texas Lottery numbers are 15 14 24 35 38 Jackpot million