Wednesday, June 16, 1993

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 4

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Text Content of Page 4 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Wednesday, June 16, 1993

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - June 16, 1993, New Braunfels, Texas Fage A A Democracy cannot flourish without a vig orous tradition of free Michel Oksenberg EastWest 1992 T OR I A L S the right Canyon Lake EMS system has much to be proud of Earlier this HeraldZeitung printed a story which quoted a disgruntled relative of a drowning vic tim from Canyon Her and those of a doctor who was visiting the area when the incident took were negative in regard to the performance of the EMS equipment and personnel at Canyon Sometimes in the factgathering process some of the biggest facts are just plain left out or not emphasized The fact in question is that despite some defi ciencies in the Canyon Lake EMS there are many plus factors for which all area residents should be For it is a totally volunteerbased These men and have actually spent the night at their building despite being just volunteers just to make sure that the job would be done when it was needed to be deserve a pat on the Sure there are equipment needs and personnel needs that must be addressed and But the main thrust of such should not be any reflection on the efforts being put forth by those who volunteer with the Canyon Lake the points made in those stories earlier this week brought attention to the fact that there are real needs at Canyon When you send an army to do you arm them with the best weapons When you send people to save you should give them the tools to do Todays editorial was written by Mark Manag ing Editor of the The New Brnunfela HeraldZeitung welcomes letters on any public The editor reserves the right to correct punctua tion and known factual Letters should be kept to 250 We publish only original mail addressed to The New Braunfels Herald Zeitung bearing the writers an address and a telephone which are not for must be Please cite the page number and date of any article thatis Preference is given to writers who have not been published in the previous 30 Mail letters to Letters ii the Editor The New Braunfels HeraldZeitung Drawer 311328 New Texas 781311328 New Braunfels HeraldZeitung Editor nrid Sullens General DuVall Managing Lyon Marketing Dee Crockett Classified Relninger Circulation Ann Avery Pressroom Brandt Published on Sunday mornings and weekday mornings Tuesday through Friday by the Now Braunfels 707 Landa or Drawer New Sec ond class postage paid by the New Braunfels HeraldZeitung in New USPS 377880 Currjer delivered in Cornal and Guadalupe counties three six one Senior Citizen Dis counts by carrier delivery only six one Mail delivery outside Comal County in Texas three six one Mail outside Texas six one Subscribers who have not received a newspaper by Tues day through Friday or by on Sunday may call 210 625 9144 or 210 6581900 by 7 weekdays or by 11 on Postmaster Send address changes to the New Braunfels Herald Drawer New Opinion June Ode to a small town Twas the night before last when all through the civic There were so many people one could barely enter The council showed up and the media were All waiting to see if Ooodbread would take his An injunction by others NO Dont you dare sit Because if you do well throw a bigger The lights of the cameras were bright as the mem bers took the While wellbehaved citizens shouted in Im a Goodbread supporter my vote should count And where are the opponents that want this man out While half of the room shouted and A show of support for Benitez and Bremer was Where were the supporters of Sir Butch and Dan Were they on halfday paid vacations in some faraway land Were they filing more suits to backlog the courts Citing unheard of precedent and obscure torts Or were they at home watching the 10 oclock While uninformed San Antonio media obscured Gary Carroll both sides views Or were they waiting to read the reports of the Her ald or Before deciding which side they liked the best The attitudes change with every passing And as time passes they grow more bitter and My point is simple and Ill get to the crux The attitude from both sides to another really Never before in my 26 years of Have I seen such a small town with so much Even in New York people sat down to But in New Braunfels council members would rather get up and litigation and fights And we wonder why we make the TV highlights People concerned over image look for positive While others order a double shot of legalease from the Texas State Tis so sad for a town of such fine heritage and tra To be afflicted with such horrible a A breach of faith from one to the Has once again pitted brother against If youll stop and think of its really quite To know that future memories will be full of so much How many lawyers could it possibly To help pull this city out of the mire Five Ten Fifteen Or Twenty You can bet the number will be high and the price will be In New Braunfels ist das leben schon Not right but maybe sometime So shake a hand and pat a And give people just a little more Instead of arguing over whos wrong and Lets keep the goals of the city in Council should lead with and And youll gamer support every inch of every I feel certain youll get us out of this mess But I wish you luck and God IN AN EfftRTTO Diet supplements must back up all health claims By RICHARD L VERNAC1 Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON AP The gov ernment is ordering makers of diet supplements to back up all health claims they make on their The companies say consumers should be able to make up their own Agency documents obtained Mon day by The Associated Press say the dietary supplements will have to meet the same standards as other food products when they make health I think the FDA proposal will make it easier for consumers to make an informed choice when shopping for dietary said Bruce director of legal affairs at the Center for Science in the Public a consumer The dietary supplements are used by tens of millions of people who are trying to keep up or improve their The dietary supplement industry Analysis as we now know it would no longer said Gerald president of Natures a supplement com The most serious problem is peoples right to take care of their Kessler said the which were to be published today in the Federal would keep some products off the market or deny consumers the information they would need to use Requiring proof of effective ness would force the companies to spend years and millions of dollars on research that they cannot he People should be allowed to decide for themselves without interference from the Kessler When asked for examples of mis leading Silverglade names two supplements made by Kesslers company Ultra Male and Ultra Kessler said Ultra Male is a dietary supplement that is made for the nutritional needs of a Silverglade said its something made out of the prostate gland of a bull Kessler acknowledges it does con tain some glandular material but it also has vitamins and There are no claims made by Ultra Kessler said in a tele phone Ultra Hair likewise makes no claims to cure or halt the spread of just that it supplies some of the nutritional needs for Kessler Silverglade said baldness isnt caused by what you eat or dont This is the way the argument has gone on for FDA hopes its rules will help settle tlie The FDA has the legal power to enforce its including taking companies to court and seizing their Kessler says the agency can drive companies out of business with bad In the supplements labels will have to contain nutritional infor showing the amount of nutri ents in each In I dont like said president of the Council for Responsible an industry The real impact is felt by the A Louis Hams poll last year found some 76 million people in this coun try take diet Cordaros group puts that number at 100 mil said he had no quarrel with requiring that health claims on products labels be The question is to what degree of scientif ic certainty the companies will be required to a scale of one to with 10 being absolute Cor daro the FDA wants scientific proof that would rate somewhere between nine and while the indus try thinks five or six is Today in History By The Associated Press Today is June the 167th day of There are 198 days left in the Todays Highlight in History Thirty years on June the worlds first female space Valentina was launched into orbit by the Soviet Union aboard Vostok Her threeday mission coincided with the flight of another Soviet Valery who was aboard Vostok On this date In Queen of was imprisoned in Lochleven Castle in In in a speech in Senate candidate Abraham Lincoln said the slavery issue had to be A house divided against itself cannot In baseballs first Ladies Day took place as the New York Gothams offered women free admission to a game against the Cleveland New York In Ford Motor was In the National Industrial Recovery Act became It was later struck down by the Supreme Court In SO years comedian Charlie Chap lin married his fourth 18yearold Oona daughter of playwright Eugene in In Pope Pius XJJ excommunicated Argen tine President Juan Domingo a ban that was lifted eight years In Soviet ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev defected to the West while his troupe was in In Kenneth Gibson of became the first black to win a mayoral election in a major Northeast In President Carter and Panamanian leader Omar Torrijos exchanged the instruments of ratification for the Panama Canal Ten years ago Cheering crowds greeted Pope John Paul Has he began his second visit to his native Poland since becoming head of the Roman Catholic Five years ago Impeached and ousted Arizona Evan Mecham and his were found innocent by a Phoenix jury of concealing a campaign One year ago President Bush and Russian Pres ident Boris Yeltsin capped the first day of their Washington summit by announcing their countries had agreed to slash their longrange nuclear arse nals by Former Defense Secretary Cas par Weinberger was indicted on felony charges in the IranContra affair he was later pardoned by President Todays Birthdays Washington Post Chairwoman Katharine Graham is Author Erich Segal is Author Joyce is Actress Joan Van Ark is Boxer Roberto Duran is Thought for Today Not to know is Not to want to know is Not to hope is unthink Not to care is