Thursday, December 19, 1991

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 10

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Text Content of Page 10 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Thursday, December 19, 1991

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - December 19, 1991, New Braunfels, Texas Amusements New Texas December 1991 For Better or For Worse Peanuts HE DID NOT YOU STUPIP KIP YOU SHOULDNT YELL AT SOMEONE JUST BEFORE CHRISTMAS 6AT5BYU5EDTO LOOK ACROSS THE STREET AT THE 6REEN STAR ON TOP OF DAISYS ALL WHO CAN TELL ME WHY WE PUT A STAR ON TOP OF OUR CHRISTMAS TREES 3USTWF1LK Tumbleweeds ANY OUTLAWS TODAY IM THE TELLER ABSCONDING WITH THE A RICH TATTLETALE NAME OF AB MA L rivH4TS A WHV I flBOUT T WHAT COULD THEV Im 3U5T SPENDING fl FEW FOR flfW CON ANOTHER WOrTWN PflGK5 HER INNER TO AN PflRENTS HOUSE FOR CHRlSTWflS THEY HUE IN I SEE THEM fllLTHE DflVS UNDER THEIR WHflT COULD HflPPEN SLEEPING IN WHflT COULD P05SI8LV COULP A PONV COULP IT BE OWN TV OR A NEW A BLANKET Wizard of d Hows it 6 W nner T OK Im just nor ueed to sitting down ail day I I J and being sat 1 Marmaduke E SWINtS IN A THAT THERES THRfAT A Calvin and Hoboes THERES EVEN HUNGER IN i KNOW ITS HARD TO i PEOPLE STARVE SOME PEOPLE NEAJER GET EUOUGU TO A Wed be better off telling Marmaduke where we hid the Christmas Television log Horoscope THURSDAY 1991 TV Lljllnn Ft TX DECEMBER 19 DID Cons Stories Live News OJ O Show jDiff World Law Tonight Show cce of Rosie ONeill Lauding DO Family Movie of n Beverly 80210 Be a Hall ID OB Minchurlin Cindlditi Trek Stories Marquees Fllo de la Muerte el La World CD by the In the Cold of the Night d Hunters Coast to of Celebration of Birds D Secret Evening at the CGC iohnny Dinoirouily Mad Other Believers D Killing Mind For Hire jits Garry Molly B Money HZ MOV Penitentiary III Ministry ol Of Fluli 1942 MOV Strictly Desert Fleets In CD College Rank From Las L Mag American Muscle 30 Ttmlno of hi Ihrtw MOV fllwri lo Grew MOV Bachelor and the O She Cinl Buy Mi Uvi Bowl Greatest 1971 AllStar d Home Crosby Buys Town 1938 Christopher Columbus 0 Cbrlilmai ViciUon MOV Bhellorlno Sky tt of Saturday Nioht Live Dick Van Acres Ed fLooney Tunes Oobie Gillis Patty Reed B Funny Qlrl MOV North Dallti Forty Uke II 9 Shop JNashville Chase Dowling Mysteries Club With Pat Denver and the Rio Onnde Program 0 Once You Kits e Striooer of Rosle ONeill Landing Stagings n Games 9 Cons Stories Live 0 World Law Tonight Show Costas 0 Trek Hall Be Heroes By Stella Wilder Born you are a rather quiet and though you do not go out of your way to communicate with others at all hours of the your mind is constantly full of a wide vari ety of thoughts and ideas at a later can come in handy and Gove highly profitablel You are the nd to keep your own and to solve your own You are never one to stick your nose into the affairs of others though when invit ed you will now and again share the troubles of a good You have been endowed with a num ber of talents that you can explore en tirely on your You do your best work in private but on occasion you will show it off for You can be come frustrated when things do not go your and at these times you tend to turn even further inward and re main very much Also born en this Jtan dramatlati Clotly Stan Ivnnli To what ie in store for you to find your birthday and read the corresponding Let your birthday star be your daily Of 20 SAGITTARIUS tl You will learn something valuable today in your dealings with someone you had trusted CAPRICORN W As you try to instruct another you will learn a thing or two yourself about your area of AQUARIUS 18 You may become obsessed today with the accomplishment of something which others have all turned away from PISCES 19March ZO Youve got a surprise in store for a loved one who is soon to return Resist the temptation to reveal your secret ARIES March 21Aprll 19 If you want a thing done on time yuur best bet is to get busy and TAURUS April 20May ZO Take time out from what may be a busv schedule for some recreation with a friend or GEMINI May ZlJuoe ZO Your attention Is likely to be fixed on home and family despite your possi bly busy schedule at the CANCER June ZlJuly Pa tience Is a virtue as you wait for certain developments that will deter mine your next LEO July 22 Be sensi ble enough to tell only as much as oth ers need to know at this Certain things need not be VIRGO 22 You can capitalize on your own errors to day even though they may prove quite frustrating at LIBRA 21 A change of scenery can do you a great dial of good and increase your SCORPIO 21 Youll be ready for the well deserved rest which is no doubt In store when the workday comes to a Enjoy