Tuesday, November 26, 1991

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 3

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Text Content of Page 3 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Tuesday, November 26, 1991

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - November 26, 1991, New Braunfels, Texas New TOM 1M1 9 Crossword Dear Abby ACROSS 1 Edinburgh natives 6 Sour 10 14 Santas Helpers 15 Declare 16 Aboard 17 Lurches 18 Film actor 20 Excellent 21 Not many 22 Ship area 23 Pleased 25 Abandons 27 Be sorry for 30 Lids 31 Submarine 32 Breton and Cod 33 End 36 Loud noise 37 More exposed 38 Beach resort 39 Essential being 40 Political group 41 Looked toward 42 Card game 44 Compulsion 45 Fabric strips archaic 47 Musty odor 48 Still 49 Prohibition 50 Whirl 54 Not relaxing 57 Armadillo 58 Mlsplays 59 Art works 60 Canadian Indian 61 Simon 62 Small dog 63 DOWN 1 Vaccines 2 Asp or short 3 Bakery fixture 4 Fast message 5 US draft 6 Subdued 7 Declare 8 title 9 Numerical prefix 10 Actress Jodie 11 Narrow space 12 Activate 13 Auto parts 19 Some letters 21 Plump 24 Permit to 25 Movie dwarf 26 Constantly 27 Goldberg 28 Dark 29 Small fruit 30 A la 32 Transports 34 Roman date ftJZZLf SOLVED Husbands demand to tape sex is part of change 35 Seed cases 37 Verse maker 38 Blue flower 40 Garment 41 Llghthearted enjoyment 43 Stroke 44 Brown shade 45 Stands up 46 Within 47 Fake 49 Size 51 Curtail 52 Golf club 53 Nursemaid 55 Bribe 56 For shame 57 Triumphant shout DEAR ABBY Over the you have provided your readers with nu merous comrhertts and some serious your age and the changing technology have caught up with you and passed you The advice you gave Living a whose husband wanted to videotape their sex was so I had to let you know that you are out of touch with todays men and Todays women claim that the men in the Senate are not in touch with womens needs Professor Anita Hills charge of sexual harassment against Judge Clarence and you are not in touch with todays mens men have been capturing the sex act through pho tography since the invention of the for your a man does not have to have a tumor on the brain to possess an ageold had you been up on the video technology available today and attuned to male you would have given your correspondent at least one of the following options View themselves on the monitor without a tape in the Tape the act and she keeps the Make him agree that the two of them will be the only viewers of the Use the tape as a bribe to get all those things shes always wanted and couldnt get you need either to retire or get a male adviser for males prob ALPHONSE LOS ANGELES DEAR ALPHONSE BUSH I heard from other videowise male readers who also disagreed with my but there will be no mea culpas from this cor because Living a Night mare said that her husbands behavior had changed so notice ably that even his coworkers had mentioned the issue was not the husbands wanting to videotape their sex act it was his heavyhanded When she advised her husband that having their sex act captured on a videotape made her uncom he told her that he would not Have sex with her again unletfi it was on film And when the suggested they consult a marriage he flatly After her husband had been badgering her every night for two she finally wrote to I have always felt that what happens in the bedroom of two consenting adults is their own providing they are both agreeable and neither is The wife felt that his request was but he continued to badger her I con cluded that his behavior was Whether it was a symptom of a potentially lifethreatening illness would have to be deter mined by a medical I rest my case and stand by my even though its entirely possible that the husband was more brutish than braindam I already have a male ad I sleep with DEAR ABBY In a recent column in the Delaware you condemned the traditional Labor Day Pigeon Shoot in I was pleased to learn that you were com passionate enoughto have written to Dick Thornburgh in protesting tra and you asked him to please put an end to You said he re sponded with a courteous letter de fending the live pigeonshoot as a timehonored last on Elec tion Dick Thornburgh suffered an unexpected defeat in his race for the In the newspaper headlines read Wofford Stuns Thornburgh In sustaining this totally unex pected Dick Thornburgh must have felt as stunned as those doomed pigeons of Hegins for whom he re fused to take merciful JANICE DEAR JANICE I have re ceived a few letters asking if it was just a coincidence that the letter about Dick Thornburgh and the Labor Day Pigeon Shoot in Hegins appeared in my column just a few days before the Pennsylvania I assure it I am not so egotisti cal to presume that my column was in any way responsible for Thornburghs Suffice it to it didnt help him Read on DEAR ABBY Re Dick Thornburghs letter to you describ ing the Hegins Pigeon Shoot as a timehonored May I re mind him of a few other timehon ored Public hangings Segregation Cockfights Bullfights The caste system Apartheid Binding the feet of female in fants in prerevolutionary China to impede their growth Leaving elderly people out on the ice to die Some of these traditions needed a war to stop Others ended because they became I thank God we have people who see injus tices for what they and have the courage to fight for ROSALIE DEAR ROSALIE Thanks for I am reminded of the immortal words attributed to Edmund Burke the Irishborn British statesman The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do DEAR ABBY Greetings from Or Im writing concerning that POW bracelet which Karen Tamura of found in her It was engraved John am a and Ive air ways wished that I could have to but I was too young at the My older brother went and he came back a differj ent man psychologically Ive read thousands of pages about that war and talked to numerous and they are very reluctant to talk about if you cant find the family of John pleasd send me that POW I will put it on my wrist and wear it to mj or until all POWs have been returned or accounted GREGORY ORE DEAR GREGORY I have some happy news for Read on DEAR ABBY Im replying to Karen Tamura from John McKamey is alive and well and residing in Hes a wonderful man and Im proud that I met DENNY GLYNN AIR DUCT CLEANING When you turned on the heat did you Turn on the Dust Turn on your sinuses if Turn on your allergies Give us a We may have the Interior Environmental Services The Indoor Air Quality 6294161 Free inspection Stocks 512 6299772 PEZZULLI Podiatrist Dumbar Behind the Smokehouse 1150 81 East Exit Off IH 35 New TX 78130 NEW YORK AMR Corp AlliedSignat ALLTEL Cp AmStor i Amer Amcritech Amoco AndvkPtr Arklt Armcolnc AtiRichfM BikerHugh BellAd BellSouth Beth Steel Borden Caterpllr Centel CenlSo West Chrysler Coastal CocaCoU Colgate i ComlMetl CyprusMn DallSemic DeltaAirl DigiulEq Dillard DowChem Drcsserlnd duPont EstKodak Eljerlnd Enierch Exxon FtCtyBcp Flowcrlnd FordMotor OTECp GnDynim GcnElct GnMill GenMolort GnMotrE t GaPacif GlobMar n Goodrich Goodyear GlAUPac Gulf StaUt Haliburtn Hanion Houillnd IBM IntlPaper lohnilhn Kmart Kroger vjLTV Cp Litlon tod vjLoqeStar Lubyi Maxui MayDSt Medtrni Mobil Mooiao Motorola NCNB Cp Naviiur Nynex OryxEngy PccTcleili PanhECp PwweyJC PepBoyi Phelpi Pod PhllipPet Polaroid f Primcrica ProciGamb PubS NwMx SPePacCp o SaraL ScartRocb Sbrwlo i SmifcBchm SmlbBcb eij n AP Morning docks High Low 60Vi 39 36K 28 48 25 Vi 5 36V4 28 Vi Vi A 14V4 Vi f Southern Co SwilAirl s SwstBell SterlingChm 19V4 19 45 45 Vi 30Vi 39 Vi I 68Vi t 127 126VJ 49Vi Vi 45 46Vi 7 f 15V4 Vi 1 1516 1 49 30Vi I 52Vi 47 Vi 37H 48X A 9Vt 31 19 19 f 94V4 40Vi 1 1 87 4 4 27 Vt 52V4 SIM H 73Vi 73 Vt 60 Vi 61 Vi Vi 75 26 26 IS t Tcmpllnl Tenneco Texaco Texas Ind Texaslnst Tex Util Textron USWst USXMar n USXUSS n UnCarbde UnPac t UnilTech Unhel Unocal WalMt WestghEl Wolwth Xerox Cp ZenilhB 30 27 28 57 57 57 4 274 17 17 17 76 43 43 43 35 34 34 59 58 58 19V4 19 19V4 28 28 40 40 404 37 37 34 34 27 26 27 26 25 25 17 17 17 45 45 45 47 47 23V4 22 22 23 23 M 48 47 16 15 16 M 26 25 25 61 60 6 6 Market up NEW YORK AP The stock market was marginally higher today in technical The Dow Jones average of 30 industrials was up points at in the first hour and a half of Advancing issues outnumbered by about 9 to 7 in nationwide trading of York Stock Exchangelisted with 756 588 down and 571 Big Board volume totaled million shares as of 11 on Wall The an advance following a positive perfor stocks overnight in foreign issues were higher at the close in Tokyo and in London at Stocks surged when trading opened on Wall with the Dow up about 20 but prices soon a first vice presi dent at Prudential Securities called the initial move a technical Stocks were drawing little support from the bond where prices were rising following the release of data showing consumer confidence has sunk to its lowest since the 1982 The Conference Board said con sumer confidence dropped sharply in November for the second consecutive with 49 percent of the parti cipants surveyed characterizing busi ness conditions as Among actively traded Big Board BristolMyers was down at 7614 RJR Nabisco was up at 9A Ford was down M at was unchanged at 36VS National Medical Enterprises was up Vt at 12 and General Electric was unchanged at 65 The NYSEs composite index of all its listed common stocks was up to At the American Stock the market value index was 1991 CHRISTMAS ARTS CRAFTS SHOW NORED BY THE LULING CHAMBER OF COMMERCE JOIN ME rtMMUG NOVEMBER 30 in LONGER PARK 300 MAGNOLIA CRAFT FOOD BOOTHS OPEN BBQ LUNCHES BAKED POTATOS SANTA 200400 TSJUSNKMCME CMKSUOUTA DMK fllE THUS FREE REFRESHMENTS AND LIVE ENTERTAINMENT AT eft4yp Compare Beltone price and YouU find the rest just dont compare with After we have over fifty years of experience serving the hearing impaired Call for a FREE Hearing Test ir your community OMAS Gift HAUS IT My Btllont Canal havt ktlptd mt to luar hour and ajoy lift We ship anywhere in the United States 6253280 for Free ii 5 i s t t 17Vi 68H 68 A 68V 25V4 25H 2514 Vi 34 34 Vi 81 Vt 80H Vi 9 8H U 10H 49Vi 48H 48H Vi 36H 36H Vi 23 22H 7QH 70Vi 7QV4 Vi 62H 62i TRAVELING FOR THE HOLIDAYS EXECUTIVE TAXI SERVICE OFFERING 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