Friday, November 15, 1991

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 6

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Text Content of Page 6 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, November 15, 1991

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - November 15, 1991, New Braunfels, Texas Amusements November 15 1991 New Texas For Better or For Worse i THfTT I DON T WANT TO 6ET HIT IN THE STOMACH THE PRETTY 600P SIR MOW CAN VOU CATCH THE BALL IF YOURE 5TANPIN6 BEHIND A TREE Tumoieweeas BETTSY LEE THE NEXT STAGE FROM DALLAS WILL BRIN YOU Cathy HOU CflN ACCEPT THE MEM IN A I DONT I DONT TOTflLLV UN Wizard of Id BUT I HflVE IDEfl TO WHV ITS NOT POSSIBLE TO EVER fl CLUE WHflTS ON WITH I WIN I DONT CflTHS You 10 an wtft Gasoline Alley flyweight A CHEAP sAse IN have narrowed it down to two Marmaduke A LOTf THepe6 ONLY TWV6 YOU HAVE to KNOW ABOUT THAT YOU COULP Calvin and Hobbes Early morning walks werent bad Now we have to watch I you grab was that concept just a little too Carl Television log FRIDAY Horoscope NOVEMBER 15 I 35 News QDOD by Talk Boas Torilght Show CD O Week Be Bluet Trek la Show de Paul 45 La World 3D HMky V Mo CD dlite OD H Lilt Winter FloWs aooMo 02 Vltil 8frH For 0 a In luMmite Stringer MOV Out of to Dark 5 MOV CroeodUe DundM FlMtt IN Wdl Mm AMrtiMri lor O She PrtMMt Warrior r a In MOV MM OM rj USA O of Col Basketball iFight Bowl Wrestling O Bear Hotk Wall Eitreme 1987 MOV of FMM Potto NICK 32 TB 01 TNN O FAM Mindy j Super man Dick Van Dyke met smart MOV Kenny Rows it ttw Gambler Adventure On Stage Texas Nashville Now Uttto Prlwasi father Dowllnq Mysteries MOV Kinjlte ForbMdM Subjects niicncuuK 19831 Chase 700 Club With Pat nbIBB OnSUpe Bordertown Nlfht Court Videosvhcrasy Kojak Eltctra t Nashville ta Muo 1973 Chase MOV Forty OHM 1957 MOV Maowun Foreo KTB 9 KVU KXAN wF of the Unknown 0 Fmly Matters Step by Step Mattock 0 Americas Most Wanted Burnett 0 Strangers 0 Flesh n Blood Talk o Dear John 0 Hidden Guard 0 Reasonable Doubts 0 Star Trek News News Nil Married Tpnlflht S Arsenic Justice 0 Niphtline CNN Letterman Can Be ABCs In 1 JCNN 91 o Friday Hogan Heroes Stella Wilder Born you can claim patience as one of your greatest You never seem to be in a even when you are racing against the You are perfectly willing to wait until the time is right before you stake your claim to fame and you are not one to be concerned with con ventional standards of you know what gives you plea sure and and you are sin gleminded in your pursuit of You have been endowed with one talent that exceeds all others in ex citement and and you are likely to identify it at an early age and develop it fully throughout your life is not due to any stroke of brilliance on your part it is merely the best practical in your Alto born on this date are Geor gia painter Erwin Rom German lank commander in Yaphet To see what is in store for you to find your birthday and read the corresponding Let your birthday star be your daily 16 SCORPIO 21 You are intrigued by a philosophy that is very different from your own There is much to be SAGITTARIUS 21 You are neither here nor there to but somewhere in the its time to take a more definite CAPRICORN 19 Concentrate on present Thoughts of the future can inform cur rent but dont AQUARIUS Your own state of mind and train of thought is more valuable to you today than an understanding of PISCES WMarcb 20 Should you be called upon to take re sponsibility for a large have a go but dont forget planning ARIES March 21Aprll 19 Youll find it more satisfying to your thoughts squarely on The past will sort itself TAURUS April 20May 20 You wont be able to sum up the days les1 sons in a simple sentence or ItlJ take some GEMINI May 21June 20 yourself more to the moments at hand You prepare so much Be willing to improvise a CANCER June 21July 22 planations are likely to be futile todays Much is bound to happen that will transcend normal LEO July 22 Pay ats tention to what young people have tcjh tell you The lessons an has to offer are especially t1 VIRGO 22 Logic has no place in the performance ment of your let pasts preparation lead you down the p LIBRA 22 The J pace is likely to quicken even after you establish a pace that iss quicker than