Wednesday, November 13, 1991

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 6

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Text Content of Page 6 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Wednesday, November 13, 1991

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - November 13, 1991, New Braunfels, Texas Amusements For Better or For Worse New Texas Peanuts November 13 1991 COHERE UJERE YOU YOU KICK THE ILL CATCH Tumbleweeds O DISAPPEAR MYSTERIOUSLY Wizard of Id THE WARRIOR RETREAT HELPS WEN FIND WHAT CIVILIZATION TOOK LOOK AT WOWEN AR5 CCrtPETINO FOR OUR OUR PARKlNfr SPOTS AND OUR DISK WE MOV60 INTO OUR CLUBS AND OUR WEAR OUR OUR AND NOW ME CANT EVEN ACT LIKE AROUND FOR FEAR Of SOfflE THE Time HAS come FOR us TO WASH THE MOUSSE FROM WHATS LEFT 07 OUR RUM BrtRECHESTEO THE BMT ON DMA1S AND FEEL WHflT T IS TO BE A MAN f f I HAVE HOUR Room BOOKED THE BASE HAKE SURE THEV OfFER A LOW PLATE FOR T KM Gasoline Alley become called you in I of us Nina and I want to slow down and take a long y thinh of retiring ear THe FASTEST IN Marmaduke aff i r CALL OTA BIT OP A Calvin and Hobbes IM I PUT ON SOU DONT IDOVCCDOL That leftover pot roast will become hash for so forget your taste Oh my 60s skins are back Horoscope Television log NOVEMBER 131 PM DO Bicklleld In Motion Hunter News Court 0 Seinfeld Leap Tonight Show Hours Geographic Special Children at Weird Sclenci Be a Hall Black Trek Stories La World QD Hot Punult Licence to Kill H QD Evening at the Century The War 0 Tluli KM Way ft It Tom Jones Bttto for iw MorrM OK Sudte Md SlmptM For Garry 01 Money K Hurts el Darkness MOV Fwy Oni Minute lo Four JHIi In JMP Trad ItfNt Volume Mhwto to Zore 19 Lovi Kills Prime Time King Kong 1986 IdW MOV Miitmiitw MOV Tin Ita AN MM 0 Aerobics 0 Semifinal Surfing iFlght From Las Vegas o Disney MOV Enter Pande DllUi 1990 0 I MOV Blw TkHRMr MOV Enter the Dragon OratfW MMM i Tunes Coble Duke iDonna 9 Orav Udy Down MOV lows of two Jlmo Lynn Chase Club With Pat Cockeyed Cowboys of Coltco Comfy Program OHM UMH Out Mu Two Mutes for Motor Ion of the Crime Night iMkNcM to NWton 59 Court n Leao Tonight Show Diary PMtocI Munkr Trek Hall Be Told Heroes Born you can be rather rest especially when things are not go ing entirely your and your con siderable willpower and desire for complishment are likely to keep you jorever involved in complex and com plicated you have a tremendous store of both physi cal and mental energy you rarely work yourself into and you to be able to outlast virtually anyone with whom you find yourself competing You are imaginative and quite ide alistic at but you are no idle you apply even the most outlandish and farfetched ideas to your everyday with the result that your dreams very soon enter the realm of possibility lat You know how to get things done CAPRICORN 19 You will likely play an vated role in the affairs of others to Watch out for the unexpected AQUARIUS 18 A little more insight into your own intetj tions is necessary before you really have a go at those new PISCES WMarch 20 4 Your quest for popularity today may bring you in contact with an unpopular This conflict can be ARIES March 21April 19 What you are after is attainable today but is it really the best for you in thj long run Answer this question soonS TAURUS April 20May 20 Your need for companionship is likely to be in fullswing is at i GEMINI May 21June 20 Yoi may want to make changes at this time that are not only highly complex but possibly j CANCER June 21July 22 It Alto born on thio date art Rob trt Louis author Charlto actor Paul Si mon To see what is in store for you to find your birthday and read the corresponding Let your birthday star be your daily 14 SCORPIO 21 Your imaginative powers may escape you Take a gay J8on your at some point during the take an ing closer study than SAGITTARIUS 21 A bit of honest criticism is likely to come your way today from a source you can trust as being has taken you tome time to come this turning Now that youre take full advantage of it LEO July 22 Your hid den sensitive nature may take a beat Ing today from someone who is aware that you may be VIRGO 22 Dont let others take advantage of tor LIBRA 22 Youn considerable strength and prowess if certain personal endeavors will serve you well throughout the