Tuesday, November 12, 1991

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 4

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Text Content of Page 4 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Tuesday, November 12, 1991

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - November 12, 1991, New Braunfels, Texas Records Page 4 New Texas Police Blotter Television log November 1991 New Braunfels Police Department blotter from 7 8 to 7 11 unfounded and noreports not Friday morning Landa Officer Family 200 block West Officer 100 block Officer 100 block Officer Friday afternoon Found 1 Officer Accident with property 500 block Officer 339 Criminal police department Officer Accident with property Knights of Columbus Officer Friday evening 100 block Ruek Officer Criminal trespassing inves tigation 100 block Officer Accident with property Officer Traffic Officer Traffic Officer Steven tres 100 block Officer 1000 block Interstate 35 Officer Burglary of motor Landa Officer Robbery by 700 block Texas Officer Canine 700 block Tex as Officer Steven Criminal 700 block Officer Traffic Ruck Officer Criminal 900 block Officer Motor vehicle Officer Steven Lone Star Ice Officer Burglary of 700 block Officer Traffic Officer Criminal 600 block Officer Criminal Hin man Officer Accident with property Hillcrest at Officer Criminal Eli Officer Saturday morning Traffic Tex as 46 Officer Traffic Tex as 46 Officer Unsecured burglary of 1500 San Officer Canine 1500 block San Officer Steven Stop N Officer I Traffic 81 at Officer Steven Wald Officer Canine Officer Steven Civil 500 block Officer Criminal 900 block Officer Accident with property Interstate 35 southbound at Officer Traffic Officer Michael Saturday afternoon Traffic Live Officer Stalled Main Officer Traffic 1200 block Officer 247 100 block Officer Burglary of motor Officer r Trams Officer Landa It Officer Saturday evening I TUESDAY I 1001 TV Misdemeanor intoxicated Kcnos Drive Officer Traffic 2300 block Loop Officer vehicle Officer Accident with 2200 block Officer Accident with property Officer Misdemeanor 200 block Officer Traffic Con Traffic Main Officer 300 block Tan Officer Canine 300 block Officer Traffic Loop at Officer Canine 300 block Officer Accident with property 900 block Officer Criminal 200 block San Officer 1500 block San Officer Sunday morning Accident with 2200 block Officer 500 block Officer Canine Mill at Hil Officer Burglary of motor vehi Wurstfest Officer Criminal 800 block Vista Officer of 500 block Officer Traffic Han Officer Traffic San Officer Canine Interstate 35 at Officer Steven Wal nut at Officer Sunday afternoon Aggravated 100 block Officer Accident with property Texas 46 South at city Officer Michael Suspicious 1500 block Officer Accident with property 100 block Officer Hidal Officer Wal nut at Officer Cali fornia at Officer Sunday evening Misdemeanor intoxicated Texas Officer Terroristic 100 block Officer City 600 block Officer of 2000 block San Officer Family 600 block Officer Other 600 block Bodily 100 block Officer Bodily 600 block Officer DisturbanceAerroristic 700 block Officer Summary 253 total calls for Total response time average was Total oniite time average Total expired time average 7PM fT 111Tfl foT 1 Diabolical Minds 8PM Roseanne n Coach o Law Order n it tut ID KM Rescue 911 MOV Who Framed How Rsbfcfl 0PM Homefrontn First Person n NewsHour 0 Q0KWIX a mo MOV Twins 1988 MOV Predator 1987 CarnePropla jDelaMuerte Overboard Terra X Smlthsonlon Biography m Cherry 2000 Dona Bella 10PM NJW8 Frontline dn Be Told WKRP Its a living Love Connect Brioada Especial MASH Married MOV QoodFellai 19901 Invention Beyond Endangered World Notlclero MOV Virtuoso MOV H Happened it Hit WotMl Frif 1963 urn Real Story Confessions iHldden Room at m o 117 o MM lit TNN MM 9 WON KTBC NVUE KXAN KBVO MOV Masirtitna of Hie Moon Monsieur Beauealra Veronica Clare Steal a Deal ISmart Money 11PM Hunter Tonight Show 0 Cheers Coaby Making Sense of the Sixties Candid Arsenk Hall n Star Trek Next 12AM NlghtHiM Newi ACt I 051 lenerman Oft Air HnPOHIDW La Movtda Wlrm HBO Comedy An Evtnlna it the Improv IBtooraphv Hour IE iBk 1990 west Dm ol the Century MOV Him Tsrte 1974 Spenter For Hire Real Story Irta Parry iMolty Oodd MOV Ante Turn 1990 MOV Sfra lh Limit 1943 Wlms IC081 Foxworth MOT DM She Wrote JTuesday Night Fights Larry Holmes TBA iMacGwer NBA Pistons at Bulls MOV Dhtv Pwr TN Nrt Mtokfl Cent Expedition Earth IC201 MOV Dtftv lAmazIng Russia I lEquallier SportsTalk I NBA Rockets at Mavericks I New Kids In House My Fair lady 1964 Spirit SportsCenter Biathlon iPowder Mao SelfImprovement Qutde Btnl a Oett iSmsrt Money ntl IE lies 1993 Crtss Cuss 1949 Tuesday Ntoht Fights MOV iext HmUs 1904 MOV Botfcy V 1990 Isuperman JDIck Van Dyke Eureekas e IGet Smart Grand Slam L On Stage Rln Tin Tin Church Witness Crazy About the Movies Dragnet Hitchcock College Washington at Southern Cal MOV Mamt M on Bio 1984 Green Acres Nashville Now MOV Party Maioa Betutna 1985 iMr Ed MOV Childs Play 1988 Father Dowling Mysteries 0 Chase 700 Club With Pat Robertson News Rescue 911 MOV Who Framed Roger RabhH 1988 Full House n n the Heat of the Night 0 Roseanne 0 Icoach Law Order 0 MOV A Fistful of Dollers 1964 Homefront 0 First Person n Star Trek Next On Stage Bordertown Nlflht Court News News News Night Court Church Looney Tunas M MOV I Oobie Glllls MOV PrslsMliMts 1966 jPattyOuke 1991 Nashville Now MOV Bnrtlim OToote 1973 Kojak Paid Program Urban Angel o Nlghtllne Tonight Show 0 Arsenio Hall 0 CNN News JNIght Games Studio 590 Letterman Can Be Told CNN News Costas Hoff Horoscope By Stella Wilder Born you are pragmatic and passionate and your emotions and viewpoints are wound up tightly inseparable and they inform most of what you do with your Your are sensual and even ambitious when it comes to the con quest of members of the opposite sex and this is certainly something if not can get you into more than your share of trouble You experience disbelief quite rarely nothing seems to take you by You are highly and you stick to your guns regardless of the hardships you may have to endure the stars shine on you in such a way that hardship is something you should experience very little of in your That which you do is likely to be of your own Also born on this date are Prin cess Grace of formerly Grace actress Neil rock To see what is in store for you to find your birthday and read the corresponding Let your birthday star be your daily 13 SCORPIO 21 You neednt put too much effort into the af fairs of the Apply yourself only as SAGITTARIUS 21 You must be willing to throw your self into the days body and A competitive edge can be CAPRICORN 19 Thought and action will be closely linked at this Your responses to others may be oddly colored AQUARIUS Logic will find little shelter through out a day demanding the utmost in in intuitive PISCES 19March 20 You will find yourself infatuated with someone who is very different from It just might work ARIES March 21April 19 You neednt explain yourself to others to for your motives and methods are sure to be easily TAURUS April 20May 20 Dont turn your back on those things that may contain hidden opportuni Be prepared for anything GEMINI May 21June 20 Keep your opinions to yourself today even avoid formulating opin ions just Just CANCER June 21July 22 Be willing to admit when you dont know something and youll be that much closer to learning all about LEO July 22 Thoughts and feelings may be competing for status within your own personality to Neither must emerge the VIRGO 22 Your attempts at anticipating the days events may pay off but not because you know anything others dont LIBRA 22 You may find it more difficult than usual to block out negative influences real risks are Dear Abby Trip to mailbox may end at altar DEAR ABBY youve done it again You can now put another notch in your success column for Operation Dear Last I wrote a let ter to Any Serviceperson and sent it to the Persian Gulf as a part of your I never really expected a but I received one from a Patrick which 1 answered Wo BOOH learned that we had u lot in common His name is my namn IK Patty hes Im Irish Catholic hes one of seven Im one of seven kids he went to an all boys Catholic I went to an all girls Catholic school we both have dreamed of biking through We also share many of the same beliefs family and When Pat returned to the we started talking on the We have had threeand fourhour long Dont ask about our telephone bills I finally broke down and told him that I was abso lutely nuts about him He then con fessed that he felt the same way about We finally met in Cincinnati over the Labor Day weekend and had a sensational We knew there wan no doubt about it we were right for each Pat sent me a plane ticket so I could visit him at Fort and our romance He will get outof the service in about six after which he plans to move to Milwaukee and make spoiling me a fulltime Thats wonderful be CBUWJ hes the most important person in my Dear thats the saga of Pat and How can I ever thank you PATTY DEAR PATTYi You just DEAR READERS time to hoiit the fluff keep your powder damn the torpedoes and full ahead In other Don president of the 1001 America Remembers Campaign vent the new addresses for our young men and women serving in the This for the first troops stationed in the United States will be included thanks to the help of the Armed Services These troops will be on duty over Some are patients in a military Your letters and good ies will be wonderful morale I hope that you will open your hearts to those who must be separated from their families for the ABBY For members of each branch of the service in Mail should be addressed to Dear America Remembers Korea ATTN Operation Dear Abby Unit 15627 APO AP 062020006 For troops in Turkey helping with Operation Provide Mail should be ad dressed on the inside to Dear America Remembers Operation Provide Comfort ATTN Operation Dear Abby Incirfik Air Base APO AE 00258 For Marines in Mail can be addressed to Dear Marine or Dear America Remembers Ma ATTNs Operation Dear Abby Camp Foster USO PSC 557 Box 748 FPO AP 068700748 For soldiers in Mail can be addressed to Dear Sol dier or Dear America Remembers Army ATTN Operation Dear Abby Public Affairs Officer 2nd ACR APO AE 00008 We have three aircraft rier battle groups that will be away from home over Mail can he addressed to Dear Sailor or MDear USS Independence battle group America Remembers USS Indy Battle Group ATTN Operation Dear Abby Public Affairs Officer USS Independence CV62 FPO AP 066182760 USS Dwight Eisenhower battle group America Remembers the Ike Battle Group ATTN Operation Dear Abby Public Affairs Officer USS Dwight Eisenhower CVN69 FPO AE 095322830 USS America battle group America Remembers USS America Battle Group ATTN Operation Dear Abby PAO USS America CV66 FPO AE 095312790 For sailors and Marines sta tioned at San Diego who will be on duty over Christmas or in the Mail can be addressed to Dear America Remembers the Navy Marines ATTN Operation Dear Abby Armed Services YMCA 500 West Broadway San 02101 DEAR ABBY I recently remar My new husband was also pre viously How should I intro duce my first husbands relatives who ore my former inlnws I urn very friendly with my exhusbands nieces and SECOND TIME AROUND DEAR SECOND There is no reason to call attention to the fact that you were formerly re lated by Just intro duce your exinlaws nieces and dear or old and save the explana tory details for subsequent Published Sunday Thursday and Friday afternoons by New Braunfels 707 Landa or Drawer New Terns Second Class postage paid by New Braunfels HeraldZeltung at New DAVID SULLENS Editor and Publisher STEPHANIE FERGUSON Managing Editor CHERYL DUVALL Business Manager JIM HORNBECK Advertising Director CAROL ANN AVERY Circulation Manager QU8 ELBEL Pressroom Foreman KAREN REININQER Classified Manager Carrier delivered In Comal and Ouadalupe counties three six JO one Senior Citiuns Discount carrier delivery six one Mall delivery outside Comal In Texas three JO six one Mall outside Texas six JO one If you nave not received your newspaper Tuesday through or by call 6239144 or 6581900 by 7 and 11 Postmaster Send address changes to Drawer New Texas 781311328

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