Tuesday, November 12, 1991

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

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Text Content of Page 1 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Tuesday, November 12, 1991

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - November 12, 1991, New Braunfels, Texas One 10 Pages Divided council elects a mayor IIMI City officials elect Brandt by 43 margin By MARK WARNKEN City Editor The New Braunfels City Council on Monday by a 43 vote elected at large Council Member Clinton Brandt as mayor and by the same slim mar gin voted to keep Ramon Chapa as mayor pro Loraine Kraft and Bill Arnold voted for while the votes of Rudy James Goodbrcad and Paul Fraser went to Council members voted the same way on the question of removing Chapa as mayor pro Two weeks the council deadlocked in a vote for the oneyear mayoral with Chapa nominating and voting for According to the city the council elects a mayor from among its Four votes are needed to elect a Goodbread resigned as mayor on 14 at the same time as former City Manager Paul Grohman in the culmination of a divisive monthlong council The simultaneous resignations followed a dispute in which Groh man faced allegations that included attempting to influence staff members during two recent city elections and in which Goodbrcad faced Grohmans allegations of charter violations and other Both have denied the bilbw for reunification After the Brandt promised the numbering about that the council would unite in the best interests of the I know a lot of people are unhappy tonight and a lot of people are and thats understandable because of what we have been going the new mayor I would like to say we are going to work very hard where you dont have to sit in here and watch a council thats not acting in your Were going to work very hard to do and I just ask for your patience and your support on this because I think all seven of us will get together now and start to Brandt Afyer the Chapa said he voted for Brandt as a step to help unite the casting aside his oftenstated desire for the mayors Basically I want the city to go and we have to start uniting one of these and tonight was the Chapa I feel that with my job in San and being I would have been unfair to either my job or to the citizens he Therefore I decided to go with who I thought would be an appropriate candidate for and thatjyas The mayor pro tern said he will work with those three council members who voted to remove saying he respected their Chapa said he has changed his mind about pursuing his allegations that racial prejudice blocked him from the mayors I want to apologize to the citizens of New Braunfels for acting in that Chapa I think1 was a little rash in behaving the way I I think some of my problems have to do with my personal and I accept my responsibility for Fraser said the stilldivided council more than needs strong We havent got a united council and Im awfully sorry to say he Anybody who saw the count of the vote knows what Theres three people who feel one way and four that feel Ill work with the new and Ill work with the mayor pro but Ill expect a lot of See Page 2 l New Mayor Clinton replaces former Mayor James Photo by Mark Warnken Stjmmiwr i Moments after the New Braun fels City Council elected its new mayor a citizen stormed out of the packed meeting and announced to a group of followers that its time to oust certain council members in a They do not listen to the citi zens of New said David a resident who said he represented only Now they will have to account for their whose words were met w w frustration at the inability of citizens a mayor and at the suspicion that some council actions especially the settlement with former City Manager Paul Grohman Wallace have been tainted by secret deals made without regard to publi Were hot hiaking any more underthetable Participants in a recall petition will meet at 7 Wednesday in the Torrey Place Apartments club at 575 Torrey to decide which council members they want to remove and to start the petition that begins the recall Wallace said he expected that the recall group wjll target new Mayor Clinton Mayor Pro eil Members Bill Arnold and Lor aine t If these people are then it will put the city in a position where they cant hold a legal coun cil until an but thats bet ter than what weve got right Wallace He said that before the recall process can a petition must be signed a number of regis tered voters that equals 30 percent of those who participated hi the 2 Federal thumb lifting from Comal County j ail stammtisch By MARK WARNKEN Staff Writer A San Antonio federal judge has approved a settlement in the long leg al battle over jail conditions that in four months likely will end federal court supervision of the Comal Coun ty jail system for the first time since Federal Judge John Primonos I finding last week that the proposed settlement was fair begins a 120day monitor ing period by appointed monitor Bill Musser of Sari a retired said Rheinlander County Attorney Nathan If at the end of the four months the county is deemed to be in substantial compliance with the the suit will be dismissed and the county will be released from further court This has been a major effort on the part of a number of county person Rheinlander We have beerj able to achieve our primary goal releasing the county from court supervision at a relatively minimal particularly considering the last time we litigated this matter it was necessary to build an entire new jail In New Braunfels resident Robert an inmate at the old Comal County sued the former sheriff regarding jail conditions on the behalf of inmates then and in the Instead of going to both par ties agreed to a settlement requiring Comal County to build the new jail on San Antonio Street and to adopt cer tain policies and Condi tions of the courtapproved agree still in effect arc included in the inmate In the summer of Delgado was again this time in the new and he filed a motion for con tempt with the federal court alleging more than 70 violations of the earlier again on the inmates The allegations were legally refuted by the In March of this the parties agreed to another settlement after a courtordered 12hour mediation During the course of we were able to demonstrate that the great majority of his claims were simply not supported by the Rheinlander Our jail has a per fect record with the Texas Commis sion on Jail Standards and is used on a contract basis by the federal marshals service to house federal with regular inspections conducted by both the state and marshals On the other by agreeing to the 10 or 12 areas we we were able to meet our main which was to be out from under the federal court and to be out he Rheinlander said the county was adamant that this second approved by the Commissioners Court in include a provision for a prompt and definite end to court as opposed to the earlier openended This provi sion included the impartial thirdparty monitoring the countys compliance for four months once the judge approved the Under the first an inmate could raise a complaint and drag the county back into court simply by invoking the openended jurisdic tion of the fedeiiN The new set tlement includes an end to this jurisd essentially making it much more difficult for an inmate to take the county to Rheinlander The new settlement includes new phone equipment in the noncontact visitation areas new recreation equip ment and changes to the visitation and recreation good for the goose A duck waits for a treat as 13monthold Cody Lell gets a natgre lesson at Landa Park from his Jodi The Lell family moved to New Braunfels just a few days prior to the excursion to the Photo by Bill Ervln works at reunification By MARK WARNKEN Cily Editor New Braunfels City Council members agree that the council will be able to work together In the citys best although opin about the possible degree of that unity Newly elected Mayor Clinton Brandt sakl the council will be able to start fresh in a new begtoning after deciding mayor aod nmy or pro tem auction during meeting He blamed the recent division on outside stances that have now right now that has not given us the opportunity to get together to work w Brandt 1 think that now we have a mayor pro tem and acting city we can now get together and work for the Mayor Pro Tem Ramon Chapa said despite the possibility of many votes in the the cQunci will be able to once again unite and move forward with city Theres definitely two sides on the my as time goes is going to be very vital because Im ping to be mating finai swing vote on Impasse number of to Best wishes The New Braunfels Herald Zeitung wishes happy birthday today to Laurence Andrew Gabriel Kim Brittney Gayle Mark Lagunas Bobby Ray Pearl Diane Alvarez Linda Gomez and Marty Belated birthday wishes to Robert Margaret Cabel Michele Laura Albino Guerrero III and Terry Turkey scramble A 4man turkey scramble golf tournament is slated for 24 at 1 at Lees Par located on Klein The cost is per person and the proceeds will benefit Teen To sign up call Lorry Blinder at 6259512 or Lee at Lees Par 3 at 2 Good Day Cloudy and cool conditions will continue today as the high reaches the high The high temperature in New Braunfels Monday was 71 and the low was For more weather information sec page Inside DEAR TV

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