Thursday, November 7, 1991

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 3

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Text Content of Page 3 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Thursday, November 7, 1991

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - November 7, 1991, New Braunfels, Texas Crossword New Texas November 1991 ACROSS 1 Opposing 5 Attire 9 Employees 14 Forsaken 15 Seaweed product 16 The Musketeers 17 Kind of bio 18 19 Way 20 Actress 22 Asked 24 Vendor 26 Doctors aide 27 Eulogize 29 officer 30 Achieved 33 Hindrances 37 Cause of distress 38 Classic works 39 Container 40 Cheese source 41 Inclination 42 Equlnes of old 44 Shirt shape 45 Slangy term of address 46 Overstuff 47 Church groups 49 Dishonor 53 Replica 57 Matriarchs 58 Foolish one 59 Having a stench 61 Gun inventor 62 Liable 63 Nobody 64 German river 65 More logical 66 Skiers delight 67 Precious DOWN 1 Aromatic wood 2 Duke or earl 3 Warble 4 Mind 5 6 Rlpener 7 Bird 8 Fireplace fuel 9 Underline 10 The ones there 11 In routlnlzed 12 Celebration 13 Nurture 21 Comes close to 23 Coffee containers 25 Robot play 28 Illustrations 30 Platform 31 About 32 Tunisian officials 33 Liability 34 Weapon 35 Rake part 36 And not 37 Audacious 40 on idolized PREVIOUS PUZZLE SOLVED 42 Actuality 43 Possessed 45 Nastier 47 UK weight unit 48 Wise one 50 Soap substitute 51 toast 52 Chemical compound 53 Mischief makers 54 Unit of poetic meter 55 Press 56 El warm Pacific current 60 Moisture Attorney announces he will run for David assistant county attorney of Comal has announced his candidacy for the office of Guadalupe County The 27yearold resident ofSeguin is seeking the Democratic nomination for county attorney in the 1992 who was formerly first assistant county attorney for Guadalupe said he outlined a series of proposals designed to reform the Guadalupe County Attorneys The areas of reform include prose cution of domestic violence crime victims alternative dispute resolution and assistance to law enforcement In the area of domestic Friesenhahn would have the County Attorneys Office seek protective orders for all victims of family vio The Guadalupe County Attor neys office has not made it a practice in the past to seek protective orders for all victims of family even though it is authorized under law to do Friesenhahn also wants to establish plans for comprehensive crime vic tims assistance and alternative dis pute Another goal for Friesenhahn is to make the County Attorneys office more accessible to local law enforce ment providing them with more assistance in everyday matters such as obtaining search Although Friesenhahn officially announced his plans to run for office this he has been organizing his effort for the past several In addition to forming a campaign Friesenhahn said he has begun meet ing with local Democratic Party offl cials and volunteers and with area attorneys to discuss the issues in the upcoming He said he plans to mount a petition drive in December in order collect the necessary signatures to place his name on the March primary Friesenhahn was born in San Anto nio in 1964 and was raised in La Ver He graduated from Rice University in 1986 and received his law degree in 1989 from the Universi ty of He has worked as assistant county attorney for Comal County since February Before that he was an assistant county attorney in Guada lupe County for just over a This is his first race for public The chairman of his campaign is Anthony Thompson and the mana ger is Stephanie WALNUT 6 6296400 IH 35 and Walnut SHATTERED Tom Berenger Afl Aivm an Antonio Frankle Johnny MKMLU mirru WEEKDAYS CM I go WEEKDAYS IflO 9ffi CON WEEKDAYS 130 130 830 130 WEEKDAYS WES CRAVENS WEEKDAYS Don ohnian Mttanlt OrtHUh A PABAHiSEw WEEKDAYS aO Timei good Tuesday Discount Nlrfit Except at noted Dear Abby Dont interrupt cops who are working DEAR ABBY Will you please ask your readers never to interrupt a police officer in the middle of a traffic stop unless it is a dire emergency Directions to the nearest restaurant dont count we police officers never know who we are pullingover during a Itcould be a an escaped felon or a More law enforcement personnel are in jured or killed during routine traffic stops than almost any other type of police Its twice as dan gerous at Please dont pull up right next to me as Im approaching the car I just stopped and ask me for directions We could both be in danger and I might not be able to guarantee your We also make stops where the element of danger is known before hand such as an armed robber fleeing the This is usually a planned stop where suspects are taken out of a car If you should see one or more police officers with their guns drawn and pointed at dont up and Whats going on We are not film ing If a police officer is all red in the face and yelling at you and waving an arm in a sideways motion while holding a the dont wave It isnt a Move You are in the line of fire for letting me get this off my CALIFORNIA DEAR READERS Hes When officers are on they are not play ing cops and robbers its the real dont interrupt an officer who is obviously busy doing his DEAR ABBY it happened again tonight Dont people realize that in this day and it is not safe to assume anything I am a 21yearold man stable and successful and I am presently seeing a woman who is 19 years my For some reason probably because I look younger than I people tend to assume that we are mother and you would not believe the pain and frustration it causes my girlfriend when people tell her what a handsome son she has She doesnt look anywhere near old enough to be my Tonight when we came out of a restaurant and the valet retrieved my the young fellow who brought us our car if my mom had a car like shed never let me drive it Please let your readers know that assumptions can be I doubt there would be a problem if I was 40 and she was 19 or HATES ASSUMPTIONS DEAR HATES some assumptions when ver balized can be cruel as well as when a 40year old man is in the company of a 10or 20yearold the assumption is more likely to be that they are boyfriend and when people are living longer and taking better care of themselves nutri tionally and sometimes with little help from a plastic sur age is merely a But on the chance that it could be its wise to make no assumptions concern ing the relationship between a male and Want your phone to ring Get Abbys How to Be people of all To send a business selfaddressed plus check or money order for In Canada to Dear Popularity Box Mount Postage Is Stocks NEW YORK AMR Corp AllicdSignal ALLTEL Cp AmStor Amcritcch Amoco AndarkPlr Arkla Armcolnc AtlRichfld BakerHugh BcllAU BellSouth Beth Steel Border Citerpllr Centel CentSo Weil Chevron Chryiler Coaitat CocaColt Colgate i ComlMctl CyprusMn DallSemicn DcluAIrl DlglUlEq Dillard DowChem Drenerlnd duPont t EslKodA Eljerlnd Enierch Ford Motor OTECp GnDynam OenElcl GnMill OcnMotors GnMotrE i GaPacif OlobMar n Goodrich Goodyear GtAUPac Gulf StaUt Haliburln Hanion Houstlnd AP Morning stocks High Low Last 63K 62K 62K 41 42 36H 36V1 38K Vi 62A Vt 51 51V4 I M 32 16 16 5 5 5 119 119 23 23 46 48M 49 15 14 14 32 32 48 48 48 32 32 32 50 SO 50 74 73 73 f 12 12 12 31 31 65 65 M 41 40 41 W 20 20 20 25 24 24 7 7 t 61 61 59 58 59Vi 122 120H 53 52 53 20 20 20 48 47 47 V4 44 44 8 8 8 16 16 61 60 61 ifc 1 26 26 26 33 32 33 53 52 52 f 68 68 64 63 64 34 34 34 55 56 55 55 3K 3 3 41 41 53 52 53 28 28 28 9 9 35 34 35 18 18 18 39 39 39 IBM IntlPapcr JohnsJhn Kmart Kroger vjLTV Cp Littoo Ind vjLooeStar Lubyi Maxui MayDSt Medtrn 3 Mobil Monian Motorola NCNB Cp Naviitar Nynex OryxEngy PacTeleili PanhECp PcnneyJC PepBoyi Phelpi Dod PhillpPot Polaroid i Primerlca ProctOamb PubS NwMx SPePacCp n SaraL SeariRoeb Shrwln f SmthBchra SrathBch eq n Southern Co SwitAirl SwitBell t SterllngChm SunCo fc i TNP Ent Tandy Templlnl Tenneco Texaco Texailnd Texailnit 73 95A 9554 A 43 4254 17 ITA 54 154 54 86 85K 85T4 A 354 354 54 27 26M 1654 1654 1654 854 8V4 54 51 5054 51 54 7354 72 7354 7054 7054 A 66VJ 6554 60 3854 3754 37T4 54 254 V4 7854 784 31 3054 3054 54 4254 42 42 15 1554 54 4954 49 4954 104 1654 1654 54 79 7IV4 7854 A 2614 2554 26V4 54 27W 2754 54 3654 36 36 8354 8354 854 854 V4 US 11V4 54 46V4 4654 4654 54 3754 37 54 73W 65H 6554 6554 V4 IftMig 45V 17 17 28 27 48 ATA 36 36 64 64 19 19 17 27 4 48 36 64 19 30 30 30 LETS GO BOWLING LANES AVAILABLE FOR ANYONE WT 1w wW November 8 JflY ERIC November 9 Marty Stuart Candee Gordon Land Friday Nite to Almost Country DRY BAR At Solms Take 35 to Exit 183 Solmi Turn Right to blinking Turn left at FM 482 Open pm to 200 am INSURANCE ASSOCIATES LongTerm Care Rates as Low Per Year Age 65 Per Year Age 7579 Per Year Age 8084 Per Qualify Call 18008282434 Box 701043 Bta TX 783701043 3954 54 3754 3754 3754 54 3654 3554 36K 54 2854 2854 54 2954 2954 20 19V4 1954 4954 4854 4854 4854 2454 A 27 2654 V4 4754 4754 A 17 1654 17 A 26 2554 2554 A 64 A 6354 6454 Tex Util Textron USWct USXMar n USXUSS n UnCarbdc UnPacs UnitTech Unite Unocal WalMl WestghEl Wolwth Xerox Cp ZenithE 654 654 654 Market mixed NEW YORK AP The stock market was mixed today in an atmo sphere of persistent uncertainty about the outlook for the The Dow Jones average of 30 industrials slipped to in the first half hour of Gainers outnumbered losers by about 5 to 4 in nationwide trading of New York Stock Exchangelisted with 595 474 down and 596 Volume on the Big Board cameCtd million shares as of 10 Wall BOWL EVERY SUNDAY 1PM TO 6PM COMAL BOWL 99 A GAME 6256265 HWY 81 AND WALNUT Wurst Special Early Bird Lunch Lunch Special Menu Meals American Legion GUESTS ARE WELCOME 9 Heinrich fattif nimrtaufar Ntw Y For Rvstrvationi Call From Weekdays EatIn Only Public Notice On July Southwestern Bell Telephone filed an applica tion with the Public Utility Commission of Texas that proposes to delete Paragraph from Section 3 of Southwestern Bells Intrastate Access Service which concerns credits where a customer uses Switched Access Service to furnish a service which has been defined to be an exchange The applica tion was assigned Docket Because Southwestern Bell Is not aware of any customers who presently use switched access service to furnish an ex change Southwestern Bell does not believe Its revenues will be certain Interexchange carrier customers of switched access service have made claims under the afore mentioned Such but only to the extent they provide an exchange service using switched would be affected by this Based on claims made for credits assuming such credits were Southwestern Bells revenues would be affected by no more than which Is percent of the Companys adjusted revenue for the 12month period ending December It is not possible to know how many Interexchange carriers might believe themselves entitled to but 189 carriers have registered with the Commission pursuant to PUC Substantive Rule The after Is proposed to be effective May Persons who wish to Intervene or otherwise participate In these proceedings should notify the Commission as soon as pos but no later than November A request to or for further Information should be mailed to the Public Utility Commission of 7800 Shoal Creek Suite Texas Further Information may also be ob tained by calling the Public Utility Commission Public Information Office at 512 The telecommunications device for the deaf TDD number Is 612 Southwestern Bell telephone