Tuesday, October 8, 1991

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 6

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Text Content of Page 6 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Tuesday, October 8, 1991

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 8, 1991, New Braunfels, Texas Amusements Page 6 New Texas October 1991 Calvin and Hobtes For Better or For Worse SMMON 108 MOW SWD IF I KEEP IT OF TVESE DM YOUR IS s EVERY pufys WITH LEFM FIND HR8 HER NflPt WflLKIEflNC Pioys if TReH HR3 R Baffle flND RNOTRER WD SHES OQOrUlV UP WHEN I COMEHOMEl K J BflBES 1 Gasoline Alley Thanh you so Mr VuA This Will look good when VMi 11 it ma he our Mrs Wallet You saved me J appear beforethe judge for scores go up on your and caught the robber J your citizenship Rosemary Peanuts If U 1 TT X 60 much has been happening Daddy Zecutive branch tpTeeha 1 wonder y Christopher Columbus if she today OneNJationunderGod Cathy JU5T LEAVE THEM ITS TME ONLY WAV I CAM FIND MY WAY BACK TO THE 101 Hi 1MI Unind raaiuie Inc THEIR MASTERS COME HOME FROM SOME P065 JUMP UP ANP RATS 1 FOR60T A6AIN IM JUMPIN6 UP ANP IM 61AP YOURE I SHOULDNT HAVE 5AiP ANYTHING ITS 50 600PTO SEE YOU AGAIN If Wizard of Id XT5 flRE BUSH J 3UST WflNTED TO SflV Im SORRY flBOUT OUR LflST flNDTO WHISPER rtLL THE CITTie WflYS I WflWT I TO mflKE IT UP TO VOU SPEAJD5 300 OM SOfflE flND THEN SflVS Im IRRESPONSIBLE flBOUT VOURE flBOUT HflVE somt PEOPLE INfflY OFFICE RI5HT PEOPLE I flSKED If YOU WERE BUSV ff VOU DIDNT SW YOU PEOPLE THERE ff YOU DIDNT ASM I HflD PEOPLE THflT5 WHfiT OWRRIED PEOPLE YOURE FI6HT LIKE AMRRIEO PEOPLE J f Annie WHEN PEOPLE STflRT LIKE mflRRlEO THEYRE PREPflRINO TO BE WflRRlED PEOPLE ff MLlElUdflH ff OUR BflBVS PREPflRING TO BE fl PERSON DID YOU CflLL MO WHflT I TOLD YOU TO CflTHY BOY f IT flLWflV5 DRIVES SWON WILDff Tumbleweeds SHE CflN HFE FROm A STONE AH NEED A BATH TO BOOST MAH SAGGING THE SIGHT OF A DOZEN FLEAS FLEAS FRANTICALLY TREADING WATER IS GOOD FO1 THE HUCKV5 SCENT Ittllt THERE AltfT NO WAY T KINP O1 6AX55X If AllSt JU5t EVEN POWN COULP MNDOH6 QUI o11 THIS TRAIL 6TOPPEP HERE FOR 5ANPK AN NO 60 ON HONEr WEVE EVERY INCH Of THOSE W00P5Y We CN ONLY HOPE THAT ONE O1 OTHER SEARCH PARTIES Carfield n PUE FOR ANOTHER count Farside Marmaduke GO WITH IW NOT IVM SINGLE ANP VOL TALK PE5PERATE TO HIM IM A NOT A QP QQ At The Far Sides spy center You got it straight These are your cookies the ones on the table are

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