Friday, August 23, 1991

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 3

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Text Content of Page 3 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, August 23, 1991

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - August 23, 1991, New Braunfels, Texas Crossword New Texas August 1991 Page 3 School lists its meal guidelines ACROSS 1 Hue 6 Average 10 Artifice 14 Isolated 15 Sickness 16 Vandals 17 Cut 18 Maybe 20 Garden tool 21 Bold look 23 Small wheel 24 Decoy 25 Put in holds 26 Small cup 30 Playwright Clifford 34 NFL squad 35 Auto part 37 Actor Ayres 38 Anger 39 Hunt deity 41 Actress Moore 42 Article 43 Work station 44 Ace beaters 46 Shoe material 48 Sweepstakes 50 Siouan 52 Gymnast Korbut 53 Brides party 56 Swiss artist 57 Hollow 60 Immoral man 62 Scandinavian 64 Popular one 65 Head cover 66 Illegal act 67 Inform 68 Aware of 69 Arab Republic DOWN 1 Money 2 Corn product 3 Devotion 4 Undivided 5 Divert 6 Italian bay 7 Architectural molding 8 Capek drama 9 Saudi Arabian city 10 out gradually discontinued 11 Actor Alfred 12 As soon as 13 French river 19 Wore 22 Rio 24 Exist 25 Spanish city 26 Amounts owed 27 Root 28 Brawl 29 Army hat 31 Type of resin 32 Arizona city 33 A European 36 Disconcert 40 PREVIOUS PUZZLE SOLVED 41 Brain membrane 43 Stave off 45 Furniture style 47 Succeed 49 Ohio port 51 Straight 53 Cut 54 Skin 55 Greek weight 56 Fastening 57 and proper 58 Woe1 59 Adolescent 61 Charged atom 63 Danish coin Peter and Paul School has announced its policy for free and reducedprice meals served under the National School Lunch The office of the church school has a copy of the which anyone may The accompanying chart outlines the household size and income criteria used to determine Children from households whose income is at or below the levels shown are eligible for free or reduced price Application forms and a letter to parents or guardians have been sent to all To apply for free or reducedprice households should fill out the application and return it to the Additional copies are available in the principals The information provided on the application will be used to deter mine eligibility it may be verified at any time during the school year by school or other program Households must provide the fol lowing information on the applica tion names of all household mem bers the Social Security number of he head of the household household members incomes or the households food stamp or AFDC case if appropriate and the signature of an adult household member certifying that the information is Applications may be submitted any time during the According to the free and reducedprice school officials will review applications and determine Parents or guar dians dissatisfied with the ruling of the official may discuss the decision with the determining Parents may request a formal Households must report increases of more than per month or per year in household and increases in household If a household member becomes unem ployed of if the household size the household should con tact the These changes may qualify children for reducedprice meals or for free meals if the house holds income falls to or below the levels Some foster children also are eligi ble for free or reducedprice A FAMILY FREE MEALS Oft FREE MILK FOR FAMILY INCOME PRICE MEALS FOR FAMILY INCOME INCOME For each additional family Households must report increases of more than per month or per year in household and increases in household If a household mem ber becomes unemployed of if the household size the household should contact the household with foster children should contact the school for more The information that households provide is confidential and will be used only to determine eligibility and verifying In the child nutrition programs administered by the Department of no child will be discri minated against because of col national age or Stocks NEW YORK AMR Corp AlliedSignal ALLTEL Cp AmStor s Amer Ameritech Amoco AndarkPtr Arkla Armcolnc AtlRichfld BakerHugh BellAU BellSouth Beth Steel Borden Catcrpllr Centel CcntSo West Chevron Chrysler Coastal CocaCola Colgate s CorolMetl CyprusMn DallSeraicn DeltaAirl DigitalEq Dillard DowChcm Diesserlnd s duPont EstKodak Eljerlnd Enserch Exxon FlClyBcp Flowerlnd FordMolor GTECp GnDynam GenElct GenMills s GenMotors GnMotrB s GaPacif GlobMar n Goodrich Goodyear GtAUPac Gulf StaUt Haliburln AP Morning stocks High Low Last 60 58 39 38Vi 39 41 41Vi 40 40Vi 40 Vi 39Vi 39Vi 62V4 61 61 Vi 53 52V4 26 26 26 17 16 16V4 Vi 4 4 121 120V4 121Vi Vi 24Vi Vi 48 47 48Vi f Vi 48Vi 47 48Vi 17 37 36Vi 36 48 46 29 29 29 48 48 72 71 71 12 Vi 31 31 31 Vi 65 64 40V4 39 40V5 20V4 20 20V4 19 19Vi 9Vi 9 9 65 6 62Vi 62 Vi 133 54 52 21 20V4 20 48 49Vi 44 43 44 7V4 7 7 Vi 16Vi 16A 59Vi 2 1 1 15 14 15 Vi 31 30Vi 30 30 29 30 41 42 74 72 64 62 63 38 36 37 50 49 49 55 57 3 3 3 Vi 44 43 44 HlVi 37 V4 42 41 lOVi lOVi 40 40 Ji Vi 68 63 Hanson Houstlnd IBM InllPapcr JohnsJhn K man Kroger vjLTV Cp Litton Ind vjLoneStar Lowes Lubys Maxus MayDSt Medtronic Medtron wi Mobil Monsanto s Motorola NCNB Cp Navistar Nynex OryxBngy PacTelesis PanhECp PenneyJC PepBoys Phelps Dod PhilipPet Polaroid s Primerica ProctGamb PubS NwMx SFePacCp n SaraL ScarsRoeb Shrwin s SmthBchm SmthBch eq n Southern Co SwstAirl s SwslBcll StcrllngChm SunCo TNPEnt Tandy Templlnl Tenneco Texaco Texaslnd Texaslnst Tex Util Textron USWst USX Mar n 18S 37Vi 96Vi 94K 70A 70 45Vt 45Vi Vi 18Vi 18 1V4 87 85K 86V4 A 5A VA 5Vt V4 33 18Vi A 9A 9U Vt K 129V4 68 A 6VA 6TA 68M H 38 Vt 3Vi 3 3 Vt 75 74 744 f A 33K 32X 33A A 42K 42 A 12A 12A 12A 53A S2A VS ITA 18Vt 68Vif2Vi 26 25A A 25 25Vt 33Vt 33VI VI 9V4 9Vt 9A A 9Vi 9A Vt 45Vi A Vt 25 24 Vi 66Vt 66Vt 66VI V4 57Vt 57VI 27V4 27VI 27Vi A 24VI 24Vi A 54VJ 54Vi Vt 5 5 30Vi VI 19V1 19Vt 28V 27A 2VA A 48U 47V4 f A 41VJ 63V4 62V1 Vt 23A 23 31V4 38Vi 38Vi Vt 33Vi 33Vt Vt 36VJ 36A A 30Vi Vi USXUSS a UnCarbde UnPacCp UnitTech Unitel s Unocal WalMt WestghEl s Wolwth Xerox Cp ZenithE 27 22Vi 87 48 26 26 49 24VI 30Vi 87 48VI 25 25 49 24 29 26 26V4 49V4 24 29 57 Prices surge NEW YORK Stock prices surged in early trading today after the government reported a steep increase in durable goods orders last news which supports the Big Board volume was with million shares changing TREY MARTIN TREE SERVICE Clearing Free Estimates DUCT CLEANING System Sterilization For Dust Pollen INTERIOR ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES 6294161 TIRED OF WORKING FOR SOMEONE ELSE You Can Be Your Own Boss See areas biggest full parttime selection MANY CAN BE OPERATED FROM HOME WITHOUT OWN YOUR OWN BUSINESS EXPO 2425 San Antonio Convention Center FIND A BUSINESS TO SUIT YOUR LIFESTYLE AND vwwy of dittnbukori wid nvtworiUng ufK to get Inttdt InlcrmUfoo about ntw Ml md pwttimt opporUnitei lor men md womtn ol al Many do not SATURDAY SUNDAY Published Sunday Thursday and Friday after noons by New Braunfels 707 Landa or Drawer New Texas Second Class postage paid by New Braunfels HeraldZeitung at New DAVID SULLENS Editor and Publisher JANINE GREEN Managing Editor CHERYL DUVALL Business Manager KAREN REININGER Classified Manager LONE BEASLEY Advertising Director CAROL ANN AVERY Circulation Manager GUS ELBEL Pressroom Foreman Carrier delivered in Coma and Guadalupe counties three six JO one Senior Citizens Discount carrier delivery six one Mail delivery outside Comal in Texas three six one Mail out side Texas six JO one If you have not received your newspaper by Tuesday through or by call 6259144 or 6581900 by 7 and 11 respectively Postmaster Send address changes to Drawer New Texas 781311328 New Braunfels Authorized Dealer of NEW USED Band Instruments Sales Service CISD and NBISD Approved Horns Yamaha Armstrong Other all Band Supplies Books Paul Sharon Owners 512 6259451 354 Landa Street New Texas EARN 12 INTEREST MINIMUM MAXIMUM 6 MONTH INVESTMENT MONEY SECURED BY MORTGAGE FIRST NOTE AND DEED Of TRUST AND IS TO BE USED THE CONSTRUCTION OF CUSTOM FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT BOB BARBER HOMES 783 LOOP 337 NEW 78130 ARE ALSO NEEDED FOR SPECULATED LENDING TO BUILD UNSOLD HOMES WfTH PROFIT 721 Hwy 46 j3 62548021 Blocks Past Kmart Featuring THE BEST CATFISH IN TOWN FRIDAY 11 AM8PM 11 AM9 PM SUNDAY 11 AM5 PM Closed 123 Union 6252615 Going out of Business EVERYTHING MUST GO 20 to 70 off Art Supplies Crafts Models Planes Trains Rockets much more Christian David McKain Pastor 6204353 Meeting temporarily at 566 Hwy 81 West acrou from WftW near Xrogcr A New Church that Love is Building Everyone Welcome This August 25 AM Morning Worship Message Content or Discontent Where Do You Pitch Your Tent Phllipplans You will enjoy the comfortable atmosphere at Sunday Night Alive CAUGHT The power of one person caring about another a film by Billy Graham In unity In Liberty In all love A Ministry of The Wesleyan Church Childrens Vision Exams Make sure your children are visually ready for the high demands required of their eyes in More than 80 of their learning is through their For an examination that includes a thorough evaluation of your childrens near visual abilities call for an Henry Hull Member of the College of Optometrists for Vision Development Robert Alcasabas Completed Residency in Primary Eye Care and Contact Lenses 6255716