Thursday, August 8, 1991

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 6

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Text Content of Page 6 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Thursday, August 8, 1991

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - August 8, 1991, New Braunfels, Texas Kaleidoscope Page 6 New TMM August 1991 DearAbby Club notes Love affair ends in trip to the altar DEARABBY In December I sent Christmas cards to all six of the addresses you had in your Op eration Dear Abby III I re ceived three responses one was from a Ken serving on the USS Coral The others wrote nice but Kens was When Ken received my Christ mas he was on a Mediterra nean and we corresponded until his ship pulled into in March of Ken went on leave to his hometown of and we talked for the first time when he called me in my hometown of He decided to drive from Colorado through Mis souri to meet me on his way back to We still joke that if it hadnt been on the way we would not have To make a long story we had an awesome time together and we have had a longdistance relationship since But we are making our dream come as you can see from the enclosed wed ding How can I thank you TONJA DILLON DEAR TONJAi You just and when this goes to prow you will be and Kenneth and all good wishes to you DEAR ABBY I cant believe you let the woman who didnt know whether to tell her son that his dad is in jail get by with such flippancy about the nature of his Driv ing drunk is a violent On at least three occasions he could have killed and if her big city is like ours its unlikely that he was caught every time he broke the and likely that he was com pletely over the edge before the po lice That she dismissed his level of wrongdoing by My husband didnt steal nor did he commit a violent indi cates that she still doesnt get Id rather have a role model for my child who stole to feed the than one who takes others lives in his hands so casually and without DEBRA STATE TEXAS DEAR DANBUROt The mother wrote asking whether she should tell her son that his father was in jail for a year for driving drunk or would it be better to Daddy away on business and he may be gone for a long I advised her to tell her son the truth I didnt think it was necessary to rub salt in her wounds by reiterating that driving drunk is a very serious She already knows DEAR ABBY In response to the letter from New who asked what to give a nurse and the nurses aides for being extra kind to her elderly mother in a nursing you a nurse could get FIRED for accepting money from a patient or the patients It is consid ered unethical for healthcare pro fessionals to accept monetary A card or note expressing sincere appreciation is acceptable and more than By this you have probably heard from several right SEVERAL REGISTERED DEAR NURSES Several hundred would be more accu I blew itt Everything youll need to know about planning a wedding can found In Abbyi How to Have a Lovely To lend a but incf nit addreiRed plui oheok or money order for In Canada toi Dear Wedding Box Mount Pottage ii Extension Focus Keeping homecanned foods safe to eat By PAT ANDERSON RASOR County Extension Agent Taking certain food safety precau tions is extremely important in keep ing homecanned foods safe to Unfortunately most cases of a serious foodbome illness that can cause comesfrom homecanned While preventing chances of foodborne illness is those who spend time and effort canning foods do not appreciate losing them to food Follow the recommended canning proce dures to control the processes and microorganisms that can cause spoilage and contamination The first step is to chooose only fresh produce that is free of signs of deterioration like soft spots or other Canning does not improve the quality of Produce should be canned as quickly after gathering as Proper equipment and procedures are Only standard canning jars should be Jars should be clean and free of nicks or If a product is to be processed less than 10 the jars need to be steril ized by boiling for 10 New lids are required for each jar to an adequate Metal can be reused if they are free from dents or Use only researched and tested recommendations for the time and temperature The process ing time and method depend on the type of A pressure canner is required for most vegetables and meats to reach high temperatures required to kill harmful bacteria Dial gauge pressure canners need to be tested for accuracy each year and the dial replaced if A boiling water bath can be used for foods such as fruits and tomatoes because fo their high acid Other methods of canning such as in the oven or micro wave are not Do not try to create your own recipe or alter ingredietns in a tested Processing recommendations have been tested only for the specified ingredients and may be unsafe if recommended headspace in jift is important to allow for expan sion of liquid or food in the jar and adequate heat penetration during pro Too little headspace can cause the food to bubble up and pre vent a Jars of food that do not seal proper ly may be saved if discovered and cor rected no more than 24 hours after The food can be refriger ated lad vised within a few fro zen or Freezing and reprocessing result in a softer texture and reduced nutritional To remove the lid and check the sealing surface of the jar for nicks or scratches that may have prevented the If place the food in a new Be sure there are no panicles of food on the edge of the new Add a lid treated according to manufacturers instruc tions and Reprocess the full time given in Proper storage of canned products is important to prevent deterioration or Foods should be stored in a dry The best storage temperature is 50 degrees Fahrenheit to 70 degrees Foods stored in a hot place will lose quality fast and may Keep canned Roods dry to prevent corrosion of metal broken seals and spoil For best use within one Signs that indicate spoilage include a broken bulging leaking spurting liquid when jar is off sliminess or improperly colored Activities 8 Alcoholics Anonymous meets at noon and 8 at H42 Call 6204354 or New Braunfels Noon Lions Club will meet at noon at Eagles Parenting Parents Posi tive Practical Approach to Children begins at 7 at Teen 1414 San Antonio The program is open to single church and other Call Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie conducts Bingo at at the Eagles 257 South Knights of Columbus business meeting at at the council Comal County Community Band rehearses at at the Canyon High School band Call 6258081 or CoDependents Anonymous of Canyon Lake will meet at 8 at Andrews Lutheran Church activity Alcoholics Anonymous meets at 8 at 361 San Antonio on the second Call 6204354 or 9 Alcoholics Anonymous meets at 8 and at 1142 Call 6204354 or New Braunfels Woodcarvers meets from at the Senior Citizens 142 Call Retired Eagles Activities Club meets from 59 Members bring a covered dish for the evening and those having birthdays or anniversaries bring New Braunfels Codtpendents Anonymous meets at 8 at 894 Loop 337 Suite Call 6252125 or AlAnon moots at 1142 Elkol at 7 Call 6204394 or Alcoholics Anonymous moon at 8 at 361 San Antonio on the second Call 6204354 or 10 Alcoholics Anonymous meets at noon and 8 at 1142 Call 6204354 or Parenting Parents Posi tive Practical Approach to Children begins at at Teen Connec 1414 San Antonio The program is open to single church and other organiza Call Comal County Satellite Support Group dedicated to human growth meets at at the Oarza Street across the street from McKcnna Memorial Hospitals main Alcoholics Anonymous meets at 8 at 361 San Antonio on the second Call 6204354 or 11 Prim Solm Hermannson Lodge 1362 meets from at the Bulvcrdo Community Center for a lodge Bring a covered Quests will be Leroy and Linda Muehesteln from the Grand Lodge in San Alcoholics Anonymous meets at 1 1 and 8 at 1142 Womens group meets at 4 Call 6204354 or Alcoholics Anonymous meets at 8 at 361 San Antonio on the second Call 6204354 or at 7 at the Dittlinger Memorial Library meeting 373 Magazine Alcoholics Anonymous meets at noon and 8 at 1142 Call 6204354 or AlAnon meets at 1142 Eikel at 8 Call 6204354 or Alcoholics Anonymous meets at 8 at 361 San Antonio on the second Call 6204354 or 13 Christian Womens Club meets at 10 at the Woodlands Country Club In Special Andy a diabetes educator special Peaches Kelley of Canyon Lake Charlene past CWC Reser vations are Call 6290070 or For nursery call Alcoholics Anonymous meets at noon and 8 at 1142 Call 6204354 or Charter Real Outreach Services AfterCare Group meets at at 707 Walnut Call Cancer Support Group of New Braunfels will meet at at McKonna Memorial Hospital in the Elliott Knox ACE PRESENTS THE NEW BRAUNFELS COLLECTORS EXPOSITION AUGUST 10 CIVIC CENTER 309 Seguin One Milv Wast of Lake McQuveny Exit Over 150 Tables Featuring COMICS MOVII RADIO A IV MIIMOKAIIIMA POST CAIWS POLITICAL HliCOHDH SCIIiNCI IANTASY COINS MUSIC ADVIIHTININd IIAIXIliN A IUINTH lAMIW COMIC AUT IINUIH IllOTOOKAIIIS OUH NOHTAUIIA HUMS tflAMIH WllSTURN COLLUdHILia AUTOUKAIIIH NlOim CAKDH MUCH MOIll HOURS August 1991 9tOO 6iOO August IV 1991 lOiOO 4iOO Admission good lor both days Children Under U Attmttlvii Fw Anonymous 337 Suite Call 6252125 or Ame Spwtul MinMni During Dwlvr JHMIJI on V from IM IILL TRADE Eaglet Auxiliary The Fraternal Order of Eagles Auxiliary met 6 at for a business Betty Solomon There were 26 members It was reported that District will have a meeting in Palacious Solomon has been elected as a Florie Busch and Bernice Bbensberger announced they would be dividing money the Auxiliary has raised between the New Braunfels Childrens Museum and the trophy case at Eagles The Auxiliary also voted to give United Way and to the Humane There will be a kitchen shower at the birthday supper so members are urged to look in their kitchens to see if they have some items old or new that they can The anniversary of the Aerie will be the first Sunday in Septem Items for the pantry or country store can be brought to the hall any Thursday or at the next Lorie Holliwell gave the con vention She was the Auxili arys delegate to the convention in Row Newcomers Club The New Braunfels Newcomers Club met 6 at the Senior Citi zens After the regular meeting chaired by President Jean the program with demon was given by Dennis Kraft and his seeing eye Sixtytwo persons were present July 29 for the annual luncheon sponsored by the club for Young Woman of the Year Mildred English Retired Eagles The Retired Eagles Activities Club met July 21 at Eagles There were 63 members present and they played cards and domi noes for the Six of the members were reported throe had their but no Club members participated in a guess game of candy in a which was won by Ruth School reunion Ouadalupe Valley School Reun ion was held July 28 at 2 at Fischers Prizes were given to oldest stu Alex and to the youngest Viola No teachers attended the reun ion this Thirteen students were Hcimuth Schlameus was rc clcctcd chairman and Etta Klwanls Club The Kiwaiiis Club met 1 and the program was given over entirely to reports and Angela Beene reported on the Division 5 picnic planned for The local club will furnish and cook food as well as sponsor a dunking There will be an entrance fee of for adults and children will be admitted free to the Door prizes also will be President Bill Bell said 3 had been set for installation of officers and there would be a ladies night Skip Little will conduct the official Club members also discussed getting new members and getting new locations for the Kiwanis gum ball At the clubs July 25 meeting President Bell reported plans for the 19 golf And Ray Ebert reported on the clubs blue dot fire hydrant Iris director of archives at Sophienburg Museum gave the FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY BUY 2 GET1 AS A BONUS FROM MAIDENFORAA The llutttilng Maidenfbrnf shape Is yours In beautifully detailed undenvlre and contour Select any two and receive a third as a bonus from Maldenform when you send for postage and handling See your sales associate for Offer ends September il Shown deml The Intimate Apparel BEALLS