Wednesday, July 17, 1991

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 3

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Text Content of Page 3 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Wednesday, July 17, 1991

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - July 17, 1991, New Braunfels, Texas New Texas July 1991 Page 3A Crossword Stocks ACROSS 1 Cooled 5 Nails kin 10 Party giver 14 Chess play 15 Lack of muscle tone 16 Aware of 17 Commoner 1B A dog 20 Isaacs mother 22 Recent 23 Actress White 24 Respond 26 Romalne 27 Extending over 30 Frames for stretching cloth 34 Bailiwick 35 Beverage 36 Ship leaver Criminal slang 38 Inclined 40 Exude 41 Miscalculate 42 Outfits 43 Redeem 45 Dispatching 47 Furniture wheels 48 Compass 49 Mediterranean country 50 Silly people 53 Coal unit 54 coffee 58 A feline 61 Andes native 62 Pointless 63 Pigment 64 Enoss grandfather 65 Provender 66 Window cover 67 Head movements DOWN 1 Gremlins 2 Soft drink 3 Eternally 4 Kept out 5 Spigot 6 Right now 7 Sky sight 8 Was aware 9 Next to 10 On the level 11 Step1 12 Photocopy 13 Stylish 19 Dry as 21 Beneficiary 25 Sweet 26 Pivotal 27 Residues 28 Germ 29 Spiny object 30 Metal 31 Irregular 32 Barbers need 33 Pipe parts 35 Existed 39 on PREVIOUS PUZZLE SOLVED encourage 40 Toronto native 42 Wash cycle 44 Italian city 46 Judged report 49 Coffee 50 In a manner indicating that 51 dish 52 Store event 53 Cal 55 56 Food fish 57 Hocks 59 Cry at sea 60 Golf area NEW YORK AMR Corp AllledSlgnal ALLTEL Cp AmStor Amer TAT Ameritech Amoco AndarkPtr Arkla Armcolnc AtlRichfld BakerHugh BancTexai BellAU BellSouth Beth Steel Dordcn Calcrpllr Centel CentSo Wcit Chevron Chrysler Coastal CocaCola Colgate t ComlMetl CyprusMn DallSemlcn DeluAirl DigitalEq Dillard DowChcm Dressertnd s duPont EstKodak Eljcrlnd Enscrch Exxon FtCtyBcp Flowerlnd FordMotor OTECp GnDynam GcnElct GcnMills s GenMotors GnMotrE s GaPacif GlobMar n Goodrich Goodyear GtAtlPac Gulf StaUt Haliburtn Hanson Houstlnd IBM 9 6 Vi IntlPaper JohnsJhn K mart Kroger vjLTV Cp Litton Ind vjLoneStar Lowes Lubys Maxus MayDSt Medtronic Mobil Monsanto Motorola NCNB Cp AP Morning itocki High Low Latt 62S 62 62 IS 38K 37H 38V4 4S 39V4 39Vt 4 4IS 40S 38S 37S 38 4S 59S 58S 59S 4S 53Vt 52Vi 53S 4Vt 26V4 25Vt 16S 16S S4 5 5Vt S 120 118S 120 4lVt 26S 26S 44 716 1332 13324132 47 46Vi 46W 4Vt 47Vt 47Vt 16S 16M 4Vt 34 33S 48 47Vt 48 4S 31S S 4S 73V4 14V4 14Vt 14Vt 33S 32Vt 58S ST4 37S 37Vi 37S S 20Vi 20Vt 20Vt 21S 22S 8Vt 8 8S 74S 73Vt 65S 125 Vi 54S 54Vi 54Vt S 20S 4S 46S 46 46S 4S 40S 4S 13Vt S 44 59V4 4 2Vt 16 15S 16 4Vt 35S 29S 29S 29S4S 43S S 73S 72S IS 59V4 59S 4 42S 41S 48S 48S 48S 4S 56 55S 55S 4S 4Vt 4 4Vt 4S 42S 42 S 36S 36S 42 4V4 10VS 10S 37S 38V441S 17S 17S 17S 37S 36V 6 9 6 S S 70S 70S 70S 4S 87S 4S 49S 48S 49 20S 20 20V4 S IS IS IS S 78S 1TA 5S 5S 5S S 33S 33S 33S S 18S 8S 4S 54S 54S 54S 4Vt 122S 121VS 122S4S 67S 66V4 4S 64S 64S 38S 38S 38S SENIOR SIZZLE added to fund Since has been added to the fund drive for the new Seniors Center of Comal bringing the total to Latest donors include Individual Capstone Donors Edd and Elizabeth Betty Business Cornerstone Donors Physical Therapy Unlimited Robert Business Foundation Donors New Braunfels Pediatric Dental Robert and Brett Michael PA Car los PA Robert DDS David Cunning DOS Coiffures de Merle Norman Cosmetics Anna Individual Foundation Donors William and Mary Jo and Marie Wil Robert and Frances Tays Lewis and Eleanor Colde and Hazel and Margaret Linda and Betty Harry and Ver onica Jack Lee and Virginia Lee Viola the Rodney and Elaine Wells and Lawrence and Mary Material and services Guada Coma Stone and Stoney Work on the new center is coming along including the swimming Thanks to the New Braunfels Rotary more than in new equipment is on order for the The floor in the big meeting obtained from Heidelberg has been reassembled in parquet and put It hasnt been refinished but can be seen at the Open House set from noon to 3 Donations may be mailed to Comal County Senior Citizens Box New Texas For more infor call Tim Morris at 6255208 or Les Thorn at REELECT BOB SELF New Braunfels Saturday 10th VOTE for AND ACCOUNTABILITY Paid for by Bob Self JAKS LIQOUR Your competitively priced liquor store all of Comal 9642772 FM 2673 Hwy 306 In case of print error store prices prevail 10am9pm MondaySaturday Captures 125yearsof Jack Daniels Black Weller Southern Comfort Early Times Seagrams VO Rich Rare Canadian Canadian Mist Hanvood Canadian Ancient Age Blend Glenfiddich Single Malt Ushers Green Stripe Cluny Gilbeys Gin Skol Gin Absolute Vodka Gilbeys Vodka Heaven Hill Vodka Bacardi Lt Dk Captain Morgan Spiced Rum Ron Rico Rum Cuervo 1800 Sanza Tequila Gold Matador White Gold Tempo Tequila White Baileys Jagermeister Rumple Minze Bauchant Orange Liqueur Prices Good Thru July NtvliUf Nynex OryxBngy PrnhBCp PenneyJC PepBoyi Phelpi Dod PhilipPet Polaroid ProctOunb PubS NwMx SFePicCp n SeviRoeb Shrwln i SmthBchm SmthBch eq n Southern Co SwslAirl SlerllngChm SunCo TNP Enl Tandy Templlnl Tenncco Texaco Texaslnit Tex Ulil Textron Tyler USWrt USXMar n USXUSS n UnCarbde UnPacCp UnilTech Unilcl s Unocal WalMt WestghEl s Wolwth Xerox Cp ZenithB 3 V4 3K V4 72K 71U 71K M 33U 33 flVt 40S 4 MM MM 49T4 48U 4 14 13W 4 72U 7I4 72U 26K 26 26VS V 254 25 254 3IS 4 80S 80S 80S 94 9Vt 8S 9Vt 41Vt 41S 4 364 36X H 25V4 25K 254 Vt 67K 67Vt 6T4 5T4 4 2T4 2T4 2T4 27 26V4 204 4 544 54 54 5 S4 4 29 4 IT4 4 28 28V1 Vt 49S 36 36 Vt 64S 65V4 4 37 36V1 36U 4Vt 35V4 35S 30S 30V4 3 3 Vt 34S 35 4 26 25V4 25 24S 24Vt 21Vt 87 4 47 46V1 46V1 29S 25 25 4 AT4 46 AT4 4 25S 254 Vt 30Vt SOS S 56S 57S Schertz City Council reminds residents to vote on 10 ByMARKWARNKEN Stiff Writer A Schertz City Council member reminded city residents to vote 10 on three crucial ballot items related to the taxing powers of the new coun ty education districts Mary Marsh urged residents to vote yes on homestead exemptions and exemptions for the disabled and senior Equally important is voting no to taxation of all tangible personal property not held or used for the production of she This is very and I wish this room were full right Marsh Council Member Hal Baldwin said although the exemption measures undoubtedly will they wont help local businesses that wont get the exemptions and will have to help make up for the property tax value lost due to the CEDs are part of the measures recently approved by the slate Legis lature to help equalize the states funding system for public In other the council Unanimously approved appoint ment of Sylvia Marbach as county representative on the Library Advis ory Unanimously voted to set a Board of Adjustment hearing on 6 on a request by Kenneth 3000 block of for a special exception to the zoning ordinance to allow him to locate a storage shed on a cable television easement on the south side of his PLAZA DINER ON THE CIRCLE DOWNTOWN Market shows gains NEW YORK AP The stock market showed some scattered gains today as traders studied the latest data on The Dow Jones average of 30 industrials rose points to in the first half hour of Gainers held a narrow edge on los ers in nationwide trading of New York Stock Exchangelisted with 472 467 down and 559 Volume on the Big Board came to million shares as of 10 on Wall The Labor Department reported that the consumer price index rose percent in matching the consen sus of advance But the indexs rise of percent after excluding the volatile food and energy or the socalled core inflation was a little larger than the Commerce Depart ment said housing starts increased percent last Tuesday Hamburger Fries get a second Hamburger FREE Thursday Giant Chicken Fried Steak HKhuks hikod salad tcxas toast Kvery Night 2 complete 8 Ribeye Steak Dinners 7 am9 pm PLAZA DINER SUPER JULY CLEARANCE SALE We Are At The Top Of The Season And You Can Make The Best Buys Items Below Cost 20 to 50 Off OUR ENTIRE STOCK LADIES SUMMER DRESSES Sizes Your Choice Price OUR ENTIRE STOCK LADIES SUMMER SPORTSWEAR k to Off LADIES JEWELRY HANDBAGS off OUR ENTIRE STOCK MENS BLAZERSUITS SLACKS Longs Name Brands Quality 20 Off MENS SHORT SLEEVE SPORT SHIRTS Knits off Sizes Small to 4X MENS STRAW HATS Remember at Cholletts You Always Get the finest in Price and Friendly 6253241 204 Antonio Downtown New Braunfels