Thursday, June 20, 1991

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

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Text Content of Page 1 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Thursday, June 20, 1991

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - June 20, 1991, New Braunfels, Texas New Braunfels It 153 Serving NEW BRAUNFELS and COMAu COUNTY Home of Jeff Vankleef Thursday Jund 1991 25 Cents One 10 Pages Stammtisch Best wishes The New Braunfels llerald Zcltung wishes happy birthday today to Rick Doris Vct Kay Steve Donna Johnny Vcra Dcnisc Ruben Espinosa Rebecca Chris Lali and Carmen Belated birthday wishes to Pablo Rosalcs Happy anniversary today to Herman and Lillian Ros and Bob Paul and Stc fanic Helen and Robert Tom and Emily Fink and Larry and Kyra Know of a birthday or anniver sary Give our receptionist a call the day before at 6259144 wed like to share in the Street closings Closed until 5 today for street construction will be Mcs quitc Avenue from San Antonio to Katy Streets and Bridge and Katy streets from Hackbcrry to Chestnut Benefit car wash The Runners Softball Team will wash cars June 22 from 10 at Barrys Under pass 904 Scguin to raise money for a team trip to Den Cops and robbers The Cops and Robbers softball tournament to benefit the Emergency Childrens Shelter for Abused and Neglected Children is slated for June 22 at the Camp Comal Softball located on Kuehler Activities start around 9 The event is organ ized by the New Braunfels Police Officers Raffle tick ets are on sale at the Police Depart A baseball card show also is planned for the day of the tourna Everyone is encouraged to come out and support their favorite teams and bring lawn Food and drinks will be sold as part of the New Braunfels Police Department Auxiliary will sponsor a bake sale at the Fish fry and dance SCHERTZ VFW Post located at 1000 Highway 78 in will sponsoran old fashioned fish fry and June 22 from The Country Creek band will provide live music in the post can teen between 9 For more information call Water festival The sixth annual Hot Dam Cold Water Festival is slated for this weekend at Farm to Market 306 and the Guadalupe River next to the Maricopa Grounds open at 5 Friday and remain open until after the dance at mid On the grounds will be open from 11 to 1 For more information call Wade Russell at Story time Were you aware that at the Dit tlingcr Memorial Library you can register your 3 to 5 year old for storytime Each Tuesday morning at 10 children are introduced to books through a variety of activ ities including music and For more information visit the library at 373 Magazine or call Vaccines available Comal County Health Dcpart See 2 Good Day Partly cloudy conditions with highs in the lows in the mid70s and southeast winds at 1012 mph arc along with a 20 percent chance of isolated High in New Braunfels Wednesday was 93 and the overnight low was For more weather please see Page Inside DEAR TV City enters water plans first phase New Braunfels Utilities Engi neering Assistant Bill takes measurements at NBUs Panther Canyon water well in Landa Park posts them as a public remin So higher than normal rainfall for the year is keeping the aquifer about three feet above last years Photos by Mark Warnken So rainfall keeping aquifer at higher levels By MARK WARNKEN Staff Writer Recent rainfalls have left the level of the Edwards Aquifer about three feet higher than this time last based on measurements at a local index This the aquifer level was said New Braunfels Utilities Engineering Assistant Bill who records the level each morning at NBUs Panther Canyon water well in Landa Were six inches above normal rainfall through May that has a whole bunch to do with Tcpe The last couple months of last year we also had a whole lot of Were doing a lot better than we were last and it looks like the rains going to continue for a We got about inches over the So so All we can do is hope it keeps The lowest measurement so far this year was feet in and the highest was about 625 feet in late Tepc San Antonio media report the aquifer level based on the Edwards Underground Water Districts Bcxar County index well at Fort Sam which measures higher than the Panther Canyon well because of the cities diffe rent For the Bexar County reading on Tuesday was compared to Panther Canyons The city of New Braunfels implements the various stages of its water conservation plan based on the Bcxar County The Panther Canyon well drops roughly onetenth of a foot for every one foot drop recorded at the Bexar County Tcpc The fleraldZeilung reports the Panther Canyon reading Tuesday through y People think clavationwise that we should be higher because were in the Hill but our Courthouse is about 620 feet above mean sea and if you go to San its about 710 Tepc theyre about 90 feet higher than we If we had a 670 or 639 something like you can see wed be under water he Local spring flow begins to slow when the Panther Canyon well reading drops to feet and completely stops at When the springs Landa Park Lake empties as it begins to recharge the reversing natures ordinary Tepe Spring flow slowed considerably in 1984 when the aquifer level was measured locally at the low est reading in the last few Tepe Spring flow has slowed twice since in 1989 and Tepe The lowest aquifer level ever recorded at Panther Canyon was feet on after about 2Vi years of That the springs stopped flowing on June 3 at feet and started again on 4 at Tepc At the Bcxar County Edwards Aquifer index the local springs stop flowing at 618 Tepe By MARK WARNKEN Staff Wrltor The city of New Braunfels Wed nesday initiated the first stage of its water conservation triggered by the dropping level of the Edwards The plans first called water was invoked by City Man ager Paul Grohman on Wednesday because the aquifer level has been ranging between 649 feet and 647 feet the last few According to city water awareness can be put into effect when the aquifer drops below 650 feet above mean sea as recorded at the Edwards Under ground Water District index well at Fort Sam Houston in Bcxar The citys yearround restriction on watering landscape plants and veget able gardens with individual sprink lers on hoses or with sprinkler sys tems remains in effect unchanged dur ing the water awareness Landscapes and gardens can be watered by sprinkler only between 7 and 9 but watering by hand using hoses or buckets is not The primary focus there is to pre vent loss through Theres so much water lost to evapo ration during that part of the Grohman Its better for our ratepayers because not so much is lost to evaporation and because were not wasting water from the Additional wateruse restrictions imposed Wednesday prohibit the fill ing of new swimming hot tubs and similar but not the fill ing of existing Washing of vehicles is now permitted only on Monday through Thursday with a handheld hose or As another condition of the water the city will reduce fire hydrant flushing and New Braun fels Utilities will reduce sewer line Grohman Industrial and commercial users also are asked to reduce water use as much as possi Restaurants will serve water only upon although most follow this practice voluntarily Grohman Water awareness basically is a gauge to remind the were entering that critical period of The water you save today may be the life of the Comal Springs Grohman Violators are guilty of a misdemea nor offense and subject to a fine between and The police department enforces the Since weve gone into mandatory conservation the public has been tremendous in Grohman Weve issued a very limited number of mainly because the public is keenly aware of our We are not in the business of enforcing this for monctiary Were in the business of trying to enforce it for the public Theres always going to be a few folks youre going to have set the rules and we will enforce he The City Council in July 1990 approved the water conservation plan to Reduce the rate of drop of the Edwards Aquifer by decreasing the longterm water consumption of New Braunfels water Protect the Comal Springs in New The springs slop flowing when the Bexas County Edwards Aquifer index well drops to 618 Ensure that all water consumers in the region have adequate resources to maintain public safely and Water the second will go into effect when the aquifer level drops below 630 Landscape plants and vegetable gardens can be watered with a sprinkler system once a week evennumbered houses from 7 Friday to 9 Saturday and oddnumbered houses from 7 Sunday to 9 Exist ing landscaping and vegetable gar dens can be watered by hand daily only 7 and 9 Sprinkler watering of new landscape plants is Filling of existing swimming hot tubs and similar facilities also becomes Vehicle washing is only on Monday through Thursday with a handheld hose or The third water further tightens restrictions on water use when the aquifer level drops below 620 Landscape and garden watering is prohibited except by hand between 7 and 9 Vehicle washing is The fourth called water involves restrictions on industrial and commercial Dur ing the first three businesses are encouraged to voluntarily reduce use by any means To conserve water an ordinance passed March 25 bans resi dents and businesses from watering landscapes using sprinklers between 9 and 7 Watering with hand held buckets and drip irrigation systems is not This restriction is in effect 365 days a year except when the mayor or city manager invokes stricter restrictions through the citys water conservation Outfitters file lawsuit over WORDS function By ROBERT STEWART Staff Writer A group of about 25 outfitters along the Guadalupe River has filed suit in federal district court in San Antonio against the Water Oriented Recreation District for allegedly overstepping their original purpose and We feel that the district was illeg ally formed and that they have no right to put rules and regulations on individual private said Juno Abbott of Abbotts River The district was created after the Texas Ugfslmuro in 198 passed a bill to form WORD and the voters of Comal County The basic intent of the creation of the district was to levy u system of user fees on the visitors to the county to address issues associated with User fees pay for litter cleanup and law Abbott said that out of a annual only goes to river cleanup while 45 percent of the money collected goes toward admini strative Weve been to the WORD board of directors and to the Commissioners Abbott What else should wo do after that We were treated like Abbott said she worked for 10 years to help form the district but switched sides when she saw political infighting and had problems with how the legislation was The lawsuit challenges the legality of the formation of WORD mid alleges that some of the board mem bers never filed for the required bonds with Comal County to properly cer tify them as board The suit contends this would make many actions taken by the board invalid due to lack of a quorum of legitimate The rules deal with identification of requiring customers to sign release posting WORD signs on private insurance and requiring outfitters to clean segments of the The suit asks the court to void the 1987 election establishing the dissolve the define rights of the plaintiffs and powers of the dis reimburse legal expenses and grunt any other relief to which the plaintiff may be WORD administrator Betty Walls expressed confidence in the actions WORD has She said that she would be surprised if the district was found to be illegal after the intense scrutiny it has boon 70 miles of road repaired annually By ROBERT STEWART Staff Writer Several years ago Comal Coun ty began its annual street resurfac ing program in which about 70 miles of the 685 mile county road system receives a new surface treatment each according to Mac county Some roads get an asphaltic concrete overlay while most receive a seal coat otherwise known as a chip according to A chip seal is applied to provide a moisture barrier and to economi cally prolong the life of an existing McCoy The treatment is a rehabilita tive and prolonging An oil coating seals the road and the limestone chips hold tires out of the he McCoy says that the name chip seal comes from the fact that the gravel applied is actually chips of These chips are used instead of graded gravel to make all the chips as close to the some size as There are two stages to the seal coat according to the road must be prepared by patching and This preparation effort is some times interpreted by citizens to be Chips of limestone are sifted onto a roadway already prepared and coated with an asphalt File Photo the final maintenance work because it is followed by a curing period of three to six After that the chip seal is First we clean the road and pre pare the McCoy Next we spread the oil with a dis then the chip spreader and two or three or more The rollings pack the chips into the The final outcome of a chip seal application is influence by a num ber of factors including existing surface type of method of application adjustment and operation of and quality McCoy He added that people should be careful and drive slowly in areas where road work is being SM a

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