Tuesday, May 7, 1991

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 3

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Text Content of Page 3 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Tuesday, May 7, 1991

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - May 7, 1991, New Braunfels, Texas Crossword ACROSS 1 Grille Judith 6 Brilliant display 10 Steep rock 14 Ishmaels mother 15 16 Arrivedercl 17 In harmony 18nine tails 19 City ol Yemen 20 Cloth design 22 Extracting 24 Mine opening 26 Gnawing animals 27 Took back 31 Command 32 Have to pick 33 Appetizers 35 Steal from 38 La Douce 39 Tiny creatures on 41 Mauna 42 Encumbered 43Coconut meat 44 Next to 45News gatherer 47 Less acid 51 Look after 52 Eventually happened 54 58 Eager 59 To the hub of 61 Deadly 62 men 63 perhaps 64 Gush 65 Existence 66 Use needles 67 Kind of race DOWN 1 Converse 2 Pro 3 Prince 4 California wind 5 Foot lever 6 Moccasin 7 Actor Sharif 8 Length unit 9 Touts 10 Cowardly 11 French sculptor 12 Plant spike 13 Cliques 21 Zero 23 Some verse 25 Lukewarm 27 Steel piece 28 Spanish river 29 Unconscious state 30 Office tool 34 Doctrine 35 Engrossed 36 Fearsome one PREVIOUS PUZZLE SOLVED 37 Withstand 39 Stray calf 40 42 Baltic native 43 Fir or yew 44 Cleopatras 46 Foot 47 Flower stalk 48 Large ripples 49 Jannings and namesakes 50 Talk long 53 Needle case 55 Chemical ending 56 Cheerio 57 Loom reed 60 Make a choice SOAR study New Texas Firstgrade students at Peter and Paul Catholic School display some of the newspapers they have col lected for recycling as they visit with Universal City Kmart man ager Gary Billera for an envir onmental Billera used an eaglet in a talk about waste manage a project Kmart Corpora tion is sponsoring with Keep America Photo by Erik Karlsson Bentsen backs Sematech funding By MICHAEL HOLMES Associated Press Writer AUSTIN The Sematech semi conductor research consortium is making progress and deserves con tinued federal funding after its initial five years are Lloyd Bentsen said governmentbusiness cooperation is essential for the United States to remain competitive in world high tech Sematech is a consortium formed by 14 American semiconductor man ufacturers and the federal govern started in 1988 to regain the world lead in microchip manufactur ing technology for the United It receives million a year in fed eral The idea that you could turn it all around in five years I think is not It has been productive were making enough head that I think it justifies continued Ill be working very hard to do Bentsen After touring Sematechs Austin headquarters Bentsen said of its leadingedge electronics technology from American NEW YORK AP Morning slocks SrnthBch eq n 63 Bentsen said those protectionist High Low Last Southern Co 27Vi 2T4 2T4 4 Corp 63Vt 62Vt 62V4 4 SwstAirl S 26 25X 25X dearlv need ALLTEL 40Vt 4ovt vt SwstBcii 53 52V 52 vt governmentbusiness partnerships Am SterlingChm 5 4Vt 5 Amer 36Vt V4 SunCo Vt Vt TNP Enl 19Vt 19Vt Vt J J 54Vt Tandy 31 4 1 1 Y1 fl fl C 27Vi TcmpJInl 42 JL JL UL JL M Jl V kJ 18V4 18M Tenneco 4V4 43X Vi 5 14 Tcxaco 67 AtlRichfld 127 Texaslnd 19V4 19V4 4 1 28Vi 28 Texaslnst 39 V4 II L I 1 1 1 111 4 Tex Util 37V4 37U 50V4 Textron Beth 14V5 14V4 Tyler 34 34 V4 AUSTIN AP Hundreds of Borden ftfl If I TO c 50H SOU H USXMJ n 28 27 27 K limbs haVC b6011 CUt the usxuss n 24 23V4 23V4 4 Treaty Oak after almost two years of CenlSo 45V4 4 unCarbde is is attempts to save the tree from the 784 78X 82U 4 effects of a powerful herbicide failed Chrysler m UnitTech 4SU 44K 45 vt to save mostof the tree 34H 34 34V4 h 4 Unitel s 264 24 V4 55U Unocal 26V4 264 vt Hundreds of limbs were cut off Colg 78VJ WaiMart s 41H 4ivt 41H 4 Monday and gently lowered to the ColgP V4 WcstghEl s 28 2T4 2T4 V4 where they were sealed with ComlMcU CyprusMn 2f4 Vt Wolvrth 31 V4 mnffin mpasnrpH mnrVpH 20 20 Vt v p sfiv Ljuiu 10 2nthE P 64 inventoried and 73 73Vt vt Stocks sink Workers made unprecedented 64VS 654 oaiiiK efforts to treat the tree and eliminate Dillard 1 l Isff4 1 5ovi vt NEW YORK AP Stock prices or counteract Uie powerful herbicide Drcsscrlnd 23 2V4 4 sank as traders kept a cautious eye on Velpar before deciding to cut the dead 42Vt 42V 4 the bond where an important umbs away in hopes that the remain 4o auction of Treasury notes occurs der of the tree will Huscrch ssl v today An Austin area man is now serving 3Vt vt The Dow Jones average of 30 a nineyear prison term after he was 14 i4Vt Vt industrials sank to in convicted of poisoning the tree in Ford vt the first 114 hours of Volume what was believed to be some son of GTE Cp 3W i on Big Board totaled mil occult GnDynam H lion shares as of 11 on Wall weve done the best we Gen Mil Is 58 said Tom a North Car Advancing issues narrowly led olina State University tree expert who GnMotrE 47 t vt declines on the New York Stock was called in by Dallas billionaire GlobMor n ssit 38HK with 661 598 down and Ross Perot to try to save Treaty 22Vt 22V4 569 Historians say that Texas pioneer vt Many traders are watching the out leader Stephen Austin once nego Gulf SuUl 10 Vi come of a quarterly auction of bil Uatcd a treaty with Indians under the Houstlnd vt lion in usTreasury bonds and bills treeto refund the governments We hauled the poisoned soil 103 102 103 u JohnsJhn KMan Kroger vjLTV ttoraldZtitung ivt Litton Published Sunday Thursday and Friday 5V4 afternoons by New Braunfels 707 Landa or Drawer 32V4 32Vi V New Texas Second Class postage paid by New Lubys s Braunfels HeraldZeitung at New 54H 54 DAVID SULLENS H6 116 Editor and Publisher 1 JANINE GREEN LONE BEASLEY Monsanto 63 A 64V4 V4 vt 63 63 Vt Managing Editor Advertising Director NCNB 36V4 37 V4 Vt CHERYL DuVALL CAROL ANN AVERY 72Vt 72V4 V4 Business Manager Circulation Manager 35Vt 42IH REININGER GUS ELBEL PanhECp S24 5V4 4 Classified Manager Pressroom Foreman PepBoyi Phclpi Ood PhlllpPel Polaroid Prim A 6V4 6S 3f Carrier delivery in Blanco and Kendall counties 27Vt 254 24M carrier delivery six Mail delivery outside 29 29 29 Comal in Texas three six one 12 Mail outside Texas six one PubS NwMx SFePacCp Vi have not newspaper by Tuesday through 3V4 39 or adl 6259144 or 6581900 by 7 and U 38H 38M 22 22 Postmaster Stnd address changes to Drawer New Braunfels 71 MV4 Ttxca such as the Sematech semiconductor research The Persian Gulf and Operation Desert Storm showed our dependence on electronics in modem warfare to the security of our Its essen tial that we have the capability of doing these he Bentsen said he has asked the Gen eral Accounting Office to investigate charges that the Japanese are with holding key One of the things that concerns in the reports that weve is that some of the Japanese industry is withholding some of the best of their as far as basic supplies and and not making them avail able to United States he And when we finally do get some of that we find a markup of 20 and 30 percent above what they offer it to Japanese of makes if very difficult for Sematech includes the top seven suppliers of integrated circuits for the Defense which supply about 80 percent of the depart ments Sematech helps in seeing that we dont have such reliance on some of these Japanese that we do it on our Bentsen Trie senator and Sematech officials cited several examples of semicon ductor manufacturing technology being kept from American They said Japanese suppliers are reluctant to sell some of their newest equipment to companies as part of a strategy for worldwide domina tion of the I think it shows that they are going to do everything they can in the way of national objectives to see that they continue to improve market share around the Bentsen Youre seeing a very close coop eration between government and finance over there and the private sec I think its imperative that we see more of that in this he Buys Trades Gold ft Diamonds NEVER ENDING STORY II Sat ONLY ONLY RESTAL RANT IAR 7 ONLY ONLY NEW MENU Nite Musicians Nite Open Mlc Song Welcome 6293311 we tried to water it with sprink lers people have tried all their diffe rent kinds of including Perry weve been partly The tree undoubtedly would be dead if wed done we had one awful dose of poison in a small area that was sufficient for hundreds of What weve had is the poisoning of the soil in a sacred Weve had to go out and rob another ecosys tem to replace that Perry this will remain a place that is treasured by the people of Served Potato Salad Slaw REIMERS LANDA STATION Nite Hamburgers price Steak Shrimp Dinner After PM BARGAIN SHOWS BFTOKF WALNUT 6 6296400 Discount Fxcopl JUSTICE WEEKDAYS CUSS ACTION MM HACKMAN HUAMTN MASniANTONIO WEEKDAYS 720 720 TOY SOLDIERS Ywari ol bad about lo pay WEEKDAYS 725 IIU WEEKDAYS 725 725 IUM VIS kit WtCKOATi M WARLOCK MGHTLY 920 bliff U III I luuki sleeping with the enemy SM 7M WEEKDAYS SM 7M tM Times good thru 50991 When you want a big juicy 1030 Hwy 81 East 62O 1344