Tuesday, March 12, 1991

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 3

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Text Content of Page 3 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Tuesday, March 12, 1991

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - March 12, 1991, New Braunfels, Texas Crossword ACROSS 1 Pluckier 6 Renos rival 11 14 Decamp 15 Marble 16 Disfigure 17 Tampers with 19 Prior to 20 Obstacle 21 Faction 22 Parents 24 Coarse grass 26 Most sensible 27 Nonhero 30 Moves fast 32 US president 33 Disdain 34 Stupid one 37 Iranian 36 Body part 39 Farm building 40 Slump 41 Individuals 42 Traveled 43 Unlocked 45 Alcove 46 On horseback 48 NW African 49 Mountain range 50 Grime 52 District 56 Fish 57 Eternal 60 Lily 61 Displeased 62 German state 63 Helpl 64 Quip 65 Glacial ridge DOWN 1 Jewels 2 Ladd or Arkln 3 Lisa 4 Witty sayings 6 Sound 7 Mild oath 8 Attendance 9 Swallowed 10 Meeting 11 Awesome 12 Nostrils 13 Heraldic emblem 18 Spent 23 Ism follower 25 Hesitation syllables 26 Information 27 Big letters 28 Theaters 29 Militant deity 30 Burn 31 Pros and 33 Pivot 35 Pub servings 36 Pea PREVIOUS PUZZLE SOLVED containers 38 Type of bell 39 Platos tutor 41 Feelers 42 Old auto 44 Pastry 45 Roster 46 Fence parts 47 City near Palm Springs 48 Musty 50 Vend 51 Soviet city 53 Danger 54 Noun ending 55 Ripener 58 Through 59 Pronoun NEW ctocki SunCo 33 TNPEnt AMR Tandy ALLTEL Templlnl i Tenneco 49 Texaco Texaslnd Tcxaslnst TexUtil 36 Textron USX Corp UnCatbde UnPacCp US Wests UnilTech Unitels Beth Unocal WalMarts WestghEl s 29 Woolwths CcotSo Xerox Cp ZcnithE Coastal i CocaCola Market Colg YORK The stock ComlMeU Cyprus Mn 23 market slid lower today as investors awaited fresh evidence to support markets rise in recent Dow Jones average of 30 Oillard DowChcm Dresserlnd industrials fell to in the 25 first IVi hours of Volume the Big Board came to shares at 1 1 on Wall Enseich Exxon Declining issues led with 5 739 509 up and 534 Flower on the New York Stock Dow Jones average lost ground OTECp in the last three trading sessions GnDynam investors cashed in their winnings lowing a sharp jump in stock last GnMolrE s GlobMar n 4 After the Dow briefly hopped 4yj above the level on March investors pulled back and began look hard at the fundamentals and Gulf StaUt Haliburtn Housllnd 36 economy to justify where we said Charles chief technical 127K analyst for MKI Securities They want more added that investor enthu KMart Kroger 22 22 siasm also was dampened by an view published today with stock Litton yst John who advises now is a good time to sell Lubyn Medtronic DEPP in MonMnlo edword Motorola If vll VJ 5CI550RHAND5 Mil lion Frl 1 1 JL jL f fl vJfJBl HI Polaroid MERMAIDS PubS BOB HOSKINS SFcPacCp UJINONfl SartLee M 1 1 SmlhBck Southern W San Antonio 6254411 Fire stories stress need for smoke detectors By STEPHANIE FERGUSON Editor Fire officials are saying a smoke detector could have saved the lives of three children killed this morning in a Oalveston house This fact points to the obvious ben efit of a smoke detector program offered locally by the New Braunfels Fire says one Its the cheapest form of life insur ance that anyone can buy as far as Im said New Braunfels Fire Department Robert It makes the In the New Braunfels Fire Department kicked off a smoke detec tor program aimed at getting smoke detectors installed in the homes of senior Fire officials are installing the detectors The program currently is open only to senior citizens who are at least 60 years old and own their Per sons living in rented homes do not Were disappointed because more people are not taking advantage of Reed We have many smoke detectors that we are ready to install and all we need is a phone call from the citizens requesting According to the Associated Press 26yearold Mary Wilson and her three ages and were living in a twostory house with out smoke All three child ren were killed after a fire broke out in the downstairs area of their home while they were sleeping The mother is in critical condition at a Galveston hospital The fire damage was contained to the downstairs with only heavy smoke damage according to Galveston Fire Chief Willie Its aggravating because for they could have had a smoke detector in their Wisko If they had they might have stood a chance of getting out of the There could have been three people still living today if they Its For more information about the local smoke detector call the New Braunfels Fire Department at Youre protected any time you are in the house with a smoke Reed All you have to do is change that battery once a Math teacher seeks post on CISDs board A math teacher in the Schertz Cibolo Independent School District is the fourth person to file for a position on the ballot in the May 4 Comal ISD board of trustees Bryan Kraft of New Braunfels filed Monday for a threeyear term on the Kraft is a 1965 graduate of Canyon High School and a retired United States Air Force lieutenant He currently teaches math at Samuel Clemens High Other persons filing for a position on the May 4 ballot include incum bent trustees Tom board presi dent Lee Dcels and Clay Spud Now Texas March 1991 Page 3 Births Out of town John and Ann Froelich of Waller 5pound ounce boy March 6 in Grandparents are Virginia the late Joseph Froelich and the late Louis and Carmen Fiebrich aunt is Mary Riggins of New UPHOLSTERY CLEANING TERRYS CLEANING Cm SERVICES 6291322 Sinlng Iht lHCounty Am Sinci 1372 Safe bet Presenting a check for the Lafarge donation to New Braunfels Safe City repre sented by Mike Is Herb Photo by Erik Karlsson armed forces could keep higher profile in gulf By PETE YOST Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON AP The Army may keep a command center in the Saudi Arabian capital of and American troops may train on the Arabian peninsula as the military abandons its traditionally lowkey presence in the Persian The Bush administrations reap praisal of security arrangements fol lowing the Gulf War could bring other say current and former military Among them Force fighters flying out of air bases in Saudi Arabia or other friendly gulf nations for a few months at a enough gear in the Middle East to equip an armored division or a mechanized infantry A halfmillion troops are coming but the Army could simply leave some of its weapons We are prepared to do more than we have in the Defense Secret ary Dick Cheney told reporters last The security system failed when Iraq invaded Kuwait last he I think for the time being many Middle Eastern states will welcome an American air said retired Air Force Alan He envisions a caretaking The militarys Floridabased Centr al Command that ran the war didnt have offices on the Arabian peninsula before Operation Desert But it would be reasonable to keep a permanent staff in Riyadh or else where on the a Pentagon official said At the invitation of a friendly Arab the Central Command could assist in the coordination of joint training said the who spoke on condition of A skeleton crew of 75 to 80 would be suggested retired Army Mike a for mer Pentagon planner who helped establish the Central There is a precedent for joint mili tary exercises in the Middle and the United States con ducted them in the The Navy could station more ships in and near the Before Iraqs Itt TCBV The Best Yogurt Floats 208 Loop 337 6251313 mm uifunui KUMHN WEEKDAYS KEVIN COSTNER WEEKDAYS THE ANNM1ATION SUH i WEEKDAYS 8UR WEEKDAYS IM 1M 530 7X10 Newspaper clip preservation may require deacidification By JANINE GREEN Managing Editor Whether pasted to scrapbook pages or tucked into a photo youll probably find that newspaper clippings just a few months old have yellowed and begun to The easiest way to save a said Iris archives chairman for the Sophienburg Museum and Archives in New is to make a photo copy on acidfree That way you maintain the you are trying to preserve a number of clips or save entire edi tions of the as those containing coverage of the recent war or the upcoming Youth may be You can deacidify your newsprint in some really easy ways including dip ping the paper in a clubsoda Schumann Professionalgrade sol including a also are After the paper is the next step is to encapsulate Polyester sleeves in a variety of sizes are available from many office or photographic supply she or the polyester material can be purchased on rolls and used to create a sleeve in the size you If ridges still develop in the you can take it and crush Schumann You may see the marks of crushing the but the encapsulation keeps it in This is a good way to preserve most paper a professional teaches occasional classes in preserva1 tion through the Community Education organized by the Comal and New Braunfels independent school invasion of four or five ships were assigned An aircraft carrier battle group and shipboard Marine units will operate more closely to the gulf than they have in the suggested Harlan a former Navy officer now at the Center for Strategic and Interna tional Six carrier battle groups were in the gulf and the Red Sea for the It will take a long time before the naval presence approaches prewar a Pentagon official Most of the burden of a regional security force will be borne by Mideast nations Some Egyptians will remain on the Arabian peninsula forming the core of a permanent The character of a permanent presence is a sensitive issue in Saudi Arabia and other gulf which dont want to be accused by political opponents of bowing to Western colo nial Secretary of State James Baker III discussed security arrangements with Saudi officials last The United States has long had a military presence in the gulf but it has always been flP flt S tP eff tlP tt tl tf Lenten Services I Paul Lutheran Church I lj Join Us Every Wednesday February 13th through March 20th Fellowship Dinner Service 181 Santa Clara Ave 6259191 Fresh IbrLessDougJiJ Treat yourself to something hot and fresh with our big sale on fine Youll save on hundreds of our most popular But hurry These rolls are going like On in stock wallcovering Discount given on all custom 710 Loop 337 HOFFMANN FLOORS Sunwall Salt March 15 thru April 29 We also have the largest wallpaper library in the 6252629

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