Friday, February 22, 1991

New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Page: 8

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Text Content of Page 8 of New Braunfels Herald Zeitung on Friday, February 22, 1991

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung (Newspaper) - February 22, 1991, New Braunfels, Texas Amusements Mother Grimm KAJOW AN New Texas Cathy February 1991 DO HIS eNDEflRiNG LITTLE HflBITS NOW VOU1 VOU STARTING TO SEEK REVEN6E FOR 6VENT5 THffT WERENT SIGNIFICANT TO OCCURRED VOU FINDING TO flLflfflE HIW FOR 6WCRVTHIN6 THflT HflPPENEO TO INCLUDING HOW VOUR HAIR LOOKED WHEN VOU WERE l I HrtVE FLUNKED RELATIONSHIP BUT I MESf HAHf sesr REAPING THE AGAIN NOTHING IN THERE EXCEPT POR THAT ARTICLE TUKYAK TOOK If TlWK W16H6P US BUT IS EVEN TALK TO 7UKYAK THE CANPV STORE RIOT O BE POLITE TO QUESTION CTOK KNOW6 ALL lOt KEEP WOUUP Wizard off Id Tumbleweeds HL COWVOVf NW LapFlWEES WELL 60 OUT INTO THE ANP UJELL HAVE A DEMONSTRATION OF JUST WOU WATER WE WONT 60 OUT INTO THE THIS 15 MY REPORT OM A5 WE COMES FROM DRINKING A CPA HIS PEMClu Gasoline fjllgy it is not possible There is no bus until next Senoree A Were You will be No We leave Youre Americanos awhile morning bus Calvin and Hobbcs TMWs WM OVER HOTEL EL RAUMCHO 6RAMDE Murmaduke For Better or for Worse WHffT i WlWP DO Sleep ON MV I CON See My FEET DUPLEX maam its In the Its always a good Idea to check your shoe each time you and the kids return would you explain to him that I came to visit Television log Horoscope 1991 TV Lislinci Fl TX the of Annual Miss USA Night City JFobre Soledad I Paul Millon de the Jump Kind Part Love Trek Family Perry CD She JRay Dialing lor Z King Evening Sports Update Enchanted to OD Darling of thi Gods PI 2 of Age of the Darllnai of Iho Godi Pt 2 ol Family Duel at Sllvar Croak Pd In NBA Shall Shafts UK Ghoil For Drum Davidson HI Smart of 3 Sons of the Planet Pt 5 of Haavan With a of the Planet Pt 5 of Laki of FHoht at Mens of Days Ski Down the Slammar Casanova A Hard to Action Jackion I Kids in MOV Somabody Has Boy Who Could All Stage Texas Stage JTexas Chase Stunts Trek To Uva and Ola In By Stella Wilder Born you are a natural lead but you may be reluctant at times to take advantage of the influence and control you have over To see what is in store for you to find your birthday and read the corresponding Let your birthday star be your daily 23 PISCES IBMarch 20 You may be feeling a growing sense of un certainty regarding one or two newly defined goals ABIES March 21April 19 Now is the tjme to reflect on where youre going arid where youve come from as Continuity is essential TAURUS April 20May 20 Are you able to look at the big picture through eyes that are not too eager to impose a brighter hue on everything GEMINI May 21June 20 Your own perspective may not be the most objective A friend is willing to guide you through an emotional CANCER June 21July 22 Emotions may be running high but rather than hold them in you might try giving them free I LEO July 22 Creative urges are likely to be too strong to deny Youll find that certain hidden talents are demanding VIRGO 22 Youve been ignoring someone who is hungry for some affection and if you continue to do youll find your self alone LIBRA 22 Discus sion and compromise cannot come about today if you are unwilling to meet with all parties SCORPIO 21 So cial gatherings may offer you more in direct professional benefits today than you had Accept surely SAGITTARIUS 21 You may be approached today by one who wishes you to take control of a difficult task or CAPRICORN 19 Its time for you to clarify your vision in order to form a more specific pic ture of your ideal AQUARIUS 18 What occurs days from now will make sense of seemingly nonsensical events and developments which take place